Robby Soave on the Scramble for Millennial Voters


Young Americans for Liberty/Facebook

The plunge in youth enthusiasm for Democrats has set off a mad scramble. D.C. has played host to a constant stream of millennial-themed events, culminating in an inaugural "Millennials Week" throughout the Beltway in June 2014. The House Republican Conference held a "millennial meet-up" that asked young people to get to know Republican candidates. The Center for American Progress has sought to keep kids on the left with events such as "The Obama Coalition in 2012 and Beyond." Prominent Republicans such as Rand Paul have gone on college barnstorming tours, stressing civil liberties and criminal justice reform. Democratic champions like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) talk constantly about forgiving student loans. 

Both sides have begun to realize that just because Instagramming, beard-growing, petition-signing millennials have historically been good to the Democrats, that does not make them good Democrats, notes Robby Soave. Underneath their liberal exterior, millennials are loyal neither to brands nor political parties.