Cruz Booed, Palin Brawls, Cat Enthusiast Seeks Greatest Yearbook Picture Ever: A.M. Links


  • Draven Rodriguez
    Trinacria Photography / Facebook

    Republican Sen. Ted Cruz offended the crowd at an event he attended, "In Defense of Christans." Cruz told attendees that persecuted Christians had no greater friend than Israel, which prompted boos.

  • Ohio authorities apprehended escaped convict T.J. Lane. Lane, 19, had been serving three life sentences for murdering three classmates at his high school. At his trial, he showed no remorse, taunted his victims' families, and laughed when the verdict was read. He escaped with two other inmates but was caught early Friday morning.
  • Apparently the Palin family got into some sort of fight with the locals at an Alaskan snowmobile race. Someone told Bristol Palin that she couldn't just do whatever she wanted because,"This isn't some Hillbilly reality show."
  • A sixth grade teacher in the Washington, D.C., area apologized for giving her students a homework assignment that required them to make a Venn diagram comparing President George W. Bush to Adolph Hitler.
  • New York public school student Draven Rodriguez has a dream: He wants a weird picture of hin and his cat to make it into the yearbook. Fight the good fight, kid. (The picture is the greatest thing ever.)

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