Israel Won't Participate in New Cease-Fire Talks

Says there is "no point"


An Israeli Cabinet minister says there is "no point" in trying to reach a Gaza truce with Hamas and that Israel won't send a delegation to planned cease-fire talks in Cairo.


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  1. And that fuckstick Natanyahu continues to take our money and weapons and wag his finger in our faces, telling us what hoops to jump through.

    Screw him.

    1. Well, Jim, I’m sure you’d be more than happy to negotiate with an outfit that breaks its promise every time you do negotiate, right?

    2. So, Jim, is that you just hate Jews or do you have a boner for Islamo-fascism? Or, maybe it’s both?

    3. Good for him. He’s free to not listen to the stupid coming from our White House.

    4. Sitting down at a table with Hamas would be a huge concession from Bibi. They will withdraw unilaterally and declare victory. Much the same as previous attacks on Gaza have ended.

  2. I think it’s clear that at this point Israel and her allies should only participate in unilateral surrender talks with Hamas. Hamas started the war, if they want it stopped, they should surrender.

  3. Hamas wanted a war, give them war. But stop fighting a pc war. Stop trying to “weaken” Hamas. Stop announcing the targets your about to destroy before you do it. This puts Israeli soldiers and civilians at risk. Wipe out Hamas, crush Hamas, exterminate Hamas. Reoccupy Gaza, turn it into a demilitarized zone, and root out Hamas.

    1. “Wipe out Hamas, crush Hamas, exterminate Hamas. Reoccupy Gaza, turn it into a demilitarized zone, and root out Hamas.”

      You and whose army? Fighting a determined enemy on the ground is not one of Israel’s strengths. Outfits like Hamas and Hexbollah aren’t even armies. The Israelis haven’t even neutered the terror rocket threat that was the supposed purpose of this recent fighting.

    2. Not our business.

  4. Finally someone tells the Obama administration to stick it up its collective anal orifice. There is absolutely no reason to talk about “peace” ever again with Hamas until they unconditionally surrender after being defeated. Unfortunately, Israel is the only nation left actively fighting for Western Civilization.

    1. ” Unfortunately, Israel is the only nation left actively fighting for Western Civilization.”

      I think that is what attracts Libertarians to the Israeli cause. Libertarians value Western civilization over all other inferior civilizations. I think also Libertarians admire Israeli willingness to attack and destroy UN targets whether they be schools, clinics, peace-keeping observation posts etc. Nothing defends the West quite like attacks on the UN.

  5. Israel should continue to bring pain to the Arab who thinks the Jew has no right to exist. Until they cease and desist.

    First off as I stated in a recent radio interview, Islam is evil. Not radical Islam, not extremist Islam not just the radical clerics in Islam. Islam equates evil. How do I know this? I’ve lived in their filthy land and seen the “non radical” Muslim up close. The non radical Muslim believes women should be beaten and he can marry multiple wives. The non radical Muslim will drown his own daughter if the clerics tell him to. The non radical Muslim has no problem passing around a Filipino woman to be gang raped by all of his friends as he views her as an infidel from the third world. The non radical Muslim will marry a ten year old.They are a vile people. Period. Sorry but some cultures are bad Mr. Progressive.

    As I said in my article and fiction if the government imposes something like Sharia Law to be allowed in the name of political correctness we have every right to spill the blood of the Muslim and those propagating his cause. I will not petition a court to politely ask that we not have to address Sharia Law here. At that point our courts would be null and void. And we have, as they are domestic enemies, every right to use brutal force until reason is re-established and constitutional tradition re-invoked.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  6. Worst. Trolls. Ever.

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