Race and War


Harlem Hellfighters

The Harlem Hellfighters, written by Max Brooks and illustrated by Caanan White, is a fictionalized account of the African-American 369th Infantry Regiment during World War I. The graphic novel captures the horror of the trenches as well as the challenges and indignities suffered by members of the 369th in the country they were fighting for.

Although the Harlem Hellfighters were an American unit, they fought with the French. The contrast between their treatment by the French and their fellow countrymen is a fascinating part of this graphic novel, which also illustrates the ferocious reputation the Harlem Hellfighters earned among their enemies.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. Plenty will be written about the war and its lasting effects on American foreign policy. The Harlem Hellfighters offers an entertaining look at not only the butchery of war but also at how shamefully America has treated some of its soldiers.

-Matthew Feeney