Michael Brown Laid to Rest, Uber Regulations Vetoed in Illinois, Burger King Looks Northward Due to Tax Burdens: P.M. Links


  • Burgers and doughnuts together will infuriate the nannies even more.
    Credit: Random Retail / photo on flickr

    Michael Brown was laid to rest today in a funeral service attended by thousands in St. Louis, including Rev. Jesse Jackson and three White House aides.

  • An "active shooter" reported at Fort Lee, Virginia, prompting a lockdown, apparently shot only herself.
  • Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has vetoed two bills to introduce onerous regulations to ride-sharing services in the state. He said companies like Uber and Lyft should be regulated on the local level, which isn't as good as saying they shouldn't be regulated at all, but it's Illinois, so this is probably the best we're going to get.
  • Insert jokes about saying "Eh?" or mounties or politeness: Burger King is considering merging with Tim Hortons in Canada and moving its headquarters out of the United States in order to reduce its tax burdens.
  • Libya now has two governments claiming to be in charge, so that will probably end well.
  • An Oklahoma newspaper and the American Civil Liberties Union are suing the state to try to get it to stop concealing information about its executions.

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  1. Libya now has two governments claiming to be in charge…

    Are either of them the United States’?

    1. Hello.

      “Insert jokes about saying “Eh?” or mounties or politeness: Burger King is considering merging with Tim Hortons in Canada and moving its headquarters out of the United States in order to reduce its tax burdens.”

      Well, Horton’s was owned by Wendy’s at some point so it’s only natural I guess.

      I hate Burger King.

      1. So are they going to call it “King Horton’s”? “Burger Tim”? What?

          1. HorKing.

            Most libertarian name ever!

            1. What’s libertarian about dog vomit?

              1. King of the wHores?

                My new street name.

                1. HorKing also anagrams out to Hog Rink, apropos of nothing. . .or something.

        1. What and deface the name of a hockey player? Are you mad?

          1. Sidney Crosby’s name should always be defaced.

        2. Emperor Horton’s.

          It’s a fast food empire now.

        3. I am sure they will have great coffee.

          Poutine, your way, anyone?

      2. What’s not to like? 80% of the quality of McDonalds for 120% of the price? Of course, Dairy Queen/Brazier takes the prize – 70% of the quality for 200% of the price.

      3. I love BK, or at least I do now. “Corporate inversion” is the greatest thing ever.

        Well…maybe not greatest, but it’s awesome.

  2. An Oklahoma newspaper and the American Civil Liberties Union are suing the state to try to get it to stop concealing information about its executions.

    What kind of ghouls would be interested in such details? Just rent Faces of Death, sickos.

    1. Maybe in order to assess possible 8th Amendment violations?

  3. Insert jokes about saying “Eh?” or mounties or politeness: Burger King is considering merging with Tim Hortons in Canada and moving its headquarters out of the United States in order to reduce its tax burdens.

    So now I’m confused. Leaving the US for tax reasons is unpatriotic, so I shouldn’t eat at Burger King. But Michelle Obama would hate me for eating at the more patriotic McDonalds. I have nowhere else to turn!

    1. Five Guys?

      But the service is slow.

      1. I love Five Guys, but it’s difficult to leave there without consuming several thousand calories worth of food.

        Especially those damn cajun fries. I think they put crack into the salt.

        1. Haha. I know.

        2. Here, have ten pounds of fries with that burger.

          1. Takes five guys to finish the large fries?

            1. Apparently. The first time I went there, I ordered a cheeseburger and fries. I got the burger, and they just filled the bag with fries. I mean the bag everything goes in, not some special fry bag.

              1. it is possible to get a burger without the fries. Plus, they have shelled peanuts. But that’s me.

                1. Yes, but they’ll fill your bag with fries. It’s got to be 3-4 potatoes worth.

                2. They have Little Fries now (at least in NYC) which is a normal amount of fries.

        3. I had to give them up because there was an actual noticeable change in my cholesterol levels at my last doctor visit.

          1. Serves you right for not going to In N Out.

    2. Pollos Hermanos

    3. Burger King will regret that when Trudeau the Lesser becomes Preppy Minister next year.

      1. Aresen,

        It depresses me. One can only hope the West keep their anti-Ottawa leaning and vote Conservative – however bad they are at the moment on social policy. I just can’t digest the though of that gaffe-goof ball poser leading a middle power like Canada.

        1. Ah yes the solution to Canada’s ills is Turdeau Jr. since Turdeau Sr. did such a great job and nothing says “change” and “new things” then the son of previous PM!

          1. People contemplating the possibility of Hillary vs. Jeb shouldn’t throw stones.

            1. Except that I am Canadian and I don’t support Hillary or Jeb.

              1. What about Hillary/Christie/Biden?

            2. I’m denying that’s going to happen, so I can cast stones at will. Or sell my proxy to those that wish to cast stones.

          2. And the scary thing is he IS his father’s son. Castro lovers to boot.

            1. Trudeau Sr had a big brain full of bad evil ideas. His son has a small brain full of a few fuzzy notions. He’s his father’s fans.

        2. Trudeau is stupid but I doubt he’ll be worse on economics than Comrade Harper and he might be better on social issues. The Conservatives are a disgrace no libertarian should even consider supporting them. Trudeau should gain power around the next economic cycle that will throttle whatever ‘grand ideas’ he has.

          1. I’m not sure “he can’t possibly be worse then the current guy” is really the best defense of a politician. Or that a bad economy will prevent him from doing stupid things. That is what Obama’s defenders said too, lol.

          2. I hope you’re right about Trudeau. He may turn out to be as bad as those Liberal morons running Ontario right now

            1. The people who vote for those Liberal Morons are the ones who are going to put Turdeau Jr. into power.

          3. Oh he can get a whole lot worse.
            He’s a PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL.

          4. When has a bad economy ever stopped the Liberal Party of Canada from being stupid?

            1. The ’90s. The budget was balanced and spending cut because there was no other way.

              1. Yeah, but Trudeau is going to inherit a budget surplus. That won’t last long.

    4. Michelle Obama is, according to Joan Rivers, transgender. And of course, we all know that our transgender folks are better people.

      But the question remains: Did Michelle start out male, or female?

  4. So yesterday I made post claiming that “Michael Hihn” is in fact Mary Stack.

    So today “Hinh” has responded to these claims and suffice to say I don’t find “his” defenses particularly convincing.

    Also these posts reek of Mary:


    1. https://reason.com/blog/2014/08…..nt_4728041

      “Hihn” doesn’t understand his own facebook page. Funny that.

    2. Definitely unhinged enough to be Mary.

      1. Also the claimed persecution.

      2. While I think she is doing some spectacular work, there are too many similarities. “Puppets” is all Mary and “goobers” is too. Calling responses “stalking”, the bolding, the manic reposting, challenging and victimhood, all Mary.

        Two other things. At one point, she had an entry on her youtube page linking to another page named “Mike Hihn”. I called the poster named “Hihn” out about the link, claiming it evidence that Mary was he, and now it is gone.

        In one of those threads “Hihn” calls someone a conspiracy theorist for questioning if “American” were really one of Mary’s socks. Why would anyone do that? Hihn gets attacked from all directions and wouldn’t even know who American was but defends him as not a sock of Mary. Unpossible.

        1. Who else besides Mary is that obsessed about us anyway? Go to her google+ page sometime if you want to be creeped out. She follows every thread here, years after the site went to registration specifically to get rid of her.

          1. Go to her google+ page sometime if you want to be creeped out. She follows every thread here, years after the site went to registration specifically to get rid of her.

            Which is why the use of “stalker” by “Michael Hihn” is so telling. Pure projection.

        2. “Hinh” also called me a conspiracy theorist for thinking “he” was Stack. And how would Hihn know who Mary is and call her only by her first name?

          Also does this mean that “American” is Mary too? Well it would explain the constant sockpuppeting and his “libertarians are phonies for not being racists” shtick fits in with the MO of White Indian, Smack and Michael Hihn that HnRers are always wrong.

          1. how would Hihn know who Mary is and call her only by her first name?

            This is the post to which I was referring.


            This is, of course, assuming that American isn’t actually one of Mary’s characters

            And her response was:

            … financed by George Soros, of course, and the Trilateral Commission, and …

            Actually, the reference to Soros made me think that the shrieking imbecile might be one of her socks.

            1. I know what post you are referring.

              Earlier she replied to me:
              The email address is Mike@hihn.net, which demolihes all the psychotic conspiracy nuts. I’ve owned the domain since 2012, no George Soros conspiracy there either.


              and a few minutes later:

              But I’m really Mary anyhow. (snicker)

            2. Actually, the reference to Soros made me think that the shrieking imbecile might be one of her socks.

              You know I’m reluctant to assume that every troll or annoying poster is a sock of Mary but you might have a point there. Shriek again fits the MO of opposing whatever HnRers supported and trying to piss off everyone by claiming that they are phonies. But then again he reads like a Democratic plant which leads to the belief that he is Dave Weigel.

    3. There is no honor in besting a fool Winston, though I admit taking a few jabs at them now and again.

  5. Insert jokes about saying “Eh?” or mounties or politeness: Burger King is considering merging with Tim Hortons in Canada and moving its headquarters out of the United States in order to reduce its tax burdens.

    We’re patriots because we try to minimize how much the government gets from us.

  6. I’m sure progs are getting ready to grab their pitch forks and torches over Burger King.

    1. Burger King is the only national chain to offer a veggie burger throughout their system. That’s something that I really appreciate about BK, so if the progs start boycotting, I’m worried that demand will drop and that menu option will go away.

      1. When I was in a BK in Wyoming and I asked for a veggie burger, I got the blankest stare I’ve ever seen.

        1. I’ve had this problem as well. They’ve got them back there. They don’t always know it, but they do.

          “BK Veggie, trust me, it’s something you sell, go check with your manager…”

          1. This was about 10 years ago – I think they may honestly just not have carried them at that location. I’m not sure the people of Wyoming are aware that plants can be eaten.

        2. They should’ve served you a bison burger.

        3. I asked for a veggie burger

          For the love of Science, why?!

          1. I am vegetarian.

            1. For the love of Science, why?!

                1. Because meat tastes like murder and murder tastes _GOOD_… 🙂

    2. But gay whoppers!

      1. Taste the rainbow

  7. …including Rev. Jesse Jackson and three White House aides.


    1. Hymietown Jackson, thank you very much.

  8. Update to this a weekend post
    Yay!! Extra parking signs were removed

    I question this Mayor’s definition of extra since she seems to have missed a couple spots

    1. this a weekend post

    2. I don’t get it. Presumably, every rule on all 82 of those signs in ‘in force’. I’m sure that it’s a zoned, permitted district, so by taking down the signs, are the rules on the signs which were removed invalidated? Or can you now be towed for shit that’s not shown?

  9. Man, I love Burger King even more now.

    1. I understand their move, but I’d rather eat the paper their food is wrapped in than their food.

      1. As far as fast food preferences go, they are in my top three rotation with Arby’s and Wendy’s.

        1. Fuck, I forgot Long John Silver’s.

          1. I forgot Long John Silver’s

            Or, as my wife and I refer to it, “Colon Blow”.

            When we lived in Ohio, our little town featured a combo Long John Slivers/KFC. Regardless which way you went, you knew you were going to be pasting the bowl later that evening.

            Good times.

            1. The last time I had KFC the skin peeled off and there was a milky slime between the meat and the coating. I haven’t been able to do it since.

              1. you know what else sometimes has a milky slime on it?

                1. Epi’s mom?

        2. Zaxby’s, Hardee’s, Bojangles.

          1. I wish we had more variety of fast food.in the northeast. I’d love some Bojangles or Del Taco out here.

            1. I keep seeing Long John and Bojangles whenever I’m in the USA but don’t know them enough to take the plunge. So those are good, huh?

              I like Zaxby’s on the go.

              1. I love LJS but it is a bit greasy. If you’re looking for great fast seafood, Captain D’s is what you want, but I haven’t seen one north of Louisville. They.may be.in Ohio.

                1. Evansville has a Captain D’s. My father insisted that we go there after the family watched Titanic in theaters. I was ten. I remember thinking that that was a very odd choice considering.

                  I am actually in Evansville for the day only! Have been in Indy since I came back from Korea and move to Singapore in two weeks.

                  WHICH LEADS ME TO! Schlotzky’s Deli. Worked there for 2.5 years in highschool. Got fired for smoking pot in the walk-in. Never ever got sick of the food. Eating a turkey original right now for the first time in years. I’m so fucking happy right now.

              2. Are you OK with copious amounts of grease? If so, LJS is your place for fast-food fish and some rather tasty chicken.

              3. Bojangles is good. The biscuits and fried chicken in particular. Can’t do Long John.

            2. No lie. The DC area sucks balls for fast food. Not only is there little variety (how many McDonald’s and Subways can you pack into one place?) but what does exist is usually below the standard of fast food elsewhere. Hell, I hate BK and barely tolerate Taco Bell, but for a while there I was pining for them because it was at least something. It’s such a large metro area. Surely there’s room for a Jack in the Box, a Sonic, Hardee’s, yes Bojangles. At least they have a few Popeye’s but again they suffer from being shittier than Popeye’s elsewhere. I don’t know how they have the same food and equipment but manage to make it crappier.

          2. Zaxby’s? Delish!

            I detect a Sandlapper or a Georgian, no?

      2. BK used to be much better until around 2000 or so. They’ve gone way downhill.

    2. This is now officially a fast food thread…

      So i have a story:

      last weekend i ordered a large peperoni pan crust Pizza Hut. First time i got the pan crust not really knowing what it was

      It is basically deep dish….and it was fucking great!!!

      1. It is basically deep dish….and it was fucking great!!!


  10. Burger King is considering merging with Tim Hortons in Canada and moving its headquarters out of the United States…

    They are more receptive of monarchs up there.

    1. Nice. Has Dairy Queen made a statement?

      1. We were fucked by the King again.

        1. No, that’s the drive-thru.

  11. God fucking dammit quitting smoking is the most annoying thing I’ve ever done, it’s only been eighteen hours cold turkey and I already feel like throat punching everyone in the immediate area.

    1. Buy some e-cigs.

      1. I currently live in the middle of nowhere northern Ontario, so it’ll be another decade before I have access to e-cigrattes (that and I’m a cheap bastard, sort of the reason I’m quitting).

        1. Surely there must be someone who will ship them to you?

          1. I’ll look around when I’m in Thunder Bay next weekend, I’m sure they’d have them somewhere, but the week’s going to be rough.

            1. IIRC, I recently read on Wiki the sale ecigs was not permitted in Kanukistan … or Australia or Mexico, Singapore and other civilized places.

        2. vaporsmiths.com

          1. Disclosure: this was a shameless plug for a friend’s company.

            1. Further disclosure: I neither smoke nor
              vape, myself, and should not be.considered an expert in such matters, nor.should anything I say be taken as an endorsement of vaping, smoking, or anything else.

          2. I’ll check it out. Do I get the ‘db referral’ discount?

        3. Go yell at some caribou.

        4. I recommend http://www.v2cigs.com/ for the hardware and http://www.e-liq.com/ for the juice.

          1. I’m rocking v2cigs at the moment. Haven’t checked out many other competitors but I like it. Very, very good vapor on the exhale. I can easily blow multiple smoke rings with one draw.

        5. I currently live in the middle of nowhere northern Ontario

          Sucks to be you, how are the blackflies?

          1. Many and large.

      2. Yeah, dude, seriously. They worked for me. They make it easy to taper off. Also, the disposables don’t make you feel you have to keep on with the habit to justify the expense. Plus if one goes through the washer and gets ruined it’s no big deal.

    2. I’m thinking of taking it up. Just casually, you know, to help relieve stress.

      1. huge mistake

        1. I’ll second that!

      2. I highly recommend marijuana rather than tobacco if you want to smoke something casually to get relieve of stress. Tobacco’s a monkey you don’t want on your back.

      3. Seems to me that alcohol would be the better option for that.

    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2z7LXpAX3Q

      Sounds like you’re helpless in North Ontario.

    4. The hardest thing for me was figuring out what to do while you don’t smoke. ‘Cos normally, while I wait for things, I smoke . . .

      In the end I cut down to one a day – as long as I knew I had the one to look forward to, I didn’t go insane. Cutting that one out was way easier than the time I tried to go cold turkey (which time, like you, I felt pretty generalized murderous tendencies after about 20 hours).

      1. Yeah, I tend to smoke a lot while walking the dogs. Took one of them out today and automatically reached for my empty pack pocket.

        1. Long drives killed me for years.

    5. I quit cold turkey 20 years ago. Told no one. Was the biggest asshole for about two weeks. My dear friend and co-worker (female) couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I’d basically said, “Nothing. Quit asking me that. Fuck off!” Made her cry.

      1. That’s the way you have to do it, though. I didn’t tell anyone either, because the first person who took it upon themselves to nag me regarding my resolve was going to get some serious unpleasantness in return.

        1. “That’s the way you have to do it, though.”

          The not telling anyone – not the cold turkey. Diff’rent strokes, diff’rent folks.

    6. I can’t stress this enough. GET THE PATCH. That shit works like a mother fucker.

      1. Everyone I’ve known who’s used it just smokes while they wear it.

        1. Really? The patch makes me feel like I’ve got too much nicotine and smoking a cigarette makes me ill. But also, you do need some willpower to overcome the oral habit, but after a few days you’re over that. You get used to the patch after about a week. It may take you a couple of months on the patch before you’re ready to try no nicotine. It takes some effort and will power but it’s nothing like the hell of quitting cold turkey.

          1. “But also, you do need some willpower to overcome the oral habit, but after a few days you’re over that.”

            Funny – that was the exact opposite of my experience. I got over the nicotine craving without much trouble, and various “non-smoking nicotine delivery systems” never satisfied me in the least. I just like smoking.

            1. Yeeeeeap. I hate the way cigs make me feel. I actually get jumpy and twitchy. I have no comprehension of people who smoke to calm down. Has the exact opposite effect on me, and I’ve been smoking (although fairly lightly, 5 or so a day unless I went out to the bars (which is often)).

              I just like the act of smoking.

    7. I already feel like throat punching everyone in the immediate area.

      Try cutting back on H & R, and see if that helps.

      1. Yes. a few weeks of hiatus here and there definitely does the soul good.

    8. Try a nicotine lozenge, or gum … available at pharmacy OTC. It will take the edge off.

      Problem is, you get hooked on the lozenges.

      Still, it’s a damn sight cheaper and healthier than smoking.

  12. UK embassy apologises for ‘burning White House’ tweet

    The British embassy in Washington has apologised after tweeting a picture of a White House cake surrounded by sparklers, “commemorating” the burning of the building 200 years ago.

    Ha. British humour.

    1. Raaaaacist!

    2. I thought it hilarious.

      But I’m an evil white guy. I’m guessing it was racist.

      The Brits celebrate a guy who wanted to blow up parliament to turn Britain into a theocracy. Why shouldn’t they have a little fun with burning down the White House?

      1. Celebrate? Maybe Alan Moore, but I think a day where they burn you in effigy is sort of not that.

        1. We can thank Guy for the fact that “guys” is used slang.

      2. I think your understanding of how Guy Fawkes Day is usually celebrated is a bit off.

        1. Ooo – I like the “burning the Pope in effigy” thing! I need to investigate this some more…

        2. New Yorkers know Fawken Guy.

      3. I thought it was kind of funny myself. Some people just need to lighten up a little.

      4. Britain was at the time and still is a theocracy, i.e the head of state is the the head of the church.

    3. So do Brits lurve Obama like Canadians do?

      1. It’s funny. When Bush was in power, Canadians were engaged and informed (at least in their minds since not many of them actually read several sources settling on the mainstream crap) and had all sorts of opinions.

        With Obama in power it seems like they’ve gone to bed, because you know, Democrat ergo more ‘enlightened.’

        It’s mind-boggling how little they know of this guy whenever I bring up issues discussed here or at Le Quebecois Libre.

    4. Damn, don’t apologize, it was funny. Would have been even better with more sparklers.

    5. Ha. British humour.

      They’re going to run around the cake over and over while annoying music plays and a live audience goes absolutely berserk with laughter?

    6. This Canuck girl I knew would keep singing “and the White House burned, burned, burned and we’re the ones who did it.”

      1. I don’t think too many Canadians were with the British Army in that battle.

        1. It’s a Canadian masturbatory nationalism thing, they like to claim that ‘they’ burned down the White House because some of the British soldiers who did so later settled in Canada. By this logic, Canada also successfully conquered India.

          Basically it’s just another thing on the long list of the Canadian inferiority complex (and I say this as a Canadian).

        2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T…..anadian.3F

          That it was ‘Canadian’ is largely a nationalist sentiment.

      2. Didn’t the U.S. burn Toronto in the same war? Which the U.S. mostly won, since we’re still here and our sailors stopped getting impressed, mostly.

        1. Yes and the Burning of DC was supposed to be in response to it.

          1. On this bicentennial, I suggest burning both towns. Well, in the spirit of our friendship, let’s just burn DC and Ottawa.

            1. I’ll settle for DC. It could use the improvements.

              1. Very well, DC it is. And the celebration should be performed annually, with both American and Canadian participants.

  13. Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has vetoed two bills to introduce onerous regulations to ride-sharing services in the state.

    Must have been crafted by unfavored legislators.

    1. Not the proper kick-backs to the governor’s office.

  14. Michael Brown was laid to rest today in a funeral service attended by thousands in St. Louis, including Rev. Jesse Jackson and three White House aides

    , who immediately dragged Brown back to the surface.

  15. Has Pat Quinn set a record for “longest tenure as Illinois governor without being indicted” yet?

    1. The former Maple Leafs and Team Canada coach is an Illinois governor now?

    2. Jim Edgar was clean, wasn’t he? I mean, as far as we know, anyway.

      1. He was clean…as you say, uncaught. Jim Thompson should have spent a long time in prison but skated. They got the two after Edgar tho’.

  16. Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love voted best guitar riff

    Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love has been voted the greatest guitar riff of all time by listeners of BBC Radio 2.

    The rock classic came out top from a list of 100 riffs drawn up by a panel of Radio 2 and 6 Music DJs, critics and record producers.

    Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns ‘N’ Roses was second in the poll, with Back In Black (AC/DC) and Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple) the next most popular.

    Let’s see… Justin Bieber??


    1. I don’t like any music that I have heard of. /hipster

    2. No Satisfaction?

      1. As for guitar solos, I love Blue Sky.


          1. a riff is not a solo

    3. Led Zeppelin, most overrated rock band of all time, or absolutely the most overrated rock band of all time?

      1. most overrated greatest rock band of all time. FTFY.

      2. Over rated:
        1. the Beatles
        2. the Who
        3. the Madonna (I know… she’s not a rock band. I just can’t stand her)
        4. the Cher (ditto)

        1. I disagree on The Who, but the other three are so heavily overrated that they make up for it. The Beatles alone could be the top three overrated bands in history.

          1. We’re going to get a lot of hate. Prepare yourself.

            1. Dude, trolling Beatles fans is practically my favorite pastime.

              1. Oh, and mentioning Madonna in the same list as the Beatles? That’s pro work right there.

                1. Madonna? Nah, I’d put Justin Bieber on the same list as the Beatles. Seems more appropriate.

                  1. The Beatles have nothing on Dizzee Rascal.

              2. “I am the egg man, I am the walrus”

                I mean, wtf IS that?

                1. It’s like, cosmic, man.

                2. That whole song is a jab at people who try to find hidden meanings in songs where there isn’t one. That song is just random and intentionally so. There is no hidden meaning. People to this day still try to find hidden meaning or a message in it.

                3. Lewis Carroll.

              3. It’s fun, but way too easy. Now here comes John to tell everyone why their musical preferences suck.

                1. I can’t hear to wait for his justification of why JS Bach and Vivaldi suck.

                  1. Bach I can respect, but Vivaldi is the bubblegum pop of the classical music world.

                    1. He only wrote one concerto, but he wrote it five hundred times. 🙂

                      At any rate, there hasn’t been any original music since the death of Josquin des Prez.

                    2. des Prez? A mere imitator of Dufay!

                    3. Maurice Durufle is one.of.my favorites. The.man had, like, what? 23 published works, but every one is pure genius.

                2. It is easy, but Beatles fans are truly the low hanging fruit of the musical fan world.

          2. I tend to like McCartney’s stuff, and dislike Lennon’s oeuvre intensely. “Imagine” makes me retch, as does Lennon’s horrible Christmas song.

            McCartney certainly wrote a lot of vapid stuff, but it’s fun to sing along to. As he wrote, “Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs, and what’s wrong with that?”

          3. It’s not about who you don’t like to listen too, it’s about a lack of contribution relative to popularity.


            1. Winner!

        2. Can anyone overrate Madonna? She just dances and sings (both averagely) to music someone else makes

          1. That’s what most pop artists do these days.

            I think that Lady Gaga actually writes her own stuff, but Katy Perry, Ke$ha, etc have all their songs written by the same guy.

            1. Katy Perry, Ke$ha, etc have all their songs written by the same guy algorithm.

            2. “I think that Lady Gaga actually writes her own stuff”

              All 10 words per song? Wow!

        3. Honestly, The Who does not belong in that list. And Cher deserves her very own awful list with no one else in it.

        4. not that I like her but I don’t see Cher being over rated, ask for a list of pop/rock female singers and I’d wager she’s is on very few peoples top 10.

          1. “not on”, godamnit!

            1. wait I think I was right the first time, gotta stop drinking at work.

              1. No, no. Keep drinking. It gets us through the day.

        5. The Beatles are not over rated, but that McCartney fucker sure is.

          1. I’d have said Ringo… followed closely by Lennon. I can’t fucking stand “Imagine”…

            1. Lennon and McCartney grounded each other.

              Apart, they are bleh.

      3. Yes. Also, how many times must you get sued before you learn to stop ripping off other people’s works?

      4. Overrated for being awesome? I don’t understand.

      5. Well, no accounting for taste I guess. I suppose if you only listen to II and IV then sure you’d get sick of it – I can’t bear to listen to Stairway anymore either.

        Still, they made a lot of great music, inspired untold legions of others, and launched rock music into an entirely different and still evolving direction.

        Most overrated in my book is REM. Utterly boring and unlistenable. Springsteen too.

        1. I stopped listening to REM after Green. But I love some of the early stuff.

          1. Unlistenable. Insipid gibberish.

        2. I just can’t even listen to II or IV at all anymore.

          It is the proportional thing, for sure – there was a time when Zep was not taken seriously and were mocked more than they were listened to. Only after time did they come to be regarded as classic, and then touted as gods among men. Somewhere in that continuum was an appropriate level of appreciation. Same for most bands.

          But not REM. They just suck.

      6. If some unknown band had done just one of Led Zeppelin’s songs, that band would be in the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame*. That’s how good LZ is. Unfortunately they are overplayed to the point of nausea.

        *Even a lesser known song, like The Ocean, would be enough to make an otherwise un-noteworthy band the equal of such HOF stars as…Blackfoot.

      7. Good lord.

        People who say they don’t like zep and beatles are just trying to be cool.

      8. No one is allowed to criticize the Rolling Stones. *Glares at FDA*

    4. I read that Slash hated that song because he was fucking around doing a fingering exercise one day and Axl or one of the band’s managers said “that’s awesome! Turn it into a song!” and Slash was like, “dude, it’s an exercise. A basic.one. you can’t make.a song out of.it, and it takes no skill.”

      So they.made the.song around it.

    5. Wait, Hendrix isn’t in the top group?

      I just watched Tim’s Vermeer, and Tim, when he acquired a cello for the painting, played the opening to “Smoke on the Water.” I don’t play guitar, but that’s the one thing I did learn.

    6. How Soon Is Now?
      The Smiths

      Down Down
      Status Quo

      Really, Brits?

      1. stupid tags

    1. Gaia? Oh, wait, girls don’t fart…

      1. I lived in a dorm with coed bathrooms. Girls are among the worst offenders.

        1. Women have started using the men’s rooms in my office building. Things have started going down hill.

          1. Wait? There’s a women’s restroom?


          2. Which is fine…except that if a guy uses the women’s room there will be a lawsuit soon afterwards.

            1. The men’s rooms have a stall and a urinal. The women go in and lock the bathroom door so that men can’t go in and use the urinal. I have no problem with them using the stall, but they’re messy and create bottlenecks for people who just need to pee and can do so quickly.

              If you’re gonna use the gent’s room be comfortable taking a dump while a dude is taking a piss two feet away.

          3. No more cruising?


            1. Not a busy enough building for that.

              That’s what the Macy’s Home Furnishing’s bathroom across the street is for.

    2. Methane is a greenhouse gas that disappears more quickly than carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but has more warming power than carbon dioxide.

      *Whistles past graveyard*

  17. Wasn’t it Burget King that had the Gay Pride wrapper for their Whoppers recently?

    1. Indeed, so the proggies might be confused as to what to do.

      1. Well, it’s obvious to all good proggies that Burger King is evul, because they’re force feeding the children unhealthy food and now they’re even more evil because they are stealing our jerbz for profit. But as long as they are still here in the USA, please pay all the employees $30 an hour but don’t raise prices.

    2. Nice. “Wrap your burger to keep the sauce inside.”

    3. Meh, Budweiser’s had Gay Pride posters for almost a couple of decades now. And that’s when I noticed them. Who knows how long they’d been around before that.

  18. Twitter-copied nutpunch:

    “The dog, named Boo, got away from her and circled the officer with his tail wagging.”

    Guess how the story ends.

    (via @Popehat)

    1. That tail wagging is an obvious threat to officer safety!

    2. “How the officer had a tail to wag I don’t know.”

  19. In an active shooter situation, he said, everyone locks down in place to avoid becoming a target while letting authorities and military police respond.

    Of course, if the active shooter is locked in place with you, avoiding becoming a target is problematic.

  20. The graphic selfies from inside the Swiss parliament

    What’s going on in Swiss politics? Or, rather, what’s coming off? Throughout this cool, damp summer, hot and steamy stories have been emerging from Switzerland’s parliament – in the form of some very graphic naked selfies.

    Bonus: included is a picture of the stoopid Weiner, aka Carlos Danger.

    *article is SFW

    1. Is there a link to the good stuff?

      SluttySwissParliamentarians.tumblr.co.ch perhaps?

      1. You forget that politics is Hollywood for ugly people.

        1. Counterpoint: Switzerland

    2. Wo ist unser Servator?

      1. Um, not looking for the photos…I SWEAR!

        1. This seems to be one of them (censored). If you find the real ones, let us know.

    3. This appears to be her. NSFW (boobies)


      1. Some retweets also NSFW


        1. See, I knew I could count on all of you! Er, I mean, how very interesting.

  21. Middle-schooler suspended for carrying prescription drugs.
    A local mother says she’s outraged over the 10-day suspension her son got after his own prescription medication fell out of his pocket in class.
    Eighth-grader Iyan Goodson got thrown out of Smitha Middle this week after the marked pill bottle with the important attention deficit disorder medication prescribed by his doctor came out of his pocket in class.
    “Some fell out because I guess it wasn’t fully on. Some fell out. I had it out, but the teacher wanted me to give it to her. So, I gave it to her and she walked and came back and it wasn’t in her hands,” said Iyan Goodson.
    A Cobb County School district official sent a statement in part:
    “This type of drug, even if it is a prescribed medication, is an extremely dangerous substance. If a student were to ingest too much of this drug, or hand it out to other students, the health consequences could be very serious or even fatal. That is why the policy is as severe as it is.”

    1. I wonder what happened to the loose pills the teacher confiscated.

    2. This type of drug, even if it is a prescribed medication, Water is an extremely dangerous substance. If a student were to ingest too much of this drug, or hand it out to other students, the health consequences could be very serious or even fatal.

  22. Over the weekend one of my proggie friends posted something on the FB about how Cornell West was all pissed because Obama had tricked proggies into thinking he (Obama) was a progressive.


    Seriously, this was the same proggie friend who knew at the beginning that he wasn’t a prog but he was better than you-know-who. Plus, that other thing.

    This is going to be a fun couple of years, folks.

    1. So what do the proggies think of as a real progressive? Lenin?

      1. Stalin or GTFO.

      2. Hitler? I mean, he was a hipster artist before it was cool.

      3. The “real” ones are never ones in power. Oh, there are some legislators who they will claim as “true progressives,” but once they are in control of a city, state, or country, they tend to screw up and get disowned. (Even Kucinich only became a good progressive once he was a congressman, and his disastrous reign as mayor could be swept under the rug.)

        The only exception I can think of is FDR. (Who, of course, screwed up badly, but they won’t admit it.)

    2. Who was the real proggie, Edwards or Clinton?

      And it took them 6 years to figure it out? I can generally spot the fake libertarian in two conversations.

  23. Did columnist Paul Krugman help topple the French government?

    Yes. Paulie penned a screed, and the French surrendered. Again.


    Did Paul Krugman help topple the French government? According to Business Insider’s Rob Wile, the New York Times columnist “deserves some of the blame”.


    Wile notes that one of the officials – economic minister Arnaud Montebourg – directly quotes Krugman in his controversial comments to Le Monde. Here’s Mr Montebourg’s response after being asked whether Europe has tilted too far toward austerity:

    1. I thought Hollande was shifting libertarian? I guess not.

      1. That’s why Kruggie had to put him down.

  24. Burning Man closes to keep out Norquist. Rain/hail scapegoated.


    1. They need the rain to alleviate the drought.

      1. I’ve read that Nevada has done OK, because unlike California, they’ve built enough reservoirs.

  25. Burger King is considering merging with Tim Hortons in Canada and moving its headquarters out of the United States in order to reduce its tax burdens.

    It’s good to be the king.

  26. Michael Brown was laid to rest today

    As one person put it, “Seems like a leading cause of death for the violently departed is ‘turning his life around'”.

    1. “He *was* no angel, but ….”

    2. *Snort*

      I have no idea if this St. Louis Craigslist post (“Big Mike: The Real Story”) is true, but it claims to be someone who knew Mike Brown. I suspect the “no snitching” code precludes anyone who knew Brown from saying things like this non-anonymously.

      There is also some sort of lawsuit to get Brown’s rumored juvenile records released.

      1. What does it matter? He WAS UNARMED.

        The cop killed a guy who had nothing but his bare hands on him. Case closed.

        1. It matters because if Brown had a history of being a violent thug, it makes the pro-Wilson story more convincing.

          I am also unpersuaded by the “unarmed” thing. The unarmed injure and kill people all the time. Someone who is 6′ 4″ and 292 pounds can be dangerous. It’s not unfair to use more force to stop an assault than the force used in the assault. (Whether Wilson was justified in using deadly force is another issue.)

          1. Six bullets two to the head….

            I have seen videos of people being attacked by wild animals who shoot less.

            1. There may well have been adrenaline/panic involved, but the first four shots were superficial wounds, so assuming Brown was charging, what was Wilson supposed to do? Run away after four and wait for the blood loss to stop Brown?

        2. Kelly Thomas would have been justified in shooting the cops who were using only fisticuffs against him.

        3. The unarmed guy apparently rushed a armed cop when he thought he was caught red-handed from violently robbing a store.

          Your “case closed” is damn simplistic.

      2. I have no idea if this St. Louis Craigslist post (“Big Mike: The Real Story”) is true,

        That’s total fucking bullshit.

        1. And you know that, how?

  27. Motorists in a New York suburb racked up $2.4 million in fines after they were caught on camera speeding at six school locations, but now those tickets are being forgiven after it was discovered that the cameras were catching motorists on days the schools were not in session.

    “If you paid a ticket it will be refunded; and if you haven’t, have fun ripping your ticket up,” County Executive Ed Mangano told WABC Friday.

    I’d have more fun ripping up the paychecks of the clowns involved in issuing the tickets.

  28. Not me. But if I had had the money, I would have done the same thing.

  29. Burger King is considering merging with Tim Hortons in Canada and moving its headquarters out of the United States in order to reduce its tax burdens.

    Morning Joe Scarborough was appalled this morning over this.

    1. And his petulance will stomp his feet and rant about economic patriotism.

      BK stock is up over 20%. I wonder how many proggie pols are unaware of their accountants making investments on their behalf in such companies?

  30. Syria will help US fight terrorism, says Walid Muallem

    Syria’s foreign minister has offered to help the US fight the Islamic State (IS) militant group, which has seized swathes of land in Iraq and Syria.

    I smell a big aid package in the works, while John McCain foams at the mouth to bomb everybody.

    1. How ’bout if Syria pays the US to help fight ISIS?

      1. No shit. They’re the assholes who are about to be overthrown by these worse assholes.

        1. The Syrian government made ISIS in the first place.

  31. An “active shooter” reported at Fort Lee, Virginia, prompting a lockdown, apparently shot only herself.

    Status downgraded to “inactive.”

    1. Well, the gun is still there, and we all know how many people are killed by guns.

      1. Let’s just hope SWAT got a good workout and got to throw some flashbangs at people.

  32. What goes through a policeman’s head before he shoots

    Still, she says, officers are 600 times more likely than a non-officer to kill a citizen, and about 400 people are killed a year by police.


    1. “I said shrink? I wanna *kill*.”

  33. An “active shooter” reported at Fort Lee, Virginia, prompting a lockdown, apparently shot only herself.

    I am sure the Jezzies will celebrate.

    1. She was a victim of racist/sexist/homophobic discrimination! /jezebel

    2. Guns being penis substitutes, I expect the Jezzies will count this as a rape.

  34. “Mainstream” liberal feminism is greatly informed by acadamia and is built on a lot of Marxist assumptions.

    You will seriously hear “mainstream” liberal feminists argue that the right to abortion is meaningless if you can’t pay for one- ie it excludes poor women- so the government must pay for it. They don’t make the same argument when it comes to, say, political speech (They tend to advocate for publicly funded elections, but not money given to the NRA to broadcast radio ads).

    Secondly, they are collectivists. Rape isn’t caused by individuals- it is caused by culture. And men. Except transmen. Or people with penises who don’t identify as men. Except lesbians can rape. But they don’t like to talk about that, just as they don’t like to talk about women-commited domestic abuse.

    Anyway, they believe this culture can only be combated by “education”. Education conducted by, you guessed it, liberal feminist, preferably with a gender or queer studies degree. So, rather than being a useless degree, it becomes a degree that gets you a pubsec job.

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