School Bans Dangerous Activity Known as 'Doing A Cartwheel'


Nevit Dilmen

A school in Australia has banned cartwheels unless the are performed under the supervision of a trained physical education teacher. The reason? What else? "Safety issues," which could be the code word for "liability issues," or "insurance issues," or actual concern about the safety of a joyful activity probably as old as humanity itself. (Why, this Australian school's attitude is positively American!)

The Sunshine Coast Daily obtained a copy of the letter that Peregian Springs State School sent to parents: 

Deputy Principal Sandy Cathcart published this message on the ban in a recent school newsletter.

Ah, be "safe and healthy," she says. As if kids frolicking on their own could not be either of those things.

I'm happy to report that some parents are outraged, at least. To them and to anyone else facing this situation, I suggest a "cartwheel-in." It's like a sit-in, but I think you can guess how I'd like the protesters to arrive at the school.