Free-Range Kids

School Bans Dangerous Activity Known as 'Doing A Cartwheel'


Nevit Dilmen

A school in Australia has banned cartwheels unless the are performed under the supervision of a trained physical education teacher. The reason? What else? "Safety issues," which could be the code word for "liability issues," or "insurance issues," or actual concern about the safety of a joyful activity probably as old as humanity itself. (Why, this Australian school's attitude is positively American!)

The Sunshine Coast Daily obtained a copy of the letter that Peregian Springs State School sent to parents: 

Deputy Principal Sandy Cathcart published this message on the ban in a recent school newsletter.

Ah, be "safe and healthy," she says. As if kids frolicking on their own could not be either of those things.

I'm happy to report that some parents are outraged, at least. To them and to anyone else facing this situation, I suggest a "cartwheel-in." It's like a sit-in, but I think you can guess how I'd like the protesters to arrive at the school.


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  1. Tar. Feathers.

  2. What an enlightened policy – makes me want to kick up my heels!

    But I won’t, of course – nor should you.

  3. The worst ban in public education around the world is not teaching an alternative to statism, instead teaching statism as a natural human condition, a science, as if it’s a universal constant that can’t be changed.

    Ruining fun and crushing dreams are just side effects.

  4. Obese children can’t do cartwheels – I know.

  5. The government’s solution to everything is to BAN IT!!!

    Especially anything that complicates their jobs in any way. Can’t have any government employee inconvenienced in any way. After all, they are paid more than private sector workers for the same job titles.

  6. Sorry, I don’t want any “trained PE teachers” ogling my kids.

  7. if it moves tax it if it doesn’t move support it and by all means no matter what it does regulate it..

  8. They’re still allowing to wrestle crocs, right?

    1. As if they had a choice.

  9. And remember, no walking without a trained supervisor. If you must move always use the handi-scooters made available free through the benevolence and generosity of the federal government. May the force bypass you and sloth grace you with its splendor.

  10. Maybe they should just wrap all the kids in bubble wrap…the only thing that should be banned is hand-wringing nannies.

  11. I’m happy to report that some parents are outraged, at least. To them and to anyone else facing this situation, I suggest a “cartwheel-in.” It’s like a sit-in, but I think you can guess how I’d like the protesters to arrive at the school.

    Do we really want our children shot by a department of education SWAT team because they defied the school’s authoritah? I think not. Better to play it safe and go cartwheel free.

  12. Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t banned sports altogether.

    1. Remember, official school sports brings in money.

      They ban everything that doesn’t bring in money, and heavily regulate/deny responsibility for the things that do.

  13. So if I own a Lego Store, and some mom abandons her kid in my store for the entire day without asking, and the kid starts cartwheeling around the store, am I allowed to tell them to stop, or is that another cause for outrage among the Free-range kids movement?

    1. That was strained and awkward.

      Troll posts cannot require the reader to make connections that are peripheral or contrived. Here, it takes only seconds to discern that working out your head-scratching hypothetical would lead to a stupid point at best.

      Not worth it.

      Properly trolled, the reader will be cursing, spitting and trying to type screaming invective without putting down his coffee before he finishes the first sentence.


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