Crony Capitalism

'The Kronies' Expand Their Winning Ways into Health Care 'Reform'


I thought most cartoons wait a few episodes or a season before adding new main characters. But "The Kronies," those lovable crony capitalists who work hard to make sure all the right people reap the fiscal benefits of the relationship between government and industry, know they need to have the best connections anywhere the feds stick their thumbs. So in that spirit, they've just introduced "General Surgeon," who follows the comic book tradition of possibly being more powerful than the already established heroes, thanks to his ties to so many different connected health-related industries at once. Watch the introduction of the team's "medic" below:

Not to be outdone, Kaptain Korn, representing the massive agriculture industry kindly small farmers, invades the Saturday morning commercial sector with his own brand of super-sweet, absurdly-colored cereal only a kid could love, with a price tag jacked up to here thanks to farm bill subsidies and regulations that favor American agribusiness:

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