A.M. Links: No Travel Restrictions for Ebola, Occupy Central Co-Founder Apologizes to Hong Kong Businesses, Netflix Signs Adam Sandler


  • Adam Sandler in "Funny People"
    "Funny People"

    The White House announced it would not impose travel restrictions due to Ebola because the virus is not airborne.

  • The prosecutor's office in St. Louis is investigating the Ferguson grand jury after a Twitter user said her friend was on the jury and that there wasnt' enough evidence to indict Officer Darren Wilson.
  • President Obama selected Joseph Clancy, who served in the president's detail until retiring in 2011 and the last three years as head of Comcast security, as the interim director of the Secret Service.
  • Mexican troops arrested alleged drug lord Hector Beltran Leyva, who is almost certainly already being replaced.
  • The co-founder of the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong apologized to businesses the demonstrations were hurting.
  • A representative from Facebook has apologized for applying the "real name" policy to drag queens, drag kings, and the transgendered, saying the company would revisit the policy, which he says was intended for people to use the names they use in real life and not necessarily their legal names
  • Netflix signed Adam Sandler to a four-movie deal.

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    1. Hello.

      “President Obama selected Joseph Clancy…as the interim director of the Secret Service.”

      Stated another way: List of people I can throw under the bus.

      1. After a while, the ablative scandal armor needs to be replaced.

    2. So – that explains references on a show that nobody who doesn’t get those references has even heard about?

      1. Yeah, yeah – that’s great about Burt Hives – but what’s ‘The Golden Girls’?

    3. One of the few times that I wish FoE got the first post.

    4. 11 Golden Girls References Explained for Younger Viewers

      The only time I ever had so much as a glimpse of the Golden Girls was at the end of the daily block of reruns of The Middle on the Hallmark Channel. I immediately changed channels before my testicles shrank to oblivion.

  1. The White House announced it would not impose travel restrictions due to Ebola because the virus is not airborne.

    They’re not worried about you moving you hemorrhagic fevers around, just your revenues.

    1. Ebola Patient Had Layover in Dulles, CDC Didn’t Inform Other Passengers

      “How many times do we have to tell you? It’s not airborne!”

      1. And these selfless government workers care more about us than those evil profit seekers.

        1. Don’t Panic, Ebola won’t spread in the US because Top Men are in charge.

          “”””Ebola Patient’s Texas Contacts Zoom to 80, Authorities Say”””


          1. Top. Men.

      2. Well not during the layover, anyway.

      3. If ebola is laying over in Dulles, clearly it IS airborne!

      4. Wait, so there’s the possibility that ebola might strike dead our entire political and bureaucratic class?

        Must. Fight. Urge. for. Schadenfreude..

    2. I would feel more reassured by this statement if I did not suspect that Top Men think that not being airborne means that the disease can’t travel on aircraft.

      1. And my coffee is on my iPad via my nose

    3. I suppose that Ebola would be a great way to reduce future social security and Medicare outlays and to accelerate estate tax revenue.

    1. Is there a distinction for unprotected vs. protected sex?

    2. “First one says she’s got my child but it don’t look like me.”

    3. I knew I shouldn’t have banged that hobette with one tooth! I knew it, knew it, knew it!

      1. With all of those solo sessions, mine look just like me.

      2. You’re in Quebec. Isn’t the other choice hot, but crazy beyond belief?

        1. Isn’t crazy beyond belief the default level of crazy?

          1. Believably crazy just means she has you fooled.

  2. A representative from Facebook has apologized for applying the “real name” policy to drag queens, drag kings, and the transgendered, saying the company would revisit the policy, which he says was intended for people to use the names they use in real life and not necessarily their legal names.

    So now I can be bullied by anonymous drag queens on Facebook. Just like in real life.

    1. People actually use their real names on Facebook?

      1. I don’t. Most people seem to. That was sort of the point, so you can find people you know or knew in real life.

        1. What was the enforcement mechanism? Fortunately I never used Facebook and never will.

    2. Just wondering, but at what point will radical internet feminists come out against drag queens for being “misogynistic offensive sterotypes” of women?

      1. RadFems already do.

        There should be some sort of Rule 34 for feminist outrage: If it exists, there is already a feminist outraged by it.

        1. Schroedinger’s Pussy Feminist.

          A feminist is locked in a box. She is in both a state of outrage and non-outrage. Until the box is opened it is unknown which state she is in. Once the box is opened she will be outraged. Always.

          1. You would have to find a non-outraged feminist to begin the experiment. Check your premises, yo.

            1. The paradox of the experiment is postulating the very existence of a non-outraged state.

              The inputs and outputs are well known and settled science. Duh!

      2. And they’re probably behind the Facebook thing. A representative of FB flat-out said that they were motivated by one person who literally reported thousands of trans people as fake.

        1. Only a TERF has time for that.

          1. Indeed. A TERF who’s an East coast lawyer who nevertheless has the time to harass, dox and interfere with the employment and medical care any trans person who gets on her radar.

            1. I’ve never been able to decide if that troll is really a crazed woman or a guy who has been mad for years that Lola didn’t actually taste like Coca-Cola.

              1. She’s definitely a real person. A really fucked up person, too. She’s got a hatred of men so deep that even voluntary surgical Johnson removal isn’t enough.

  3. Mexican troops arrested alleged drug lord Hector Beltran Leyva, who is almost certainly already being replaced.

    The CIA is accepting resumes as we speak.

    1. Sounds like someone was short on his bribes.

    2. Coincidence: Hector Ruiz arrested alleged drug lord Fausto Galvan last night, too

      CIA was involved.

  4. MC Hammer says arrival of Ebola in the US is ‘karma’ for ‘rape’ of Africa

    Don’t sit over there looking all innocent and Pius, you raped #Africa and now she is infected & only asking for medication and beds ..

    1. Noted epidemiologist MC Hammer says arrival of Ebola in the US is ‘karma’ for ‘rape’ of Africa


      1. +1 can’t touch this!

        1. Excellent

    2. That’s why the big pants. Buffer zone against sexual assault and infectious disease.

    3. But the world is really waiting for Tone Loc to give his opinion.

    4. I always try to look like a saint (Pius X) when I am looking pious.

    5. What the fuck is a #Africa?

      And the US has probably done the least raping of Africa of all the Western powers.

      1. I’ve read that China’s been gettin’ a little, too, lately – not to mention the middle east. Guess it’s all consensual when Asia does it.

    6. It’s pious, MC, and the U.S. did jackshit to Africa except send aid. If you want to criticize some European nations, be my guest.

    7. I think he means Europe.

      1. The US has restricted itself to North America, South America, Asia and Europe, for the most part.

  5. Netflix signed Adam Sandler to a four-movie deal.

    Because there’s not enough existing crap out there to stream.

    1. They want to produce original crap to stream!

    2. But there is a pile of streaming crap.

    3. That’s to not make any more movies, right?

      1. That could get me to invest in Netflix. (the not making movies thing)

  6. or not…

    It looks like a GOP wave; the question is how far it goes

    Republicans seem to be pulling away in the race to win a majority in the U.S. Senate. At least this week.

    In mid-September, several polls seemed to be going the other way. The well-informed Washington Post analyst Chris Cillizza wrote that for the first time in this election cycle odds favored the Democrats keeping their majority.

    Two weeks later he was singing another tune. Analysts at the Post, the New York Times and FiveThirtyEight, in addition to psephologists Charlie Cook, Stuart Rothenberg and Larry Sabato, all agreed.

    1. Two weeks later he was singing another tune.

      Come here. Let me put this in your mouth. That way the wind won’t blow your head around so much.

    2. Dems hold Senate. Chris Cillizza predicted it!

      Reps win Senate. Chris Cillizza predicted it!

  7. Anyone have any insights on the recent explosion in trolls? If you only hit the AM and PM links, you might not have noticed, but the low-traffic threads are getting hammered.

    1. We keep destroying their natural habitats. It’s only natural they’re going to come scavenging near people.

      1. They are the spirits of the 52% of animal life that humanity has displaced since the 1970s. The metaphorical chickens have come home to the virtual roost.

    2. I’ve been really busy otherwise, so my theory is a Tyler-Durdenesque troll personality posting on my behalf during brain-dulling meetings.

    3. Have they built up resistance to troll repellent?

      1. They go where eatin’s good. I do wonder if it has to do with school being back in session.

    4. I hear that Seattle police stations got new computers…

      1. He says he was in the ICU not too long ago. I think were are being treated to another “disability” vacation, you know, where he gets the kind of groovy drugs–you know, the kind he’d send someone on the street away to prison for life if they had them–and gets to troll reason.com for offending thoughtcrimes against the brave boys in blue.

        1. He was busy working.


          1. The SPD is hilarious corrupt. Like Chicago levels of corrupt.

    5. Fear on the left that libertarian ideas might actually be gaining some popularity and traction driving them to new heights of reactive, shrieking, hysteria?

      1. Maybe balloonjuice is having another “go troll reason” telethon.

        Or it could just be the mid-terms.

        1. I bet it’s election season trolling. There have been a number of “you have to vote republican” trolls around too.

      2. Hopefully, that, too, but I think Sug is onto something with the school theory.

      3. Sometimes their comments mirror what is heard at work, etc. so having you all’s response is helpful in arguing back since we all cannot be conversant on ever talking point.

    6. My guess is a lot of them come from Facebook. The AM/PM links don’t get posted there but the other articles do.

      1. The difference between the regular Reason commentariat and the Facebook commentariat is explicit. The Facebook commentariat is strongly authoritarian conservative. Not sure why they “like” Reason in the first place.

        1. Why do people want to have political discussions on Facebook anyway? That site is for friends, not debates.

          1. If Facebook is where your friends are, you don’t have any.

            1. If someone isn’t your friend they shouldn’t be on your Facebook.

              1. If someone isn’t your friend they shouldn’t be on your Facebook.


    7. We have a real winner in the thread up.

      1. I’m about 80% sure that’s MNG, based on the writing and argumentation style.

        1. ah… MNG… a few notches below shreek in punchability, but still…

          1. I almost miss MNG, except for the long, pointless arguments with John.

            1. MNG lost all pretense of being non-trollish when he spent an entire long thread denying that there was a moral difference between initiating violence and defending yourself from violence being done to you.

              And the whole enslaving doctors bit.

              1. I bet he caught and enslaved the doc, which is why he never calls, never writes.

                1. Now there’s an idea that hadn’t occurred to me.

            2. I dont miss the long and pointless arguments with me.

              1. Sorry, didn’t mean to leave you out.

    8. I have a theory. It’s because of the election.

      1. “I’m Mr. Sensible, here to shut down a fun conversation.”

        1. Very well. It’s due to a Thai festival connected to the ninth lunar selenic moon/space station in which otherwise sensible people metaphorically pierce their souls with inane and annoying comments in blogs.

      2. lacist.

    9. I think the trolls make 77 dollars per hour spamming the internet. Last month my sister’s husband’s nephew’s brother’s neighbor’s maid’s made $369,231.55 in just a few minutes on her cell phone.

  8. Dude that makes a ll kinds of crazy sense. Wow.


    1. Day 347 of userve32 still not being detected by the Reason squirrels/guardians as a spam account. Good thing we have to log in.

  9. President Obama selected Joseph Clancy, who served in the president’s detail until retiring in 2011 and the last three years as head of Comcast security, as the interim director of the Secret Service.

    He won’t play patriot games with the president’s life, not when there’s a clear and present danger out there.

    1. golf clap.

      1. I couldn’t remember any other titles. At least none that would work.

        1. Case in point: The October comments below.

    2. The hunt for October surprise.

    3. There will be no red October on his watch.

      1. You made that comment without remorse, didn’t you?

    4. He has a duty of honor to make sure there is no red storm rising, which surely is the sum of all fears.

    5. Even with Executive Orders to consider all threats, no one could have anticipated terrorists using civilian airplanes as weapons.

  10. Vegetarian festival takes body piercings to the extreme

    Every year, on the first evening of the ninth lunar moon, the Phuket Vegetarian Festival begins in Thailand, lasting nine days. Participants go to a Buddhist shrine and, while in a trance-like state, pierce their bodies in an attempt to shift evil spirits from others onto themselves and to bring good luck to the community. Some run across fire, while others climb up ladders made of blades. Most participants are male, and this year less than 20 injuries have been reported ? most are due to piercings being cut too wide, Agence France-Presse reports.

    1. Vegetarian festival takes body piercings to the extreme

      Extreme Mr. Potato Head.

      1. Shut down the thread, we have a winner. Now where is his other ear?

    2. “Lunar moon”?

      1. As opposed to the solar moon!

        I suspect that is a typo for “month”.

      2. Like Whoopi’s “Rape, rape”.

    3. The festival at the Batu Caves outside of Kuala Lumpur involves insane levels of piercings, too.

  11. “The spirit of our policy is that everyone on Facebook uses the authentic name they use in real life.

    Depicting the authentic life they lead, though, is far less mandatory.

  12. “Netflix signed Adam Sandler to a four-movie deal.”

    Great. Grown Ups 3,4,5,6 coming up!

  13. Oh Salon…

    GOP’s post-shutdown snow job: How it recovered from political destruction

    And as much as Tea Party or conservative movement organizations will hate to admit it, the guiding hands of Karl Rove and the Chamber of Commerce prevented the party from nominating “goofball” Senate candidates in critical states.

    So much has happened in the past year that I, for one, had completely forgotten about the shutdown until my editor reminded me of it this morning. It was only one friggin’ year ago! And it’s shocking is how easily the Republicans have buried the episode. A new story popped up to erase the shutdown from headlines, and from there on out, the party has coasted on favorable fundamentals. The GOP didn’t have to come up with any sort of plan for governance ? all it had to do was stop shutting down the government and threatening to arbitrarily destroy the nation’s credit, avoid nominating obvious screeching idiots for Senate, shout about how the Middle East is bad, and poof: a six-, seven-, or eight-seat pickup is probably going to fall into their laps. Greatest Country in the History of the World.

    1. I forgot about the supposed government shutdown since it did very little shutting down of government.

      1. Not to mention the negligible impact it had on anybody’s daily life.

    2. Are they talking about that time the Democrats held the country hostage to defend their law from getting delayed, only to later delay it anyway without legislative authority?

      1. I think that whole strategy backfired, despite conventional wisdom otherwise. I mean, what pain did we feel from the shutdown? And, to the extent that people did have issues with it, who didn’t realize that the administration was exercising discretion in what he was shutting down? Excluding the irrational true believers, of course.

        1. You’re being crazy Pro Lib. Clearly, when you don’t have money to run things, the first thing you do is pay people to fence off areas which require no continuous upkeep.

          1. The one hope we have is that all of this nonsense piles up in the subconscious of enough people to drum up the discontent needed for real and deep change.

  14. The White House announced it would not impose travel restrictions due to Ebola because the virus is not airborne.

    Well, fuck me. I guess intercontinental travel all happens in submarines, then.

    1. I guess intercontinental travel all happens in submarines, then.

      or on top of ballistic missles

      1. It is one way, to be sure.

      2. I suspect that a nuclear blast would sterilize most parts of the missile.

    2. Can they restrict Michelle Obama’s travel?

  15. A legend is born:

    Not just one, but TWO English teachers at Destrehan High School in the town of Destrehan, La., have now been arrested for having sex with the same 16-year-old male student ? at the same time.

    I hate that guy so much.

    1. The sheriff’s office was tipped off after school officials reported that the unidentified student was bragging to friends about his exploits.

      Don’t talk about Hot Teacher Threesome Club!

      1. I wonder if he felt tardy?

        1. +2 Hot for Teachers

        2. What pill would you take for tardy ejaculation?

      2. Teachers are idiots if they don’t know their male students well enough to know this doesn’t stay hidden. But which of his idiot friends let it out of the circle before trying to get in on it.

        1. “Listen, either you both bang me too, or I go to the cops.”

          1. That’s an affirmative consent nightmare there.

          2. Stupid kids, never thinking things through.

          3. Youth wasted on the young. He and his friends are idiots.

    2. Two teachers, one classroom?

    3. Jeebus – and they’re not snaggletooth crones.

    4. Everyone should be outraged

      I am. Where were these fucked up attractive teachers at my high school?

      1. There were two pretty decent looking teachers at my boarding school that were the subject of several rumors about them banging the kid with the biggest trust fund at the school.

    5. TWO Teachers Victimized 16-Year-Male Student With THREESOME


      1. I bet there is a riot down at the county courthouse as the various therapists vie to become this kid’s court appointed counselor.

        “Tell me again about what went on and how it made you feel. But slowly! Don’t rush it.”

    6. Yeah “victimized”. Poor kid.

      Can we stop pretending that 16 year olds are children. It’s probably a good policy to forbid teachers to fuck their students, but I think firing would adequate punishment.

    7. Might as well give him a talk show now. Each night, there will be some subtle reference to this achievement, which will be a running bit that fans will watch closely to identify.

    8. Two English teachers? In Louisiana? Who let them immigrate here, anyway?

  16. Traders Thank Fed for Once-in-Decade Surge in Profit

    Diverging policies among the U.S. Federal Reserve and other major central banks are now stoking both the dollar and wider price swings traders can exploit. The gains come too late for firms such as FX Concepts LLC, once the world’s biggest currency hedge fund, that have closed in recent years amid losses.

    “What’s generated such strong returns in the quarter has been the view that the U.S. dollar should outperform,” Roger Hallam, the London-based chief investment officer for currencies at JPMorgan Asset Management Inc., which oversees $1.7 trillion, said by phone on Sept. 29. “It has allowed currency managers to claw back their underperformance from earlier this year.”

  17. Awesome

    “If Dean Dunkle continues in his current position, then we will be unable to continue in ours,” the eight faculty members wrote.

    The board responded several days later that it would immediately begin an investigation of the dean’s behavior. But the faculty members, acting on the advice of their lawyer, Andrew Hoffmann, wrote back on Sept. 25 that they felt the investigation was beside the point, that they had formed a union and that they were stopping work the next day unless steps toward meeting their other requests were taken.

    That incensed the board. “I think the trustees felt, who are these people?” Bishop Sisk said. “They are using the students as pawns, really, in a larger agenda that they have of raising their concerns.”

    It was then that the board decided that the letters amounted to a resignation, though the word resignation was never used. “They kept saying, ‘If you don’t do these things, we can’t keep our position,’ ” Bishop Sisk said. “Well, we thought, ‘We can’t do those things, so you don’t have your position.’ “ On Sept. 30, the board wrote a public letter saying the resignations had been accepted.

    Popcorn! Gitcher POPCORN!

    1. How many faculty members can dance on the head of a pin?

  18. Netflix signed Adam Sandler to a four-movie deal.


  19. North Dakota high school eliminates dangerous threat to male students: Yoga pants

    Let’s think about it this way: What if dress codes banned men’s clothing that might be deemed “distracting” to female students? For example, I love a man in a nice, heavy cotton twill button-down shirt with pearl snap buttons ? so much so that I am getting distracted just thinking about a man in a nice, heavy cotton twill button-down shirt (with pearl snap buttons) that I almost cannot finish typing this sentence. Many women might also be distracted by some of men’s choice everyday wear, such as too-baggy cargo shorts, cargo pants, cargo jeans, wolf t-shirts or those black and white Addidas slide sandals with the weird dot soles that hurt if you wear them too long. But, it would seem to follow from the uneven implementation of dress code standards that women are just naturally better at preventing themselves from being distracted to warrant equal treatment for men.

    What was I saying?

    Right: Dress codes are a tool of rape culture. Back to that.

    1. Yoga pants on your favorite body type are proof that God exists and wants us to be happy.

    2. I need to make a saving throw against sanity after reading that.

    3. North Dakota high school eliminates dangerous threat to male students: Yoga pants

      Who wants to see male students in yoga pants, anyway?

  20. Does a man’s right hand reveal his fertility? Men with a long ring finger have bigger testicles, study claims

    How do your fingers measure up? If you’re a man, it could reveal more about you than you thought.

    Researchers say that the length of a man’s index finger compared to his ring finger on his right hand is an indicator of his testicle size.

    And the study claims that the digit ratio could be used to predict testicle volumes of any male.

    1. *Checks fingers*

      Yeah, I guess so.

    2. This is the Rule 34 version of the classic “is your hand bigger than your face” prank.

    3. Ha! *My* ring finger is longer than my index finger.

      OTOH, I’m not Korean.

    4. It was my understanding, based on middle school jokes about how to spot a tranny, that all men’s ring fingers are longer than their index.

      Apparently the ratio may also predict dick size.

      1. The longer a man’s penis when compared with his index finger, the longer the length of his penis.

      2. The ring finger to index finger can also be used to predict skill at math.

    5. From half a dozen studies over the last 10 years of so:

      The length of the ring finger is indicative of the exposure of a fetus to testosterone during pregnancy. So high levels of testosterone produce a ring finger longer than the index finger. With low levels, the two fingers are about the same length. Testosterone exposure during pregnancy also has other influences, so:

      A long ring finger correlates to:

      Heterosexual males
      Homosexual females
      Athletic prowess
      Musical prowess
      Heart disease
      Violent behavior

      A short ring finger correlates to:

      Homosexual males
      Heterosexual females

      From the best of my recollection 😉

      1. Oh yeah? I have a long ring finger and I don’t have heart disease!

        1. *patiently waits for WTF to have a grabber*

  21. Firefighters called to release two-year-old girl from potty stuck on head

    EMERGENCY services were called last night to release a child from an unusual tight spot.

    The two-year-old girl had got a potty stuck on her head.

    After a panicked call at 6.55pm, a fire engine was sent to Windsor Crescent, Frome.

    On arrival, crews removed the potty using tough cut cutters.

    1. “Tough shit, kid.”

  22. In 2010, Joe Biden claimed that the U.S. would be completely out of Afghanistan by 2014. Have any intrepid reporters asked him about that lately?

  23. AQAP official calls on rival factions in Syria to unite against West

    Link lwj-print-icon-2.jpg Comments (0)
    AQAP official calls on rival factions in Syria to unite against West
    By Thomas Joscelyn & Oren AdakiOctober 1, 2014

    Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), an official branch of al Qaeda’s international organization, has released a video calling on the rival jihadist factions in Iraq and Syria to set aside their differences and jointly confront the West. The video, which was released online on Sept. 30 by AQAP’s Al Malahem Media, features Sheikh Nasser bin Ali al Ansi, a leader in the group.

    Al Ansi connects the fighting in Iraq and Syria to events in Yemen, saying that all of the fronts are part of a common war involving Iran’s proxies and allies as well as the West.

    1. need more blockquote space there – doh!

    2. Sheesh, even the jihadis are developing bipartisanship. What’s wrong with our pols?

      1. Obama’s just building international concensus.

    3. “Let’s stop all this fussin’ and fightin’ and get down to some jihadin’!”

  24. Salon treads boldly into the murky waters of Poe’s Law…

    Was Gatsby black?
    A professor says that only an African-American scholar could spot Fitzgerald’s secret meaning.

    Thompson has found ample textual evidence for this throughout the book. Among the primary bits: Gatsby wears his hair trimmed short, or “close-cropped,” as Thompson puts it. He owns 40 acres and a mansion, instead of 40 acres and a mule. He changes his name from Gatz to Gatsby, much the way black individuals looking to pass change their names to begin a new future. And he tells Nick Carraway that his family is dead. “The word ‘dead’ is significant in that those light-skinned black individuals who pass for white become symbolically dead to their families,” Thompson wrote in a paper presented at a spring meeting of the College English Association in Charleston, S.C.

    1. Yep, and so was Jesus!

      1. And Cleopatra!

    2. WEDNESDAY, AUG 9, 2000 03:30 PM EDT

      SugarFree’s time machine?

      1. Huh, I didn’t even look at the date. I saw it pop up in the salondotcom Twitter feed.

        1. I saw it too actually and thought it was a parody.

          Spotting the fake is nearly impossible.

    3. Clever, but picking Gatz as the protagonist’s original surname just kills the whole idea for me. I can’t recall any black Americans with German names. Hell, even the black German-Americans English names (looking at you, entire US World Cup Team).

      1. If Gatsby was “passing” he was passing as a WASP.

      2. “Gatz” is obviously a reference to “Aks”.

    4. Follow up paper, “Was Superman Black?

      1. No, he was gay.

        1. You know it’s possible he was both, shitlord

            1. I am lord of the shit, so get over it. I rose to this station due to PM’s recognition of me. You are lord of the Wasteland, but I am lord of the shit.

    5. A professor says that only an African-American scholar could spot Fitzgerald’s secret meaning.

      So a white guy put in references that only black people can see?

      1. Invisible Man ink.

    6. Was Gatsby black?
      A professor says that only an African-American scholar could spot Fitzgerald’s secret meaning.

      Yeah, no shit.

      And only paranoids can sniff out their true enemies.

  25. Amazon Warns About ‘Racial Prejudices’ In ‘Tom And Jerry’

    “Tom and Jerry: The Complete Second Volume” is given the following warning:

    “Tom & Jerry” shorts may depict some ethnic and racial prejudices that were once commonplace in American society. Such depictions were wrong then and are wrong today.

    1. That’s just common-sense CYA. If they didn’t, Upworthy, Buzzfeed, and Gawker would be screaming about AMAZINGRACISM.COM.

      Hate the game, not the player.

    2. “We’re still going to sell it to you though, because shit, can’t beat the markup”

      I love a company that takes a principled stand.

      1. Such depictions were wrong then and are wrong today.

        However, you may still enjoy this cartoon. Just know you are a racist. Thank you for being an Amazon Prime customer.

    3. Also, with a two year old, I have watched my fair share of recent cartoons. They all suck.

      Luckily, my son likes to watch old Chip and Dale cartoons on youtube.

      1. My two year old is a big Godzilla fan these days. Anyway, does Amazon put this disclaimer on all those old Disney movies like Dumbo or The Jungle Book?

        1. Or Song of the South

          Can you even get that at all?

            1. Which is sad, because, while stereotypical, there wasn’t any adverse racism, and the stories are steeped in american southern fokelore, mostly from the blacks, but also other races.

              Brother Bear, Brother Fox, and Brother Rabbit (and the others) were lifted from the old slave folk tales, which were based on old indian stories. It’s a part of American history.

              1. My grandfather read me the Uncle Remus stories. They were great. And at the time I don’t think I gave the least bit of thought to the race of anyone involved. Of course, growing up in small town New Hampshire, you don’t have a lot of occasion to think about race.

          1. At some libraries.

          2. I saw it in the 80s. I remember thinking Remus couldn’t have been a slave because he could openly leave the plantation when he wanted.

    4. I just think it is completely stupid that people get all worked up about things like that (or blackface minstrel shows and things like that). At this point, the stereotypes portrayed in such things just look silly and outdated. Those silly stereotypes aren’t going to come back into the culture if some kids watch some old cartoons. The depictions are wrong in the sense of incorrect, certainly.

      1. The stereotypes haven’t left. Ever see any of that new-fangled rap music?

        1. I meant the specific old timey stereotypes. There are new stereotypes that people seem determined to live up to. But the Mammy and Sambo type characters have no currency today.

  26. Student-Loan Debt: A Federal Toxic Asset
    Only about 56% of borrowers are making payments. At the peak of the mortgage crisis, 10% fell behind on payments.

    The federal government assumes that almost all student-loan debt can be treated as an asset because federal loans are not dischargeable under normal circumstances. So it really is not a problem if the total debt exceeds $1 trillion ($2 trillion around 2020 on current trend), since all that money is sure to be repaid.

    But that assumption looks more and more fanciful. Studies by the New York Federal Reserve Bank show that only about 56% of borrowers are making payments. Among those under 30 and in repayment?that is, they have not received permission to postpone payments?more than a third are delinquent. That’s a lot: At the peak of the recent housing crisis, only about 10% of borrowers fell behind on their mortgage payments.

    The best part is the woman that inspired this op-ed owes $270k which she keeps deferring via enrollments in community college. What a great system they’ve set up:

    Alice has figured out how to avoid repaying and still stay in the government’s good graces. She is able to defer her loans without accruing additional interest by enrolling in two community-college courses per term while she works toward a business degree that she hopes will lead to a new career. Meanwhile, her $270,000 balance remains on the books, growing all the time.

    1. I know I’ve raised this before but, chances Obama forgives all student loans before the November elections?

      1. If we’re going full derp, I prefer that way to the many others that have been floated in the past.

      2. I think they will wait for the enhance turn-out that a presidential election will represent.

        Besides, as much as the Dems will wail, a GOP take-over in the mid-terms means they get to count on the GOP being as stupid as fucking possible for two years in order to bolster Hillary’s chances.

        1. ^This. That’s the type of thing they do just before they leave office.

      3. I know I’ve raised this before but, chances Obama forgives all student loans before the November elections?

        That’s why I’ve stopped paying mine on time. No sense paying more than I have to. I hold off as long as I think I can get away with, like a month or two behind. Fuck ’em.

        1. I understand FYTW, but does the President have any legitimate authority under the law or constitution to just forgive student loans?

          1. I don’t think he’ll just order them forgiven. He will force something through that looks like forgiveness until after the election. The 10-year/10% and forgiven rule would work to sway most left-leaning debtors.

    2. Dick Durbin, in Illinois, is running ads asking: “If you can refinance a car loan and a home loan, why shouldn’t you be able to refinance a student loan?” in reference to a bill he’s introducing to allow SL debtors to refinance at ‘today’s low rates’.

      He doesn’t seem to understand the difference between an asset-backed loan and one that isn’t worth the diploma is sits on.

      I wonder if a lot of people are deferring payments thinking someone is going to announce a debt jubilee at some point.

      1. Student loans already enjoy non-market rates anyway. Refinancing them would almost universally result in higher rates if it weren’t for government involvement.

      2. I wonder if a lot of people are deferring payments thinking someone is going to announce a debt jubilee at some point.

        Now that makes sense. The woman in the story can’t possibly believe that she is going to some day land a job that will make it possible to pay off that amount of money.

        Alternatively, they could just change the law and allow you to discharge SL debt in bankruptcy.

        1. Alternatively, they could just change the law and allow you to discharge SL debt in bankruptcy.

          That would be the best way to start, and if the Republicans were smart they’d offer it up as a counterproposal when the Democrats begin rumbling for total forgiveness. They are stupid, though, and will instead propose debtors prisons for those who have the temerity to shirk their patriotic duty of repaying the loans that the American people helped them acquire.

        2. Debt to the government is different from debt to normal people.

    3. I still can’t decide if I’m a sucker for paying off my loans as quickly as possible.

      1. Anybody in the last decade or so that’s been responsible (not buying more house than they can afford, paying off student loans early, etc.) is a giant sucker it seems.

    4. Ha! Just as I was reading this, I got a phone call – a recording telling me that that (thanks to Obama), my student debt could be eliminated – press 1 to speak to a counselor…

    5. $270k? How is that possible?

      1. I can’t tell you that, it would violate the sanctity of the Journal’s paywall!

        She earned her Ph.D. in the mid-1990s when academic jobs were scarce, and she wound up an academic gypsy. She left graduate school to take a one-year full-time academic appointment, but then found herself cobbling together part-time teaching jobs at different community colleges in a large metropolitan area, earning a couple of thousand dollars for each course she teaches. She is a dedicated teacher, but her annual income is between $30,000 and $40,000.

        Alice owes $270,000 in student loans. She only borrowed about $70,000 to pay for grad school, but she’s never been able to afford much in the way of payments, and after consolidating her loans and accumulating interest charges for years, she’s watched her debt roughly quadruple.

        1. She couldn’t pay back $70,000 on a $30,000 income? What the fuck?

          1. Why pay back $70k, when you can just defer it and not pay back $270k?

          2. But I NEED a lexus! And nice clothes! And tons of Apple products! And Starbucks every morning! Oh, and I don’t know how to cook, so I need money to eat out at a nice restaurant every night!

          3. It depends on where you live. I had trouble with 54K on 45K salary because I live in a high tax, high cost of living state. (I make more now, so I’m down to closer to 20K)

            1. Yes and no. The primary driver of cost of living is housing. A burrito in Boston isn’t twice as much as a burrito in Tulsa, but similar houses may be double the price (or more) in Boston. If you can find affordable housing, the rest of your expenses shouldn’t be way out of whack as compared to other cities. There are exceptions (like San Francisco) where the taxation structure legitimately makes it more expensive to do anything, but that can be mitigated (to an extent) by not living in the city proper, and moving into the suburbs instead.

  27. Having lied us into war, Obama’s transformation to Bush is complete:

    As the Obama Administration prepared to bomb Syria without congressional or U.N. authorization, it faced two problems. The first was the difficulty of sustaining public support for a new years-long war against ISIS, a group that clearly posed no imminent threat to the “homeland.” A second was the lack of legal justification for launching a new bombing campaign with no viable claim of self-defense or U.N. approval.

    The solution to both problems was found in the wholesale concoction of a brand new terror threat that was branded “The Khorasan Group.” After spending weeks depicting ISIS as an unprecedented threat ? too radical even for Al Qaeda! ? administration officials suddenly began spoon-feeding their favorite media organizations and national security journalists tales of a secret group that was even scarier and more threatening than ISIS, one that posed a direct and immediate threat to the American Homeland. Seemingly out of nowhere, a new terror group was created in media lore.

    1. What happened here is all-too-familiar. The Obama administration needed propagandistic and legal rationale for bombing yet another predominantly Muslim country. While emotions over the ISIS beheading videos were high, they were not enough to sustain a lengthy new war.

      So after spending weeks promoting ISIS as Worse Than Al Qaeda?, they unveiled a new, never-before-heard-of group that was Worse Than ISIS?. Overnight, as the first bombs on Syria fell, the endlessly helpful U.S. media mindlessly circulated the script they were given: this new group was composed of “hardened terrorists,” posed an “imminent” threat to the U.S. homeland, was in the “final stages” of plots to take down U.S. civilian aircraft, and could “launch more-coordinated and larger attacks on the West in the style of the 9/11 attacks from 2001.””

  28. Oklahoma federal judge rules against Obamacare subsidies

    “On this particular precise question, case law does not provide wiggle room for finding ambiguity.”

    Oh, loosen up, Judge. It’s not like this is LAW-law.

    1. Didn’t reason mention this yesterday afternoon?

  29. So, Charles Rangel has called for reinstituting slavery (the draft), as well as a new tax to pay for moar war. What a vile piece of shit.

    1. Sometimes I think he’s just trolling when he brings that up. He knows no one is going to go with either proposition but it raises the hackles of both sides of the aisle.

      1. This^^

        Rangle has been making the draft call for more than 10 years, cause volunteering is racist.

      2. He is trolling but I think it’s an effort to increase opposition to war efforts and to spread the human and financial costs onto those who support the wars politically. His position is that if you support these wars so much, why aren’t your sons the ones dying in them and why aren’t you paying for them? Yes, Rangel is a vile piece of shit, but not for the reasons you mention.

        1. I fought in ’em and I am paying for them too. Piss on your slave armies, Rangle. Just retire with your ill gotten lucre and leave the Republic alone.

        2. It’s a volunteer army now. Your solution lets people who don’t volunteer die. So…wow.

  30. Netflix signed Adam Sandler to a four-movie deal.

    Did they get him cheap? They must have gotten him cheap.

    That’s the only way I can fathom spending money on this guy instead of buying some ‘On-Demand’ rights to all the old movies that *aren’t* available On-Demand.

    If they’d done *that*, I’d have a reason to renew my lapsed subscription instead of torrenting everything.

    1. How many people like me are freaks who want to watch old pre-Codes and stuff?

  31. She is able to defer her loans without accruing additional interest by enrolling in two community-college courses per term while she works toward a business degree that she hopes will lead to a new career.

    As soon as she lands that job as CEO of Citibank, she’ll pay off the loans. The system works!

    1. And I will forward her CV to my Swiss Masters!

  32. I have a buddy who is applying for a Fed job (dumb bastard) in a very specialized field.

    They basically told him today, they want to hire him, but he ended up in the silver group (there is such a thing?) and people who embellished their resumes ended up gold, and were to be removed from gold pushing him up. But HR fucked that up, so now they are relisting the position and will eventually reinterview him.

    How fucking hard is it to hire the most qualified person?

    1. How fucking hard is it to hire the most qualified person?

      Check your premise.

      1. Ah.


      2. Indeed. “Qualified” is, um, overloaded.

        1. “applying for a Fed job”

          The beauracracy of trying to break into the Fed system is totally fucked.

          Having hired people in the past, I can tell you that the best qualified will likely not even make it to the hiring agency, because all the arcane twists and turns and stupid, arbitrary rules to get through CPAC (basically HR).


    1. Who gave Red Tony John the password to Mr. Brooks’ account?

      1. My first thought was that P Brooks was enganing in a tongue-in-cheek posting.

    2. Did John get a new handle?

  34. 11 Golden Girls References Explained for Younger Viewers

    The only time I ever had so much as a glimpse of the Golden Girls was at the end of the daily block of reruns of The Middle on the Hallmark Channel. I immediately changed channels before my testicles shrank to oblivion.

  35. Speaking of trolls, I may have run into Bo on a non-political forum.

    This one is a UNC grad, has a similar argumentative style, and has Bo in his name.

    I know our Bo lives in SC (I think), so could easily be a UNC alum.

    He is a bit more abrasive and combative on this other forum. More direct trolly. But very similar otherwise.

    1. Was his initials DJT?

      1. No, he was posting there as “Its Bo Time” or something like that.

        1. Hmm. Dan. T was a UNC grad and lived in NC until about two years ago.

        2. I guess we need to find out if our Bo eats a lot of Bojangles.

    2. You mean Bo Cara Esq.?

      1. Is there another Bo on here?

        1. Bo Jackson secretly posts here under the nom de plume Fist of Etiquette. How do you think the guy’s so fast?

  36. who served in the president’s detail until retiring in 2011 and the last three years as head of Comcast security

    Good choice. Comcast must get more credible death threats than the President does.

  37. Here is an article about some businesses that allows customers to carry firearms.

    My favorite part of the article:

    Not everyone thinks it’s a great idea. Boebert and Crosswhite both said they received death threats from people they described as anti-gun.

    1. How would anti-gun people carry out death threats against the gun advocates who are almost certainly more heavily armed?

      1. SWATting

  38. Wait, if Ebola isn’t airborne how did it get from Liberia to Dallas?

      1. Of course, the transporters in ST are capable of detecting contraband and disease agents and reject them in transport.

        Which brings up the potential for a crazed transporter expert to fuck with them to rearrange people’s genetic code on the fly. The transporter, combined with AI, would result eventually in a Singularity and near-immediate extinction of the human race as we know it.

    1. Submarines, dude.

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