UPDATE: It Crashed. Unresponsive Plane Over East Coast Tracked by F-15s



UPDATE: The plane crashed near Jamaica

Two F-15s were launched Friday to investigate an unresponsive small plane over the Atlantic Ocean, NORAD said in a statement.

The Socata TBM-700, a light business and utility plane, took off from Rochester, N.Y., and was headed to Naples, Fla. The plane's occupants have not responded to any communication attempts. NORAD said the cause could be hypoxia. A fighter jet pilot observed condensation on one of the small plane's windows. 

 The plane reached the altitude of 25,000 feet, MyFoxTampaBay.com reported.

A flight track posted on FlightAware.com indicates the plane had not made a planned turn toward Florida and had instead veered off into the Atlantic. The plane flew over Cuba and is headed south towards Jamaica. Once the plane reached Cuban airspace, the F-15s stopped tracking the plane, but the fighters are expected to resume the pursuit.