Video: 'South Park' Kicks Off 18th Season by Slur-Shaming Redskins Fans—Why Everyone Should Be Watching


This week, the 18th season of South Park premiered with one of its best episodes to date. In "Go Fund Yourself", creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker comment on the current Washington Redskins name controversy. South Park's willingness to tackle taboo topics like this is what has made it such a cultural force. As Nick Gillespie notes in a recent column at The Daily Beast

South Park not only allows us to laugh at the darkness rising all around us—it also teaches us to navigate the endless slurry of bullshit firehosed at our faces in the so-called Information Age.

Gillespie previously touted the educational value of South Park in "3 Reasons All Kids Should be FORCED to Watch South Park," a Reason TV video produced by Jim Epstein last year. The original release date was September 25, 2013, and the original writeup is below. 

One of the longest lived and most controversial TV shows of all time–South Park–is kicking off its 17th season.

Despite being a cartoon, South Park was the first weekly TV show to be given an MA rating, meaning it's intended for mature audiences. And it's certainly packed with foul language, off-color humor, and adult situations.

But it's also truly educational, especially for children. So here are three reasons why all parents should make their kids watch South Park.

1. Disrespect My Authoritah!

Virtually every episode points out the difference between legitimate authority and the abuse of power and scare-mongering. Whether it's the show's Jew-baiting jerk Eric Cartman going nuts as a traffic cop or former Vice President Al Gore trying to scare the boys into hysteria over ManBearPig, South Park always emphasizes thinking for yourself rather than blindly following what leaders say.

2. Respect True Diversitah!

Today's kids are constantly force-fed hosannas to tolerance and diversity that ring hollow and false. But even when it's brutally satirizing something like Mormonism, South Park actually fosters a true live-and-let-live ethos that's sadly lacking in most K-12 curricula.

3. It Emphasizes Personal Responsibility

Among South Park's core values is taking responsibility for one's actions. In the episode where Stan's father develops a drinking problem and seeks supernatural intervention for a cure, it's the child who lays out the case for self-control and accountability.

The most enduring lesson of South Park isn't found in any given episode but in the entire show's run and the careers of its creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The show grew out of early videos, including a 1995 one that pitted Santa vs. Jesus in a fight to the death over the true meaning in Christmas.

Now, almost 20 years later, Parker and Stone have created one of the greatest TV shows of all time, along with unforgettable movies such as the all-puppet action thriller Team America and the Broadway smash The Book of Mormon.

They're no uncritical fans of Walt Disney but their careers are a testament to his belief that "If you can dream it, you can do it."

In a way that's virtually unmatched, Parker and Stone teach all our children that creativity and hard work – and an ability to laugh at everything life throws at you—eally do pay off in the long run.

About 3 minutes. Written by Nick Gillespie, who narrates, and produced by Jim Epstein. Scroll below for downloadable versions and subscribe to's YouTube channel to receive automatic notifications when new videos go live.

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  1. I am not much of a theater-goer, but I wanted to see The Book of Mormon when it came through SF a few years ago. Unfortunately, tickets started at about $250, so I passed.

    1. 250 bucks is pretty steep, especially when you live in San Fran and can just sit home and enjoy the smell of your own farts for free.

    2. BOM is coming to Montreal in December. I think we paid around $80 for decent seats.

      1. I found BOM to be pretty dull. The songs are not nearly at the level of the South Park movie, and the whole thing is kind of weak because Trey is actually being kind of affectionate towards Mormons, which is nice, but it robs the story of edge.

        Admittedly I hate all musicals except the South Park movie and Grease, but still, BOM did basically nothing for me. I was bored right away.

        1. my favorite musical is Phantom of the Opera,seen it twice.Then again I love classical music also.

        2. How can anyone hate Top Hat (1935)?

  2. …one of its best episodes to date

    I wouldn’t go that far. I enjoyed it, but I don’t think it’s the type of episode I’ll remember 5 years from now.

    1. Agreed. It was pretty cutting at times, but it’s no “Scott Tenorman Must Die”.

    2. “Make Love Not Warcraft”.

      1. “Simpsons Did It”

  3. One of the best episodes to date? WTF are you smoking?

    It’s a middling to mediocre one at best. Go watch the Jennifer Lopez one or the Scientology one and then watch this one. No comparison.

    1. The Taco-Flavored Kisses episode may be the best thing that’s been on television–evar!

      It was a perfect plot.

      Tristram Shandy

      …Taco-Flavored Kisses

      1. Yea, totally agree.

        Does ANYBODY besides Nick agree with this best episodes to date thang?

        Fwiw, I find tge Christnas Critters episode so astoundingly Good tgst i have watched it, then immediately watched it again without hesitation and that was rewarding. There is almost nothing else that has ever been on tv that Ihas prompted me to do so

  4. Geez, what’s with all the South Park articles? What’s next? A Lou Reed blitz?

    1. Matt & Trey have been friends of Reason for a while, as I recall. And Gillespie has always been about the wider culture, etc. He used to write about Madonna back in the day.

      Actually, just after Reason started, in the 2004 election cycle? They actually separated all of the election coverage into like a separate Hit & Run/Reason website so the stupid partisan discussions wouldn’t taint the rest of the site with its stench.

      Some people used to come here and wonder why they were wasting so much time talking about politics.

  5. I haven’t seen the Redskins one yet, but as a life-long Redskins’ fan, I’m hopin’ it cut both ways–like the kid at the end of the Mormon episode telling Stan to suck his balls.

    …and if it doesn’t?

    I can take a joke, and they can suck my balls.

    1. It’s pretty even-handed, in the typical South Park sort of way.

  6. Can you imagine the flurry of articles if Lou Reed died? It’d be a madhouse, I tell you.

    1. Lou reed in concert with Robert Quine accompanying is one of the greatest talent combos ever seen on stage

      It’s up there with Bing and Bowie

      But God spare me Bowie and Jagger in what I agree is the worst cover ever AND the gayest video ever. Normally when it comes to teh gay, I would say ‘not that there is anything wrong with that’ but in that case I make an exception

  7. I thought the Redskins episode was disjointed, confusing, strange. Don’t recall laughing one single time, or even a slight, “haha.” I haven’t watched the show in a few years, and if this is what it has become I guess I’m not missing anything. Used to be, even when I disagreed with a view point, they had me rolling, laughing at myself. Sometimes those were the funniest. This was just a lame effort. Sad.

    1. But it took the politically correct position on the issue, and that sir, is what counts on this man’s blog!

      1. I just saw it.

        It wasn’t really goin’ after the Redskins. As a Redskins’ fan, the thing that pissed me off the most about this episode?

        They made Dan Snyder look like some kind of hero!?

        It was making fun of Kickstarter more than anything else.

        But the important thing is that y’all took the politically correct position on Gillespie, and that, sir, is what counts in this here comments section!

    2. Yeah, Gillespie is full of shit (par for the course with him really); the episode sucked.

      I’m not a Redskins (or fooseball) fan and I don’t care about the “controversy,” but this opening episode was just stupid.

      I strongly suspect Parker and Stone have left much of the writing in the last several seasons to their staff (particularly that non-talent, Bill Hader), which goes to explain the decidedly PC bent South Park has taken.

      1. Yeah, Gillespie is full of shit (par for the course with him really);

        Anchorman 2 is the most important film of the year yet strangely he has not mentioned the film at all since its release.

        1. It is many things but it is not God for bid a ‘film’

          It’s a movie in every way that the latter term is a glorious distinction from the former

  8. I’ve heard the N-word probably thousands of times, used as a slur in most cases. Never heard “Redskin” except in reference to the football team. Seems pretty ridiculous to compare the two.

    1. when ever I hear Redskins I think of foot ball,just like when I here Browns I think ‘I just wasted another Sunday” Browns fan since 1966

    2. Hollywood made a sympathetic film about the Indians called Redskin back in 1929

      Whereas “nigger” was pretty taboo even then.

    3. “Redskin” has never been used as a slur very much, and certainly not in the last century. It’s just something for a few activists to make hay with, because it’s anachronistic enough to make the sensitive PC crowd uncomfortable. But the last poll I saw indicated that not even 10% of actual Native Americans found the word offensive and wanted the team to change its name.

      1. Due to my policing history in Martha’s Vineyard I have the pleasure of knowing a metric ass load of Wampanoags, including those in the Aquinnah Police Department.

        I’ve discussed this controversy before with Wampanoags cops and non-cops alike and my experience supports your assertion in that there was near Unanimity as to the idea that the term Redskins is inoffensive.

        Granted these were not academic Indians Allah fake Indian Ward Connerly.

        1. You mean “Ward Churchill.”

          1. D’oh yes!

            Connerly if I recall correctly was a hero in the fight to dismantle evil unconstitutional racial preferences

            Churchill was the plagiarizing idiotic fake Indian

            Granted he did provide us with the ever awesome little Eichmanns which Matt and Trey have used to great effect

          2. I think he meant Ward Cleaver, who’s hard on those academicians at Oregon State and Caltech.

        2. Is not the common racial slur against Allah Indians “Paki”?

          1. That was a voice to text translation error

            I SAID ‘a la fake Indian’

            It was translated as ‘Allah fake Indian’

            Similarly Hezbollah became ‘has bought’

            While there are some benefits of my transfer to this technology such as more punctuation and capitalization, I am not going to catch every translation error before pressing submit and in some cases even if I see it I just don’t bother to correct it

            1. It was a joke.

  9. Trey gets extra points for slinging shade at obnoxiousstrongatheism

    Sadly, I’ve even seen otherwise awesome Penn sometimes devolve into one of those

    Smug is always bad and deserving of ridicule whether it’s liberal smug or atheist smug

    1. Oh shut up, you douche. Your avatar should be The Smug known Dunphy. Worst fucking apologist for shitty assholes this site has ever seen.

      1. Ah yes the strident counterfactual yawp of the anticop bigot posting from the safety of his mamma’s basement

        I will continue to hold bad cops ACCOUNTABLE for bad behaviour and find them for justified for justified behaviour and speak truth to power

        You and your ilk can continue to wallow in prejudice ignorance and lack of understanding

        1. “behaviour”

          Your voice-to-text program was designed by Limeys?

        2. “I will continue to hold bad cops ACCOUNTABLE for bad behaviour ”

          Erm… k

  10. South Park is a pulpit. And not one I’m willing to sit at.

    1. I am sure that Matt and trey are heartbroken that they can’t have your esteemed presents watching their brilliant satire

      1. “presents”

        “Wow, another edition of Bodybuilders’ Monthly! And a Morgan Fairchild love doll!”

        1. For the umpteenth time I am not typing I am talking and it’s quite understandable that you will see words incorrectly spelled

          Has bought = Hezbollah
          Allah Indians = a la Indians
          Presents= presence

          Hth smooches

      2. They are brilliant. Like a Hillsong concert. And the Smug known Dunphy is likely front and center crawling through the prayer line. Which is actually OK. Not necessarily knocking the simple religious dude and the smug known as Dunphy seeking a greater religious experience with the holy ghost. I’m just thinking there isn’t a goddamn thing Jesus can do for a self-obsessed ninny who sits on a dildo horse praising his copper buddies in their authoritarian quest to save society from ‘runners’, druggies, and people who don’t wear seatbelts.

        1. Jesus?

          Setting aside your absurd criticisms why would you assume I was Christian (or theist )

          One thing you need to understand about intelligent people so you can understand my posts is that we can criticize things even from within our own groups

          Idiots and I dogs usually only criticize the other and thus it’s easy to determine their affiliations and beliefs based upon who they attack

  11. Redskins name controversy is taboo? The entire country has been yapping about it for weeks.

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