Curfew Dropped in Ferguson, Hillary Clinton Heads to Iowa, Independent Vermont Sen. Jeffords Dies: P.M. Links


  • "Right now staffers continue to search for new ways that I can mishandle the situation in Ferguson."

    Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has called off the curfew in Ferguson, Missouri (not that police waited to fire upon demonstrators last night anyway). A source told the Washington Post that Michael Brown had marijuana in his system, which as we all know, turns people into violent, crazy people, according to news reports from more than a century ago.

  • Hillary Clinton is heading to Iowa for the first time since 2008, which I'm sure means nothing at all.
  • Former Vermont Sen. James Jeffords has died at the age of 80. He is remembered for leaving the Republican Party in 2001, which ended up handing control of the Senate to the Democratic Party.
  • Ukraine representatives claim dozens of civilians were killed in an attack by rebel forces on a convoy of refugees. A rebel chief says no such attack happened. Journalists aren't able to figure out what actually happened because of the danger.
  • An Ohio morgue attendant has admitted to having sex with the corpses of at least 100 women over the course of two decades.
  • Republican candidates are attempting to take control of the debate surrounding women's access to birth control by arguing for over-the-counter access without a prescription.

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