Another Mom Behind Bars for Letting Kids Wait in Air-Conditioned Car


Handcuffs / Wikimedia Commons

Ready to be outraged? Read this headline from WKYT in Kentucky: "Lexington woman accused of leaving kids in running car."

The gall!

According to WKYT:

A Lexington woman is behind bars after police say she left two children in a running car outside the Fayette County Detention Center.

Police arrested Brandy Becksted outside the detention center Tuesday afternoon.

She said she didn't want to wake up the two and four-year-old children in her car, so she left them inside while she entered the facility to put money into an inmate's account.


This woman kept her kids cool while she ran a short errand, and that's a crime? Should she have kept the windows rolled up with the engine off and no air? Should she have dragged them across the parking lot, which puts kids in greater danger than just leaving them in the car?

Might as well lock up the whole family and leave these children parentless. Certainly any mom who doesn't parent exactly the way the cops want is in need of some hard time. And she's in luck—because thanks to absurd laws, these are indeed hard times to be a parent.


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  1. At a detention center? That’s just begging to be busted.

    1. lulz – my thoughts exactly

    2. I noticed that, but really it shouldn’t matter. People should not have the thought of “I’m in close proximity to cops, so common sense doesn’t apply here – gotta be extra careful” – unfortunately that is not reality, and she really should have.

      I don’t agree with the arrest of course, but she gets point deducted for the numbskullery.

    3. Anytime you get close to feral pigs you are in danger.

  2. She should be thrown in jail and her children placed in CPS custody for having them so close to so many armed officers.

  3. You get jailtime!

    And you get jailtime!

    Everyone gets jailtime!

  4. Maybe we should go ahead and have obstetricians read mothers their Miranda rights whenever a child is born, you know, just to put them on notice.

    1. In a lot of places they already ask if the father is abusive and/or violent, so might as well.

  5. I still remember a time when people said it was impossible for the government to tell you how to raise your children.

    My own father learned this lesson rather hard when he butted heads with the public school system over and over again.

    These are the steps they take in order to, slowly but surely, remove your ability to govern your own life. If the government can raise your children, then the next generation of adults will do exactly as they want them to.

    It’s one of the most frightening things I’ve seen happen in America.

    1. I forget the reason we had the speaker in our class, but in high school, mid 70s, I remember a guy telling us, “don’t think that the government won’t tell you how many kids you can have — they already tell you how many spouses you can have.”

      1. They may be relaxing which kind of spouse you can have though.

      2. But free birth control! OMFGZ so worth it!

  6. And of course the disgusting sheep in the comments are applauding.

    1. ? I don’t see that. I see a lot of support for her and one particular commenter that’s polluted the thread with their “burn the witch!” commentary.

  7. she entered the facility to put money into an inmate’s account.

    I think that’s the true factor here. The logic being “She’s the sort to consort with inmates; ipso facto, she’s not a good mother and her intentions must be judged in the worst possible light.”

  8. Meanwhile, the child molestation ring organized by male muslim immigrants within their AOR is completely ignored.

    1. You’re giving album-oriented rock a bad name.

  9. Even if, EVEN IF, you are one of the folks who say she shouldn’t have left her kids, admittedly young, in the car, is there not some intermediate step — something between not saying anything and actual arrest/incarceration, that could have been taken in this case? It’s ridiculous. And yes, you can be damn sure that if it’d been some mayor’s wife instead of a woman down on her luck and a friend/relation to an inmate, they wouldn’t have arrested her.

    1. She should have just left them at home to fend for themselves I guess.

    2. *some mayor’s wife instead of a woman down on her luck*

      Some “mayor’s wife” would have been smart enough and considerate enough to treat her children the right way, most likely.

      1. You mean, wake them up and cart them inside instead of just let them sleep in the car.

        If “waiting in the car” had been an issue when I was a kid, I probably would’ve been a ward of the state.

  10. Ah yes, The appearance of impropriety .

    If she just put these kids in the trunk so they were out of sight this whole problem could have been avoided.

    1. Now that’s just silly.

      Obviously, you draw a mustache on the little tikes and put a sign “little people” in the window.

      Everyone loves little people.

  11. I’m sure these kids were much better off, after going through the experience of having their mom arrested, then being taken into police custody, and transported by cops to wherever. And to be left with someone else while their mother attends court, court-mandated “counseling,” and works to pay whatever fines and court costs she’ll incur, will no doubt improve their chances in life.

    I leave my dog in my running car, with the air on, frequently. I wonder if I’m on the road to being a H&R article.

  12. But hey, they finally arrested a white lady this time. Progress!

    1. No shots were fired, so it doesn’t count.

  13. Just keep saying, “F*** you! I want a jury!”

  14. If you’re too lazy to bring your f*cking toddlers into a building, maybe you should give them away to someone with the proper initiative to raise them.

  15. Until the feral cretins prosecuting this type of thing are excused from the gene pool the general is in mortal danger.

    The DA, the judge and any other feral pig involved shouldn’t be punished, they should be deported.

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