Should Vaccines Be Mandatory?

Many, many kudos for recognizing your cover overreach on the whole Jenny McCarthy/mandatory vaccination issue (August/September 2013) with your forum on mandatory vaccination ("Should Vaccines be Mandatory?" April). As a member of the "keep your hands off my body please!" crowd, I feel that instead of McCarthy, Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry should have been on your cover as a poster child of "crony fascism" for his role as a willful vaccine mandator.

Barnaby Ohrstrom

Sarasota, FL

Libertarians should oppose mandatory vaccines ("Should Vaccines Be Mandatory?" April) because all compulsory regulations force people to act contrary to their nature. As rational beings, we must use our powers of reason to promote our health, wealth, and happiness. Compulsory regulations force us to ignore our independent powers of reason in order to obey government officials.

Roman private law provides the best model for law in libertarian society. Roman free market legal experts called jurists used Stoic moral theory (ius naturale) as the basis for their universal private law (ius gentium). It requires people to take reasonable and prudent measures to avoid injuring others. If being inoculated was commonly seen as reasonable and prudent, then people could sue for injury resulting from those who failed to inoculate themselves or their children. People would then have to weigh the possibility of being sued as part of the risk of not being inoculated.

Louis Cuny

Sacramento, CA

CORRECTION: Due to an editing error, Veronique de Rugy's June column stated that the size of the federal budget is $3.7 billion. The correct size is $3.7 trillion.

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