Obama Taking Brief Vacation Break, 'Please Delete This Email' Writes White House Official, The Sexbots Are Coming: P.M. Links


  • New Line Cinema

    President Obama is still at Martha's Vineyard, but on Sunday he's making a trip back in D.C. that is "shrouded in mystery," and will be back on vacation on Tuesday.

  • The Ferguson Police Department this afternoon released the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown: Darren Wilson. The shooting and subsequent protests are a "turning point" in race relations and police action, "and we must learn from it," says Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.).
  • "Please delete this email," begins a message uncovered from a top Obama administration health official, and House Republicans want to know why.
  • Ukraine claims that it partially "destroyed" a column of Russian military vehicles that crossed the border after nightfall. Russia denies having sent the convoy, but a few journalists say they saw it.
  • Iraq's Sunni minority is eager to work with the new prime minister and end political deadlock.
  • Jeb Bush doesn't want medical marijuana to be legalized in Florida. Sounds like he doesn't want to ever get elected president, either.
  • Distraught by low voter turnout, Los Angeles is considering giving out cash prizes for casting ballots.
  • A new FBI statistic suggests that 80 percent of law enforcement officials throughout the U.S. are overweight. Put the donut down and back away slowly.
  • The saddest who-said-it quiz all week pits Hillary Clinton against John McCain.
  • You'll be boning a robot by 2025 says one team of optimistic, frisky researchers.

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