Ukraine: Russia Is Invading Right Now


Kiev accused Russia of funneling more armor into rebel-held areas of Ukraine on Wednesday and said that Russian troops had seized several villages in a new offensive along its southern shore, which for months has been under government control.

The renewed fighting further dampened hopes of any peace deal, one day after the Russian and Ukrainian presidents met face-to-face in the Belarus capital of Minsk. Despite conciliatory remarks by both leaders, events on the ground signaled the Kremlin is far from ready to abandon its efforts to keep Ukraine in its sphere of influence.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signaled Wednesday he had no intention of backing away from an economic-cooperation agreement that will mean closer relations with the European Union.

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  1. I’m sure the Ukrainians are glad they got rid of those nukes.

  2. It’s generally considered gauche to bust nukes over your own soil, and it’s generally a bad idea to go nuclear with a country that has 4,650 active nuclear warheads. They’d be better off with a good CAS airframe like the A-10

  3. A libertarian grabs a Ukrainian by the collar –

    “Stop it! Stop saying Russia is invading you! We’re not going to intervene or send you troops! Only rock music and western imports made available by free trade can awaken Russia! And whatever you do, DON’T militarize your local police! Make sure only your military is militarized! But more importantly, stay away from the Russian conflict. If you LET them take over your country, no one will get hurt! Don’t nation build Russia!”

    “Next, legalize drugs so the Russians can’t impose their black markets! Then you’ll be free! FRRRREEEEE! Rin Paul and millennials, hurrah!”

    1. Are you sirius?

  4. A libertarian looks at the news and wonders if any of the Euro-twits are concerned.
    This US libertarian ain’t.

    1. Yea, because what could possibly go wrong with Russia discovering that there are no negative consequences to invading its neighbor, right? I mean, like, just because we said we’d help protect them if they gave up their nuclear weapons, we shouldn’t like actually do that, right? Who needs allies when the powerful nations of Mexico and Canada have overwatch on your borders, right? Jeez….

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