Election 2014

House Dems: Labor, Environmental Groups Abandoning Us Ahead of Election

Hard not to?


House Democratic strategists are frustrated that key outside groups are putting their money into the fight for the Senate, leaving House campaigns starved for cash.

Spending on House races by organized labor as well as groups representing women and environmental organizations dropped by $18 million compared to the last cycle, the groups said. 

Democrats are worried their lost seats in the House could be in the double digits, making it that much harder to take back the chamber in 2016, a presidential election year when the party hopes turnout will be better. 

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  1. Maybe D voters do have limits on the amount of lying they’ll tolerate.

    1. They will tolerate a huge mountain of lies. But not a smidgen more?

    2. Except these aren’t D voters — they’re big money groups. Maybe they’ve given up on the House this year and they’re going for a miracle in the Senate.

  2. LOL weren’t Senate dems trying to ban/limit these kind of donations in the up until a couple weeks ago?

  3. Well, that gives the Democrats reason to say that they lost because the Republicans outspent them.

    Nevermind that no-one wanted to spend money on the House Dems because their own supporters didn’t want to waste their money on people they thought would lose?

    Ready for another round of demands for campaign finance reform?

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