ISIS Claims to Have Executed British Aid Worker


The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria released a video on Saturday that showed what appeared to be the beheading of a British citizen, David Cawthorne Haines, an aid worker.

He is seen kneeling on a bare hill in a landscape that appears identical to the one where two American journalists were killed by the group in back-to-back-executions in the past month, according to the footage and a transcript released by SITE Intelligence, which tracks the terrorist group.


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  1. The word is murder.

  2. outcries of condemnation from moderate Muslims in 3, 2, 1….

    1. Here Take your pick. They are denouncing ISIS as much and as vociferously as they can. Now think…hmm, why aren’t you aware of that fact?

      1. Oh, I am aware of them, just not impressed by them to the extent that you are. What I read and hear most often from Muslim leaders are apologetics. Let’s just take that piece from the Daily Caller, the first article from the stuff you linked. I’m sure you didn’t read it, so let me broad stroke it for you. According to these same Muslim leaders who are denouncing ISIS, the real challenge of the Muslim community is not actually fighting violent Islamic fundamentalists, but combating the stereotype of Muslims as violent fundamentalists. Or worse, they (like Obama) are living in complete denial over the violent nature of their religion. As one of these leaders says from your article, “Islam is not the problem, Islam did not produce ISIS.” Meanwhile, too many western Muslims continue to pick up the gun an join jihadi groups.

        1. So this isn’t clear enough:

          “ISIS is a terrorist group,” said Imam Ali Ali, religious leader of the Muslim Community of Western Suburbs, a Canton mosque. “They don’t speak in the name of Islam, in the name of Muslims, in the name of humanity.”

          One cleric in Dearborn, Ahmad Jebril, has become the most popular religious leader online for ISIS fighters from the West, according to a British think-tank. But leaders at Monday’s rally were squarely united against ISIS.

          “They have an evil agenda not witnessed since Nazi Germany,” Ahmad Nasser of Livonia said of ISIS. “They are repulsive.”

          Imam Aly Lela of Troy said of ISIS: “This is not the Islam we practice.”

          Gotcha. You’re just a religious bigot, duly noted.

          1. Well, at least you skimmed through some of it this time to cherry pick a few quotes, which actually support one of my points, that of Muslims living in denial over the violent nature of their religion. So, thanks for that.

            However, you managed to skip the material that supported another point, that of Muslims leaders being more concerned with combating the stereotype of violent Islamic radicals than fighting actual violent Islamic radicals–you know, the vast bulk of the first article in that list you linked?

            I guess that didn’t fit your agenda.

            1. Lovely goal post moving. In your first post you implied moderate Muslims approved of ISIS actions. I linked to a Google list that showed that they do not. In your second post, you then stated that it’s not good enough for moderate Muslims to denounce the whack jobs hijacking the language of their religion for evil purposes, they must actually denounce their religion or hop on a plane and shoot the whack jobs themselves? Do you apply this standard to adherents of other religions/philosophies that have been used to justify violence or just Muslims. For example, the Torah has instructions from God on committing genocide. Does this mean Judaism is inherently violent? Christianity has a lot of pretty nasty things to say about gays. Is Christianity inherently violent? I guess Imperial Japan in WW2 was the natural consequence of Shintoism. You’re an idiot. I’m done.

              1. You’re the idiot who posted a list of articles you didn’t bother to read, the first of which actually undermined whatever point you were making. You’re now the idiot beating up straw men. It means nothing to condemn ISIS, if your overarching concern is that your religion is being perceived as violent fundamentalism while doing nothing to actually fight violent fundamentalists in your own ranks.

                The problem is that Islam is a religion of violence. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s another piece of info you missed in that first article (didn’t read it, too, I suppose)–a central passage from the Koran and plank of Islam:

                “The penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land.”

                And when Muslims actually follow through on these beliefs, so-called “moderate” Muslims say that the perpetrator isn’t a “real” Muslim and blame the actions of the West for driving young Muslims to jihad. Not much of a condemnation afterall.

  3. I say that Choudary guy in England and anybody seen waving that degenerate black flag of theirs should be killed on the spot now.

    Fuck these people. Kill them. Kill every last one of them.

    1. Fuck these people. Kill them. Kill every last one of them.

      They, themselves, have chosen the terms by which they wish to deal with others. I don’t see how anyone can complain if the rest of the world deals with them on the same terms.

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