Hillary Clinton

Warning: Watching This May Make You Skip Season 3 of House of Cards


Kevin Spacey/Frank Underwood calls Hillary Clintion/Hillary Clinton trying to find out what the former secretary of state is going to get her husband for his 68th birthday.

Hilarity does not ensue, though a sense of sadness lingers long after the video ends.

I really dig House of Cards, but this sort of thing makes me wish the show bad things.

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  1. C’mon Nick, how na?ve are you?

  2. Hillary Clintion

    They don’t do a very good job fictionalizing these characters these days.

  3. House of Cads features Hilarity Klinton.

    Will never watch that garbage.

  4. I don’t understand. He shouldn’t be calling Hillary Clinton; Hillary Clinton should be calling him.

  5. What’s up with that show Madame Secretary with Tara Reid(?). The promos make it look like a Hillary biopic. Or a not-too-subtle campaign ad.

    1. links. Nobody makes me do my own googling!

    2. Tea Leoni. The ads make me want to puke. And I find Tea Leoni very attractive.

  6. So what does he want for birthday 69?

    1. Nothing that involves Hillary, I’d bet.

      1. He probably got sick of the pegging several birthdays ago.

  7. So Leftist Hollywood Progs turn out to be leftist Hollywood Progs and Gillespie is surprised?

    The “libertarian moment” is definitely happening when Reason’s own staff can’t help but be co-opted by the progs instead of co-opting them. Unfortunately the ones who want to co-opt the progs and the right are the likes of Lew Rockwell.

    1. Jesus Christ please hang yourself. Please.

      1. How would he hang himself if he’s already up on the cross?


        1. That was funny, in contrast to his classless response.

          1. So the guy who told me to hang myself is bitching about “class”?

      2. Jesus Christ please hang yourself. Please.

        Do I look like Robin Williams?

  8. ” this sort of thing makes me wish the show bad things.”

    I wish I had an English PhD.

    that aside…

    … is there something sort of tone-deaf in the collusion between a Television Show Character empbodying the ‘extra-scummy-and-dishonest-nature of politicians’, and how they will do whatever necessary to garner the public approval-ratings necessary for election…

    …and Hilary Clinton?

    I mean, they expect the ‘message’ to be a POSITIVE one?

    1. Well isn’t Frank Underwood a politician who Gets Things Done and defeats the obstructionist Rethuglicans?

      1. In season 1, he had more problems with the unions and special interests within his party than dealing with the opposition.

      2. Yep – he?s efficient and a murderer. Perfect combo!

        Disclaimer: I do like the show – but am smart enough to divorce the story from reality… so long as they don?t go West Wing with it….

  9. Well now I ever thought about it like that before.


  10. Nick hates Democrats, is shrill about it. In other news, it’s a day. I feel so sad for you folks. You don’t get to hang with any of the cool kids like the Hollywood elites. =(

    1. Because Tony goes windsurfing with supermodels all the time. Or lives in Oklahoma. Or whatever is convenient to make him seem like an expert in whatever bullshit MSNBC is telling him to push that day.

      1. Tony is gay and from Oklahoma (supposedly). Kay Francis was from Oklahoma and was friends with Clay Shaw who was gay and Ollie Stone thinks he killed JFK. So Tony killed JFK, it makes sense.

      2. /dunphy

    2. In Nick’s defense, it’s difficult not to hate you motherfuckers.

    3. Nick hates Democrats, is shrill about it. In other news, it’s a day. I feel so sad for you folks. You don’t get to hang with any of the cool kids like the Hollywood elites. =(

      I thought elitism and inequality were bad? Oh wait this is Tony.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I thought to. Apparently though, we have just learned from Tony Baloney, that elitism is only bad if it’s elite Rethuglicans. Elite Democraps are fine. Isn’t that right, Tony Baloney?

        1. Actors get a market price for their service. CEOs and hedge fund managers are mostly parasites.

          1. CEOs and hedge fund managers are mostly parasites.


          2. Yup, those CEOs. Where do they come from anyway? I mean, these businesses create all of this wealth and then CEOs just start popping up all over the place.


            (p.s. you’re incredibly stupid, Tony/Tonies)

    4. Tony read The Fountainhead and thought Peter Keating was the character to be admired.

    5. Yeah, cause every Democrat in the US gets to hang out with Tim Robbins and go to his parties.

      Nobody get’s to hang with the Hollywood “cool kids”, Tony, not even you. They don’t exactly invite fans to show up at their parties.

      I’ve probably come closer to mingling with celebrities than you have, actually.

  11. In other words, “If you’ve never watched this show, don’t bother.”

    Thanks for the tip, Nick.

  12. Is the Ed Sullivan Show still on?

    1. Sullivan’s feet were freakishly large. He needed a really big shoe.

  13. I find it incredibly creepy that anyone is being urged to sign a card to any political figure. Period.

    1. These were the same people who made an internet video pledging allegiance to Obama so this isn’t surprising.

  14. There goes my lunch.

  15. Is “elephant” a code word for a chubby intern in her early twenties?

  16. So I guess this means Maryland gave the production company the tax credits they wanted

  17. Everyone kept telling me how super-flash-basbo awesome this show was, and that I must drop my preconceived notions and watch it RIGHT THE FUCK NOW.

    I just threw up a little in my mouth as soon as I saw Hillary.

    So, the takeaway here is that the evil, corrupt politician is the one who gets along with and promotes Hillary?

    1. I think the takeaway is that the Clintons have friends in Hollywood who can pull strings and get Hillary a cameo.
      Because House of Cards is like, hip, and shit, and if Hillary is on it, it’ll be just like Bill playing the Sax on Arsino Hall.

      1. I think the takeaway is that the Clintons have friends in Hollywood who can pull strings and get Hillary a cameo.

        Surprising, after what they did to her on the whole Obama thing.

  18. Season 2 of HoC was unwatchable. Horrendous writing and acting.

    1. Seriously, this. Was going to comment the exact same thing.

  19. Pretty retarded, but on the plus side, Hillary’s face looks like it’s made of plastic.

    I kept wondering if she was about to rip it off to reveal a hideous lizard person underneath. Scene needs a cage full of white mice in the background.

  20. Oh who the crap cares what Spacey does? His greatness isn’t in his philosophy, politics or economics. It’s in his fantastic acting.

    The same goes for the House of Cards show in general. All the politicians are amoral assholes anyway, so what are you complaining about?

    1. Fantastic acting? Unless he’s developed another one lately, he’s got two moves:

      – Apparent nice guy with simmering underbelly of rage and or quietly even side that gradually gets revealed. (The Ref, American Beauty, Glengarry Glen Rose, [Spoiler that you obviously know because it’s one of the three or four most famous twists in modern film])

      – Sad eyed boring guy who doesn’t reveal secret twist.

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