Coalition of the Unwilling Resists Anti-ISIS Commitment, Scottish Independence Debate Gets Heated, Democrats to Hold the Senate?: P.M. Links


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    The Obama administration faces challenges piecing together a new coalition of the willing out of countries very unwilling to send military forces to Iraq, again, to clean up the mess there, again.

  • Willing or not, U.S. ground troops may well be on their way to battle ISIS, say Pentagon officials.
  • With sentiment on Scottish independence running neck and neck just two days before the vote, tempers are getting frayed and the rhetoric has turned vitriolic. For those who can decipher local accents, that is.
  • In Pennsylvania, Eric Matthew Frein is sought in the ambush killing of one state trooper and the wounding of another. He's reportedly been vocal in the past about his desire to kill police and commit mass murder.
  • Ukraine is moving to strengthen economic and political relations with Europe—but the country's government may essentially cede control over the eastern part of the country to separatists as part of the deal.
  • Political forecaster Nate Silver says Democrats are closing the gap in terms of the odds of controlling the Senate. Well, they have made such a seductively persuasive case for their policies. Stop laughing, you'll hurt yourself.
  • Political pundits suspect that Rand Paul may not be a carbon copy of his father—that he may be both a better campaigner and less ideologically hardcore. Nothing gets by that Beltway jungle telegraph.

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