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Rick Perry Pleads Not Guilty

The only thing he's guilty of is snatching the opportunity to get some free press.


Texas Gov. Rick Perry has pleaded "not guilty" on two felony charges that he abused his power, the San Antonio Express-News reports. He was indicted last Friday.

The governor has also waived his arraignment, which had been set for Friday.

Perry turned himself in Tuesday afternoon to be booked and have his mug shot taken at the Travis County Justice Center. In a news conference after his booking, he called the felony counts "baseless political charges."

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  1. A timely story in today's WSJ:

    "As Arrest Records Rise, Americans Find Consequences Can Last a Lifetime"

    Any little piss-pot cop can arrest you and know that even if the charges are dropped, he just screwed up your life forever. The sphincters at "" laugh and call it their version of "catch and release".

    Anymore, I hate even the mention of a freak'n cop.

  2. I am not a big fan of Governor Perry. However, the so called "felony" charges are nothing more than pure political revenge. If he had murdered someone, or embezzled pubic funds, and actually committed a felony, then yes of course booking and the criminal justice process would be proper and all that. However, "abuse of power" (in this case), does not rate a political vendetta by his opposition.

    However, Perry is arrogant enough, so even this b.s. might calm him down a bit, although I doubt it. I hope he is not planning anther run for the Presidency. Anyone (not just Perry) who has run for that office once and lost, should not be allowed to run again. However, until such a law is enacted, the same old habitual, career politicians will be showing us their political "mug shots" on every occasion.

    1. "..Anyone (not just Perry) who has run for that office once and lost, should not be allowed to run again."

      And of course, you include Clinton, right?

      1. AlgerHiss

        That includes The Clintons for sure! They both need to permanently retire and cultivate roses, or tend his Presidential Library. They need to be out of politics. The same goes for other career politicians regardless of party. That should also include people like the Pauls who have been hovering around in the political world way too long. We need new people with new ideas.

        1. Rand Paul has been around too long? I'd love to see your math on that one.

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