Kurt Loder Reviews The Maze Runner and A Walk Among the Tombstones


20th Century Fox

Have we reached dystopia overload yet? In a year that's already provided us with Divergentand The Giver, now comes The Maze Runner, similarly drawn from the first in a series of best-selling young adult sci-fi novels and once again featuring a group of attractive youths trapped in an enclosed society, where they're being sorely tested for obscure reasons. Kurt Loder writes that the story here is kind of interesting (and promises to become more so in the already green-lit sequel), and the movie's target audience may well be drawn by the presence of Teen Wolf star Dylan O'Brien and Game of Thrones' Thomas Brodie-Sangster. Loder also reviews A Walk Among the Tombstones, which features Liam Neeson as his trademark troubled butt-kicking character.