Big, Strong Putin Laughs at Puny American Sanctions

Just don't look at the near-recession level economy in Russia.


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday shrugged off the negative impact of Western sanctions, saying they will only encourage Russia to build closer ties with China, India and Latin America.

Speaking at an investment forum, Putin described the sanctions as "utter silliness" that hurt Western business and offered an opportunity for others to expand in the Russian market.

Putin said the sanctions, imposed by the United States, the European Union and others over Russia's role in the Ukrainian crisis, violated basic principles of the World Trade Organization and inflicted lasting damage to the global economy.

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  1. Can someone please point me to any instance of sanctions working? Or is it just another Lefty Unicorn?

    1. Well, let’s see..there was that that didn’t work…but there was that, that failed too. Uhhhh..oh yeah! …No, that one didn’t work, in fact it just backfired. Hmmm..well..uh..nope.

      Can’t think of an actual case of sanctions ever producing the desired results. Can think of dozens of cases in which they failed though.

    2. Doesn’t the federal government routinely threaten to withhold money meant for recalcitrant states? Don’t the states generally buckle?

  2. I probably catch flak for this, nonetheless, I fail to see how this current administration putting us back into heated conflict with Russia benefits anyone; and especially us.

    1. Isn’t “Pyootin” mostly just flapping his gums as well?
      This has always struck me as theater. West pretends we will do something, he pretends to be hurt and confused by the sanctions.

      1. That’s about the truth of it.

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