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Chris Moody on Rand Paul's Media Problems


On last night's episode of The Independents, the great Yahoo! News political reporter Chris Moody talked about the article he wrote yesterday on the changing policy positions and testy media relations of 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky). Watch below:

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  1. Here’s some good advice, Rand. Stick with your libertarian roots and practice defending those positions. Otherwise, you’re just as worthless as all other corrupt politicians.

  2. Has it occurred to anyone that perhaps Paul is short-tempered because any journalist who’d done even a cursory amount of research would know his position is pretty much consistent with his stated policy framework? The guy has said he’s a foreign policy realist ( He’s said his foreign policy views tend to mirror George H.W. Bush ( Pretty much all of the discussion about his stance only makes sense if you completely ignore pretty much his stated foreign policy positions.

    1. If he gets short-tempered about that, he has no business being in the race, if that is what he is.

      I just realized we are 2+ YEARS away from the next Pres election. Are you kidding me?

      Lastly, if Rand Paul does not speak the word “optics” for the next 26 months, I will vote for him.

  3. Dang. Rand Paul isn’t the perfect libertarian. Time for reason to dump him for…. some other Republican Presidential candidate that has libertarian leanings. Oh, yeah, that’s right there aren’t any.

    Fuck, with friends like these Paul doesn’t even need his fucking enemies to try and stop him.

    1. Reason will get behind the official LP candidate, who won’t do anything other than make guest appearances at the John Stossel show.

      1. Except for a large number of Reason staff who will vote for Obama for a 3rd time.

    2. Time for reason to dump him for…. some other Republican Presidential candidate that has libertarian leanings Hillary!


  4. I’m more interested in his voting record. I would rather him say whatever he has to say to get people to like him so long as he votes for liberty.

  5. We need to get the destruction of Rand Paul’s presidential aspirations out of the way now. That way, the 2016 choice will be easier.

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