Ed Krayewski on Four Reforms That Matter for Police Brutality


Who watches the watchmen?
David Masters/Wikipedia

The problem of police brutality, though often shaped and directed by racism and class distinctions, also cuts across American society. It's not just a problem in Ferguson, where Brown was shot and killed on Saturday, August 9th, or in Los Angeles, where Ezell Ford was shot and killed on Monday, August 11th, or San Jose, where Diana Showman was shot and killed on Thursday, August 14th, or in Ohio where John Crawford was shot and killed Tuesday, August 5th.

While police work will always include the possibility of justifiable homicide by cops (short of an absolute prohibition), there are policy reforms at the local, state, and national level that can help create a system of accountability. Reforms can limit the kinds of engagements police are permitted, ordered, and even required to have with the public, writed Ed Krayewski. They will require a longer attention span than any one police brutality story—no matter how awful—can maintain, but with a focus on the right issues, reforming policing is possible.