Ebola Claims Its 3,000th Victim in West Africa


The death toll from an outbreak of Ebola in West Africa has risen to at least 3,091 out of 6,574 probable, suspected and confirmed cases, the World Health Organization said on Friday.

Liberia has recorded 1,830 deaths, around three times as many as in either Guinea or Sierra Leone, the two other most affected countries, according to WHO data received up to Sept. 23.

An outbreak that began in a remote corner of Guinea has taken hold of much of neighboring Liberia and Sierra Leone, prompting warnings that tens of thousands of people may die from the worst outbreak of the disease on record.

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  1. Ahhh, Mother Nature. She’s a cold, heartless bitch with about a million ways to kill you. It’s probably best to let her do her thing. Intercontinental air travel, deadly pathogens, and witch doctors don’t mix well.

  2. Liberia is one of the most evil places on earth. Truly a pustule of human misery on Earth. Ebola just adds a little Tabasco to the bloody cocktail.

    I have no idea what is to be done to fix such a place, but I see some of our soldiers coming back from there with a parting gift, and passing it along to their families and neighbors.

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