Obama Wants to Enroll Six Million Preschoolers, Bush Says Be Patient About Iraq War, AHHH EBOLA!: P.M. Links


  • White House

    Who's paying for it? "Today, I'll set a new goal – by the end of this decade, let's enroll six million children in high-quality preschool," President Barack Obama said, oddly enough, during a speech on the economy. All that talk made the president hungry, so he went to a $50,000-per-plate fundraiser that was free of the pesky press.

  • Obama's got a friend in Iraq War III. Former President George W. Bush is by his side and says Americans just need to be patient about nation-building.
  • The family of Thomas Eric Duncan, the Ebola patient in Dallas, has been quarantined. As if Duncan didn't have enough problems, Liberia is prosecuting him for lying about his contact with other patients before he boarded a plane to the U.S. 100 people in Texas are now being monitored for the virus.
  • Hong Kong's leader refuses to step down, but offered to have talks with the pro-democracy protesters. China warns that vocal supporters of protesters, like the U.S., better stay out of it.
  • Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.) says that upon losing her congressional seat she will transform into the "anti-Hillary." If that means she'll never be a serious presidential candidate, it's cold comfort.
  • Georgia Tech just became the first university to accept Bitcoin for on-campus purchases.
  • This satirical anti-immigration mural by Banksy was removed, because local authorities can't read between the lines.

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  1. Georgia Tech just became the first university to accept Bitcoin for on-campus purchases.

    Purchases like DRUGS AND TERRORISM.

    1. Hello.

      “Obama’s got a friend in Iraq War III. Former President George W. Bush is by his side”

      Imagine that. After all that blaming, he still has friends.

      1. It was all the beer summits in Crawford.

        1. O’Douls isn’t really beer.

    2. One of the bitcoin banks was founded by a GT alum. He is sponsoring stuff on campus. And a bowl game, but thats unconnected to GT.

      I guess he wants to be like the UnderArmor guy is to Maryland.

      Go Jackets!

      1. You can pay for things with UnderArmor at Maryland?

        1. Probably, they take it seriously there.

          1. I guess the Terps have some crazy underarmour uniforms set up for the Buckeye game Saturday ala Ducks.

    3. Really it’s just the same thrill as gambling. You don’t know if you got your textbooks for free, or if you overpaid.

  2. Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.) says that upon losing her congressional seat she will transform into the “anti-Hillary.”

    Well, her husband isn’t a notorious pussy hound, so…

    1. Well, her husband isn’t a notorious pussy hound, so…

      He’s the guy who prayed himself gay, right?

      1. No, he’s straight. Really.

        1. You’re just trying to keep him all to yourself.

          1. Eeeeeewwwwww….

      2. She’s not that bad a pussy herself. She probably hunts around too.

        1. They might not have this rule in Canada, so I’ll let you in on it now:

          Never stick it in crazy.

          1. And here comes Playa, Amerisplaining for the poor Canandian.

            1. Rufus is a nice guy. He wouldn’t know anything was wrong until his dog was poisoned and his tires were slashed.

              1. So I’m a rube?


                1. So it’s safe to assume you’ve broken the rule at least once?

          2. Same rules up here.

            But man, she’s tempting. All the crazy-woman.

          3. Amen. Just remember Steve McNair….

        2. You stick it in crazy and you start having m o m e n t s, and then you die.

      3. I’m sure someone spent plenty of time on his knees. I doubt it was praying though.

        1. What were you doing on his knees? :-p


  3. Former President George W. Bush is by his side and says Americans just need to be patient about nation-building.

    Rome wasn’t, um, let’s say transformed in a day.

    1. If GWB weren’t a member of the Stupid Party, I’d suggest he’s allowing himself to be used to draw more hatred towards Obama’s policies by claiming to agree with them.

      1. Meh. Maybe Augustus Obamacus is just refreshing the “BOOOOSH!!1!” excuse.

      2. Maybe he’s just brilliant at playing the straight man.

    2. Rome wasn’t, um, let’s say transformed in a day.

      Yeah…took over a week for the fires to burn out.

  4. Oh, it’s just Fist here talking to himself.

      1. The door was open. I smelled dark chocolate brownies.

      2. Oh, so you’ve signed up with PapayaSF on the closed borders things, have you?

  5. Today, I’ll set a new goal ? by the end of this decade, let’s enroll six million children in high-quality preschool…

    Preschool? Really?

    1. Will these be half day or full day preschools? Good luck with the “kids only need a half day” crowd.

      1. It’s code for free day care.

        1. “Free”. Heh.

          1. For the half of Americans who don’t pay income taxes, it is free.

        2. Isn’t that what school is?

        3. That’s exactly right. Mo free stuff.

    2. “VZA! VZA! VZA!”

    3. Get control of the kids early.

      1. Brainwash em early….

    4. Preschool ON THE MOON! He left that part out.

      1. Yep. He started off as the second coming of FDR, now he’s channeling his inner JFK. By the time he’s done in Iraq, he’ll be the new LBJ.

        It’s acronyms all the way down.

      2. Will the moon base be shaped like Obama’s head?

    5. I’ll say this: My wife volunteers at our daughter’s charter school (they have required volunteer hours and all). Daughter is in a group of about 8 kids (over four different classrooms) that all went to the same preschool together. She says they’re easily the 8 smartest kids in the group.

      However, that’s just Kindergarten. And there’s no real link proven between preschool and life success.

      (though my kid will still be the smartest)
      (not because of preschool, but because she’s awesome)

      1. Required… volunteer.

        1. Well, those 1% loving bastards let you replace volunteer hours with cold hard cash. However, we’re cheap, and she has nothing better to do anyways.

          1. “she has nothing better to do anyways.”

            Does your wife know that you talk about her like this?

            1. It’s what she said to me when she first started volunteering!

              1. Just answer Pl?ya’s question, Andrew.

      2. Of course the 8 kids that went to preschool are the 8 smartest kids in their kindergarten class. They come from the families that value learning.

        1. If Obama sent the other 192 kids to the same preschool, they wouldn’t all be in the top 8.

    6. Preschool? Really?

      It takes a village to raise indoctrinate a child.

    7. On a serious note, these f*&%ers will stop at *NOTHING* to make government bigger and insert themselves into our lives.

  6. Not sure why I read this drivel, but here are some of the worst parts for all of you to enjoy!

    Little did I know I had just discovered The Book that transforms lonely teenagers into dead-eyed conservative minions.

    Even though she miraculously escaped.

    And this isn’t even the end of Roark’s extreme behaviour. He dynamites a building he designed after discovering small changes were made to the original plan.

    Small changes to the plan? yeah, that was the point of that story.

    The Fountainhead (and even more so, Atlas Shrugged) is a stolidly capitalist allegory for individual interests trumping the needs of the poor and downtrodden.


    I can’t exactly pinpoint the moment when I realized that Ayn Rand was a fascist

    Fascist = non-collectivist. Got it.

    1. Thank God those lackeys were all there to confirm each others biases!

    2. If I thought it worth the effort, I would suggest she look up the definition of fascism and maybe research the positions of Mussolini and other practitioners.

      1. maybe research the positions of…

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Drake, c’mon, now. Research wouldn’t help their feelings.

      2. A few months back I got in a debate with somebody making excuses for Putin’s actions regarding Ukraine who called the Ukrainians who opposed Putin “fascists”. So I pointed out how the definition of fascism involves government control of the economy with nominal private ownership and a heavy dose of ethnic nationalism — and how Russia fits that definition fairly well.

        Needless to say my comments didn’t go down well.

        1. You can’t expect proggie morons to know what words mean. That’s just not fair!

        2. Yeah, but the people in charge of the government of Ukraine at the moment are in fact fascists.

        3. Your comments probably didn’t go down well because your friend didn’t realize he knew somebody as stupid as you. The current Ukrainian regime was put in power and is openly supported by the far right movement, who openly refer to themselves as fascists and nazis.

      3. Practitioners … Like Imperator Barack Mendacious the First?

    3. I’m happy to say that I no longer see the virtue of selfishness, but my once-beloved copy of The Fountainhead still sits on my childhood bookshelf, reminding me that, once upon a time, I was a real asshole.

      Sounds like somebody wasn’t getting invited to the cool kids parties.

      And Isabel I still think you’re a tremendous asshole!

    4. It takes a special kind of derp to call Rand a fascist. There’s all kinds of room to criticize her, but fascism? Really?

      1. Long-winded and boring=fascist?

      2. Nobody actually knows what Fascist means.

        1. Orwell was saying in the 40s that the word had lost all meaning, it was just a insult.

        2. The definition is crystal clear. It’s not my fault progressives are ignorant or retarded.

          1. It can’t be both?

        3. Nobody actually knows what Fascist means.

          [Raises hand.] A bundle of sticks, Sir?

          1. That’s a faggot.

            1. No, a faggot is a Limey cigarette. A fascist is one who likes to go fast.

        4. Mussolini was a fascist. Extreme Nationalism backed by violent action. All power to the state. Totalitarianism.

    5. Instead of a fascist, why can’t they refer to Ayn Rand as what she really is: a horrible fucking person.

      Nothing more irritating than a fucking objectivist telling me how superior they are to me because I do things that are altruistic.

      1. She was a vile person and a terrible writer. But, she believed in individual liberty so she’s got that going for her.

      2. I think we can take the message of individual liberty from her writings and avoid the rest of the claptrap that made up Ayn’s person.

        Objectivists, well, some of them I’ve met, can’t seem to separate the two. I don’t know why it’s so hard. Scientologists tend to ignore L. Ron’s buggering of little boys and whatnot.

  7. Saudi Arabia plays down Ebola concern for Hajj

    Two million Muslims have begun the annual Hajj pilgrimage, a five-day ritual central to Islam.

    And so it begins ….

    1. Sand dune walls are impenetrable.

      1. Ebola isn’t muslim so it can’t enter Mecca. Problem solved.

        1. Another method is disease infection through bio-weapons such as Ebola and AIDS, which are race targeting weapons. There is a weapon that can be put in a room where there are Black and White people, and it will kill only the Black and spare the White, because it is a genotype weapon that is designed for your genes, for your race, for your kind.

          –Rev. Louis Farrakhan

          Look. This year only Muslims of non-African descent are allowed to go. Problem solved.

          1. Another proud Star Trek Science Academy grad…

            1. SusanM, I have always held you in mild contempt, but have never truly hated you until now.

          2. It’s how the government gave the gays AIDS.



    2. Dude, don’t worry. It’s totally not airborne.

      I wonder if it’s ablution-borne.

      1. We *know* it’s flagellation-borne. 8-(

      2. Yeah, it totally could not evolve that way.

      3. Dude, don’t worry. It’s totally not airborne.

        Well not until one of it carriers hops on a plane anyway.

    1. Very prescient, Donny Iris. He also released a hit called, “Love is Like Iraq.”

      1. I Was Joking, ProL.

        1. I actually like “Ah, Leah.”

          1. I have a colleague named Leah, so the song seems odd to me now, but I still like it.

            But if you haven’t ever heard “I Was Joking” before, give it a listen. Not very good but the lyrics would drive a Jesebellian insane.

    2. Ebola may not be airborne, but love is.

    3. My wife’s former softball coach!

    4. Roy Orbison must be rolling in his grave.

  8. Hong Kong’s leader refuses to step down, but offered to have talks with the pro-democracy protesters. China warns that vocal supporters of protesters, like the U.S., better stay out of it.

    These Hong Kong people are just so troublesome. Maybe we should give them back to the British.

    1. Don’t forget about Macau. The only place you can really gamble like James Bond.

        1. “‘Bunk?’ What the hell is Bunk?”

        2. And then Pro L gets here and starts making G.I. Generation references that no one understands.


              1. I found it annoying that the recent film with that name dropped baccarat for Texas Hold’em. Really?

                1. I thought that was a good change myself. Poker involves a lot more strategy than baccarat, so beating the bad guy at Poker seems like more of an expression of the hero’s abilities instead of just getting lucky.

                  1. No, Mr. Dragon, I expect you to die!

          1. What is the gastrointestinal generation?

  9. All that talk made the president hungry, so he went to a $50,000-per-plate fundraiser that was free of the pesky press.

    Man, you know this dude is seriously toxic when we’re a month away from the elections and all his trips are to deep blue strongholds that are voting democrat anyway, like Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. The guy can’t even so much as show his face in a single honest to goodness battleground.

    1. His money will show up in the battlegrounds, though.

    2. He is a national embarrassment. Outside of the media and a few paid internet trolls, I don’t think there is a single person on either side who has anything good to say for him.

      1. Come to my office in Newton, John.

        He is revered here. Hell, a couple of people have mugs from his inauguration that they treat as if they are holy relics – if one drank coffee out of holy relics.

        1. Newton? My wife grew up there. Church Street, according to one of her security questions.

          1. I drive past that street several times a week.

            1. Just checked prices on Redfin. Her family should have kept the house.

        2. I would drink coffee out of a holy relic, but what I’d do to a relic with Obama’s face on it would ensure no one would drink out of it.

          Well, maybe two progressives, one cup.

        3. Here in Canada, where for the last six years sucking Obama’s cock has been a national obsession second only to hockey, I was out having a few beers with some co-workers last week.

          For the first time ever, someone else criticized Obama before I did, and no one got defensive. I couldn’t help but point out that saying anything against Chocolate Jesus qualified as fighting words just a year ago.

    3. You really think the Dem candidates in battleground states want him around?

    4. While preachers preach of evil fates
      Teachers teach that knowledge waits
      Can lead to hundred-dollar plates
      Goodness hides behind its gates
      But even the president of the United States
      Sometimes must have to stand naked

  10. Thanks, PM Links! I just saw in the 24/7 feed the headline, “Here’s the Full Text of Obama’s Speech Today,” and wondered what the fuck he was saying now. Why are we getting so many Obama speeches recently? It’s not like we’re in a war.

    1. Who gives a shit what Obama has to say about anything, anyway?

    2. Key points:

      * Always have been at war with ISIS
      * Health care ration increased from two doctor’s visits per 52 weeks to three every 52 fortnights
      * Look at that picture of an evil Teathuglican. Shout at it!

      1. Rand Paul is the subject of two minutes’ hate.

        Is it true that dear leader might allow us to step away from the telescreen for a minute each day?

      2. “Don’t get involved in a land war in Asia, but air strikes are fine.”

    3. Why are we getting so many Obama speeches recently

      Because that’s his one true talent?

      1. And he sucks at it.

      2. Because that’s his one true talent?

        I always thought it was to get the most use out of those legion of teleprompters we had to buy so St. Barry can speak at a friggin’ elementary school.


  11. “the day I took office, I said we would rebuild our economy on a new foundation for growth and prosperity. And with dedicated, persistent effort, we have been laying the cornerstones of this new foundation every day since.”

    With all due respect, Mr. President, don’t you think the economy has enough cornerstones by now?

    1. Cornerstones, headstones, the important thing is the durability.

      1. The cool thing is, these cornerstones are the most transparent in history!

    2. Six years to lay the fucking cornerstones? Six fucking years???

      1. Bush left it worse than what they thought.

  12. This website is @#$@$# slow. Cut back on the applets already.

    Latte Liberals, Literally
    APPLY NOW: The fancy D.C. private school where Obama sends his kids is hiring a barista

    1. What’s an applet?

      /ghostery FTW

      1. I’m running Ghostery, Privacy Badger, and Adblock. Still the slowest website I hit.

        1. If you are using AdBlock and Privacy Badger you should ditch Ghostery. They cover pretty much everything it does, so having it is just a waste of RAM.

          Personally I just use AdBlock with the EasyPrivacy list. It does mostly the same thing.

          1. See, now this is one of the great things about coming here. Thanks to you guys, I just added AdBlock which I would never, otherwise, known about. Worth adding NoScript as well?

            1. In my personal opinion, no, unless your computer is really bad or you’re really worried. It’s a pain in the ass to whitelist sites.

              1. “really worried about security”

                1. Thanks. I keep getting a script lock up Firefox but I’ll stick with AdBlocker for now and see how it goes.

            2. I’ll add that if you have NoScript, there really isn’t a need for AdBlock. But if you don’t like having to whitelist a bunch of stuff all the time, then just use AdBlock. It’s mostly automatic.

              1. *Hurriedly checks that his understanding of whitelist is correct.*


                *nods sagely*

                I see, good point.

    2. I don’t think Reason has any applets.

  13. via Balko’s twitter, anti-gun nuts have gone full on batshit insane, want police to start murdering people who open carry. http://www.nationalreview.com/…..-c-w-cooke

    1. That’s messed up but really not surprising. It won’t surprise me a bit if it happens a lot more.

    2. Hey, maybe those assholes in Beaver Creek weren’t racist, just progressive.

    3. If this tactic finds any degree of success, and the callers don’t see any major punishment, it will accelerate. I can only see a few things happening to stop it:
      1) Police wise up (unlikely, since killing innocent people doesn’t really inconvenience them)
      2) Laws are either tightened up or creatively interpreted so that these callers are imprisoned on murder or terrorism charges.
      3) Pro-gunners start personally… sanctioning… the callers. If things get that bad, I imagine that some people who simply vocally and venomously share their views might also be in harm’s way.

  14. In Liberia, authorities announced plans to prosecute Duncan, alleging that he lied on a form about not having any contact with an infected person.

    Duncan filled out a series of questions about his health and activities before leaving on his journey to Dallas. On a Sept. 19 form obtained by The Associated Press, he answered no to all of them.

    Among other questions, the form asked whether Duncan had cared for an Ebola patient or touched the body of anyone who had died in an area affected by Ebola.

    You know, I’d probably lie to ensure I get to a place that will give me proper healthcare too. What would happen if he told the truth? Would they keep him in Liberia?

    1. He told the truth to the Ebola screening questions when first admitted to the hospital in Dallas. The hospital promptly ignored those questions and sent him home anyway to expose more people before he came back a few days later, really sick.

  15. “Today, I’ll set a new goal ? by the end of this decade, let’s enroll six million children in high-quality preschool,”

    The web site will be up by the end of the year, and the first open enrollment period ends in March. There are great job opportunities for preschool enrollment navigators. Also, don’t ask about actual enrollment numbers, because that’s too hard to compute.

    1. By the time they get into pre-school, they’ll be old enough to go to real school.

      1. By the time they get into pre-school, they’ll be old enough to go to real school college.


  16. Another U.S. University Drops China’s Confucius Institute

    Penn State University has become the second major U.S. research university in a week to announce it is cutting ties with the Confucius Institute program, an international chain of academic centers run by the Chinese government.

    The action signals increasing discontent on university campuses over the institutes’ hiring practices and refusal to acknowledge unflattering chapters of Chinese history.

    On Monday, the University of Chicago allowed a five-year contract with its center to expire. In June, the American Association of University Professors urged universities to cut ties with the institutes unless they agree to greater transparency and academic freedom.


    Confucius Institutes, which are funded by the Chinese government, began popping up on college campuses just as the economic recession started to bite into university budgets. The centers are aimed at teaching the Chinese language, spearheading Chinese cultural events and projecting China’s influence…

    1. I hate most extreme heavy metal, but this is awesome. Thanks for the link.

      1. What the hell was extreme about that?

  17. “Today, I’ll set a new goal ? by the end of this decade, let’s enroll six million children in high-quality preschool,”

    What a vapid idiot.
    Why fuck around? Let’s make them all Constitutional scholars. Or astronauts. Or physicists.

    1. He meant concentration camps, not preschools.

    2. I wonder how many in the audience LOLed at that line.

      1. Oh, never mind. The speech was at NU — so, zero.

  18. Obama’s got a friend in Iraq War III. Former President George W. Bush is by his side and says Americans just need to be patient about nation-building.

    Umm, point of order… has there ever been any disagreement about anything between Bush and Obama?

    1. I dunno, have you ever seen them together? In person, I mean. CGI can do wonders in video and still photography.

    2. They disagree about the proper color of the TEAM flag.

    3. Between Bush and *Senator* Obama? Sure.

    4. “Now, I respect my opponent. I think he’s a good man. But frankly, I agree with everything he just said!”

  19. A Chavista party pig was killed in Venezuela so there’s some good news.

  20. Idiots prank Lamborghini owner with fake poop on his car, owner responds via Taser:


    1. Quite possibly fake, but still funny.

      1. Really, how many of those wacky videos is real? I bet it’s in the 5% range.

      2. Fake and unfunny.

  21. As if Duncan didn’t have enough problems, Liberia is prosecuting him for lying about his contact with other patients before he boarded a plane to the U.S.

    Did the guy lie, or was he unaware that he was dealing with an Ebola patient rather than a difficult pregnancy?

    On the other hand, he bugged out to the land of decent medical care rather abruptly.

    On the thoracic Vortigaunt hand, you would think he would have been more cautious about exposing family members if he suspected infection.

    1. On the other hand, he bugged out to the land of decent medical care rather abruptly.

      But… but…but didn’t he know that America has the worst healthcare of all civilized countries? Why didn’t he go to the wonderful UK or France?

  22. Interesting article on voter laws from TumescencePrevention:


    Arkansas Attorney General candidate Leslie Rutledge is crying foul over the cancellation of her voter registration form. Rutledge, the Republican nominee for Attorney General, was kicked off the voter rolls after it was discovered that she failed to cancel previous voter registrations in Washington, DC and Virginia, and re-register in Pulaski County when she moved. Pulaski County Clerk Larry Crane, a Democrat, said he was legally obligated to remove her after receiving a letter flagging this issue.

    1. When I moved back to KY from WI, my registration was still in place even though WI was supposed to send a form to KY when I registered.

      Either they didnt send it or KY didnt process it.

      So for about 3 years (until I moved again) I voted using old registration.

      Im kinda ambivalent about this. I think Rutledge screwed up, but considering all the other fucking around with voting going on, it seems like targeting.

    2. You’re supposed to cancel your old voter registration? I’ve never done that. I just register in the new state…

    3. Huh? How do you “cancel” vote registrations? Believe me I’ve tried.

  23. Kurds 1, ISIS 0

    “One [Kurd] described how a friend stopped an Isis assault by dropping a bomb through a tank hatch, killing himself as well. “He just couldn’t take seeing the tanks bombing the village and killing so many people,” said a young fighter of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), “He ran forward, opened the top and held the bomb while it exploded the tank.”…

    “YPG fighters managed to destroy two of their cars, the fighter said, before his friend made his fatal attack, causing the Isis fighters to temporarily retreat.”


    1. Wait, that mixed-race lesbian test tube baby is fighting ISIS now? They grow up so fast…

      1. She wanted the baby to look like her partner. I’m pretty sure even if the kid was white people would prolly know your partner wasn’t the dad. Just sayin. The kid’s adorable.

    2. Link entirely unrelated to comment.

      1. He’s jackin’ to the story?

      2. I seem to have made a slight error.


    3. People’s Protection Units (YPG)

      These folks don’t do acronyms for shit.

    4. Inglorious Basterds, for Kurds.

  24. Obama’s got a friend in Iraq War III. Former President George W. Bush is by his side and says Americans just need to be patient about nation-building.

    Apparently Bush is expanding his post-office skill set from painting to stand-up comedy.

  25. Seriously?



    1. seekingjustthefacts7 months ago

      She and the mother should have been arrested for child neglect at minimum. However, I would not say that she didn’t care. Everyone displays grief, loss and stress differently. Many Blacks, as do other indigenous groups, tend to smile or even laugh when faced with overwhelming trauma and loss. She cannot be faulted for that. Her over-concern for her purse and food stamp card, seems a bit out of touch, but we have not walked her shoes. We typically overlook that the culture of oppression and poverty has a moral structure of its own, which tends to shock those not born from those conditions. Indifference towards both life and death are survival mechanisms when one lives in an environment where violence, death and misfortune are daily occurrences.?
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      Reply ? 1

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