National Guard Doesn't Improve Ferguson Situation, White House Said to Throttle Records Requests, Fighting Worsens Over Ukraine City: P.M. Links


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  1. Oddly, sending the National Guard to Ferguson, Missouri, didn’t make people less pissed off at official brutality.

    Doing more of what people are complaining about usually works.

    1. When they don’t respect your authority, use more authority.

    2. Next, we’ll try unofficial brutality!

      Send in Holder to “look around”!

    3. Has morale improved yet? Huh, Mr. Smart guy?

    4. Hello.

  2. Attorney General Eric Holder is said to be “flooding the zone [with investigators],” which actually may be an improvement on the status quo in Ferguson.

    The White House is happy for this distraction. It won’t be quelled, it will be stoked.

    1. Yeee-up. But I think it will backfire. It’s becoming clear that Mike Brown was just a thug and the shoot was probably good, so the sight of rioters and communist protestors will probably mostly serve to drive more anti-Democrats to the polls. The race riots of the ’60s did not help elect Democrats.

      1. Then they’ll simply find something else to distract from this.

    2. Please. The tin foil hat crowd is already saying DHS agents provocateur are behind the riots in Ferguson.

  3. A watchdog group claims federal agencies are funneling even basic records requests through the White House for approval or rejection.

    Scratched hard drives abound.

    1. Is it even conceivable there could ever be a law actually requiring the government to provide a specific, unredacted record document? Or will they just have arbitrary veto power forever?

      1. They could be in technical compliance with the law and still be dicks by releasing the one relevant document in a document dump with tens of thousands of unrelated bogus documents that fit the search criteria. Hell, have a random document generator.

        Why am I giving them ideas?

        1. Don’t forget the “misfiling” scam the government has been doing for decades.

          1. When the in-house counsel did pharma, she responded to an FOIA request by snail mailing a 5th generation fax of a document that had every single word except indefinite articles redacted.

  4. Chicago cop kills family’s dog while searching for robbery suspect

    Police were chasing an armed robber who had held up a man early Monday morning in Washington Park. Police spotted the suspect and chased him until they believed they lost him in Mr. Taylor’s yard, the station reported.

    That’s when Castro, an Italian Mastiff, charged at the officers, causing one officer to open fire, police said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Police failed to catch the suspect, who was hiding under a staircase just a few feet from where the dog was shot.

    “He came from under the porch,” Mr. Taylor’s son, DeMarkus Southern, told the CBS affiliate. “He had the gun in his hand, he was backing up talking to me like this, and he is telling me, ‘I apologize for the police killing your dog. I seen the whole thing.’ He put the gun back on his hip, proceeded down the street.”

    1. He sounds more decent than the cop. In Chicago, I suppose that’s not surprising.

      1. If I had the choice of being neighbors to a crack house or a steroid abusing Chicago cop, I’d take the crack house.

    2. That’s just.. nut-punch poetry..

    3. I apologize for the police killing your dog

      Yeah, sure you are.

      1. I’m sure the alleged criminal had no idea the cops would kill an innocent dog.

    4. The police are going to arrest him for aiding and abetting.

      1. Actually I would fully expect this. Just as I presume for that case where the cops shot and killed a hostage, the original perp is going to be charged with murder (as opposed to the police, of course). In this instance I completely expect long and sanctimonious speeches from the boys in blue about how this Evildoer’s actions led to a beautiful friendly puppy dying a hideous death.

    5. Mr. Southern said the suspect is now free because police botched the investigation. No one was in custody for the robbery Tuesday morning, police said.

      Mr. Southern is lucky he’s not in custody after those disparaging remarks.

      1. Wait for it.

    6. So the “vicious” dog ignored the guy hiding under the stairs but charged the police? Yeah, OK.

      1. It was going to tug their sleeves to show them where the bad man was, like Lassie would have, but no! Blaze away at the poor helpful dog!

    7. A charging mastiff is just the sort of dog that should be shot. It’s the barking dachshunds and sleepy beagles that are the bad shoots.

    8. Ah, so in this case, the dog caused the officer to open fire. I guess that’s a step up from the gun discharging by its own will.

  5. Okay, so it started with the local cops, then went to state cops, followed by the National Guard. What’s next in the hierarchy of force? The Coast Guard?

    1. The Coast Guard Youth Auxiliary.

      1. Oh, I suppose there’s the Civil Air Patrol, which lacks lethal weapons but does field Gatling-tasers.

        1. I had a friend in high school who was the quartermaster for the local CAP. To make it perfect, he was a *corrupt* quartermaster. It made perfect training for his professional career. He is now an attorney.

          1. I had a friend who was involved with the CAP. I actually have no idea what the CAP does. I assume some sort of polite, ur, patrolling?

            1. They generally get called upon for search and rescue operations. Although I have heard that some chapters have been twisted into drug enforcement auxiliaries. That could a rumor, of course.

              1. Okay, I guess that makes sense. No missiles then?

                1. Well, bottle rockets.

              2. Nope, not a rumor.

              3. No rumor. CAP does fly what are laughingly called “drug interdiction missions”. One of the reasons why I left.

            2. Ostensibly search and rescue, particularly for crashes involving private aircraft. Emphasis on the “search” part.

              However, their actual mission now involves airborne surveillance of suspected drug traffickers, etc.

              FWIW they were equipped with bombs during WW2 and did spot and bomb a German u-boat in US waters. They didn’t sink the sub but did disable it so it couldn’t submerge; navy or coast guard dealt with it after that.

              1. So they’ve blown shit up before. I’d put them between the National Guard and the Coast Guard then.

                1. No, lower than the CG, but still a threat to liberty, and an end-run around 4A.

                  The CG is actively involved in drug interdiction.

                  1. I meant in my hierarchy of force. I’m trying to predict what’s next for Ferguson.

                    Once we get to the military, I guess it’s what, Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force? The last two getting the nod because of their nuclear arsenals?

                    1. Obviously it ends with these guys taking the town out.

                    2. Ah, the SAC successors. The ultimate in nuclear retribution.

        2. Girl Scouts with cookies would be the best approach. Who doesn’t love thin mints?

          1. Fat mints who feel microaggressed by your shaming?

          2. Hitler?

            Wait, is this one of those memes or an honest question?

            1. Non-hitler rhetorical question. An endangered species around here.

            2. Thin Mints are actually vegan, so vegetarian and, I seem to recall hearing, sweet-freak, Hitler probably would’ve partook.

            3. You know who else couldn’t tell a meme from an honest question?

              1. Hitl… HEY!

          3. I loathe thin mints, to be honest.

            Samoas or get the fuck out.

            1. I (a) agree that Samoas are superior and (b) recently angered my local Brownie Troop leader by refusing to call them whatever-the-fuck they are called now (Caramel something). It’s time for GSUSA and Little Brownie Bakers to put their differences aside, damn it.

            2. Samoas, Peanut butter sandwiches, then thin mints, for me.

            3. Samoas are, of course, great as all chocolate-coconut combinations must be, but Thin Mints are great, too.

    2. Does the Coast Guard still exist? I thought it got absorbed into the DEA.

      1. CG is under Homeland Security, DEA is under “Justice”.

        1. CG used to be under Transportation, btw.

          1. It was a joke, really..

            1. Actually, its exactly where it should have been (and still should be).

              CG is (should be, in my perfect world) a *safety* agency, and only marginally a police one.

    3. Schutzstaffel?

      1. Having had family in the Holocaust, having been to some of the camps, I’m generally loathe to make any kind of Nazi comparison.

        But it’s really, really hard not to with what’s going on in Ferguson, especially with constant repression of journalists. Dammitsomuch.

        1. What’s going on is nothing compared to what happened under the Nazis. What scares me is that the infrastructure is right there ready to be misappropriated.

          1. I’m loathe to use Nazi comparisons, but we are already as close to totalitarianism as we’ve been during my lifetime.

            1. Yeah, multiple anal rape for but clenching?

              Time to stop acting as if we?re on our way and just say – welcome to the police state.

              & while not as bad as Hitler is certainly true, they are sure moving towards violence for their aims.

              & when they do start actually killing people just for disagreeing, you can hear them now ?We?re still not as bad as Hitler – he was a racist. We aren?t killing people for their race or religion, we are killing them for what they think and their lack of support for the collective. Ergo – we are better.?

        2. What a moronic comparison.

          I mean, the Nazis could’ve deported 10 million mexicans *like that*.

    4. Unnamed Federal Agencies in black helicopters.

      “We’re here to shoot your children and burn down your compound!”

    5. Manchester U supporters.

      1. They have any left in this country? I thought they all became Man City supporters last year.

        1. If they didn’t move on after last season, ManU’s opener this season might have convinced them.

    6. The Ukrainian army.

    7. Women’s Auxiliary Balloon Corps?

  6. The looting of a health center housing Ebola patients has, aparently, not improved control over an outbreak of that disease in west Africa.

    The Dark Continent is usually so good dealing with its health crises.

    1. Yeah, all that aid we send ’em is certainly going to the right places…

    2. And spelling, aparently

    3. The Dark Incontinent?

    4. Is it okay to think it’s weird how much Top Men say this is so difficult to catch, but it can be transmitted via sweat? And that the people who ostensibly know to to handle it (doctors and nurses) keep catching it?

      Is it because it isn’t airborne that they said it’s hard to catch, because I mean, sweat…

      1. Well, “not airborne” isn’t quite right either, because it can be transmitted via aerosol…like a sneeze generatez.

        1. I’ll be in my bunk er…

      2. One report I read had journalists being given a tour of an ebola treatment center and being told “Don’t touch the walls!”

        I think the authorities are playing down the danger because they don’t want panic. And I think leftists and some libertarians are playing it down because they don’t want to “reinforce the stereotype” of foreigners carrying diseases, especially at a time when we have thousands of foreigners carrying diseases across our southern border.

        1. especially at a time when we have thousands of foreigners carrying diseases across our southern border.

          And if one is concerned about public health and the spread of infectious disease, what would be a more efficient (not to mention cost effective) solution? Setting up an Ellis Island-type holding center where potential immigrants could be screen for disease or constructing and staffing the Great Wall of Texas?

          1. A good fence that gets patrolled should be sufficient.

            1. I believe you’re underestimating the logistics involved. The Israelis can barely stop Hamas from tunneling under their border, which is only slightly less than 40 miles long. Our border with Mexico is about 2,000 miles long.

              And remember, if disease prevention is your goal, not even one potential carrier can successfully cross.

              1. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be a lot better. Of course the logistics are hard, but that’s what the defense budget is for: defending the country.

              2. You are ruining his Festung Amerkia buzz, HM.

        2. I think the authorities are playing down the danger because they don’t want panic.


          Another libertarian issue on this is the possibility of government-enforced quarantine.

  7. The looting of a health center housing Ebola patients has, aparently, not improved control over an outbreak of that disease in west Africa. About 42.5 percent of all deaths attributed to the disease, ever, have occurred since March.


  8. “The Travis County grand jury that indicted Texas governor Rick Perry Friday evening has lost New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait, Obama confidant David Axelrod ? and now even the editors of the New York Times.”…..witterfeed

    That was quick – it took longer for the liberals to turn on Mike Nifong, and *his* picture is in the dictionary next to “shitheel.”

    1. Ah but that case had issues of race, gender, and class. This one is just the two halves of TEAM BE RULED going after each other.

      1. Apparently the AG he wanted to shitcan is a lesbian, so there could be an angle there…

        1. Oh, she’s a lesbian? I just thought she was ugly.

          1. Fat, drunk, and ugly is no way to go though life, son… oops, daughter.

    2. Never been a big Uncle Rico kind of guy, but this is pretty goddamn bold. Love it.

      Think there is a solidarity gathering for him this afternoon here in Austin 🙁

      traffic should be great hahaha

      1. It may be bold, but the link is cold.

        1. Worked for me!

        2. Or not…must have been my browser.

      2. That whole thing is backfiring on Democrats. The average person hearing about it thinks: “So he wanted to fire the head of the ‘Public Integrity Unit’ who’s a drunk? Whats wrong with that?”

    3. Grand Juries need to be educated about what their role is in the justice system. They are not the prosecutor’s lackies.

      1. It was an Austin Travis County grand jury. Not gonna be packed with Perry fans. Still, you’d think they would have said, oh, wait, the Governor is allowed to veto stuff under the constitution. Putting him on trial for that is wrong.

    4. Democrats putting a likely Republican presidential candidate on trial for charges that would strike the common person as spurious… well, it’s bad optics for them, to say the least.

      Worse, he is a player in the immigration debate, which doesn’t seem to be rolling to their favor, and it may further stoke conspiracy theories and passions in that regard.

  9. Seeing various peoples’ reaction to what’s going on in Ferguson has made me realize I hate about 99% of people. Is that normal, or should I seek help?

    1. We’re here to help!

      1. Going on H&R is like a full year’s worth of therapy and anti-anxiety drugs!

        1. Going on H&R is more like what causes the need for a year’s worth of therapy and anti-anxiety drugs.

          1. ^^ this ^^

          2. I am sanity and you can, too!

    2. I’m distressed that a decent number of people seem more interested in fanning the flames for political (or economic) reasons than in restoring the peace.

      Regardless of what happened, I don’t think more violence and, for that matter, looting is going to solve anything. We’ll still have mostly unaccountable (and often racist) cops, and we’ll still have a disproportionate number of black criminals.

      Blessed are the peacemakers, right? Where are they?

      1. They caught the last train to the coast

      2. I’m waiting for a squad-sized element of Black Panther irregulars to launch a hasty ambush on the cops shooting gas into a crowd.


      3. Hell even the militarization of police angle is, to a degree, a cosmetic distraction from the WoD, Police Union special treatment, Government Central Planning/Taxes/Regulatory State disaster nexus where the heart of the problems resides.

      4. I think that’s because it is viewed by many on the left as a race issue.

        The minute it got coded as race, a lot of people lost interest in trying to calm it down or solve the underlying issues. Solving problems doesn’t keep 90+% of blacks voting Democrat. Solving problems isn’t how Al Sharpton feeds his family.

        1. I’m amazed that blacks continue to vote for a party that does absolutely nothing but shove many of them down into a permanent underclass role.

          1. The same party locks them into required indoctrination camps and doesn’t allow their parents the ability to use their funds to escape those educational hellholes.

          2. Americans will gladly take a permanent underclass role if the alternative is personal responsibility.

            1. Plus, a permanent underclass just proves how capitalism has failed.

          3. As the Daily Show pointed out once, blacks are a historically loyal, block voting type group.

            They were with the Republicans for 100 years post-Civil War. So the Dems got another 40 odd years left.

            1. Honestly, could the blacks have been treated worse, as a class, if the Democrats were openly trying to oppress them?

              1. I mean, they were enslaved for a while, so I’m going to have to go with… yes.

                1. I meant within what’s reasonably likely to be permitted today, leaving out slavery, concentration camps, and mandatory Pilates.

                2. …and that was when the Democrats were openly oppressing them.

          4. The republicans haven’t exactly offered a great alternative to them over the past few decades. Also, black turnout has usually been relatively low, aside from the last two presidential elections.

      5. I’m distressed that a decent number of people seem more interested in fanning the flames for political (or economic) reasons than in restoring the peace.

        But not surprised, I’ll warrant.

        1. No, not surprised. Which saddens me.

    1. Raise some money for ALS while they’re at it? I like it.

      1. Ice water cannons, used to compel people to contribute to this worthy cause?

    2. Could you imagine if a Fox News anchor said that?

      1. She appears to be asking about it because she sees it as being less damaging.

        1. Maybe, but to not know the history behind such a comment?

      2. It’s a madhouse! A madhouse!

  10. Hey, LA Reasonoids:

    I know jesse sent out an email, but I figure that a post will also help.

    There is going to be a meetup on Sunday, September 7th at Rush Street in Culver City. They do brunch, and you can get bottomless bloody marys for 20 bucks. Figure you should get there by 11 AM.

    So, be there, or don’t The nonagression principle allows me to be no more forceful than that!

    1. The Menu

      I might go for 9 inches. Of Pizza.

    2. Are there any San Diego Reasonoids?

  11. So, I recently tried one of those Girl Scout Cookies Crunch Bars (The Coconut and Caramel one).

    Best candy bar I have ever had.

    1. Best candy bar I have ever had.

      Sounds like a Samoa in candy bar form, is that about accurate?

      1. Yes. Yes it is.

        And it is glorious.

        1. And it is glorious.

          I could hurt myself eating Samoas. Thin Mints, too.

          Ever had the Girl Scout Cookie ice cream by Edy’s?

      1. Who fires a pistol by holding it against their face? How many policemen get facial fractures from recoil?

    1. Interesting that it took that long for this to come out. Just sayin’

      1. A few days ago it was minor swelling on the side of his face.

        Now it’s an “orbital blowout fracture”.

        He’ll have a glass eye by Friday.

        1. Well, someone can get punched in the face and get swelling, and then when they do X-rays they discover a fracture.

          1. Forget it, PapayaSF, It’s Hit & Run Town.

            1. It’s almost like half of libertarians are felons. I mean, that’s the only way to explain the knee-jerk, reflexive cop-hate that is impervious to, er, Reason.

              1. I don’t have a criminal record. I hate cops because they are by-and-large psychopaths, leeches, and cowards who routinely violate people’s rights, usually in the name of a victimless crime.

                1. + 1,000,000

    2. Orbital blowout? Caused by what, a meteorite?

      1. I think it’s caused by Taco Bell

    3. a life for an eye

      1. Fuck off. Thug got what was coming to him.

  12. Taiwan Restaurant Apologizes for Pasta Dish Called ‘Long Live the Nazis’

    Ms. Chao said the purpose of the original name “was simply to help customers” make the German connection to the pasta dish, in which German sausage is the primary ingredient. There was also a pizza that went by the same name. Ms. Chao said in the year that the restaurant has been selling the dish, it hasn’t received any complaints.

    The Nazi swastika and other icons related to the white supremacist political ideal aren’t uncommon on this island. Last year, a man was photographed by local media dressed in full SS soldier uniform while attending an anti-homosexuality parade. When asked about his choice of attire, the man was quoted by local media as saying “I am against homosexuality and so were the Nazis.”

    The embarrassment reached a national scale in 2011, when the Ministry of National Defense posted a photo of three students in Nazi uniforms at the ministry’s summer camp. The defense minister later apologized to the Israel representative office in Taiwan.

    1. Is there a counterbalanced situation in Estonia or something? A bunch of Eastern Europeans with a strange obsession with imperial Japan?

      1. Now I want to see a bunch of Latvian samurai.

    2. You know who else was against homosexuality?

      1. Paul the apostle?

      2. Ted Haggard?

      3. Fuck it, I’m just going with a default answer of Haile Selassie on these from now on.

        1. + 1 bullet to each of the Four Winds

    3. Can I say how weird it is that other countries have summer camps run by specific government ministries and/or political parties?

      That camp that the Norway shooter killed all those kids at was run by and for the socialist party, for example.

      1. The PA State Police run little summer camps for kids… seems creepy too.

        1. Camp Cadet was fun as hell. Nothing like running a bootcamp for teenagers

    4. “I am against homosexuality and so were the Nazis.”

      After 1934.

    5. I’m getting old: this story is 15 years old:

      A Taiwanese company has provoked an angry response because of an advertising campaign using large subway billboards featuring a cartoon figure of a smiling Adolf Hitler. The advertisements are for German-made electric space heaters.

      Israeli and German culture and trade officials in Taipei said yesterday they were appalled by the ad.

      The maker of the space heaters, DBK, based in the southwest German city of Kandel, said it would order an immediate halt to the campaign.

      The ad shows Hitler in a khaki uniform and black jackboots, his right arm raised high in a Nazi salute. Above him is a slogan that says “Declare war on the cold front!”

      There are no swastikas in the ad, but the Hitler figure wears a red arm band on his left arm with a white circle bearing the German manufacturer’s name.

      1. The taiwanese make the Japanese look downright normal.

        1. Keep in mind that the Taiwanese are really just liberal, capitalistic Chinese. So when China finally casts off totalitarianism to become a more liberal republic, it’ll be Taiwan weirdness times 58 or so.

          1. Taiwanese are really just liberal, capitalistic Chinese

            Yes and no. There is truth to that, but their culture has also been influenced by the Japanese occupation (which was longer yet not nearly as brutal compared to the mainland) and Taiwanese aboriginal culture. Also, even during the martial law period, Taiwan was more open to Western influences than China.

            Also, there’s the whole “Taiwan is more Chinese than China” phenomenon, since they didn’t go through the Cultural Revolution.

            1. I’ve met Chinese who live in places like Malaysia (and have been there for a while), who act pretty similar to the Taiwanese. There’s a definite cultural affinity for acting as merchants.

          2. Liberal? Weren’t they basically the last bastion of the Chinese nationalists (ie, fascists)? Which actually explains the Nazi thing a little too well.

    6. They should have called it “Pasta Uber Alles.”

  13. Protesters block Israeli owned ship from discharging cargo in Oakland.
    Dockworkers at the Port of Oakland honored a picket line this evening marking the third day in a row that an Israeli-owned commercial vessel was unable to unload cargo at the port, event organizers said.
    Bay Area protesters gathered at the Port of Oakland to stop a Zim Integrated Shipping Services vessel from docking and unloading in an act of protest against recent Israeli military action in Gaza.
    At Saturday afternoon’s protest, demonstrators carried signs with slogans such as “Gaza will be free,” “Boycott. Divest, Sanction. End Israeli Apartheid,” and “Resist Zionism and Imperialism.”

    “We’ll shut down this ship, and it will sail away from here without unloading its cargo, and without picking up its cargo,” said protest organizer, Paul Larudee. “And it will get a very small, a VERY small lesson of what it means to be a Palestinian and live that way.”
    Between three and four dozen protesters stood outside the gate to the port chanting, “Block the boat!” Retired Longshoreman, Howard Keylor, said he hoped his fellow Longshoremen would honor the picket line.

    1. Not sure how much it will hurt ZIM, wouldn’t force majeure cover any losses?

    2. Where’s the militarized police force when you need it?

    3. Maybe these protesters need a small lesson on what it is like to be an Israeli. Anyone got any rocket launchers?

    4. So, why aren’t the dockworkers being fired for not doing their fucking job? Why aren’t the police fired for allowing protesters to actually preventing the dock to operate? Why aren’t the protesters arrested for preventing the dock from operating? Yes, we all have the right to assemble, but they have gone well past assembly.

      1. Why aren’t the *unionized* dockworkers being fired?

        1. Yes, they are all rhetorical – which is sad.

        2. I’d call this a wildcat strike and fire anyone who doesn’t report for work.

    5. So, why aren’t the dockworkers being fired for not doing their fucking job? Why aren’t the police fired for allowing protesters to actually preventing the dock to operate? Why aren’t the protesters arrested for preventing the dock from operating? Yes, we all have the right to assemble, but they have gone well past assembly.

    6. Between three and four dozen protesters stood outside the gate to the port chanting, “Block the boat!” Retired Longshoreman, Howard Keylor, said he hoped his fellow Longshoremen would honor the picket line.

      A Longshoreman union representative said there was no official position about whether port workers should cross the picket line.

      “We’re just telling them to be safe,” he said.

      The union representative then added “It’s be a shame if I’d had to break anyone’s legs because he chose a bunch of Jewboys over us”. He then kept gently hitting his palm with a length of copper pipe over and over again in a menacing manner.

      1. They convinced a longshoreman not to work? That’s unpossible!

      2. “four dozen protesters stood outside the gate to the port chanting, “Block the boat!”

        I’d like to know where they got the notion for that.

  14. So, what does Ars Technica hate more than Verizon not magically rolling out fiber to every inch of the country?

    Why, Verizon replacing copper telephone lines with fiber, of course!

    1. It’s truly sad how statist much of the tech community can be.

      Or, to be more technically accurate, how statist tech journalist are.

      1. Or, to be more technically accurate, how statist journalist are.

        Fixed it for you.

      2. In my experience, techies average less statist than other people of similar education levels, even in non-tech areas. But not by much.

        But if you want some progs go full nativist, start talking to a group of programmers about relaxing H1B visa restrictions.

        1. Don’t mention the war net neutrality.

        2. Only the shitty ones that are afraid of competition. Fuck ’em.

          1. To be fair, there are plenty that vocally support lifting the restrictions. But the ones who are vehemently not yet view themselves as sophisticated, compassionate progressives are funny.

          2. Yes, import those helots!

        3. I spend half my work day cleaning up after these H1B ‘programmers’ and the other half in a futile attempt to keep them from causing damage I have to clean up the next day.

          Cheap foreign labor is fine when you’re talking about mindless tasks in agriculture. It’s a different story when you’re talking IT.

    1. Most of those aren’t really that bad, as far as they go. But using your purse as a shield? OK, sure, bro.

      1. You’ve seen the mountaineering expedition packs the average mainlander girl uses for a purse?

        1. Disney English ? a day ago

          Ha. I can just imagine all the Chinese girls out there baulking [sic] at the thought of using their bag to fend off a knife attack. Pretty sure half would rather the blade went into their palm instead.

          1. I had a People’s Party Princess as a student who used her most-likely real LV leather tote bag as the bag she used to lug her textbooks around. It always had a prominent place either on her desk or by her feet facing outwards for all to see. The other girls had almost a fetishistic reverence for it.

            1. People’s Party Princess


              It’s too bad the One Child Policy has produced so many spoiled brats.

  15. So, I’ve been thinking:

    Do Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have some kind of noncompete agreement?

    Whenever these race things flare up, you normally get one or the other of them, but never both. I have to wonder if that isn’t planned.

    1. I thought he was one guy with two faces.

  16. The governor is expected to be processed quickly and to leave. He is not subject to an arrest warrant. However, Fox News has learned Perry will have his mugshot and fingerprints taken during the booking.

    I’m confused. If he’s not got an arrest warrant out, why go to the jail for booking, mugshot, and fingerprints?

    Why the need to ‘turn himself in’?

    1. He’s worried about his dog?

    2. Because it makes him look like a “victim”?

      1. Yeah. I think Perry’s best strategy is Brier Rabbit this.

        It actually could help him a lot in 2016 if he is seen by Republican Primary voters as being unfairly target by Dems. Look at how much money the Democrats have raised on the threat of an Obama impeachment.

    3. Why the need to ‘turn himself in’?

      Rick Perry: “Uh..ah…oops!”

    4. Perry was ordered by a judge to turn himself in, rather than having to be arrested and hauled in.

    1. Those vandals are downright clever.

      1. Yeah, that was well done

    2. From the comments:

      Fedor CanRus ? 2 hours ago
      Yes, how dare Russia defend the dignity of countless people that died for the soviet union and the monuments dedicated to them.

      1. Yeah, it’s the vandals threatening their dignity.

      2. It may be time to break it to the Russians that not everyone loved the Soviet Union.

    3. Wow, if that’s the case, maybe they should have taken them back to the Motherland when they rolled up the carpets back in ’91.

  17. So an American photo journalist was just executed by ISIS, and the picture and video are going around twitter. Apparently they are threatening to execute another American as well.

    This is the emotional part of my brain speaking, but there is a part of me that wants the greatest military in the history of the world to go back in there and kill or capture every last ISIS member. Sure, it might create a vacuum, but whatever fills it can’t be worse than ISIS, right?

    1. Sure, it might create a vacuum, but whatever fills it can’t be worse than ISIS, right?

      I thought the same about Saddam Hussein. I learned my lesson.

      1. Like I said, it’s the emotional part of my brain speaking. Though if their strategy is going to be to kill every American they get their hands on, then we might need to do something.

        1. Stay the fuck away?

          1. I’ll certainly be doing that.

        2. If we’re so keen to build a wall to protect ourselves from the furriner, the best place to start building would be the middle east.

    2. the journalistic rhetorical caveat of “Reportedly” seems almost comical in the context of a *video depicting the beheading of a person*

      This guy had been kidnapped since 2012

      funny how this never made national news before. Oh well. At least we got Bergdahl back, right?

  18. The United Nations is scaling up aid efforts in Iraq because…it’s a mess.

    But not yet a big enough of one, apparently.

  19. Michael Brown subject now generated “152 stories” on

    This particular one being about some guy who robbed a convenience store then brandished a knife at cops chanting “”Shoot me now. Kill me now.” like some kind of schizophrenic-predator-schwartzenegger

    There is another one there with the cryptic headline of

    Ferguson Security Chief Hopes Peaceful Protesters Will Stay Home

    1. “Members of the African-American elite, along with many white liberals, have said we don’t put enough value on the lives of young black men. They certainly don’t. Or they would have a lot more to say when a black kid gets shot in the street ? by another kid who is black.”

      there is something to that.

      I keep repeating that there are daily shootings in chicago that kill young black men, and about 10 so far this year shot and killed by Chicago police.

      Over the past 4-5 years about 1000 ‘young black men’ died from shootings in Chicago

      Apparently this is not enough to warrant anyone’s attention.

      There’s a convenient and aptly-named Website that makes this clear = called

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