Sheldon Richman on the US's Latest Misguided Effort at Subverting the Cuban Government


Ed Yourdon/

When he saw the headline about the U.S. government and Cuba in his newspaper the other day, Sheldon Richman thought he'd awoken in 1961. It was a Twilight Zone moment for sure: "U.S. program aimed to stir dissent in Cuba." But it was 2014. The AP news report said President Barack Obama and his administration had plotted to incite a popular uprising — to "gin up opposition" — against the Cuban government by sending in young Latin Americans masquerading as tourists and health workers. The U.S. government's 53-year-long campaign for regime change in Cuba is a perfect failure. Repeated efforts to spark an anti-Castro revolution or to kill the revolutionary-turned-dictator did nothing but strengthen the government's power. Richman asks whether the Obama administration learned anything from those failures