Another Mom Behind Bars for Letting Kids Wait in Air-Conditioned Car


Handcuffs / Wikimedia Commons

Ready to be outraged? Read this headline from WKYT in Kentucky: "Lexington woman accused of leaving kids in running car."

The gall!

According to WKYT:

A Lexington woman is behind bars after police say she left two children in a running car outside the Fayette County Detention Center.

Police arrested Brandy Becksted outside the detention center Tuesday afternoon.

She said she didn't want to wake up the two and four-year-old children in her car, so she left them inside while she entered the facility to put money into an inmate's account.


This woman kept her kids cool while she ran a short errand, and that's a crime? Should she have kept the windows rolled up with the engine off and no air? Should she have dragged them across the parking lot, which puts kids in greater danger than just leaving them in the car?

Might as well lock up the whole family and leave these children parentless. Certainly any mom who doesn't parent exactly the way the cops want is in need of some hard time. And she's in luck—because thanks to absurd laws, these are indeed hard times to be a parent.