Michael Brown Shooting

The Volunteer-Run Digital Radio Station Behind Some of the Most Essential Ferguson Coverage

Meet KARG Argus Radio.


If you've been watching the nightly unrest in Ferguson online, chances are good that you've seen the stream from KARG Argus Radio. And even if you've haven't watched it live, there's a fair chance you've come across some of its coverage. That video I posted last week of police tear-gassing a neighborhood? It came from KARG. That viral footage of a cop yelling "You get that light off or you're getting shot [or was it 'shelled'?] with this!" as he pointed his gun at a cameraman? KARG. Even when there isn't much happening onscreen—just a stationary camera pointed at a mob of cops in military gear—the stream can be mesmerizing: sort of a violent, dystopian Warhol movie.

So it's worth noting that this outlet offering some of the most essential coverage of the conflict is a volunteer-run digital radio station based in Maplewood, one of St. Louis' many micro-towns. The Huffington Post profiles the operation:

KARG Argus Radio

"We've just been told by the St. Louis Police Department to turn off our cameras," said the voice on KARG Argus Radio's livestream broadcast. "We will not be turning off our cameras. We will continue to broadcast, even if it is at our own peril."

That voice belonged to Mustafa Hussein, a political science student who volunteers at the small, urban music station based in nearby Maplewood.

Hussein told The Huffington Post that Argus Radio, which launched online a year ago and is run by five volunteers, recently purchased video equipment so it could livestream concerts. But the station decided to use the equipment for the first time Wednesday to cover the interaction between police and protesters, which it was worried local affiliates would not continue to cover through the night.

For several days, protesters in Ferguson have been demanding answers to why a police officer shot and killed Brown last week. The police response to protests intensified Wednesday night, with heavily armed SWAT teams shooting tear gas and rubber bullets into crowds.

Hussein filmed the confrontation, operating the camera alone on foot even as he ran from the tear gas and projectiles. Some local affiliates also provided streaming coverage online, but TV satellite trucks did not have Hussein's ability to maneuver around police roadblocks. Hussein managed to get ground-level footage that major cable networks didn't have, and both CNN and MSNBC aired his footage throughout the day Thursday.

Read the rest of the piece here. Read me singing the praises of independent, volunteer-run community radio stations here.


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  1. Mustafa Hussein

    I don’t know anything about this person, but might I suggest he would make a fine addition to the Reason staff?

    Might be a good acquisition.

  2. Do they have a permit to do that?

  3. Meanwhile, in a development likely to only make things worse, facts seem to be accumulating that would appear to somewhat* vindicate the police officer in the original shooting. The background audio taken shortly after the shooting of a witness who claims the youth attacked the officer in the truck, ran, then turned and rushed the officer and “just kept coming” is particularly compelling, given the immediate and unrehearsed nature of the recollection.

    That there are so many witnesses who are not in complete accord with one another just goes to show how very unreliable eyewitness accounts are.

    *’somewhat vindicate’ because one would hope that given a bit of separation from the gun-grabbing incident a switch to less-lethal methods of subduing a physically superior assailant could be made.

  4. The thing I miss most about living in Memphis was listening to WEVL. Community radio at its finest.

  5. Reason.com is now just another leftist mouthpiece. There is a lot of room to criticize out-of-control cops, but your handling of this tragedy looks like it was scripted by Al Sharpton. Like the rest of the MSM, you put forth a canned scenario of the event without bothering to see what facts might emerge. You have completely ignored the existence of witnesses that verify the cop’s version of what happened in Ferguson, & I haven’t seen a word reported here about the injuries inflicted on him by Michael Brown.

    “Libertarians” would be expected to object to the Federal government intrusions on what is precisely a state — and local — matter, viz., a shooting death resulting from a police-response to a disturbance (disrupting traffic) which escalated into an apparent attack on the officer. FedGov has no authority to insert itself into the case. But not a peep here.

    You also seem to have no problem with the rioting & destruction of property alleged to be in response to the shooting. (Which everyone knows was merely a pretext for looting.)

    If you are anarchists now, rather than libertarians, then the above makes sense. Of course the communist left always promotes anarchy as a path to tyranny. Your new friends Obama and Holder will be happy to accommodate you.

    Given your Ferguson “reporting,” and your writers’ approach to numerous other issues over the last 6 months, it appears that “Reason” has lost its mind. A more appropriate name for your enterprise now would be “Emotion.”

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