Obama's Security Frisks Golfers, U.S. Might Send Ground Troops to Iraq, Study Says Your Opinion Doesn't Matter: P.M. Links


  • The White House

    President Obama needs to golf during his vacation, and that means other golfers must be frisked.

  • The U.S. is trying to figure out what to do about all the refugees that this ISIS-Iraq debacle is creating and … did someone say ground troops?
  • "The preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy," says a new, sad, and not particularly surprising study.
  • Same-sex marriages could begin in Virginia as early as next week.  
  • The latest Israeli-Gaza ceasefire officially expires in half an hour (5 p.m. ET). Also, an Associated Press reporter was killed by a previously undetonated ordinance from an Israeli airstrike.
  • Two German artists took responsibility for the white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge. Five bucks says Merkel had them do it as payback for all that espionage. 
  • Brazil's socialist presidential candidate was killed in a plane crash. That's a downer.

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  1. President Obama needs to golf during his vacation, and that means other golfers must be frisked.

    Make sure their balls have been washed.

    1. I hear there’s a new 300-hole course near Mosul that Obama should be trying. But it’s pretty difficult with so many bunkers and sand traps, I know he prefers easy stuff.

      1. I’ll tell ya though, that new course still has fewer holes than Obamacare.


    2. Hello.

      “Brazil’s socialist presidential candidate was killed in a plane crash. That’s a downer”

      Borderline evil Evans.


    3. They better fly in some TSA goons then.

    4. Fuck that. If the president is so fucking precious and threatened that this level of security is warranted, then he shouldn’t be allowed out in public. It’s too expensive and too much of a burden on other people. There are plenty of places for him to be that are always secure. He can take his vacations at Camp David.

      1. You may have the mistaken belief that he cares how much his entourage inconveniences the locals. More of a feature than a bug – some may be part of the 1%.

    5. No you can’t frisk me. The president can play somewhere else if he’s too afraid of us.

      Nice docile people these supposedly brave and free americans.

      1. See how docile they are if you refuse to stand for the anthem at a sporting event.

  2. Two German artists took responsibility for the white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge.

    At least they didn’t put any ancient Buddhist/Hindu symbols on them.

    1. Hey, not my fault you if can’t figure out that counter-clockwise = good and clockwise = bad.

      1. Although I have seen both chiralities on temples, as it happens.

        I married a jewish woman (not practicing). Boy her parents got a surprise the first time they visited my folks’ house.

        1. At least you didn’t serve them pork, which is what really matters. Unless your family hails from Goa?

  3. The U.S. is trying to figure out what to do about all the refugees that this ISIS-Iraq debacle is creating and ? did someone say ground troops?

    I miss the anti-war left.

    1. I’m sorry some time traveler hasn’t assassinated Muhammad.

      1. That’s the first thing they all do.

        1. I suspect he’s eclipsed Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, and Marx on the Time Traveler Hit List.

          1. Woodrow Wilson still tops my list!

      2. They did, and they get to enjoy that alternate reality without a billion followers of the bloodthirsty pedophile.

        1. No, they just have a billion followers of a slightly different bloodthirsty pedophile.

          1. More than likely true. Probably reasonably true about Hitler, Stalin, Marx, etc.

    2. I miss the anti-war left.

      next GOP administration, it comes out of hiding.

      1. That’s when homelessness will become a problem again, too.

    3. the anti-war left.

      There hasn’t been one since June 22, 1941.

    4. I rather imagine the several hundred members of SOCOM already there are not hovering above the Earth. They are troops and they are on the ground. When I was there advising the 10th and 14th IA DIVs, I was still a “ground troop”.

      1. It’s only supposed to be 140 extra advisers, yes? So can we call it a tweet of troops?

        1. Only if they are all characters.

  4. “The preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy,” says a new, sad, and not particularly surprising study.

    The same thing with who the next American Idol will be.

    1. That show is still on?

      1. Hey, read your email btw.

        1. Actually you should read yours…

          1. Exchanging recipes and death threats?

          2. Let’s just both read Fist’s instead.

            1. That’s not going to end well. At least you didn’t say SugarFree’s…

  5. …an Associated Press reporter was killed by a previously undetonated ordinance from an Israeli airstrike.

    Uh-oh. The press is going to turn on Israel now.

    1. I’m guessing he was less than the minimum distance one should stand when someone is defusing a bomb.

      1. What, you don’t trust the expertise of “Gaza police engineers”?

    2. Which ordinance is being disarmed? Jaywalking?

  6. Same-sex marriages could begin in Virginia as early as next week.

    Technically, they could be happening now.

    1. Apparently my good friend’s mother’s wedding to her partner that was last year, and was awesome, did not actually occur.

      1. That was just a symbolic wedding. It’s not a real wedding until the state recognizes it.

  7. Here’s a happy little story:

    Guide dogs and guns: America’s blind gunmen

    In the US, being blind is no bar to owning and carrying firearms. The blind people who do it say they are simply exercising their constitutional right, and present no danger to the public.

    When Carey McWilliams went to the sheriff’s office in Fargo, North Dakota, to fill out the paperwork for a permit to carry a concealed weapon, the staff immediately noticed he was holding the harness to a guide dog.

    The woman behind the desk pointed out that he would have to pass a shooting test before being granted the licence, but McWilliams said he knew that. He told her not to worry.

    “So then she took a picture of me, and my application then went up through the ranks – it got the signature of the chief of police of Fargo, the sheriff and the state attorney general’s office – and they kept calling me and calling me, saying: ‘There’s a shooting test, there’s a shooting test.'”

    The day of the test came, and McWilliams duly went along to the police firing range with a friend who was also trying for a permit. The targets were half-size cut-outs of assailants, positioned seven yards (6.4m) away. McWilliams fired a series of shots with a .357 magnum, all of which landed in the heart region of his target.

    Clearly, he knew what he was doing.

      1. God that first episode where he says it about the walkabout…

    1. I’m sorry I’m not comfortable with this. If blind people want to use guns in a controlled situation like a firing range or their house, that’s fine, but I’m not comfortable with one carrying a gun around in public and firing on someone with absolutely no idea what’s behind him.

      1. and firing on someone with absolutely no idea what’s behind him.

        You mean, like a cop?

      2. The 2nd amendment only applies to those with eyesight.

        I forgot about that caveat…oh wait.

        1. I think blind folks can aim for the smell.
          Because after the intruder/bad guy craps himself when he sees a blind guy wielding a gun (ANY gun come to thing of it), the blind person can shoot towards the stink… I bet the blind would have better accuracy than a cop.

          1. er think. (new keyboard, old fingers.)

  8. Why is Obama goose stepping on a golf course?

    1. To get to the other side?

    2. Because he’s a socialist?

    3. It polled well at the time?

      1. This comment applies to the single mothers thread as well.

  9. Brazil’s socialist presidential candidate was killed in a plane crash. That’s a downer.

    No it isn’t- wait, ISWYDT.

    1. The collective IQ of Brazil no doubt inched up a bit. So there is that.

    2. Cessna says they didn’t build that.

      1. Lord Ono built that, duuuh.

        1. *Obo

    3. So the Brazilian got waxed in a plane crash?

        1. *narrows gaze at Tonio for encouraging him*

  10. http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad…..l_dt_tw_ru

    Slate finally discovers there is such a thing as regulatory capture. Of course it only happens when Republicans do it and it relates something cool like space travel. Slate has assured itself that it could never happen in any other area.

    1. And it turns out that politicians favoring certain businesses can be a bad thing, too.

    2. Yeah, Reddit (I know, I know) is filled with assholes who bitch about dealership laws fucking over Tesla, and then turn around and defend the Taxi cartels when they trash Uber.

      1. What subs are you reading where people dislike Uber?

    3. Progressive authors were talking about regulatory capture 100 years ago. They thought that the solution was to subdue the corporations quickly. It’s all timing, my friend. Timing and TOP MEN.

      1. Yes, the Populists and the Progressives of 100 years pretty much believed that TOP MEN would save the farmers and small businessmen from the banks and the corporations.

    4. The solution is more laws to keep the corporations from controlling the regulators.

    5. Of course it only happens when Republicans do it and it relates something cool like space travel.

      It’s also quite convenient that the business Slate suddenly rushes to defend is SpaceX- headed by one Elon Musk of Tesla and Solar City fame. That dude’s entire lifetime business model is based on the Government being his angel investor.

      While I have no love for the Launch Alliance or Boeing, it is absolutely silly to pretend that this is some sort of Good Guy vs Bad Guy or David vs Goliath battle. This is two sharks battling for the chum held out by the government.

      And by the way, you are the chum.

  11. Hey look, here’s some people you hate.

    “The workout is different every time, but every time I can try to play it better. I keep trying to play it better. If you come back to Grand Theft Auto, you want to play it better!

    1. If I were crossfit, I would be paying nerds not to come to my clubs so that my brand wasn’t associated with them.

    2. Holy shit, I didn’t realize this:

      The relative brevity of CrossFit’s workouts (25 minutes is considered a long slog)

      Seriously? What the fuck.

      1. They go fucking insane for those 25 minutes.

        1. You mean like that flopping fish pullup thing that Warty linked to one time?

          1. Yup, kipping is part of it. Or they bang out a bunch of squats or push a box or whatever. I used to have a Crossfit gym right around the corner and it had big glass windows and whenever I went by I could see their spasticness.

            1. The thing that annoys me is how nice the equipment at most Crossfit places is. If they’d just stop being retards, they could become properly huge. Instead, they just have fun popping their shoulders.

              1. Warty, it’ll warm your heart to know that my gym is a Crossfit gym, but more than half of the physical space is devoted to weightlifting. We have 8 platforms and a USAW weightlifting team. One of our lifters recently qualified for collegiate nationals.

                Actually, the only reason it’s still a Crossfit gym is because it had one of the original affliations, before the fees got jacked through the roof. So we got grandfathered in.

                1. Where are you? That sounds like meathead heaven.

                  1. Boulder, CO. We get a couple of meatheads, a few more since Reebok got involved with Crossfit. To keep the place open, we’ve had to change what type of person we cater to. Boulder’s expensive and full of skinny fat people.

      2. It’s sprint training. What they do is sprints with implements that aren’t meant to be used for sprints. I once heard Crossfit described as the place where legitimate strength and conditioning concepts go to die.

        1. Personally I will stick with Uncle Warty’s Squat and Deadlift for Great Justice program. I am getting stronger and enjoying it.

          1. Could you elaborate? I never seem to get stronger and I workout twice a week usually.

            1. I never seem to get stronger and I workout twice a week usually.

              Well, there’s your problem.

              “I never seem to get any better at this, despite putting in minimal effort!”

              1. Oh Christ are you kidding me?!?! Spending hours in pain twice a week is ‘minimal effort’?!?! Would a BowFlex be more efficient?

                1. Twice a week simply isn’t enough. Three or four times a week would be better. And if a Bowflex let you work out more, it’d help, yes.

          2. What precisely are you doing? I kind of forget what UWSADFGJ entails, exactly. Did I tell you do do something like do 5 sets and increase weight when you can do 5×5?

            1. Yes and I am now on my third weight increase 🙂

              1. Ah yes. It’s a classic.

                If you’re interested, all I was doing was ripping off the old Reg Park 5×5. Bill Starr did a similar thing too.

      3. Warmup, stretchout, lift, WOD in an hour or less.

        1. Drive to gym. Warm up. Lift. Drive back. All in under an hour and 3 days a week.

          /5×5 Stronglifts

        2. Just do push-ups. That’s what Khan said he did–lots of push-ups.

    3. I almost got run over by a stream of crossfitters running out of a building I was walking by in Barcelona a couple of months ago. Those people think they own the city. I was surprised they weren’t trying to parkour over the little old ladies and moms with strollers.

      1. I wanted to punch a group who was doing the same trail run as me a couple of weeks ago. They were jumping on and off the trail so they could shoot each other with nerf guns, and every 30 seconds one who would yell “WHOSE HOUSE?” and they’d respond “OUR HOUSE!”

        Plus one of them knocked my sister over because they thought it was a good idea to start sprinting as fast as possible down the super narrow, rocky, downhill section because they could see the finish line.

        1. I blame the nation’s military fetish.

        2. So it’s a workout regimen based on assholiness? Can we please get them and ISIS fighting each other?

          1. Imagine all the aspie tendencies of a high-functioning code shop applied to fitness.

          2. So it’s a workout regimen based on assholiness?

            I was wondering when somebody would build a workout plan just for me.

        3. They seem cultish to me

          1. It’s absolutely a cult. Greg Glassman managed to make shitload of money off people who wanted to mortify their flesh.

            1. Today’s Crossfit activity: tag-team cilice-binding.

        4. Now that’s annoying.

          ‘Our house.’ Ehhh, shhhaaaaddap!!

      2. Are you sure they weren’t tax collectors?

    4. emphasis on efficiency appeal to the Agile Development crowd

      Yeah, that’s definitely people I hate.

      1. Yeah, but they’re easy to pick off when they congregate for their morning scrums.

        1. Hmm. True…

        2. “We need to timebox this sprint planning! We need to timebox this sprint planning!”

          1. Thank gods I have not been exposed to Agile stuff yet. If it took on at my employer I would almost certainly have to leave, because I cannot stand cultish buzzword shit. A friend is evidently going through this at a new job and suffering immensely.

            1. The original Agile manifesto was a revolt by the techies against the PMs. “No, we’re not going to let you be the choke point. We will talk directly with customer, we will regularly deliver them working code, and everyone will understand — warts and all — where this project is. If we agree something can be done in a Sprint, it will get done. If you agree something belongs in a Sprint, it stays in once we commit. Like everything else, eventually the MBAs got their hands on it and destroyed it.

            2. Agile, in principle, isn’t awful. It boils down to the idea that traditional long-haul project planning doesn’t work well for modern software development because during any given project shit happens that you can’t really plan for. Instead Agile preaches keeping development cycles short and iterative, so that when there’s a change in priorities you aren’t losing overall momentum and having to redo the entire project plan.

              The problem is all of the bullshit process that Agile devotees insist you have to adopt, to successfully implement the basic idea. Newsflash: you don’t. But you’ll never convince the Aspie nerds of this.

      2. NO SHIT.

        Nerds are not good at exercise. That’s why they’re nerds. Crossfit is a perfect example of this.

      3. You object to scrum meetings and planning poker?

      4. Wait, are we talking Agile Manifesto people or PMs who “sell” Agile as a reason to never give a price or deadline for completion?

        1. The latter.

  12. President Obama needs to golf during his vacation, and that means other golfers must be frisked.

    Just don’t accuse him of being an imperial President.

    Those guys should be grateful they were allowed to remain on the grounds.

    1. But they have to protect him from the continuing threat of racist Teabaggers.

  13. SJW Discovers: They Are Not Equipped for the ‘W’ Part

    Cognitive-dissonance ensues as Salon writer attempts to clarify how “guy getting asskicked by thugs” is actually a symptom of *violence against women* (and man in hospital is a merely-inconvenient detail)

    Nowhere at any time does anyone even suggest that “intervening as a social-justice moral scold” to drunk thugs at 2:45AM is ever a ‘bad idea’.

    Wear protective gear; have atropine injector handy

    1. I’m not going to read that but it seems the problem took care of itself.

    2. The first paragraph goes straight to DERPCON 5

      For anyone who thinks catcalling is harmless, here’s a tip: It’s not. A Texas man who attempted to intervene in some routine street harassment landed in the hospital over the weekend, after a group of catcallers knocked him unconscious while he was visiting Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square.

      I guess it was the catcalling that put the guy in the hospital?

      1. This is exactly what they argue.

        Anyone suggesting otherwise is mansplaining.

        They keep insisting he ‘did the right thing’.

        This is a woman’s idea of ‘the right thing’ (when a man is the one taking the punches)

        1. He did the stupid thing. Bare minimum, if you want to play fucking Sir Lancelot, is to be able to handle yourself if shit goes sideways.

          1. If you want to play Lancelot, you walk up to the girl and tell her “let me help you get out of here”. You don’t confront a mob.

            1. From the POV of the SJW females, men’s appropriate action in the face of starving lions is to strip naked, rub themselves with bloody steaks, then dance on all fours while bleeting like a wounded sheep

              Because Moral Superiority! that’s why

              Also, it allows the women to live on to tell the tale of how Catcalling was so hurtful to them, which is the important social take away.

    3. I’m OK with men defending women, even in those circumstances.

      1. I’m not sure killer there did such a great job on defense.

        1. Sometimes, you’re only good as a distraction.

      2. It may be honorable, but it’s dumb.


          As someone who’s taken a few dozen punches to the head for ‘doing the right thing’ over the years…

          … Don’t start shit you can’t finish.

          The honorable move would have been to escort the babes to the safety of your hotel room and wet bar

      3. But the women aren’t.

    4. Physically, street harassment can put targets and bystanders at risk ? because if someone even so much as suggests that catcalling might be out of line, it comes with the risk of getting knocked out on the street.

      What? Catcalling is dangerous because catcallers might punch you?

      Seriously though, don’t get involved in other people’s business unless you’re prepared for the consequences.

      1. No kidding. The lesson of that case is don’t be screwing with people you don’t know in a city where you don’t live.

        Just walk away. You have no idea what kind of lunatic the other person may be. Moreover, even if they are not, how does a physical confrontation end other than one of you in jail and the other dead or in the hospital? I don’t see either result as a positive.

        1. “how does a physical confrontation end other than one of you in jail and the other dead or in the hospital?”

          I agree, it seems incredibly naive to think it will end well.

        2. I don’t agree with this. Its people walking away from shit like this that gives proggies the excuse to pass stupid laws. If we are going to have a virtuous society free from compulsion, then ordinary citizens need to be willing to stand up and engage in some social ostracizing.

          What should have happened is that 20 or 30 men (and women) in that square told these assholes that their obnoxious behavior was unwanted and to get out of town.

          1. “What should have happened is that 20 or 30 men (and women) in that square told these assholes that their obnoxious behavior was unwanted and to get out of town.”

            And that’s why the Nazis never took power! The End.

      2. Seriously though, don’t get involved in other people’s business unless you’re prepared for the consequences.

        Or your name is Phoenix Jones.

        1. +1 Seattle Personal Combat Laws

        2. Or your name is Phoenix Jones.

          It’s a Texan thing. I find myself stupidly intervening in foreign countries (certainly not for something as trivial as catcalling, though)

      3. Most women don’t understand this. If you’re a guy, specifically calling out the behavior of another guy always runs the risk that you’ll be responded to with violence.

        Feminists seem especially deaf to this reality, probably because acknowledging it would mean they’d also have to acknowledge that the majority of violence occurs to men.

  14. http://www.thedailybeast.com/a…..tions.html

    To be sure, not allowing gays to marry is hardly the same as putting them to death. And Democrats as well as Republicans routinely criticize Iran’s repression of gays and lesbians. But the fact remains that when Iran persecutes gay people, conservatives in the United States suddenly become enamored of gay rights?and bash the Obama administration for not doing enough to defend them.

    Because if you don’t support gay marriage, you think it is totally okay to murder gay people or something.

    1. The Other Team just can’t be capable of good.

  15. Study Says Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter

    Yeah, well, you know, that’s, just like, your opinion, man.

  16. “The preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy,” says a new, sad, and not particularly surprising study.

    Wait, a second. This can’t be right. Tony has repeatedly assured us that government is more responsive to people’s preferences than markets.

    1. The government just needs more money and more power. /Tony

  17. So a couple weeks ago I got into an extended Facebook argument (81 responses) starting with the status “America is like a poker game where some people aren’t allowed to get aces.” Basically turned into me and one or two others versus a veritable legion of progs, too many of whom I know socially to just avoid contact. Some gems:

    “So I think the economy actually is a zero-sum game. If some people have more wealth than others, they can command performance from those people and get them to do whatever they want, functionally enslaving them. If we all had a billion dollars and one person had forty quadrillion dollars, we would functionally be the slaves of that person. The numbers themselves are deck chairs on the Titanic; it’s relative position that really counts.”

    “I also think that if the world had more of a socialist paradigm, it would be easier for nations like Venezuela to thrive and not be hounded by market forces impinging from the outside.” (My response: “Finally are you really blaming Venezuela on the kulaks and wreckers?” No reply.)

    1. Finally: “So, money is made up. It’s just a thing we all ascribe existence and value to for the sake of keeping some people up and others down. Saying there isn’t enough money in the world for people to be happy or live an okay life is like saying there isn’t enough fairy dust in the world for us to all be happy.

      We could have a system where everyone divides the necessary labor for maintaining state systems, communal goods, food, and medicine equally and everyone would be just fine. We honestly may not have been able to do that in 1840 or earlier, but we have sufficient automation and understanding of the world to do that now.

      The rich would definitely have to work harder than they do now. And there would be a lot fewer breakable trinkets and distractions than in status quo. But the aggregate happiness and free time and satisfaction would be *way* up.”

      My head hurts.

      1. Demand all her money and buy guns and ammo with it. Show pics of guns with the ‘in case you try to ‘communally divide’ my stuff’.

      2. The rich would definitely have to work harder than they do now

        And there is the actual, only thing they care about.

        Envy, jealousy, and hatred. That is the foundation of a progressive.

      3. we have sufficient automation and understanding of the world to do that now

        Which is why North Korea works so well! Or do they just need more computers?

        Facebook is a cesspool of political deep.

        1. It isn’t North Korea’s fault other countries aren’t socialist. It’s capitalistic countries ruining it for the socialists.

          1. Isn’t it funny how that works? Socialism is the best economic system, except that capitalists won’t trade with them, which makes it fail.

            1. And, as we know from the Communist manifesto, free trade is that one unconscionable freedom. Forced trade is clearly the way to go.

      4. Government is just “made up” – it has no more value outside of human heads than money does.

      5. Life’s too short for arguing with idiots, esp on FB. You won’t win anything and you’ll walk away feeling like shit. Well, you might lose a few of the idiots as friends, so there’s that.

        Go outside and do something enjoyable instead.

    2. Dude, why are you talking politics on Facebook? Facebook is for getting a heads up on when the hot girl that you went to high school with is visiting town, or seeing photos of your attractive acquaintances on the beach.

      1. Exactly. Use Facebook to practice your stupidity, not your intelligence. Once you have a bunch of facebook friends liking your derp, you know you’ve got the schtick down pat.

      2. I normally don’t. This was the first time in at least a year, I think, and it popped up on my news feed for a couple days before my resolve broke and I responded. It’s more like I knew I was going to chew these people out at some point and I’d rather do it before the academic year started so people would have time to cool off.

      3. Facebook is for getting a heads up on when the hot girl that you went to high school with is visiting town,

        Dude, in 20 years, they won’t be so hot anymore.

        1. Then you don’t have a reason to be on Facebook at all.

  18. Climbers die near Mont Blanc in the French Alps

    Six French climbers have been found dead in the Alps in south-eastern France.

    It’s almost like The Eiger Sanction. I wonder if Brenda Venus (this picture is NSFW) is in the meighborhood?

    1. That’s a fun, very un-PC movie. Unless you insist on PC, in which case it’s a terrible, Patriarchal movie.

      1. And homophobic, if I remember correctly.

        So Henry Miller’s old squeeze was in that? I’d forgotten.

      2. The sequel to the novel — written by a UT history professor is called “The Loo Sanction” and takes place in Britain. Both are excellent. As Trevanian’s far more serious novel, “The Summer of Katya”.

  19. Report: Simon & Schuster imprint rejected book about Bergdahl because it might hurt Obama
    …”I’m not sure we can publish this book without the Right using it to their ends,” Sarah Durand, a senior editor at Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, wrote in an email to one of the soldiers’ agents.

    “[T]he Conservatives are all over Bergdahl and using it against Obama,” Durand wrote, “and my concern is that this book will have to become a kind of ‘Swift Boat Veterans for Truth'”…

    1. I would think that would really help sales, in which case, were I her employer, I might question her priorities.

      1. I’m not her employer, and I’m questioning her priorities.

    2. It’s still astonishing how the phrase “swift boating” has been turned into the opposite of what it originally was.

      1. “[T]he Conservatives are all over Bergdahl and using it against Obama,” Durand wrote, “and my concern is that this book will have to become a kind of ‘Swift Boat Veterans for Truth'”…

        Oh, you mean tell the side of the story that makes your guy look less good? I imagine that is what might happen. Ass.

        1. Sorry, RN, that was not meant as reply to you, nor am I calling you an ass.

          1. No prob – I figured it was wrongly threaded.

      2. Like “want”, “awful” and “liberal”.

      3. It’s still astonishing how the phrase “swift boating” has been turned into the opposite of what it originally was.

        Yeah the whole “Kerry is a war hero!” thing fizzles pretty hard when a bunch of people who were there decide to counter the narrative.

        1. Kerry’s been trying to cover up his lack of competence in Vietnam for so long now, practically no one knows which lie he’s defending…

          And he looks like Herman Munster now.

  20. Spain sees surge of migrants by sea from Morocco

    More than 1,200 migrants have entered Spain illegally by sea over two days amid Spanish denials that Morocco failed to carry out patrols.

    I wonder if Spanish Libertarians talk about ‘Moroccans, weed, and butt sex’?

    1. That’s how Spain lost Spanish Sahara: the Moroccans just had a bunch of people walk across the border, daring the Spaniards to shoot.

      1. Spain basically left.

    2. I think they call that a weekend in Ibiza.

    3. I’m sure an influx of poor Muslim migrants is just the thing the Spanish economy needs.

      1. Probably. They will actually work and if they’re illegal, they’ll undermine the regulatory state. If they get legalized, they can help wash out Europe’s Europeness. Win-win.

          1. I am right.

            1. I’m sure you think you are.

  21. Who on Earth are the Zonians?

    For almost 100 years, thousands of Americans lived a life of luxury in secluded tropical communities close to the Bay of Panama. Known as “Zonians”, they maintained one of the world’s great engineering feats – the Panama Canal.

    Judging them by John McCain, they are all clearly lizard people.

  22. So did anyone see Patch Adams? Rather ironic now that Robin Williams has committed suicide since his character twice tries to kill himself in the film and at the end says we need to “accept death.” Also the movie version of Patch Adams believes that the cure for everything is laughter which didn’t work out for Robin in real life. And his roommate is Philip Seymour Hoffman. Ouch. Also isn’t there some propaganda for socialized medicine in it?

    1. Never saw it, but I’ve seen online gripes that the real doctor didn’t benefit from the film, and some people blamed Williams.

      1. The real doctor did not like. Nostalgia Critic aka Doug Walker ripped it up.

    2. A very saccharine movie. The real life Gesundheit! Institute, IIRC, is a charity hospital.

  23. I posted this too late yesterday for people to see it:

    G?del’s Completeness Theorem of Presidential Power

    [G?del] rather excitedly told me that in looking at the Constitution, to his distress, he had found some inner contradictions and that he could show how in a perfectly legal manner it would be possible for somebody to become a dictator and set up a Fascist regime never intended by those who drew up the Constitution. I told him that it was most unlikely that such events would ever occur, even assuming that he was right, which of course I doubted. […]

    … [B]ecause of Einstein’s appearance, an exception was made and all three of us were invited to sit down together, G?del, in the center. The examiner first asked Einstein and then me whether we thought G?del would make a good citizen. We assured him that this would certainly be the case, that he was a distinguished man, etc.

    And then he turned to G?del and said, Now, Mr. G?del, where do you come from?

    G?del: Where I come from? Austria.

    The examiner: What kind of government did you have in Austria?

    G?del: It was a republic, but the constitution was such that it finally was changed into a dictatorship.

    The examiner: Oh! This is very bad. This could not happen in this country.

    G?del: Oh, yes, I can prove it.

    1. “G?del’s Last Theorem.”

      1. When G?del says he can prove something, pay attention.

    2. Is this the lady from 101 Dalmations?

  24. OT: I think this might have been in 24/7 but just in case it wasn’t

    Witnesses Say LA Police Shot And Killed A Man While He Was Laying On The Ground


      1. He’s too busy condemning the slaughter of Christians and Yazidis in the Middle East. Oh, wait….

  25. Look and drool (if you like cars): Pebble Beach auction preview.

    I’ve never seen the 1939 Alfa Romeo Tipo 256 Cabriolet Sportivo before. Very nice.

    1. You might enjoy this blog, if you don’t already.

  26. The unstoppable march of the upward inflection?

    The habit of ending statements with a stress that makes them sound a bit like questions is one that winds many people up.

    I’m one that gets aggravated by ‘uptalk’. I always want to scream, “Take time out of your life to develop your mind!!!” Not that it would do any good, except make me feel better.

    One theory as to why simple declarative statements sound like questions is that in many cases, they actually are. English is a notoriously woolly language, full of ways to say one thing and mean another. The use of uptalk could be a way to subconsciously hint that a simple statement such as “I think we should choose the left hand turn?” has a hidden meaning. Implicit within the sentence is a question: “Do you also think we should choose the left hand turn?”

    I could get behind this theory.

    1. Don’t you mean, “I could get behind this theory?”

      1. Why must you trouble an already troubled mind?

        1. I thought we were all masochists here at HyR.

  27. The statistical research looked at public attitudes on nearly 1,800 policy issues and determined that government almost always ignores the opinions of average citizens and adopts the policy preferences of monied business interests when shaping the contours of U.S. laws.

    The solution, say the scholars, is a reinvigorated and engaged electorate.

    In other words, double down on what doesn’t work (engaging the public in opaque topics of public policy) and ignore what might work: weeding out the influence of monied interests by eliminating the impact of our hyperinvasive regulatory environment.

    Besides, I’ve met a lot of fellow citizens. I don’t know why we’d want more of them deciding public policy.

  28. So has anyone read Lenin’s the State and Revolution? Well besides Leonard Liggio that is?

    Revel in his anarchist vision!


    (i) The anarchists propose the State’s immediate abolishment; Lenin counter-proposes that such idealism is pragmatically impossible, because the proletariat would need to crush the bourgeois resistance through a mechanism, and that is the state.

    (ii) Were the State immediately abolished, without the “conditions leading to the arising of the State” being abolished as well, a new State would appear, and the socialist revolution would have been for naught.

    In the event, the proletariat through the dictatorship of the proletariat would establish a communal State (per the 1871 Paris Commune model), then gradually suppress the dissenting bourgeoisie, in achieving the withering away of the State as its institutions begin to “lose their political character”.

    1. Your schtick got old quickly.

      1. So I’m Robin Williams then?

        1. Pre-death from auto-erotic asphyxiation, yes.

          1. The prude dies a thousand deaths, but the auto-erotic asphyxiant, only one.

  29. Africa’s only polar bear, Wang, dies in Johannesburg

    Wang’s final days were filled with “enrichment programmes and special treats” given to it by its keeper Agnes Maluleke, the zoo added.

    The bear was brought to South Africa in 1986 as part of a conservation exchange programme with a zoo in China.

    I like the Chines name ‘Wang’. I also like the Korean name “Dong’

    If I was ever a porn star (hahahaha) I would bill myself as a Chinese-Korean named Wang Dong. And the money would roll in.

    1. Do you collect Vietnamese money?

    2. Actually, Dong is Chinese too. No need to compromise your racial purity.

      1. Rats. That will affect marketing. I was hoping to appeal to some of the wimminz of K-pop.

      2. If they’re anything like J-pop stars, they have purity clauses in their contracts. Maybe you could angle for American otaku women? I’m sure at least some of them are of age and in decent shape.

    3. http://www.reuters.com/article…..9620140131

      Wang, the only polar bear in Africa, has taken the death of his life-long partner very hard, tearing up toys and grass in the enclosure they shared, and two weeks after his loss he is still grieving.

      The 30-year-old Geebee was found dead on January 13 in the pool of her Johannesburg Zoo enclosure after a heart attack. The two had been partners since they arrived at the South African zoo in 1985, each of them barely a year old.

      “When we found her dead he wouldn’t let us to her,” the zoo’s chief vet Katja Koeppel told Reuters on Friday.

      “He refused to go back into the night room. He stayed out in the sun.”

      If not pacing about, Wang stood by Geebee’s body and barely ate his rations, she said. After 24 hours, Koeppel had to sedate Wang to retrieve Geebee’s remains.

    4. Another victim of global warming, no doubt.

  30. Don’t stick it in crazy Charlie


    1. Who could have seen that coming. Yglesias really is a special breed of retard. Conservatives have been baiting liberals about how they would suddenly discover the need to repeal the 22nd amendment around 2014 for about five years now. Only sad beard is dumb enough to fall for it and actually do it. God he is a fucking retard.

      Beyond that, how would having to run for reelection changed anything Obama has done?

      1. Epi’s been predicting this for years.

        Beyond that, how would having to run for reelection changed anything Obama has done?

        The argument seems to be if Obama had to run in 2016 he would be more competent and less complacent? However it’s not like electioneering magically makes an incompetent person competent.

      2. Doesn’t that go against most of the conventional wisdom which argues that one reason politicians don’t make “hard choices” is because they are always looking to the next election? (note upward inflection).

        I sometimes think one approach might be to limit a person to one six year term as prez. A little more time to put policies in place but no need to campaign. Of course, that wouldn’t have had an impact on Obama whose only policy is to campaign.

        1. You Know Who Else supported a one six-year term?

          1. In the article, Yglesias actually dismisses the idea because the Confederacy did it.

            1. I believe Mexico also does it.

    2. Of course the 22nd Amendment was a fiendish Republican attack on St. FDR so of course it must be repealed.

      And term limits are a racist thing since the South used to limit their governors to four years.

    3. Why would we need to actually repeal the 22nd amendment? Obama just needs to glare at SCOTUS again during his next SOTU.

      1. SCOTUS is one vote away from voting for its own abolition and that of the Constitution.

      2. Also does the 22nd Amendment violate the Equal Protection clause?

  31. I missed the earlier Doraville SWAT M-113 thread. Doraville (and environs) has a large number of Vietnamese/SE Asian immigrants. I wonder how the older ones feel about it.

    1. Awesome. Next prez please.

      1. Why do you have such disdain for the details, Mr. Kristol?

        “When asked about his answer to the question (regarding executive orders) after his speech, Paul seem to SCALE BACK (emphasis added) his remarks.”

        What did I tell you just last night?


        1. So who’s better on Exec orders – Rand, Hillary, Christie, or Biden? While none will be perfect, I’ll go with Rand.

          1. Exactly. He’s probably going to have to make a few more compromises, too. I’ll still take 85% or so – over 35%.

            1. LM is not interested in increasing our freedom. He is interested in circle jerking with the other Efors of Liberty at LewRockwell.com.

        2. The president is the chief executive, and has the authority to order around executive branch employees, like folks at the US Mint. It is the use of executive orders to usurp legislative authority that I object to.

    2. I’m going to sing a Rand Paul song while I vote for him.

      Be interesting to see if there’s a surge in GOP registrations for the 2016 election primary, just so people can vote for Rand.

      1. He is a pusillanimous fraud. He is not his father’s son, that for dang sho.

        1. He’s about the only hope we have right now.

          1. I keep saying: Scott Walker/Rand Paul 2016.

            1. Its not as if I have not, and do not, enjoy arguing in support of a Rand or Scott Walker – when the argument is with a proggie.

        2. Never change mike, never change.

        3. Libertymike, the expression is “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” Maybe you misheard it.

          1. Listen, I have been telling that to my wife, for years.

        4. He is not his father’s son

          Thank God for that.

    3. Apparently federal employee unions were permitted by an executive order by JFK. Wouldn’t it be a hoot to see that one reversed? LOL

  32. You Know What Other Things Germans took responsibility for?

    1. Hasselhoff?

    2. Greece’s debt?

    3. punctual trains?

  33. This is going to be awesome with DC now honoring carry permits.

    1. That’s on hold for the moment. The District has 90 days to try* and unfuck their firearm laws. Until then the old ones are still in force.

      *not that they will; they’re going to try and fuck them just as much as possible and hope the court doesn’t notice.

  34. It’s never a downer when a socialist dies, no matter the method.

    1. What about pleasantly, in their sleep?

      1. Even then, we know they shat themselves and soiled their sheets.

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