France Bombs ISIS, Scots Say 'No' to Independence, 'It's On Us' Says White House Anti-Rape Campaign: A.M. Links


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  1. Voters in Scotland yesterday rejected a referendum to break free from Britain…

    And I was hoping the UK was going to have to take an unnecessary U out of something.

    1. Hello.

      /Knock on door.

      UK: Yes?
      Scotland: Where’s my free shit?
      UK: Yes, yes. Come in. Make yourself comfortable. Not THERE! That’s Mohammed Ment=Ally’s seat!

        1. Of course, this is all personal experience for you as a Quebecker.

          1. I’m glad Scotland voted the way they did if anything to shut Quebec nationalists up over here.

            1. Why would you even want to hang on to them?

              1. I live here. It’s a bitch TO MOVE!

                Out contingency plan are in place though. Setting some stuff up in Florida and Ontario.

              2. Really. If a limb goes gangrenous, amputate before it infects the rest of the body.

    2. Soumething?

    3. What is this shit about extra U’s? If anyone demanded extra U’s in the UK it was those sheep shagging Scots.

    4. I don’t see how Scotland can break free of Britain. It’s pretty well anchored down.

      1. GLOBAL WARMING!!!11!!

  2. The biggest problem today is, there are simply not enough true Scotsmen.

      1. 46% true Scotsmen.
        54% Crap.

        1. There were no blades bloodied, thus there are no True Scotsmen.

        2. Time to sell short on blue face paint.

          1. There is a rift in the Medical Physics Guy household because MPG’s wife did not make a key USD-GBP transfer before the Scots voted no. On the other hand if they had voted yes today would have been the day to make that transfer.

            1. See, in all seriousness, this is how you do it, people.

              Your first question on seeing a fraught political issue should be “How do I make money on this?”

                1. Or, pick a Senator.

  3. The U.S. Senate voted 78-22 in favor of President Obama’s plan to train and equip Syrian rebels for war with ISIS.

    And then subsequently send them to Gitmo.

    1. The December expiration of this ‘approval’ shows the true motivation of our ‘leaders’.

  4. A Canberra public servant told her boss she needed longer breaks than her colleagues, saying she had to find a caf? that served organic coffee with soy milk.…..z3DlYbCfSL

    1. Let me guess, since this was a public servant, she got her wish.

      1. Actually she was disciplined, and then claimed it caused her such stress that she needed workers’ compensation. This was refused, a decision affirmed upon review by the Tribunal. The real problem is that, the law being what it is, she thought this was worth a go.

        BTW the member of the Tribunal taught me admin law. A very sensible woman who takes no nonsense.

        1. So there is hope

        2. Nice to see there’s a wall in Australia the takers hit.

          I don’t mind people try to give things a go. It’s when tribunals and such give in that cause worry.

    2. Do Australian women also “get 77 cents for the same work that men get a dollar for?”

      1. Nope, it’s 83 cents here

  5. I got nuthin.

    1. Something wrong with the Mail website? Or could they not find any celebrities in bikinis or stupid American stories?

      1. It’s all Scotsmen in kilts today, and nobody wants to see that.

        1. It’s a good thing Jesse is out in California where it’s 6:00 AM.

        2. Nae

        3. Yeah, but they’re not true Scotsmen, or they would have voted for independence.

        4. Speak for yourself

      2. How about a stupid American celebrity in a bikini?

        1. So that’s what she gets up to when Adam’s not around! Levine’s wife Behati Prinsloo shows her cheeky side modelling on beach

          She ain’t American, but she looks nice in a bikini.

          1. Any pictures from before the mastectomy?

  6. Ultimate guide to saving the world: What we need to do (and do right now)

    There’s going to be a big climate march on Sunday, in case you haven’t heard. The biggest climate march ever, in fact, if it lives up to its organizers’ promise. We’re talking about the kind of march that comes with its own hour-long trailer, the kind of march that will include labor unions, social justice organizations and groups representing frontline communities, not to mention U.N. General Secretary Ban Ki-moon ? even though, as the Guardian points out, “high-ranking officials do not normally attend mass public protests.”

    “It’s not your mother’s climate march,” promises Paul Getsos, the national coordinator for, particularly not if your mother is white and middle-class. Instead, he told Salon, organizers are working toward building “the most diverse, multi-issued, broad-based march or action on climate that’s ever happened.” And it’s all leading up to global negotiations that, if things somehow go extremely well, could help get the world on track to avert catastrophic climate change.

    1. Leave fossil fuels in the ground ? all of them

      It’s practically a cliche by now, but it’s also the most powerful principle we’ve got: if we’re going to keep greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from warming the planet, we need to stop pouring greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. As climatologists have made clear, we can’t burn the rest of our remaining fossil fuels.

      Invest in a worldwide “energiewende”

      Subsidies for fossil fuels have grown 45 percent under President Obama’s “all-of-the-above energy” strategy; worldwide, they’re estimated to top $600 billion. Renewable energy, in comparison, gets a measly $100 billion in government support.

      Get China on board

      There’s little chance China’s going to get a People’s March of its own, but the climate movement can’t succeed unless its leaders can be convinced to join in. Because as those opposed to U.S. climate action are all too eager to point out, the country does matters ? a lot.

      1. Get China on board

        Yeah, that’s going to happen.

        I see this as the biggest idiocy of the whole climate debate. Even supposing the dire predictions are true, there is no fucking way China and India and other developing places with huge populations are not going to use fossil fuels to continue their development. And if they did, it would doom their populations to continued poverty.

        It’s just foolish to insist that the only solution to a problem is one that is practically impossible.

        1. That’s why we need the rich Western countries to pay for the development of all the poor countries. Because transferring billions to trillions of dollars to endemically corrupt governments is a recipe for success.

          1. Thank god for the UN. How else could all the tin-pot dictators extort money from the rest of the world to fund their cronies?

            1. Nukes are traditional.

      2. Leave fossil fuels in the ground ? all of them

        Because reliable and efficient resources are- fuck, it’s not worth it. These people are ignoramuses to the n’th degree.

        1. They’ll happily march us right back to Kampuchea.

      3. Particularly not if your mother is white and middle-class

        The words form sentences, but they have no meaning.

    2. I’m going to try to find one of these “climate marches” and circle over it for hours, burning leaded avgas just for fun.

    3. Aww… This is going to be epic when 27 people turn up.

    4. I didn’t know the climate could march.

      1. I didn’t know the climate could march.

        yes, but only one month out of the year. 🙂

    5. particularly not if your mother is white and middle-class

      Uh, your Marx is showing

      1. Red Diaper baby? I’m shocked!

    6. This event is in NYC. That’s going to have a hell of a carbon footprint for out-of-town participants. I’d love someone to find the bus lot and get footage of all those charter buses idling to keep the AC running, ask participants what their carbon footprint for attending was, etc, etc.

      1. They bought good intentions offsets.

    7. There’s not one sentence in that which doesn’t make me roll my eyes.

  7. A teacher whose Twitter messages expressed violent thoughts about students will not be charged with a crime, police said.…..z3DlZ5RyMB

    1. There’s no double standard for government-sector workers, no sirree.

    1. I prefer my keyhole covers to be shaved.

      1. Dammit, was about to make the exact same comment.

    2. A friend and fellow USPSA competitor once glued fake pubes around the magazine well of his pistol, joking that his reloads had improved substantially.

  8. This afternoon, President Obama is slated to announce “It’s On Us,” a new public awarness campaign about sexual assault on college campuses.

    Santorum? Pearl necklace? This seems very ill-conceived.

    1. Well, it’s an epidemic. When I was in college a few years ago it was 50% of women getting raped in their 4 years. Just think how high the number must be now!

      1. At my college it 25% in 09 when I attended orientation. We had like a drama club skit about different sex situations so everyone could understand how manipulative and horny men are.

        1. I thought it was hilarious.

          1. how manipulative and horny men are

            Please. If we could harness the drive of horny women to manipulate into the CIA, ISIS would have been 10 dudes in a shallow grave in 2003.

    2. I know; I’m super amused by it. What a terrible, terrible choice

      1. Oh man. Comment reply fail. I’m super amused by the name “It’s On Us,” not campus rape numbers :/

        1. Backtracking flip-flopper! We all know what you meant…

        2. But we’re libertarians; we’re supposed to find rape statistics hilarious because Koch Brothers or patriarchy or something.

        3. “You’re soaking in it” was rejected as the first choice.

          1. I thought the first choice was “Just lay back and think of Joe Biden”?

      2. You mean what an awesome choice.

      3. “It’s a stupid name, not a choice”

  9. …the Justice Department has cleared New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie of involvement with “Bridgegate”.

    Someone cashed in his Obama hug.

    1. Are they still Faik Skandulz if its a Republican?

      1. What federal crime was supposed to have been committed that the DOJ was investigating?

  10. Bath salts are so 2013. Get ready for scare stories about Quacka

    1. BE WARNED!!!!!

      One person said of synthetic cannabis: “It made me feel like I could fly. I wanted to jump off the roof and do very stupid things.”

      1. Perhaps we need a moral panic about R Kelly lyrics.

  11. Some consumers say Apple is losing its ‘cool’ factor

    Holly Riggle, a 29-year-old white-collar worker from Ohio, is just the kind of everyday customer Apple Inc would love to have for its new iPhone 6, which launches Friday.

    But Riggle is sticking to her Android smartphone, calling Apple less “original” than it was under former chief executive Steve Jobs. She’s one of the 16 percent of respondents in a Reuters/Ipsos poll who said Apple had become somewhat or much less cool in the last two years.

    By comparison, some 11 percent of respondents said that Android had lost some sheen in the same time frame. In a similar poll a year ago, 14.3 percent of 1,379 people surveyed thought Apple had lost its cool image between 2011 and 2012.

    1. Steve Jobs

      Cult of personality, nothing more.

    2. I just got a new Motorola phone. I don’t have a a strong opinion either brand, but in reading over the new iOS8 features, I couldn’t help but think “My Droid does all this already”. So I can see where people are coming from on this.

      1. There are some really funny Samsung ads that basically welcome Apple users to 2011, and invite them to ask Samsung owners if they have any questions, because they’ve been doing all the new Apple features for years.

        1. Which is fine, but I’ve been on the platform since 2008, and its good enough. The idea that these tweaks to “OMFG! my phone, camera, calendar, phone book, photo album, maps, music and entertainment got crammed into one device that runs for more than 3 hours on a charge” warrant me learning an entirely new way of doing things is laughable.

    1. That is pretty good.

      Svitlana Sangary is in danger of having her California State Bar license suspended following accusations that she posted a series of fake photos of herself posing with celebrities and public officials?including Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian, the Clintons, George Clooney, and Donald Trump?to her professional website. The photos were apparently Photoshopped, and they’re pretty good!

      State Bar Court Judge Donald Miles, in issuing his recommendation that Sangary have her license suspended for six months, said that the Los Angeles attorney used the 50-odd photos “to confuse, deceive and mislead the public.”

  12. oh baby…

    Texas court throws out “upskirt” photo law, because banning creepshots is “paternalistic”

    Texas’ highest criminal court struck down part of a law banning “upskirt” photos on Wednesday, arguing that photos taken without permission in public are entitled to First Amendment protections. Outlawing “improper photography or visual recording,” the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals panel ruled, would be a violation of federal free-speech rights and a “paternalistic” effort to regulate the photographers’ thoughts.

    “The camera is essentially the photographer’s pen and paintbrush,” Judge Sharon Keller wrote in the court’s 8-1 opinion. “A person’s purposeful creation of photographs and visual recordings is entitled to the same First Amendment protection as the photographs and visual recordings themselves.”

    1. I presume Wendy Davis et al. have already started screaming “WAR ON WIJMMINZ!!!111!!!”?

      1. I’m sure it applies to up-kilt shots of men too. And all the patriotic Scots will probably break out the kilts today.

        1. Thank you, Zeb.

    2. Wow, Sharon — What a sport!

    3. I think they got this one wrong. You can’t really claim a general expectation of privacy when you are in public, but it seems like putting clothes on is a pretty good indicator that you don’t want those parts of you to be seen.

      1. it seems like putting clothes on is a pretty good indicator that you don’t want those parts of you to be seen

        OTOH for certain fashions putting them on is intended to focus the viewer’s eyes (MALE GAZE!!!) rather specifically on the parts they are (sort of) covering.

      2. Tell that to Miss Nebraska. If the Miss America pageant were in Texas, the cameraman would be in jail.

    4. They are meant to prevent the violation of people’s physical autonomy in public spaces; they are meant to prevent sexual harassment. Apparently, though, it’s not harassment when it’s just a surreptitious photo ? that’s art.

      Um, yes, taking a photo of someone in a public place is not in fact sexual harassment.

      1. Especially when they never even realized they are being photographed.

        Saying these noxious photos are sexual harassment is like charging me with stalking a starlet because I googled her images.

  13. …an ISIS logistics center in northeast Iraq, “was hit and entirely destroyed. Other operations will be carried out in the days to come.”

    “So let’s focus on those and not the domestic economy that we’ve entirely destroyed.”

    1. No. It was not good. It was the metaphysical opposite of good. It was 8-track Hitler.

      In the 1980s, facing public panic over references to devils and magic and evil, Dungeons & Dragons changed the alignment system so that “evil” was now represented by “Lawful Bernie Sanders Folk Music Album” and “Chaotic Bernie Sanders Folk Music Album.”


      1. Even better:

        “…he has absolutely not one musical bone in his body, and that became painfully obvious from the get-go,” Lockwood said.
        That’s all I can swipe. Hit the link to read their solution, and to hear the music — the aural equivalent of the Katyn Forest Massacre — that Bernie Sanders made in those sessions.

  14. Politician accused of dropping pants, hurling racist slurs dropping out of race

    A borough council candidate is bowing out of his race after revelations that he allegedly shouted racist slurs while mooning patrons of a local diner.

    Joe Sorrentino, in a statement released Wednesday by his Democratic ticket, said he made a “stupid mistake” seven years ago, but learned from it. Local Republicans released police reports Wednesday detailing two separate incidents at the Sherbans Diner.

    “I regret what happened, and I have worked every single day to prove that I am not the man that the report says,” Sorrentino said.

    1. Perhaps we need more politicians dropping their pants and hurling racial slurs.

    2. Between the last name, party affiliation, and mention of a diner, I knew this was Jersey before even looking at the link.

    3. hurling racist slurs dropping out of race

      He’s dropping out of the Caucasian race?

      1. He’s been officially moved to “Other” on the Census chart.

    4. Were the racial slurs his top advisor discussing voting demos?

      But that wasn’t the end of Sorrentino’s troubles at the Sherbans Diner. Six years ago, in 2008, a different police officer went out again to the same eatery for a report of disorderly customers.

      The officer found Sorrentino and his brother, Anthony, in a confrontation with two women. The women said the Sorrentinos were drunk and had called them an epithet for lesbians. The Sorrentinos also threatened to strike them, one of the women said.

    5. Nice to see the Democratic Party getting back to its roots.

  15. This afternoon, President Obama is slated to announce “It’s On Us,” a new public awarness campaign about sexual assault on college campuses.

    It is on them. The government is using Title IX to get more things to be classified as sexual assault on college campuses, and more due process rights taken away from the accused.

    1. I still don’t understand why there are two sets of standards: one for college students and another for people who don’t go to college. As I understand it, if two 19 years olds get shit-faced and have sex, it’s rape if they’re college students but consensual if they are not?

      1. You need to get a degree in Rape Culture Studies to appreciate the distinction

      2. Because proglodytes send their kids to college, so they can sound educated when they talk to each other as baristas.

  16. This afternoon, President Obama is slated to announce “It’s On Us,” a new public awarness campaign about sexual assault on college campuses

    I thought it was on Warty, or is it that Warty is on the unwilling?

    1. “It’s On Us.” Unfortunate branding.

      1. How about “It’s In Us”?

        1. “Just a tip about sexual assault”

            1. If you’ve had the chickenpox, it’s in you

              Herpes Zoster

  17. Nearly two-thirds of likely voters in Washington, D.C. said they’ll support marijuana legalization on the November ballot.

    Little do they know they’re begging the capital to do everything possible to strengthen the black market.

    1. Yeah, and congress will go apeshit about that and smack it down.

  18. ‘Very disturbing on so many levels’: Masturbating sex offender disrupts yoga class, cops say

    A Florida fitness studio saw one of its students engage in the wrong kind of stress release when a registered sex offender began fondling himself during a morning yoga class.

    The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is still searching for Joseph Cecil Jordan, 42, after a yoga class instructor and several students confronted the man who was caught with his hands in his pants, masturbating during the Sunday morning session, police said.

    I blame those see-through yoga pants.

    1. Very disturbing indeed. I mean, who still does yoga?

      1. Nobody does Yoga anymore. The classes are all too crowded.

    2. I have a friend who was in a hot yoga class and the woman in front of him was wearing short-shorts with no underwear. Strangely enough he complained, she was killing his relaxation.

      1. What did his husband say about it?

        1. How is having a boner lusting after someone relaxing? Fun yes, relaxing is the 5 minutes after sex.

          1. Who goes to hot yoga to relax? Hot yoga isn’t relaxing until you’re lying down at the end. The rest of the time, they’re doing horrible things like locust and bow poses.

  19. I’d like to see the true Scotsmen make an exodus to someplace they can call their own, free from the ravages of UK governance. But where?

    1. Sad commentary on the West that we can’t come up with a place, eh?

    2. They could conquer the Faroe Islands. Only 50k inhabitants, ruled by Denmark, plenty of sheep and bad weather…

    3. If only there was a small island somewhere with a cool rainy climate. It could be called New Scotland or something.

      1. As I noted yesterday, if an independent Scotland decided to join Canada as a new province, its name would’ve been Old Nova Scotia. Or Auld Nova Scotia.

        1. Don’t quit your day job, ProL.

          1. Oh, yeah? What do you know about naming new states/provinces? I’ll have you know that the IKP passed a resolution thanking me for their new name if they join the United States: Kurdlahoma.

        2. Nah, Scotia Classic

    4. All the True Scotsmen left Scotland long ago.

    5. I, for one, bow down before our new kilted overlords…with my phonecam at the ready.

  20. Is that a banana in your pants or …

    Cops say man used banana to rob store

    The footage shows a man entering the corner grocery store on Tuesday. He waits in line and then takes a banana from the counter by the cash register.

    The suspect then sticks the banana in a front pocket of his sweatshirt and points it toward the cashier.

    Police say the man demanded money and cigarettes, and made off with an undetermined amount of cash. The video shows him riding off on a bicycle.

    1. What if he had used a pointed stick?

      1. Pointed sticks? Ho, ho, ho. We want to learn how to defend ourselves against pointed sticks, do we? Getting all high and mighty, eh? Fresh fruit not good enough for you eh? Well I’ll tell you something my lad. When you’re walking home tonight and some great homicidal maniac comes after you with a bunch of loganberries, don’t come crying to me!

    2. “Creative control, spin-off rights and theme park approval for Mr. Banana Grabber, Baby Banana Grabber, and any other Banana Grabber family character that might emanate there from.”

      1. Shouldn’t have sold animation rights.

  21. This afternoon, President Obama is slated to announce “It’s On Us,” a new public awarness campaign about sexual assault on college campuses.

    Raise the drinking age to 35, problem solved.

    1. Good idea. Since only 21 year old college student are drinking now.

  22. Called “It’s on Us,” the new campaign will try to get students and others on college and university campuses to play a part in trying to stop sexual violence before it happens.

    Emphasis added. With all due respect, what does that even mean?

    1. Sounds like disciplinary action for anyone in the vicinity of an alleged sexual assault who possibly could have seen it coming and did not make their maximum effort to prevent it. It takes a campus to prevent sexual assault.

    2. I think it means you arent suppose to just watch while your roommate rapes.

      So yeah, i got nothin.

    3. It’s “rape culture” nonsense. See, since everyone is encouraging guys to rape, all we have to do is stop encouraging and they will stop raping.

      Stop being part of the problem and be a part of the solution by not condoning rape.

      1. “Take the ‘I Won’t Rape’ pledge!”

        1. 50 bucks says that the some key portion of the “It’s On Us” campaign involves signing some piece of paper like this, printed by the government and distributed free to every college campus in the country for the low low cost of a bajillion dollars.

          Another 50 bucks says that signing such a pledge will be made mandatory in three years.

          1. Clemson is certainly headed that way.

            Clemson University is requiring students to reveal how many times they’ve had sex in the past month and with how many partners.

            “They’re upset. They’re paying this astronomical tuition to come here, and they’re talking to their parents about these questions, and their parents are getting upset about having to spend this kind of money at Clemson where their students are being asked these kinds of questions.”

            In screenshots obtained exclusively by Campus Reform, the South Carolina university is asking students invasive and personal questions about their drinking habits and sex life as part of what they’ve billed as an online Title IX training course.

            1. How can Clemson possibly verify how many partners someone has been with?

              If someones says 11, how can they refute it?

              1. The old rule of three. divide for guys multiply for chicks.

            2. Does “Madame Palm and her five daughters” count as one or six partners?

              1. +1 Truman Capote

            3. Students, let me introduce you to the concept of “lying”.

              1. Yeah, that shit is going to backfire once those kids get out of the K-16 public education system and realize how bad they’ve been fucked over.

          2. It won’t just be a pledge; it will be an “agreement” to sign away one’s due process rights.

          3. And in six years, “If I am ever accused of rape, I consent to chemical castration.”

        2. Now that bucket of ice water can be applied to a *proper* challenge!

      2. Only someone who has never actually met a true sociopath could suggest something like that.

        1. Seriously. Once you get burned once or twice, you learn that not all evil is ignorance or desperation. Much of it is downright lack of morals and empathy.

      3. Wouldn’t it be easier to just segregate colleges by sex/gender/whateva?

        The girls could go to nice frilly places with feelings and boys could go to cave-like structures with video games.

        1. So girls to places like Sweet Briar and men go where? Are there any all male colleges left?

          1. I have a friend who says the Air Force Academy has been accepting women since 1981, but none have graduated yet.


          2. The rest of the public colleges I guess. of course those are majority female these days too.

            The funny thing is that the higher education bubble is ruining the value of college. All of these men skipping college are better off, provided they get some kind of trade or technical training.

            Give it a few years and the narrative will be how women were victimized by the patriarchy forcing them to go to college. You just wait.

            1. The Patriarchy excludes women from the lucrative trades and forces them into college instead. We will need equal rights legislation to impose quotas of females in the trades. With lighter physical workloads, of course, to ensure ‘equality’.

              1. Nope, right thinking womyn would never get their hands dirty with “trades.” they will establish a female minimum wage (harkening back to the original minimum wage) and will force quotas in “professional” jobs, such that vastly under qualified womyn get the job over those evil men.

            2. From my perspective inside it, the higher education bubble has just popped. Private, non-profit colleges are dying weekly; the latest small liberal arts college that I know of that shut its doors is Lebanon College. This is just the beginning. You’re going to see a culling that will eventually attract the attention of the mainstream media. The only survivors are going to be large research-orientated elite universities, public or private, like Harvard or CalTech, which could make money with a student body of zero; large, public flagship schools that are known for scholarship in a particular field: like U. of Michigan for social sciences or U. of Chicago for history and economics; and private for-profits: like U. of Phoenix or Kaplan.

              1. The other survivors will be colleges that have the reputation and ability to attract full pay foreign students. There is a good living to be made educating the idiot sons and daughters of the Chinese and Indian elite. But there are so many idiot sons and daughters to go around.

                1. Funny you say that, as researching that topic is my current livelihood. I can tell you with confidence that the scions of China, India, and Saudi Arabia are not enrolling in small liberal arts colleges. Look at table E. Every single institution on that list is either a large to medium public flagship school or a private research university.

              2. As long as there is still college football, those colleges will continue to exist in some form. Or perhaps better stated as – “college” football will continue to exist, however.

          3. Hampden-Sydney is all male

            1. I don’t know about now, but 25 years ago HS had a strong undercurrent of actual bigotry/racism in the student body. It was not uncommon to hear the white jock frat boys refer to adult black men as “boy” in their presence.

              1. Yes, HS is where the old south retired to. It’s in the area that was the flashpoint for the “massive resistance” backlash against racial integration of public schools.

            2. Mercifully I didn’t go to HS, but my impression is that is has improved only marginally.

    4. It means they need wiminz votes in November.

    5. But I believe if you play QB for Florida State University, you don’t have to pay any mind to this campaign.

    6. My guess is that the increased awareness of the new definition of “sexual violence” that includes the male gaze, unwanted conversational overtures, and any other form of objectionable-to-womyn displays of maleness is going to lead to an explosion of reports of sexual violence.

      Your neighbor is playing his music too loud or has late night parties or double parks his car? Typical aggressive male behaviour, that’s sexual violence now.

      And just wait until that English prof assigns you some old dead white male literature. You bet that’s sexual violence.

      1. Huh, just wait until a male disagrees with you in class, and maybe even mansplains with facts and logic. Definitely sexual violence.

    7. what does that even mean?

      Blaming the victims.

  23. Memorial to Waste
    Eisenhower deserves to be remembered?but modern Washington doesn’t seem equal to the task.

    The long-running debacle over the Eisenhower memorial in Washington, D.C., is a textbook case of corruption. A great deal of money sloshes around without any accountability, pocketed by those with connections and without scruples, in the name of doing good. It’s a sucker’s game, at which taxpayers always lose. The Eisenhower memorial travesty is more offensive than the usual palm greasing, because the greatness of an American hero is being lost.

    1. We are becoming a third world country. We can’t do public art anymore. It either doesn’t get done like here or when it does you get the Korean Colonel Potter statue of MLK. A hundred years ago we could the Shaw Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. Now we have this.

      Really says it all in many ways.

      1. Fuck, we can barely do big projects at all anymore. It took about a year to build the Empire State building in the middle of the God damn Depression. So far the Freedom Tower has taken 13 years and it’s still not complete.

        1. You see this with transit. Huge subway systems were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s in a matter of a few years, often by private companies. Now it takes a decade to build an 8 mile light rail line.

          1. We built the entire interstate highway system in less than 15 years. Imagine trying to do that now. It just wouldn’t get done.

            1. But billions of lives were lost in building the interstate highway system. True, most of the lives lost were mosquitoes and ants and the occasional possum, but nowadays any lives affected have to be studied in minute detail.

              You have to do ten years of environmental impact studies now whereas the older evironmental impact statements were “You’re damn right we’re going to impact the shit out of the environment.”

    2. The man got the entire Interstate system dedicated to him, how many goddamn memorials does he need?

      1. He also has some gridlocked highway in Chicag-uh named after him.

        Plus, there’s the whole liberated European continent..or is that dedicated to Stalin?

  24. Nearly 10% of Americans went to work high

    What’s more, nearly 81 percent said they scored their cannabis illegally

    Of course, 45% were ripped when they took the survey, so who the hell knows ….

    1. For at least 10% of the jobs that there are, you probably should go to work high.

    2. Only 10%? I’d think most workers would need drugs to make it through the day.

    3. wow, 10% of us are musicians? WHo knew!

      1. And artists, baristas, waiters, oh and don’t forget, Congressmen/women.

    4. 90% of Americans were going to go to work but got high instead.

  25. jeebus

    At least 8 Ebola aid workers reportedly killed ‘in cold blood’ by villagers in Guinea

    At least eight Ebola aid workers and journalists were reportedly murdered and dumped in a latrine in a remote village in Guinea in a frightening example of the growing distrust locals have of foreigners coming to help stem the mushrooming health crisis.

    These deaths are believed to be the first resulting from resistance to international efforts to curb the Ebola outbreak in the region, Reuters reported. Other aid teams have been forced to turn back by crowds in several locations, and a treatment center in Monrovia, Liberia was attacked and looted.

    1. I hate to say this but other than taking measures to keep it from spreading elsewhere, given this kind of behavior, why should the rest of the world care if Ebola thins the herd in Africa?

      1. Because of course we’ve never ever ever conducted covert ops disguised as aid workers.

        1. THe shameful part of this is that it is true…Jenny McCarthy’s vaccination fears got nothin on the Taliban/AQ experience with CIA vaccinators

          1. And the CIA got aid workers killed as a result of it. Those responsible for that clusterfuck should have been named and thrown out at a minimum.

          2. Ron Baily posted the other day the vaccination rates in the better areas of LA are lower than those in the Sudan.

            The people in this country are increasingly too stupid to deserve the benefits of civilization.

            1. The people in this country are increasingly too stupid to deserve the benefits of civilization.

              So this summer I have be reprising my role as host at my stepdad’s restaurant on the weekends…

              Holy shit people are dumb.

            2. good god, that’s just pathetic

            3. I live in one of the wealthiest parts of Australia, and yes, our vaccination rates are bloody low too. When you combine great material comfort with a smug belief in your own rectitude & abilities, you get a lot of gullibility and expensive woo. As if having chemo a couple of years ago wasn’t bad enough, I was paranoid about getting whooping cough or measles from some fuckwit’s child. I’m now seriously considering getting booster shots.

            4. Of course it’s stupid to not get vaccinations, but can you really blame people? Big government and big pharma both tell us there’s no concern. So my immediate thought is, “I should be concerned.”

              1. Yes you can blame them. Vaccinations have a 300 year history of effectiveness.

            5. *The people in this country are increasingly too stupid to deserve the benefits of civilization.*

              No, you’re talking about citizens of other countries who are here illegally.

        2. The nationality (or nationalities) of the medical workers was not given in the article.

          Also, remember that many of these people deny that Ebola actually exists.

      2. The problem with Africa is that it’s population is constantly fueling the fires of racism by giving racists reasons to believe what they believe.

  26. Why TV news anchors shouldn’t be allowed to write their own headlines

    A Teacher Submits His Resignation Amid Alagations

    I think at least one editor should be retained.

  27. Lets hit it on up my friend. Wow.

    1. The Nina, The Pinto, and The Supreme Court!

      1. The Id, The ego, and Obama!

        1. The democrats, the republicans and the president

          1. Larry , Moe, and Curly.

            Or sometimes Shemp.

            1. What about curly Joe and fake shemp?

              1. Never happened.

        2. That’s better than mine.

        3. I’m pretty sure Obama and the Ego are the same thing.

    2. And they vote too!

      1. In fairness, only if it is a Presidential election and the local precinct boss shows up to give them a ten.

      2. You don’t know how to run your own life, so you should let these people do it instead.

    3. I am actually okay with people being stupid about politics and government. It just means they can spend their time doing more productive thing. The solution is not chasing windmills hoping to make the country politically literate. The solution is to make government so unimportant it doesn’t matter if they are.

      1. Where that fails is the bullshit ‘It’s your duty to vote!’ campaigns. People who wholly abstain from politics are fine. People who abstain every day but voting day are half the reason this nation is so fucked.

        1. Yes. I agree. If you don’t care about politics and are not interested, great. We need more like you. But yes, don’t be that way and then go vote.

          I really don’t recall voting ever being seen as some civil duty before the Prog era. At the time of the founding of the country, voting was more of a civic burden. Something you got stuck doing if you owned property.

          1. And of course the proggies benefit the most from ignorant voters because they’re more likely to make their decisions based upon emotion and peer pressure than anything rational.

            1. Emotion and popular culture, which the Progs own lock stock and barrel.

            2. Don’t discount the trailer trash vote and their fear of terrurists cummin fer our freedums.

              1. Needs more bald eagle tears.

          2. Well, at least we don’t have mandatory voting so a good portion of the non-politically-informed actually don’t vote.

      2. Yes, more people not giving a crap about politics would be great. As long as they don’t vote. I wish I cared a lot less about politics and government.

    4. Father, Son, and Holy Goat?

    5. I met a federal bank examiner once who thought that the Supreme Court was an executive agency and worked for the President.

      1. I can see how they could believe that.

  28. Wow. The French -with a socialist no less – bombed ISIS before Britain did.

    1. Did he need to distract the public from something?

      1. Apart from the ex-lover’s tell-all memoirs, lousy economy, and rising anti-semitism, nothing at all

    2. They bombed a “logistics facility” aka a supply depot, trucking terminal, warehouse, whatever.

    3. Also, the paint job on that fighter – eye of the tiger? Would be hilarious if it was a tribute to the Survivor song, since the French are so nationalistic about their culture.

      1. I think it kinda rocks – just kinda.

  29. The 99% of serious cyclists who are dangerous douche bags give the other 1% a bad name.…..tral-park/

    Let me get in my car and drive way too fast through the city running red lights and through cross walks. My safety measure will be to roll down my window and yell “get out of the way”.

    1. Clearly the answer is to ban bicycles. If it saves even one life…

    2. Meh. Goes both ways. There’s a huge percentage of motorists who are dangerous douche bags as well. It always seems like the same people who bitch about cyclists running a red to get ahead of traffic are the same people who would follow dangerously close honking their horn if the cyclist waited for the light to turn.

      1. Sure it goes both ways. The difference is that if I run a red light or speed in a car, I get a ticket or risk getting one. They just need to start policing cyclists the way the do cars.

        1. No, they need to stop defining a bicycle as the same as a car, because it’s not. It’s often the safest thing to run a red on a bicycle, and rolling through stop signs maintains momentum and can be done safely.

          Legalize the Idaho Stop, police cyclists who engage in behavior that it is actually dangerous to others, and start citing motorists who engage in dangerous behavior (often intentional) directed at cyclists.

          1. Sure. And also, tax the cyclists for using the roads. They don’t pay gas taxes. They should have to pay something.

            I fail to see how running a red is ever safe. How is it unsafe to stop? The traffic behind you is going to stop too.

            And too fucking bad you lose your momentum at a stop sign. Stopping wears the brakes on a car too. That doesn’t excuse cars from stopping.

            1. Stopping at a red and then running the red to get ahead of traffic is often safer. It allows the cyclist to clear the intersection before a bunch of cars try to accelerate/make turns/re-position themselves.

              A cyclist has much more visibility than a motorist, and they’re going a lot slower, which is why they can safely treat a stop sign as a yield sign or run through a red light. It’s just not the same as a car and it makes no sense to treat it like one.

              Anyways, while you obviously don’t ride a bicycle, it makes no sense to tax a 30 lb bicycle for “using the road”, especially when that bicycle is often taking a 3,000 lb car of the road. Just remember, in the case of 99% of cyclists: they are absolutely aware of their own safety, they know you’re there an worry that you don’t see them, and in a collision with a vehicle they will lose every single time.

              1. A cyclist has much more visibility than a motorist, and they’re going a lot slower, which is why they can safely treat a stop sign as a yield sign or run through a red light.

                So does a motorcyclist. Should they be able to run stop signs? And I disagree that a cyclist has better visibility. My visibility in a car isn’t blocked except in the blind spot behind the car. But a cyclist has no blind spot because he doesn’t have a rear view mirror. The entire space behind him is a blind spot. I fail to see how a cyclist can see any more forward than a motorist can. I don’t see any difference.

                And I have ridden a bicycle and I do ride a motorcycle a lot. And bicycles are much more unsafe than motorcycles. You cannot recall a single case of a pedestrian being hit by a motorcycle. Pedestrians are maimed all of the time by cyclists.

                And a 500 pound motorcycle takes a 3000 lb car off the road. Yet they still have to register and pay taxes. And no one spends tax money to build special lanes for them the way they do bikes. If you want to use a bike lane, you should have to pay a fee to build it.

              2. Running a red light is never safer. Since bikes are slower than cars, it’s actually more dangerous for them to run the red light, since they can’t clear the intersection as quickly. Motorists are also less likely to see them.

  30. Why I Hope to Die at 75
    An argument that society and families?and you?will be better off if nature takes its course swiftly and promptly

    I am sure of my position. Doubtless, death is a loss. It deprives us of experiences and milestones, of time spent with our spouse and children. In short, it deprives us of all the things we value.

    But here is a simple truth that many of us seem to resist: living too long is also a loss. It renders many of us, if not disabled, then faltering and declining, a state that may not be worse than death but is nonetheless deprived. It robs us of our creativity and ability to contribute to work, society, the world. It transforms how people experience us, relate to us, and, most important, remember us. We are no longer remembered as vibrant and engaged but as feeble, ineffectual, even pathetic.

    Dude, you already are pathetic.

    1. Argument for death panels?

      1. Since it renders some people a burden, the solution is obviously to take steps to kill everyone just to make sure. That is really what this guy is arguing. God forbid you hope you can be helathy and productive into your 90s or (gasp) we try and take steps to ensure as many people as possible do so. No, lets just kill everyone at 75 to be sure.

        It is no kidding nihilism.

        1. Logan’s Run for the 75yo crowd just doesn’t have the same zing though. And no Jennifer Agutter stripping down.

          1. Now that is a nightmare future. Damn Jenny was a babe.

            1. Speaking of 70s babes, I finally saw Rolling Thunder and I swear the entire movie was about Linda Haynes’ tits. Damn those were perky.

              1. C’mon William Devane jabbing his hook through the guys hand was cool, too!

                1. Not as cool as her tits.

          2. +1 American Werewolf

          3. The Aussie movie Walkabout is highly suggested for further Jenny viewing.

            (The movie itself isn’t that great but Ms. Agutter is.)

            1. Ms. Agutter is 16? Maybe 17 in that flick?

              1. Amazing how they got away with having underage girls naked in movies back in the 70s. Natashia Kinsky did full frontal nude scenes when she was like 14 or 15.

    2. You don’t have to hope. There is nothing stopping you from killing yourself at 75.

    3. Dude, you already are pathetic.

      Yeah. Seems like he’s already waited too long.

    4. Knock yourself out asshole

    5. btw, this guy was a “Hard-Charging Doctor on Obama’s Team”……html?_r=0

    6. It robs us of our creativity and ability to contribute to work, society, the world.

      If only someone had told Grandma Moses.

      “Having begun painting in earnest at the age of 78, she is often cited as an example of an individual successfully beginning a career in the arts at an advanced age.”

      1. My wife’s grandpa does kickass painting at 83. He also invents and builds stuff like cool mopeds for shits and giggles! He also travels with his wife all the time, visiting Italy, touring the US, and all sorts of other fun.

        75 my ass. These losers are just superficial pricks afraid of aging and becoming irrelevant.

        1. My wife’s grandpa’s brother makes 565 dollars per hour, painting at home in his garage in his spare time. Last month he made 23 million dollars in just a few minutes a day.

    7. Ok, so if I had to die at 75 here’s what I’d do. I would buy a 1970 Chevelle SS, put a couple of C-4 bricks in the trunk, start driving off a cliff, then remote detonate the C-4 in mid air. And of course, the whole thing would be videotaped and played before the reading of my will.

      1. I’m planning on an epic run from the cops car chase.

      2. Kind of selfish of you to deprive the world of a vanishingly rare muscle car, but whatever.

        1. What Tonio said. Why kill an innocent automobile?

      3. Make that Chevelle a Prius, and I’ll donate to the cause.

        1. ^^THIS^^

          My thoughts exactly.

    8. I’m gonna falter and decline for every last day, hour and minute that I can fight to gasp down breath.

  31. One of my profs is a dean, with some of his responsibilities
    specifically regarding title IX compliance. He started talking in class about the way sexual assault and harassment is handled by a DoE funded school, and it was downright scary. They legitimately get edicts from “on high” with the full force of the fedgov behind them, telling the school how to define consent and other concepts. Further, they are required by DoE to judge students accused of sexual assault at a “preponderance of the evidence” standard, no matter whether they were found not guilty in a criminal proceeding. I was taken aback by what he said, but everybody else seemed to be oblivious. Maybe because I see all the shitshows this policy produces through weekly reason articles.

    1. It’s another of the infuriating meta-contexts. The administrative class thinks this is perfectly normal, but if you suggest that accepting government money should allow the government to mandate broad 1A (or especially 2A) rights, the same people will respond as if you’re some sort of freak.

  32. There must be something in the canal water! Panama comes top of country well-being list – while the U.S. can only muster 12th place

    People in Panama feel happiest about their lives, according to a new global well-being poll in which the U.S. finished 12th and the United Kingdom 26th.

    There were six Latin American countries in the top 10 in the poll, which asked people to measure their well-being across five key areas.

    Panamanians were well above the world average for feeling positive about their lives – 61 per cent were found to be ‘thriving’ in at least three of the five facets – compared with just 17 per cent internationally.

    1. That explains all of those estatounidenses trying to get into Latin America.

    2. If you have ever seen what the average young women in Panama looks like, this wouldn’t be a mystery.

    3. This is a general comment, not just about Panama, but I wonder how much of this has to do with improvements in the west being more incremental.

    4. I really enjoyed my trip to Panama, mostly because of the Panamians.

  33. With all due respect, what does that even mean?


    Big Brother wants you to inform on your friends and neighbors, in order to make society better and stronger.

  34. Immigration and the Welfare State: Part 194…..on-Denmark

  35. The greatest sin of the Iranian government is trying to deprive the world of Iranian women. This woman is in jail for going to a volleyball game. I would have a hard time sending her to jail for mowing down a class of 1st graders. Holy cow what a beautiful woman.…..yball.html

  36. Warty’s penis in the news again.

    “My wife was very, really happy,” Bascoules joked on the video.

    1. +1 Mutual of Omaha Jim

      1. His name is Jim Fowler and he’s still alive at 82.

        1. Not by a lack of trying by Marlin Perkins.

    2. “If you know what to do, there is no problem.”



    Apparently the Social Justice Warriors in gaming journalism had their own little journolist. What a surprise that is. It is amazing what pathetic followers Progs are. Put them in any setting and the immediately have to form a party so they can start following orders. God forbid anyone act on their own.

    1. Put them in any setting and the immediately have to form a party so they can start following orders. God forbid anyone act on their own.

      No one of them is as dumb as all of them together!

      1. George Carlin ? ‘Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.’

  38. OT: Here’s the latest opinion from our local Obama fellator, an educated female,Quaker pacifist and peace activist: “incredibly disrespectful and insulting treatment of our president by these truly ugliest Americans (Republicans, the tea party and conservatives)…We should all hang our heads in shame at their treatment of President Barack Obama, a truly great American in every way…

    1. Really? Cuz’ I’d think all pacifists and peace activists who support Obama should hang their heads in shame as he proceeds to vaporize the children of yet another Middle-Eastern population with Hellfire missiles delivered via drone.

    2. The line between “great” and “possibly the worst ever” is truly a fine one.

      This country would be in much better shape if we’d stop lying to protect some of the worst people on Earth–politicians and their friends. I’m not exaggerating–they’re truly reprehensible people, the kind that will kill thousands to help them in the polls, the kind that lie more than they tell the truth, the kind that enrich the few at the expense of an entire country. And I’m not even talking about this particular government, which uses the above list as a starting place.

    3. Oh please, my local paper can bring the crazy with its unsigned letters to the editor and large contingent of retired readership.

      “We also hear the noise from Camp Peary. I ask myself what color flag do I want flying over the White House. Then we go back to sleep.”

      “To the person complaining about noise at Camp Peary. I offer two solutions: Move, or be thankful for those who will lay down their life so you can write the newspaper and complain about them.”

      For the record, Camp Peary is the CIA “farm”. And yes, they like to blow shit up on a regular basis, shaking windows for miles.

      1. Other gems:

        “If you believe in curses then you must believe that a broken mirror brings seven years of bad luck,a black cat passing in front of you, or maybe you don’t walk under ladders. The only two things I worry about is not seeing my shadow on a sunny day if I’m standing in the sun, or not seeing my reflection in a mirror when I shave.”

        “To the ignorant person complaining about loud children: We cannot just flip a switch and make our children ‘good,’ nor will we stay home our whole lives just to make you happy. We as parents would like to have a night out with our family. Sorry we can’t plan our kids’ temper tantrum around your feeding time.”

        “Regarding the exclusion to reciting the Pledge of Alliance approved by the General Assembly in 2001, ‘objects on religious, philosophical or other grounds:’ It is this World War II veteran’s opinion that unless you are a legal citizen of another country, you recite with gratitude the pledge or you remove yourself to a country in which you are comfortable so doing. You are not entitled to the privileges afforded you by our founding fathers.”

      2. If Perry was there when the person moved in, I agree with the comment. It is like people who move near airports and then bitch about the planes flying over all of the time. If you don’t like the noise, why did you move there?

        1. Peary’s been there for decades. But the instant jump to “terrorists are going to kill us all” or “you cannot question because HEROES” is always pathetic.

          Particularly when it concerns an agency that has a horrible track record.

      3. Why an intelligence agency, that is supposed to collect and analyze information, is blowing shit up remains a mystery.

        1. Because that assmunch Truman hired a bunch of guys who like to blow shit up to compile his morning newspaper.

    4. She is a Quaker. Aren’t they supposed to be pacifist? Isn’t Obama bombing people a bit well un Quaker?

      This women is a good example of the poison of Progressivism. She is part of a pacifist religion. That means they are supposed to object to violence and war, as in not support any President who engages in such. But since she is a leftist, her religion is no longer a religion. It is just another tool to further her actual religion, leftist politics. So if the fundamental tenants of Quakerism conflicts with furthering leftist politics, well they have to go because Leftist politics are all that matter.

      1. She frequently resorted to vulgar descriptions of tea partiers in her letters and labeled all Obama opponents as racists. In her favor, her group s shows up with peace signs every Saturday at the court house through Bush and Obama years. But no reporter has ever gotten up the guts to interview her on what she thinks of Obama’s war mongering. I guess her “truly great American” description says it all.

        1. Nothing says “love thy neighbor” like hating your political opponents.

    5. People who prejudge the character of others based on something so trivial as political affiliation are the “truly ugliest Americans”.

  39. This country would be in much better shape if we’d stop lying to protect some of the worst people on Earth–politicians and their friends.

    Professional career politicians should be pariahs; scorned and ridiculed as people with no useful skills, unable to make an honest living. Little better than pickpockets.

    Instead, our educational system holds them up as godlike benefactors, without whom our society would crumble, and the economy would collapse. What a pathetic joke.

    1. In general, Americans used to be much wiser about government–distrustful and contemptuous. Those who want to treat officials as heroes and “the best and brightest” are worse than fools.

      1. In my experience it seems like people have much more enthusiasm for government as a concept than for any politicians. Most people see that politicians and officials are largely, at the very least, flawed individuals. Yeah, there are some die-hards who still think Obama is the bee’s knees, but they are mostly hacks at this point.

        1. Of course, “government” is just a collection of people, mostly unqualified and dishonest, that we cede ridiculous amounts of power to.

          1. Government is truly Us.

            1. You know, I don’t think that’s true. Government is, in a reasonably affluent society, our apathy rolled up into one big, evil blob.

              1. It is comprised of all the basest characteristics of humanity. How could any institution founded on a monopoly of violence be anything else?

  40. DC already voted on weed a long time ago and the Feds suppressed the results.

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