Looks Like Michael Sam Might Not Be First Out NFL Player


At least we were spared tired jokes about "tight ends."

Defensive end Michael Sam got huge amounts of media attention earlier in February for coming out of the closet as his college football career came to an end. The big deal was that he was good enough to play in the National Football League (NFL). If he were drafted and took to the field, he would be the first openly gay, out to the public, professional football player. There have been players that had come out after they had retired, and there are likely players in the league right now that are gay (and teammates know), but Sam was the first to come out to the larger public.

He was drafted by the St. Louis Rams and played in the preseason, got positive responses and some good numbers (including some sacks). But the Rams cut Sam Saturday in favor of another rookie (and they cut the rest of their seventh-round draft picks as well). He has not been picked up by another team yet, nor has he been asked to join the Rams' practice squad.

This does not mean Sam's NFL dreams are at an end, but it certainly adds some challenges. His stats were analyzed in the media probably more than any other defensive rookie in his situation and ESPN ended up with some egg on its face over a segment that essentially asked if Sam was staring at other guys' penises in the showers.

Even if Sam isn't ultimately the first out player, I give it a year, tops. The media may have gotten weird about him, but polls and public reaction to Sam show that an athlete's homosexuality isn't the big deal it would have been, say, a decade ago.


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  1. Including some sacks? Have you no shame, Shackford?

  2. Between the military, marriage, and now football, gays are really trying to get in on America’s worst institutions.

  3. Tom Brady was the first openly gay NFL player.

    1. Considering the way he covered his tracks by impregnating Hollywood actresses and Brazilian billionaire supermodels, I would have to take issue with the “openly” part.

      1. So, what, he was the first openly whorish NFL player?

        1. There’s some pretty tough competition in that category.

          1. The entire league in 20 years will be the children of Antonio Cromartie.

    2. If Brady is gay then then for the last 13 years the rest of the league is his Bottom.

  4. Why would him being a sodomite be a bigger deal than some iother football player being a Jehovah’s Witness or a worshipper of the Lady of Fatima?

    1. I think what is going on here, is that he’s not that good of a football player.

      1. He’s not a bad player. The Ram’s defense is pretty loaded, and they really don’t need Sam. I’m sure he’ll get on a roster somewhere else.

        1. I wasn’t saying he’s a bad player, just not that good. Because obviously if he was that good, someone would have already picked him up.

          1. That, or there’s a bunch of muscled up homophobes sitting around thinking “Man, I don’t want that guy oggling my nob and bollocks!”

            Being gay is still a social stigma in some circles.

          2. That, or there’s a bunch of muscled up homophobes sitting around thinking “Man, I don’t want that guy oggling my nob and bollocks!”

            Being gay is still a social stigma in some circles.

            1. Society says your interpretation is more acceptable than the fact he’s not the best football player ever.

              1. I don’t actually think it’s because he’s gay.

                But I COULD be wrong. So yeah, I guess we’ll never know for sure.

                Unless someone asks.

                1. They picked him pretty high in the draft to be cut (5th round, usually you want a guy who will make the roster at that spot). But drafting him could’ve just been to sell jerseys and get publicity.

                  1. They picked him pretty high in the draft to be cut (5th round, usually you want a guy who will make the roster at that spot).

                    He was a 7th round pick, and it was likely more to do with him being a hometown guy at Missouri than anything else.

                    The consensus is that he has one move rushing the QB and that’s about it. It’s possible he’ll get picked up later in the season to fill a spot as a situational pass-rusher, but if he really wants to play that badly he’ll probably have to go the AFL//CFL route first.

                    1. My bad on where he was taken. Seventh rounders get cut pretty routinely (although usually snuck onto the practice squad) so it’s not that much of a surprise then.

                      As for his football skill, yeah, he was a bit of a DT/DE tweener, which puts him really out of position for a lot of potential spots. His best bet might be beefing up a tad to try out as a 3-4 DE, but his weakness against the run would be a major liability in such.

            2. There have been gay players who were out to the team, but not the media in the NFL since at least the early 70s. From what I’ve heard, due to the high level of competition, the only thing that matters is can you go.

              You’re gay, can you go?

              You beat you’re wife, can you go?

              You’ve got a concussion, can you go?

              You lead pre-game chapel service, can you go?

  5. I guess it’s official. All 31 NFL teams are homophobic gay haters. Can we arrest all 31 teams for hate crimes?

    1. Hey, he was the SEC defensive player of the year, and he sacked Johnny Football twice in preseason. I’m thinking they are guilty.

      1. Tim Tebow was the best player in college football for 1-2 years – what team is he playing for?? Oh the NFL must all hate Jesus-lovers!!

  6. He can still play in the CFL, amirite?

    Canada’s very forgiving standards of masculinity will be less threatened by him.

    1. Canada is the French word for “gay”.

      1. There is no French word for gay, since all French are guy, there’s no need for another word.

      2. Canada expends so much straightness in hockey that they have none left over for…anything else, really.

        Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I like Canada just the way it is. It’s so thin and neat! And it really improves the property values in North America.

        1. I dunno about that. I have a hard time imagining the French Canadians improving the property values anywhere.

        2. It’s so thin and neat!

          I live in Long Beach, CA which has a large and vibrant gay community. My parents are in town for the week, and the hotel they are staying at has a lot of gay dudes there for the weekend. So my mom is asking me on Saturday, “What is going on with these gay guys? They’re hairy, fat slobs.” I tried to explain that nowadays gay guys can be bears. And that the thin, neat gay guys were twinks. I then tried to explain what a power bottom was. Then my wife told me to change the subject.

          1. I understand speed has a lot to do with it.

            1. Speed is only a factor in chasers catching chubs.

            2. Speed is the name of the game.

        3. Hockey straight? You do realize they are ice skating, right?

    2. …and the awkwardly feminine from the possibly Canadian?

  7. The media may have gotten weird about him,

    If not for the media there probably would have been an openly gay player several years ago. Fiesta rule of the NFL, don’t be a bigger distraction than you’re worth.

    1. First rule, Wtf.

      1. For sure, just imagine what would happen when he decorates the locker room in great style and the HGTV folks start coming down to do an episode…

      2. Actually it reads better the first way

  8. and there are likely players in the league right now that are gay

    Why is it “likely”? Possible, certainly. But if 2% of the population is gay, the raw numbers suggest 34 players could be gay. But what percentage of gay men play football? Of that percentage, how many are good enough to play in the NFL? The vast majority of heterosexual males aren’t good enough to make it.

    1. society demands that we pretend he’s right.

    2. Given that there are gay ex-players, I suspect the extrapolation is reasonable.

    3. There were gay players (not out of course) on the great Green Bay Packer teams of the 60’s. Lombardi forbade any action against them by the straight players. Lombardi’s brother was gay and, along with suffering discrimination as an Italian, left him with a protective streak against “minorities”. At least that’s how the story goes.

      Also, I recall that there used to be an assumption that a lot of offensive linemen tended to be gay as relatively ugly, fat, white men have/had a hard time getting women to pay attention to them. On top of which they spent a lot of time at the gym and tended to take nut shriveling chemicals. Not a shred of science involved, just a bit of a meme I recall from my childhood in the 1970’s. What modern PED’s can do, and much higher payscales (to attract the ladies) may have changed the territory somewhat.

  9. If Michael Sam eventually plays for the Redskins, do I praise the Redskins or do I still have to hate them because of their name?

    /prog dilemma

  10. Deion Sanders — There Were Gays On Every NFL Team I Played For
    …”Every team I played on … I think I played on 5 different teams … there was someone gay in the locker room.”

    Deion says he and his teammates always knew who the gay players were and only judged that person based on football ability.

    Sanders — a deeply religious guy — says he doesn’t “condone nor condemn” homosexuality … but says, “We just gotta give love.”…

    1. Heartwarming.

      If I only knew that being gay was what it took to gain acceptance from football players, I’d have been staring at dicks years ago.

    2. So Neon Deion just outed himself.


      *bumps fist on chest*

    3. So the only common factor on each team was him, and there were gays on each team.

      M…hm. Fabulous, Deion.

      1. I could always tell which player were gay because I was sucking their dicks.

        What? Don’t all men locate “the gays” like that?

  11. Deion says he and his teammates always knew who the gay players were

    Sounds infallible to me, this NFL players gaydar.

  12. This obviously is a matter for the courts.

  13. How long before Chris Kluwe files a lawsuit against the league…

  14. If I only knew that being gay was what it took to gain acceptance from football players

    You have to be gay while running a 4.3 second forty yard sprint.

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