Climate Change

Obama Announces Climate Change Executive Order

Bow down! The philosopher king knows best!


From a White House "fact sheet" on climate change:

President Obama announced an Executive Order on Climate-Resilient International Development, requiring agencies to factor climate-resilience considerations systematically into the U.S. government's international development work and to promote a similar approach with multilateral entities.   U.S. financial support for adaptation activities in developing countries has increased eightfold since 2009; such dedicated funding is critical.  At the same time, the magnitude of the challenge requires not just dedicated adaptation finance flows but also a broader, integrated approach.  Development investments in areas as diverse as eradicating malaria, building hydropower facilities, improving agricultural yields, and developing transportation systems will not be effective in the long term if they do not account for impacts such as shifting ranges of disease-carrying mosquitoes, changing water availability, or rising sea levels, thereby reducing the effectiveness of taxpayer money.  This new Executive Order will:

  • Improve the resilience of the Federal Government's international development programs, projects, investments, overseas facilities, and other funding decisions through consideration of current and future climate-change impacts, as appropriate;
  • Share knowledge, data, tools, information, frameworks, and lessons learned in incorporating climate-resilience considerations; and
  • Complement efforts by the Federal Government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at home and globally.

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  1. Great, he’s finally doing something. I have no fucking clue what it is, but it’s something.

    1. It’s pathetic; in the name or improving ‘resilience’ he is going to force people doing projects requiring federal approval to use inferior materials, less reliable technologies and/or more expensive energy sources.

  2. How about malaria control by sealing up houses and air conditioning them?

    It works in the developed world. Does this Executive Order make it harder to do in the developing world?

    1. Who gibes a shit? Not the do-gooders — all they want is to make everybody but them worse off in the name of equality. The poor be damned — foreigners be damned — everybody else here be damned.

      1. I heard a piece on NPR about the UN climate conference.

        They said that one of the problems with Kyoto as the powers that be look for a new agreement was that developing nations didn’t sign on. My first thought: Boo Hoo, did the poor of the world not sign on in your quest to assuage your first world sensibilities? Perhaps they have more pressing things to worry about.

        My second thought: One other problem with Kyoto in terms of new climate change treaty is that the world hasn’t gotten warmer since it was signed in 1997. That problem wasn’t mentioned.

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