Obama on ISIS: Nothing to Do But Kill Them All


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President Obama addressed the United Nations this morning and asked Muslim countries to support U.S. efforts against ISIS. Regarding the terrorist organization, Obama said there was nothing to do but kill them all. According to BuzzFeed:

The military action is the only way to send a message to ISIS, Obama said.

"There can be no reasoning – no negotiation – with this brand of evil," Obama said, calling ISIS a "network of death."

"The only language understood by killers like this is the language of force." Obama said.

That's some serious Bush-style war rhetoric. If the total destruction of every vaguely threatening terrorist organization is the "only way to send a message," the U.S. military is going to be sending messages all over the world in perpetuity.

One might think, at the very least, that would be something Congress should weigh in on. Unfortunately, almost no one in Congress cares about holding the president accountable to the Constitution.

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  1. "There can be no reasoning ? no negotiation ? with this brand of evil," Obama said, calling ISIS a "network of death.

    What a coincidence.

    1. I half expected to see "Republicans" or "Tea Party" in place of ISIS...

    2. "You're either with us or against us."

      Well, I feel reassured.

    3. "They don't feel pity, remorse or fear..."

    4. threadwinner

  2. I'm surprised he wasn't wearing a "kill 'em all and let god sort 'em out" t-shirt when he said it.

    1. "Kill 'em all and let Allah sort 'em out" with a big Bald Eagle chasing a camel across the front.

        1. I see no reason that Unicorn isn't just as good as Wolf

          Seriously though, that thing will poke the shit out of you

    2. Nah, he went old school and wore the old black Metallica "Kill 'Em All" album cover t-shirt ironically.

  3. It's amazing watching Obama confusing rhetoric for action over and over again!

    Had John not pointed this phenomenon out, I don't think I would every have become aware of it. It's inescapable; the dude really thinks his word changes reality!

    1. It's inescapable; the dude really thinks his word changes reality!

      If he's read the Genesis account (I will not take it for granted), then that means that he's claiming to be God. For God spoke the world into existence... (Genesis 1)

      For further proof of what I mean, read John 1:1.

      That's kind of scary...

      1. No, you misunderstand me. I am not implying that Obama is claiming his word changes reality.

        No, he is *acting* as if simply expressing an idea is all he needs to do to bring it into operation.

        In this case, he says that ISIS members must be killed because there is no compromise possible with them. And that is enough. he doesn't need to *do* what's needed to make that idea reality. So he commits a few forces and does an ineffectual bombing campaign, because he doesn't need to do more; the words he expressed are, in his mind, the equivalent of actually exterminating ISIS.

        Look at his pronouncements that he wants to have a conversation with Republicans, followed by his refusal to actually talk to them. Again, he said he wanted to have a conversation, and that is sufficient, no need to take the actions to actually *have* one; expressing the wish that there be one was sufficient.

        It's amazing how major a role this phenomenon plays in the way he runs his administration; I think it is a major contributor to the unmitigated disaster that his stint in office has become.

  4. "Axis of Evil" "Network of Death"

    Just sayin'

    1. Note to self: Greater than signs don't post correctly.

      1. Less than symbols cut off your post.

    2. "Token Ring of Death"

    3. "Conglomerate of Mayhem"

      "Association of Homicide"

      "League of Execution"

      Being an POTUS speechwriter must be a paying version of H&R commenting.

      1. Obviously, Bad Horse and the Evil League of Evil have been busy.

  5. "The only language understood by killers like this is the language of force." Obama said.

    I thought Eric Frein said that.

  6. And now Mr. Obama, your transition to McCromney is complete.

    1. No, because both McCain and Romney were doers (granted in very different ways).

      Obama isn't a doer. He isn't interested in effective action or taking the abuse that accompanies inaction. He wants the appearance of effective action without the mental effort required to come up with a plan for it.

  7. Get the UN to carve out a hunk of desert for the "Islamic State". Let anyone who wants to join up move there. Any shenanigans after that are left to the imagination.

    1. 40 acres and a camel?

      1. 40 acres virgins and a camel?


        1. 40 virgin camels?

    2. "Rich|9.24.14 @ 12:32PM|#

      Get the UN to carve out a hunk of desert for the "Islamic State". Let anyone who wants to join up move there."

      Well, that out to Work Out Well For Everyone!

    3. *Get the UN to carve out a hunk of desert for the "Islamic State". *

      You mean like...Saudi Arabia?

    4. Surely you don't seriously believe that all these psychos really want is their own little piece of Infidel-free land where they can live and let live as happy subsistence farmers, like the Mennonites or something.

      Because anyone who believes that needs to buy a fucking clue.

  8. "That's some serious Bush-style war rhetoric."

    The voters wanted "change" right?
    Bush = 4 letters
    Obama = 5 letters (with a misbegotten take-over of medical care tossed in)

  9. He's absolutely right that the only rational thing to do with ISIS and its ilk is to kill them all.

    I'm just not clear on why we need to do the killing. The ME appears to be jammed to the rafters with bloodthirsty young men, who are easily manipulated and eagerly engage in killing their fellows.

    I say this is no time to end the Cycle of Muslim-On-Muslim Violence. This is the time to crank it up to 11!

    1. "Hot, immoral American chicks did hajis who fight terrorism"

      The leaflets pretty much write themselves.

      1. I think "Hot virgin American sluts" works better there.

  10. Why don't we just nuke 'em from orbit?
    1) if we made Iraq and Syria an irradiated wasteland noone would notice.
    2) this would eliminate blowback as everyone would be dead.
    3) left would still vote democrat, right couldn't possibly criticize Obama for lack of action.

    Wala winning.

    1. Surely you mean "voila", but otherwise I agree with everything you typed.

      "Neutron bombs for all" would be my campaign slogan in '16.

      1. At this point, I like it when people fuck up French.

    2. Because Obama is wrong.

      But you're right--if he was right, why doesn't he use tactical nukes?

      1. Because Israel. Collateral damage is OK unless said damage is Israel.

  11. This mythology people buy into about these guys is kinds silly. They're human beings like everyone else...

    If the Nazis, Japanese, and Khmer Rouge can be reintegrated back into civilization, there's no reason the same can't be done with ISIS.

    The propaganda we're being subjected to is obviously getting to some of us. I guess libertarians are human, too.

    But we should try to remember that they always try to dehumanize and demonize the enemy--and they've been successful with that since we were fighting the Indians in the French and Indian War or the Hessians during the Revolution, at least.

    Don't believe the hype. Certainly not just because Obama says so.

    1. The Nazis and the Japanese were 'reintegrated into civilization' after they'd been utterly destroyed. Their cities carpet bombed or nuked, their populations--soldiers and civilians alike--slaughtered.

      And the 'mythology'?

      The Dar al-Islam must fight the Dar al-Harb until the Dar al-Harb is no more. That is the only 'mythology' problem we have.

  12. Upside down it says "nirp in imp" or "nino in imp".

  13. Will he get another Nobel Peace Prize for this?

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