Millennials Aren't Listening to You (And Reason Reveals Why That's a Good Thing)



Every generation gets more than its fair share of curious scrutiny. Who are these kids who will inherit the heirlooms and, just maybe, learn from our screw-ups? Each rising cohort finds its own way—not just as a group, but as the individuals that make it up—and oldsters want to know if their values will be reflected or rejected, and if the newbies are up to the challenge.

What challenge? Well, we all leave a bit of a mess behind us. Somebody has to figure out what the hell grandpa did with the checkbook. And will nobody put an end to the plague of baggy cargo shorts worn with wifebeater t-shirts?

But the kids are all right. They're just fine—not perfect, but getting along in their own way. And that way is pretty heavily disconnected from old loyalties and affiliations.

Come along with Reason as we take a long look at millennials.