Smart Women Don't Have Babies


Smart Women

OK, the headline is a bit exaggerated, but research being published by London School of Economics political scientist Satoshi Kanazawa in the November 2014 issue of Social Science Research finds in general that the higher a woman's IQ, the lower is her fertility. Here's the abstract:

Demographers debate why people have children in advanced industrial societies where children are net economic costs. From an evolutionary perspective, however, the important question is why some individuals choose not to have children. Recent theoretical developments in evolutionary psychology suggest that more intelligent individuals may be more likely to prefer to remain childless than less intelligent individuals. Analyses of the National Child Development Study show that more intelligent men and women express preference to remain childless early in their reproductive careers, but only more intelligent women (not more intelligent men) are more likely to remain childless by the end of their reproductive careers. Controlling for education and earnings does not at all attenuate the association between childhood general intelligence and lifetime childlessness among women. One-standard-deviation increase in childhood general intelligence (15 IQ points) decreases women's odds of parenthood by 21–25%. Because women have a greater impact on the average intelligence of future generations, the dysgenic fertility among women is predicted to lead to a decline in the average intelligence of the population in advanced industrial nations.

This research prompts me to speculate that the Flynn Effect which finds that average IQs have been rising around the world during the past century likely explains a good bit of the continuing global fall in total fertility rates.

If you'd like to enjoy the column that prompted the most hate email I have gotten so far, see: "Why Are People Having Fewer Kids?: Perhaps It's Because They Don't Like Them Very Much."

Disclosure: My wife and I are childless. And yes, notwithstanding the fact that she married me, she is very, very smart. And as I have earlier disclosed: My wife and I try not to flaunt our voluntarily childless lifestyle too much.

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  1. OK, the headline is a bit exaggerated, but research being published by London School of Economics political scientist Satoshi Kanazawa

    *the sound of breaks squealing and the smell of burnt rubber*

  2. My wife and daughter #2 (whose first kid = 3 months old) are gonna be PISSED about this...

    1. My 6-weeks-pregnant wife is not going to be happy...well, about anything for about another 6 weeks, but about this particularly.

      1. Oh, nice. Congrats.

        1. Yeah, thanks. It didn't quite go according to plan, since the plan was 'May or June would be a good time to have a baby, but we might have a hard time getting pregnant, so we'll start in June and have sex several times a day until it happens.'
          It happened some time in the first week. Then she travelled for a week and started feeling nauseous, so by the time she got back it was pee-on-a-stick time and then don't-touch-me-this-is-your-fault time. But I'm told there is a light at the end of the tunnel called the second trimester.

          1. Morning sickness? Inform her of the studies that show ingestion of semen has antiemetic properties.

            1. I tried that. She informed me that at this point I have already incurred liability for child support whether or not I am still living in the house when the child is born. My wife is smart.

          2. The second trimester is a dirty trick to get you to stay until the third trimester, and even worse, the birth. I swear things were much better when men stayed in a waiting room and smoked cigars. Congratulations though.

            1. Actually, I developed an intense aversion to needles and such after being sick for a long time, and the wife has seen me pass out a few times, so I have permission to stay in a waiting room. Haven't decided if I will avail myself of it, yet.

    2. Well maybe they aren't so smart if they don't grasp that statistics like this don't allow you to conclude anything about any individual.

      1. derp

  3. Ron,
    The hate mail there was pretty calm, but someone missed the obvious comment about really liking kids.
    Medium rare.

    1. S: By hate mail, I didn't mean the H&R comments, but the scads of emails sent my way.

  4. Children are an expensive pain in the ass. I'm sure they are very rewarding once you become a parent, but in a world where you don't need children to help you work your farm, children start to become a luxury item that may not even be luxurious.

    Instead of studies which use dubious measurements like childhood IQ ratings, it might just be simpler to look at basic human incentives and motivations in general to explain reduced fertility rates. Basically, it's that we're wealthier and have more free time and fun things to do, but most are not so wealthy that having a child won't be a huge, massive impact on their lives. So since many don't need children to help farm or anything, they choose to enjoy their increased wealth and free time, rather than sink it all into children.

    1. By jove, I think you've got it. ^this, I think

    2. Plus they fucking shit and piss everywhere. To be a parent is to be covered in shit and piss 24/7. Only perverts like Brett would want kids.

      1. Um - diapers?

      2. True, I left my house almost 6 hours ago, before the kids even got out of bed. Somehow I'm still covered in piss, shit, and baby puke.

        1. That's your own fault for leaving your house only to spend the following 6 hours in Warty's basement.

      3. Plus they fucking shit and piss everywhere.

        I thought this was the whole point of "The Warty Educational Dungeon of Fun and Worldly Enlightenment"?

      4. It's more like 23/7. There's a good hour every day where I've showered after feeding and changing the poop factory where I don't have vomit, shit, or baby food on me. But I'll also get to warp his little mind to believe that squatting, eating bacon at every meal, and not respecting authority are natural.

        1. Squatting and not respecting authority are natural. How often does your kid listen to you when you tell him not to shit himself?

          1. I haven't really learned his language yet, nor he mine. Its tough to tell whether or not he has any respect for my authority or not. He's got a pretty good temper when I tell him no, which he obviously got from my wife.

            1. Fair enough. But when he gets to the "Why?" stage, you'll see that lack of respect for authority is natural.

    3. Of course, what the article and research underpinning it fails to note is that one of the primary reasons the cognitively blessed choose not to have children in greater proportions than the less cognitively-inclined is that the state incentives the relatively poor to breed via redistributive programs*.

      *Please note that I don't think that is the only, or even chief, reason for the fertility of the relatively poor and less smart. I fully realize that a failure in impulse control and short-time horizon play a very large role as well.

      1. ohhhhhhhhhh SNAP....if ya know what I'm sayin'....

        1. *narrows gaze*

          Jots Alanian!'s name in pun hit-book...

      2. According to a woman I once dated who worked for an agency that tried to get poor women to at least get vaccinations and such for their infants: "These people don't have jobs, they can't afford to go anywhere, what do you think they're gonna do all day?"

    4. "Because women have a greater impact on the average intelligence of future generations, the dysgenic fertility among women is predicted to lead to a decline in the average intelligence of the population in advanced industrial nations."

      Looks like Peak Retard is in our future.

      1. "Peak" implies a subsequent decline. I wouldn't bet on that.

  5. Makes sense. I've heard guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses.

      1. Thanks HM I'm at work?..with no opportunity to "be in my bunk"!

      2. Photo #16; Glasses and a ginger. Yet somehow it all works.

        1. Talk about lighting the Auric beacon!

          1. I was sitting outside, eating lunch with my coworkers and I thought "Hmmm, for some reason I really need to get to HnR right now".

        2. 2 for 2, you mean.

      3. "Girls who wear glasses" =/= "girls on whom someone stuck a pair of glasses before taking a pic"

      4. The cutest are 1, 13, 16, 26, and 31.

        1. #10 looks like fun.

    1. Moreover, I've met enough women who wear glasses that are functionally retarded to realize there is no correlation between poor vision and high intellect.

  6. More important, it confirms that in the realm of government, Americans have the capacity to recognize mistakes and stop making them.

    I wouldn't go that far. This seems to have been forced onto government by the people as opposed to being initiated by government.

    1. Wrong article. That was weird.

      1. that was AWESOME

  7. And smart women probably pair with smart men.

    But don't worry, Brawndo's got what plants crave. It's got electrolytes.

    1. How come he talks like a fag?

      1. Howcome you don't got a tattoo?

        1. Actually, I should correct myself. It's "Whycome you ain't got no tattoo?"

          1. Well - I ain't never seen no PLANT growin' in no TOILET....

            1. I like munnnny.

              *stares off into space*

    2. Eugenics!!!

      This week when articles were turning this:
      Idiocracy showing a future inhabited by morons and saying "hey, maybe people should value intelligence and hard work more."

      Into this:
      "Idiocracy is advocating that we get the government to stop dumb people from reproducing!!!11!!"

      was a great illustration of the statist instinct of so many. Idiocracy was not advocating eugenics in any way, but they project their desire to control others onto it and that is the only outcome imaginable.

      1. There is a question in the list of OKCupid questions that is something along the lines of "Would the world be a better place if people with low IQs were not allowed to reproduce?"

        Damn near every woman I've come across has answered that question as yes (many of them whose intellect from the remainder of their profiles is sorely lacking). I answered no, and added the following commentary:

        "It might be better if they didn't (although IQ is a narrow metric for such determinations), but it would be infinitely worse if they were barred by law from reproducing (without considering the ghastly details of how such a policy would be implements)

        Frankly I'm surprised by the number of bona fide eugenicists on here."

        1. Nice. Anyone mention that in an intro?

          1. Nah. Women rarely open up conversations on that site, and the ones that do don't meet my exacting criteria.

            And even when a conversation gets going, they tend towards the terse and banal until some connection is established.

            1. Sice when is "stll warm" exacting?

              1. Exactly 98.6 degrees is pretty exact. I'm not looking to catch ebola here.

          2. Hahaha. You think women on OKCupid put effort into messaging?

        2. Are the eugenicist broads more DTF?

          1. Are the eugenicist broads more DTF?


            1. Yeah. That program was responsible for most of James Bond's enemies and all the henchmen that work in those volcanic fortresses, etc.

              1. And Pro L? No, wait, he has been around a heck of a lot longer than that program..

          2. The sample of size of non-eugenicists is too small to extropolate any meaningful data. Seriously, all women are eugenicists.

        3. Did you put "Implements" in your profile? That might be costing you some smart chicks.

          1. Nah, "implemented" in the profile. My transliteration of the text was imprecise. Fucking pedant.

            1. Hey, I do very well with pedantic chicks.

      2. only morons reference Idiocracy and you're all going into my disposition matrix. I'm not even kidding.

        1. "...you're all going into my disposition matrix"

          *gulps, wipes sweat from brow*

          Obama, is that you?

  8. "Disclosure: My wife and I are childless."

    No. You are "Child Free"

    1. NB: I will get proper locutions down some day.

      1. But how many discarded fetuses bearing the mark of the Bailey are there in the dumpster behind Planned Parenthood?

        1. "The Mark of Bailey"

          Is that anything like the Mark of Zorro?

    2. I prefer "Barren."

      1. "Her womb was a barren rocky place where my seed could find no purchase"

        1. Perhaps a statue is not the best match for you.

          1. To be fair, it is rather statuesque.

  9. That makes sense. I mean, attractive women cannot be intelligent. That's an accepted fact. And who wants to fuck an ugly chick? So yeah. Intelligent women don't have children because nobody wants to fuck them.

    1. "Campbell Brown"



      1. Don't you read Diane Ravitch?

  10. Meh. It's an Idiocracy world anyway. The dumb and the religious are having babies, and they'll take over the world. The marching morons will prevail.

    1. Don't lock eyes with 'em...

        1. They all do.

        2. They all do: they all want cake.

    2. The future will be one long battle between welfare queens and bible thumpers.

      1. Those two groups need not be mutually exclusive.

    3. Meh. It's an Idiocracy world anyway.

      Please kill yourself.

      1. We have already elected President Camacho.

        1. "Porn Superstar..."

          /Shudders in despair

        2. President Camacho would be an improvement, I think...

  11. I think my wife and I will probably have a kid. But honestly, life is still a lot of fun and the sex is still awesome. We don't really want to give that up. That is the plain and simple reason.

    1. Fun? Sex? Your words are strange to me. From what peculiar land do you travel from?

      1. I'd say at least once every other week, the baby falls asleep before my wife and are completely exhausted. Sometimes we have fun. Or sex. I still can't figure out how my mom came from a family of four. When do you find the time after two?

        1. In my neighborhood, we are one of the "small" families, with only two kids... I look at these guys and wonder, m'self.

          Of course, I was winning in negotiations for #3 when I got called up for OEF, so two it ended up staying at, for good.

        2. Beats me. We have 2 and the only time came after bed time. Now that they're teenagers and staying up forever, there is no opportunity.

          We had a young couple for neighbors, early on wit the She-spawn. They didn't have kids yet. They were coming out with their bikes to go riding and I commented to them, "That looks like fun. I remember fun." They laughed and off they went.

          After their first kid, the husband told me that he didn't really know what I meant by that, until the baby came along. Now he did. He remembered that interaction.

          1. I know exactly what you mean.

        3. Get the oldest one to watch the younger ones. Or duct tape.

          Don't tell CPS.

      2. We had fun sex in college. But not long after we got married, we started trying to have kids, which was not fun after a few months of no success. Then it felt like work...for 4 years...until art insem worked and we had our first kid. Once she was sleeping through the night, my wife became a new person and the sex was amaaaaazing. It's like she lost all stress since all she ever wanted (she could care less about her degree and the letters after her name) was to be a mom. Amaaaaaazing.

        5 years later we intentionally had our second kid (and what we thought was our last since we needed medical assistance again) and it got even better, like her body was now completely free to go nuts.

        Well, that freedom became Oops ! #3. He's two months old and we are exhausted. Just completely exhausted. Now the sex is like, "hurry before he wakes up again."

        Riding bikes is for children and assholes. 😉

    1. (At least, after the Bible-thumpers & Islamofascists & other nut jobs have their way, and outlaw all birth control, the below will be true again):

      Sugar is Sweet,
      And so is Honey,
      Beat your Meat,
      And save your Money!

  12. Smart Women Don't Have Babies

    Well of course not. It's damn near tautological. Babies cannot simply be created from a void of nothingness.

    Editor's Note: TIWTNLW

  13. Seems like an extinction behavior for some genetic lines? How can "we are more intelligent and will not pass along our genes" be anything than an evolutionary dead end?

    1. There's a difference between low fertility and no fertility. Human fertility is pretty crap compared to a lot of other animals, but we're smart enough that a higher percentage of our offspring survive to reproduce.

      That said, I don't know if the difference between smart and dumb humans is nearly as advantageous as improved fertility, particularly in a democratic society where breeding rates provide not just evolutionary but also political power.

      1. I am glad you pointed this out. My thinking is similar. Also, educated women - possibly - are more in touch with their fertility and the cause and effect between unprotected sex and pregnancy, as well. Humans understand this connection, other species do not, and wouldn't it make sense that the more understanding a person has, the more they see this connection?

        Also, (conversely) educated women would be probably more inclined to use other means - artificial insemination, etc - to increase their fertility if they find that their "natural" fertility is too low.

    2. There is no reason to assume that more intelligence will always be beneficial reproductively. And that is all that matters when it comes to Darwinian evolution.
      Nor is there any reason to believe that more intelligent people will always have more intelligent children or that less intelligent people will always have less intelligent children.

      1. Nor is there any reason to believe that more intelligent people will always have more intelligent children or that less intelligent people will always have less intelligent children.

        But there is every reason to think that they will tend to.

      2. "The survival value of human intelligence has never been satisfactorily demonstrated." -- Michael Crichton, The Andromeda Strain

  14. Hey, Ron B. Quick question, have you had a chance to read the full-text yet?

    1. Ok, I'm going to take that as either a "no" or a "Ron went out for a smoke break".

      1. *scene shifts to show Ron frantically scrolling through text*

  15. Children are only a financial burden for the first 18-24 years. They are a huge net benefit once they reach adulthood or near adulthood. Nothing beats the companionship of your own kids. Sorry, I really like mine and am awfully glad I had them and can't help but feel sorry for the 40+ childless single/couples. Who's going to change your diaper (or arrange to have your diaper changed) when you become geriatric and incontinent? Old people without family just seem sad and lonely.

    1. Who's going to change your diaper (or arrange to have your diaper changed) when you become geriatric and incontinent?

      Gisella, the Filipina LNA?

      1. Is Gisella going to rub Gold Bond on your behind with loving care? Or, is she going to steal your coveted collection of (something) and sell it on Craigslist? Who's paying Gisella?

        1. Is Gisella going to rub Gold Bond on your behind with loving care?

          Ah, you've read the many stories posted to my Literotica account I see.

          1. Hopefully, Gisella won't be 300 pounds and in need of a shave - unless you're into that.

            1. That is so thinnormative of you Lady Bertrum. I am disappoint.

            2. Hopefully, Gisella won't be 300 pounds and in need of a shave - unless you're into that.

              More likely to be a robot given the lack of younger persons able to care for the aged.

              1. There will always be enough Filipinas. They're the Mexicans of Asia.


              2. The robots may actually be more caring and warm than many of the CNAs wiping butts in nursing homes

    2. Also, this must mean I'm stupid (among other reasons) and I'm okay with that.

      1. If that's how you interpret this, you just might be.

    3. I will put a bullet in my brain before I wear adult diapers.

      1. I've joked about wearing them on road trips to reduce travel time.

      2. This.

        I live the sort of lifestyle that should remove me from the planet by the age of 60. I think that's the prudent move.

      3. If you were reduced to a nappy wearing feeble oldster, would you still be able to make such a plan and execute it?

        I've told my wife and kids to just wheel me into one of the miserable IL Veteran's Homes and not look back, if I get to that point. I'll just ask when pudding is and stare at the nurses and wonder if they are Jaish al Mahdi operatives.

        1. The wife and I have a suicide pact. Kinda' creepy. But kinda' romantic.

          1. Gah! No thankee. Say, how do enforce that...?

            1. "I'll see you in Hell"?

            2. That's why it's a pact and not a contract.

              1. I dunno, the Warsaw Pact was fairly tough about enforcement...

                *slowly develops cheese eatin' grin*

          2. Since seeing my grandma deal with Alzheimer's I've decided that if/ when my mind starts to go, I'll just book some African safaris. Either I'll get the lion, or he'll get me.

      4. I figure that by the time I reach the Depends stage, they'll have a place I can go for a peaceful demise a la Soylent Green.

      5. I've told my kids that I'm living into my 90s, but that I plan to start crapping my pants when I turn 70. Just to get even with em.

    4. There is, of course, no guarantee your adult kids will be around for any of that.

      1. Of course. I'm not just relying on mutual respect and affection. I've got a whole carrot and stick plan that involves inheritance and guilt.

        1. Yeah. My parents aren't the hooker-and-blow type, but my wife and I definitely like to have good times away from home. My kids shouldn't get their hopes up unless the grandparents leave us an empire.

  16. As the 21st century began, human evolution was at a turning point. Natural selection, the process by which the strongest, the smartest, the fastest, reproduced in greater numbers than the rest, a process which had once favored the noblest traits of man, now began to favor different traits. Most science fiction of the day predicted a future that was more civilized and more intelligent. But as time went on, things seemed to be heading in the opposite direction. A dumbing down. How did this happen? Evolution Government does not necessarily reward intelligence. With no natural predators to thin the herd, it Government began to simply reward those who reproduced the most, and left the intelligent to become an endangered species.

    1. As I read that I kept thinking of the Kennedys. Weird

  17. Where are those damned Cylons when you need them?

    1. Sexy Cylons or Toaster Cylons?

      1. No Toasters, please... it's all about love!

  18. "My wife and I try not to flaunt our voluntarily childless lifestyle too much."

    ELAINE: Well, maybe we should double. I'm pretty ga-ga myself.

    JERRY: You just met the guy yesterday.

    ELAINE: Yeah, but we have a common goal.

    JERRY: A barren, sterile existence that ends when you die?

    ELAINE (happily): Yeah.

    GEORGE: And you really believe this guy doesn't want to have kids.

    ELAINE: Yeah, of course.

    JERRY: Elaine, a guy'll say anything to get a woman.

    ELAINE: Oh, please. He wouldn't say that.

    GEORGE: Elaine, I once told a woman that I coined the phrase, "Pardon my French."

    JERRY: I once told a woman that I don't eat cake 'cause it goes right to my thighs.

    GEORGE: I once told a woman that I really enjoy spending time with my family.

  19. Anyway, in between posting on this thread, I gave the article a quick read through. (DOI: 10.1016/j.ssresearch.2014.06.003 if you have online access to something like a university's library and you want to play along.) Even ignoring the many problems of Kanazawa's previous work, the study should be taken with a entire salt mine as the analysis of the findings was done within the framework of Kanazawa's pet theory the "Savanna-IQ Interaction Hypothesis", which argues that "the human brain's difficulty with evolutionarily novel stimuli may interact with general intelligence, such that more intelligent individuals have less difficulty with such stimuli than less intelligent individuals. In contrast, general intelligence may not affect individuals' ability to comprehend and deal with evolutionarily familiar entities and situations" (Kanazawa, 2014)

    1. and "evolutionarily novel entities that more intelligent individuals are better able to comprehend and deal with may include ideas and lifestyles, which form the basis of their preferences and values; it would be difficult for individuals to prefer or value something that they cannot truly comprehend. Hence, applied to the domain of preferences and values, the Hypothesis suggests that more intelligent individuals are more likely to acquire and espouse evolutionarily novel preferences and values that did not exist in the ancestral environment than less intelligent individuals" (Kanazawa, 2014)

      1. "You're throwing too many big words at me, so I'm going to assume you're disrespecting me."

        1. "You're throwing too many big words at me, so I'm going to assume you're disrespecting me."

          Wait...did we date at one point in time? Probably not, as you're a redhead, right? I never dated a redhead...but still...so, so familiar. And so traumatizing.

          1. I have a theory that my function in the world is to say big words at women, thereby making them smarter and less inclined to breed.

            1. Sudden, you are here to make women less inclined to breed, but I hate to break it to you: the mechanism has nothing to do with what you say.

              1. I can neither confirm nor deny that my seminal fluid is largely comprised of HCL.

                1. HCl. Stupid chemistry.

            2. Yep, your big words is why chicks don't want to bang you. "Big". "Words".

              YOUR DONG IS SMALL

              1. Unless you're now towing the Left's lion about Hobby Lobby ruining access to birth control, there is a considerable difference between breeding and banging. Women can still take more sacks than a Brandon Weedon behind the 2002 Texans offensive line and still not breed.

          2. Possibly, I don't remember much from the early '90's - even my hair color (it is red, though).

      2. Using data from a large-scale longitudinal study conducted in the UK, Kanazawa found that "that women who intend to become parents have a mean childhood IQ of 99.94 whereas women who intend to remain childless for life have a mean childhood IQ of 105.50 (t = 7.173, df = 3544, p < .001). Similarly, men who intend to become parents have a mean childhood IQ of 100.02 whereas men who intend to remain childless for life have a mean childhood IQ of 104.35 (t = 5.310, df = 3439, p < .001)." (2014) As you can see, the data definitely disprove the null hypothesis; however Kanazawa (2014) notes that his results are very different that previous studies on the subject which "all show either that both intelligence and education have independent effects on fertility net of each other or that education entirely mediates the effect of intelligence on fertility" (Sec 6.1). Kanazawa's response to this is to handwave away the discrepancy by pointing to the brilliance of his idiosyncratic pet "Savanna-IQ Interaction Hypothesis"; stating that since not having children is "evolutionarily novel" smart women will be attracted to it.

        There's a phrase for what Kanazawa did, it's called "special pleading".

        1. Now HM, are you are trying to pop Ron's bubble o' childless, excuse me, child free smug?!

          1. Now HM, are you are trying to pop Ron's bubble o' childless, excuse me, child free smug?!

            Not intentionally. Bailey's a good egg.

            1. He does need to check this predilection for quackery, tho'.

        2. since not having children is "evolutionarily novel" smart women will be attracted to it.

          How is extinguishing your own genetic line attractive, evolutionarily?

          1. I think in a weird way Kanazawa is arguing that high intelligence, in and of itself, is a dysgenic factor in that it makes one less inclined to breed.

      3. Out of curiosity, is this Savanna-IQ Interaction Hypothesis used to argue that liberals are smarter and conservatives stupider?

        1. Yes. Atheists too.

          here has been emerging evidence for the Hypothesis as an explanation for individual preferences and values. First, more intelligent children are more likely to grow up to espouse left-wing liberalism (Deary et al., 2008 and Kanazawa, 2010a), possibly because genuine concerns with genetically unrelated others and willingness to contribute private resources for the welfare of such others ? liberalism ? may be evolutionarily novel. Even though past studies show that women are more liberal than men Lake and Breglio, 1992, Shapiro and Mahajan, 1986 and Wirls, 1986), and blacks are more liberal than whites (Kluegel and Smith, 1986 and Sundquist, 1983), the effect of childhood intelligence on adult liberalism is twice as large as the effect of sex or race (Kanazawa, 2010a).

          Second, more intelligent children are more likely to grow up to be atheists (Kanazawa, 2010a), possibly because belief in higher powers, as a consequence of overinference of agency behind otherwise natural phenomena, may be part of evolved human nature (Atran, 2002, Boyer, 2001, Guthrie, 1993, Haselton and Nettle, 2006 and Kirkpatrick, 2005), and atheism may therefore be evolutionarily novel. Even though past studies show that women are much more religious than men (Miller and Hoffmann, 1995 and Miller and Stark, 2002), the effect of childhood intelligence on adult religiosity is twice as large as that of sex (Kanazawa, 2010a).

          1. That's some nice confirmation bias there.

            possibly because genuine concerns with genetically unrelated others and willingness to contribute private resources for the welfare of such others ? liberalism

            Setting aside for a moment the definition of liberalism, the same could be said of religion.

            1. Yeah, the assumption that conservatives and libertarians are less concerned with the welfare of others just doesn't seem valid.

            2. the same could be said of religion.

              Probably depends on the religion.

              Lots of religions are not to kind to strangers. Only a few religions have tenets that explicitly say be nice to strangers.

              I can think of only one....weird that the same people who believed in that one religion with that tenet developed liberalism.

              1. Don't lots of religions/cultures have tales of gods or godlike being traveling in disguise, and generally rewarding or punishing people based on their treatment? Said stories being a myth to justify social customs of hospitality to strangers?

                1. Said stories being a myth to justify social customs of hospitality to strangers?

                  Being nice to strangers because they might be secret gods is not the same as being nice to strangers because they are your moral equals under god.

              2. Liberalism developed from Buddhism?

                Who knew?

                1. Yeah, I think I was able to come up with more than one fairly quickly...

                2. Liberalism developed from Buddhism?

                  Be nice to strangers who are of a certain class, race and religion is not the same thing at all.

                  1. Umm...did you read the link, bro? The first paragraph is about Hinduism, of which the rest of the essay contrasts it to Buddhism.

                    1. I mean, for fuck's sake, the concluding sentence of the first paragraph is

                      For the Buddha, hospitality should be shown to all, whatever their caste, religious affiliation or status. When Siha, a leading citizen of Vesali and a generous supporter of Jainism, became a Buddhist, the Buddha asked him to continue offering his hospitality to Jain monks who might come to his door (A.IV,185).

                    2. I like to think of Buddhism as the "Whatver Lulz" religion.

                      It never seems to have a problem with any culture it is dealing with.

                      In Japan it had no problem with brutal feudalism, in India it had no problem with the Caste system, in Vietnam it had no problem with communism, in Tibet and Nepal it had no problem with whatever backward tribalism that governed those lands and in Hollywood it has no problem whatever with some airhead actor thinks is a good idea.

                      I think it has to do with fate and reincarnation in which no matter what fucked up shit is going on in the real world does not matter. It is only noise and distraction from the goal of reaching nirvana and therefore it is OK to be OK with everything.

        2. Someone should just do a study that finds Ron Baily smarter then everyone else. They he can write an article about it and we can stop reading this bullshit.

          1. Give me some funding, and I'm sure I could get the proposal through the IRB.

  20. So all the dumb women are having children and all the smart women are not...

    What does natural selection have to say about all this?


    It says people would be the dumbest apes in the forests if this was true....and therefor probably not true.

    1. Not necessarily. There could be diminishing returns from additional intelligence after some point.

      1. There could be diminishing returns from additional intelligence after some point.

        Wrong direction.

  21. Don't miss the other groundbreaking work by Satoshi Kanazawa: "Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?"

    Can Ron Bailey post a piece about the phenomenon of Ron Bailey's seemingly impenetrable preference for fringe scientists?

    1. Your criticisms are entirely on point this time.

      1. *Agrees and frantically begins searching for other signs of the imminent Apocalypse*

        1. Three words: Blind Chicken, Corn

          1. *Reads UnCiv's post and climbs down off ledge*

      2. Who is this fool, Kanazawa, that dares to insult my Nubian princesses?!

        Have at thee, miscreant!

    2. Tony...

      I don't know what to say.

      Good work.


      Tony was right about something and he even put up a good example why he was right and what he is right about goes against his misanthropic statism....today is going to be a weird fuckin day.

      1. going to be???

        I think this qualifies it as "is".

    3. [Theodore Dalrymple quote about communist propaganda]

  22. Disclosure: My wife and I are childless.

    Dude. Same here. High five.

  23. Yeah my wife and I are making up for a few of you since we've got 4 of the damn things.

    Also I hate to say this but some of the "morons" who are breeding are not actually dumb. One of the smartest people I have ever met is my Brother in Law, however he is infected with a particular strain of religiosity that has him and my sister in the Quiverful movement. Last I heard they had 10 kids. My sister is no dummy either, she is not as smart as my brother and I (both of us have IQ's in the 140 - 160 range, she's around 110) but she has plenty of "smart" in her genetic makeup too.

    1. Weird. Are you a twin?

      1. Uhhhh no

        1. I ask because I am, and my brother and I both have IQ's in that same range, and my older sister's is about the same as yours, and she has a sizable brood with her electrical engineer husband. It's an odd confluence.

    2. Is there any claim that only stupid people have lots of children?

      1. No but there was a claim that smart people weren't

  24. Here's the thing about voluntary childlessness:

    There are powerful biological drives that lead parents to do fairly extraordinary things for their offspring. Those drives express themselves as emotional attachment.

    But you only can live the experience of those drives once you actually have a child. So until you have a child, you don't actually know what your emotional reaction to child-rearing will be.

    Picture, if you will, a scenario where you only experienced your sex drive after the first time you had sex. A lot of people would never have sex, right? Because they "wouldn't see what the big deal was".

    That's what childless people who claim they're "sure" they don't want children are like. They're like virgins claiming they "know" they don't like blowjobs.

    1. I'm not sure that "there are biologic boobytraps hidden deep in your psyche that will brainwash you into willingly enslaving yourself on behalf of your children if you only give them the chance to go off" is quite the advertisment for parenthood you think it is.

      1. Any parent that willingly enslaves himself or herself on behalf of his or her offspring is a horrible parent raising a brat.

      2. "I'm not sure that 'there are hidden biologic boobytraps hidden deep in your psyche that will make you feel really good while a vile substance shoots out of your penis' is quite the advertisement for blowjobs that you think it is."

        "I'm not sure that 'there are hidden biologic boobytraps hidden deep in your psyche that will fill you with satisfaction while your body turns a cheesesteak sub into shit after you force it down your gullet' is quite the advertisement for eating that you think it is."

        Come on, man, get serious.

    2. Finally, someone explains my sister in law and her husband.

      BIL used to react to children like they were mobile containers of radioactive waste... finally knocked up the SIL and next thing you know they have kid two and he is all in favor.

    3. Perhaps a better analogy would be claiming you're sure you wouldn't enjoy life as a eunuch when you still have your balls?

      1. That is a very poor analogy.

        On my side I have the experience of literally billions of people.

        To the extent that there's a documentary record of the preferences of eunuchs, they pretty much all agree that being a eunuch sucks.

        And then there's the simple fact that evolution hard-wires in "satisfaction responses" for every other thing necessary for survival and propagation of genes. Why would this be different?

        1. they pretty much all agree that being a eunuch sucks

          -1 Sunflower Manual

    4. "The joys of shooting yourself in the head are unknowable until you pull the trigger."

    5. The strange phenomenon and Fluffy and I agreeing about almost everything.

  25. Um, wasn't this covered extensively in Idiocracy?

    Anyhoo. I think it's pretty safe to say that... ok, let's just dump the 'IQ' thing for a minute, but anyone with bangin' career opportunities and a demanding work life-- a place where smarter people are going to tend to end up, are going to probably minimize their childcare footprint.

    My (ex)wife and I chose to have children late, and only one. Lord knows I'm not claiming to be smarter than anyone but we were (I'm no longer) working professionals with careers.

  26. "My wife and I are childless..."

    If you did not intend to have children, then why get legally married? To me, it's the only reason to go through with the hell of a wedding.

    1. Ha, nice.

    2. Ask teh gays.

    3. I agree with this. The state provides some contractual cover for married partners when children are involved. If you have a child and you're unmarried, the man is reduced to a sperm donor.

      But if you're never going to have kids, why fucking bother?

    4. You can get married without the hell of a wedding if you want to.

      1. +1 Judge, Courthouse and out the door

        1. -50% of your assets in the divorce!

          1. True, but has nothing to do with getting married without a wedding!

    5. If you have substantially different income levels, it lowers your tax bill (though not so much as it used to, when the tax code basically treated you as each of you was an individual earning one half of what you both earned, so the high earner didn't get hammered with a high marginal tax rate).

  27. I honestly don't see parenting as nearly as much of a commitment as it's made out to be. My parents both worked full time, and I will follow their example. It's a big commitment for the first few years, but once the kids are potty trained and able to ride bikes, they can pretty much entertain themselves.

    1. *Shhhhh (holds finger to lips). no one tell him. We need another member.*

      1. Wife's at 6 weeks. Too late to turn back now.

          1. Legalities aside, too late to turn back now. neither of us are personally pro-abortion.

    2. Watch out for the Busybodies who call CPS on any and all free-range children.

      1. Yeah, my neighborhood is almost entirely free-rangers. Old people who've owned their homes since they were built in the 60's and a couple of young couples with toddlers who are both libertarian-leaning preppers.

    3. but once the kids are potty trained and able to ride bikes have jobs and spouses and kids of their own, they can pretty much entertain themselves.

      Let me help you out.

  28. "This research prompts me to speculate that the Flynn Effect which finds that average IQs have been rising around the world during the past century likely explains a good bit of the continuing global fall in total fertility rates."

    I suspect this has to do with economic growth and the increasing opportunities for women to participate in the workforce around the world.

    Certainly, it has been shown, cross-culturally, that the more women are given an opportunity to contribute to the welfare of the family outside the home, the fewer children they choose to have.

    I suspect that the more intelligent a woman is, the more likely she is to be able to find economic opportunities outside the home. Thus, the IQ may be a significant secondary factor, statistically, but it's the economic opportunities for women that are driving the bus.

    It's just like it was in the U.S. I can remember hearing older people argue in the '70s about whether women, generally, preferred to have children or a career. What followed led me to Shultz's Fifth Law of Social Dynamics, which clearly states, "When women are confronted with mutually exclusive alternatives, their first choice is almost invariably both".

    Before the 70s, when women were mostly housekeepers, they had more children. When they started having careers, they chose to both have half as many as they had before--and a career.

    1. Environmentalists, by the way, should take note. If economic growth and the opportunities it brings for women are an important part of what makes women choose to have fewer children--around the world--then economic growth is an important environmental issue.

    2. Pretty sure the Flynn Effect is bullshit and Flynn himself even doubted it.

  29. This is an academic report that should and will rightfully sustain some academic challenge. LSE may as well have said the women you can pin down and put a baby in are dumber. There are journals who will waste their time combing over the "research" to verify scientific process was adhered to.

    We're still fighting the conservative male entitlement to their breeding stock.

    Its also well known you can pay an academic to say whatever you want so long as there is a big fat grant attached. Remember how University researchers verified that "the negro" was only 3/5ths human and okay be treated as livestock? Same situation.

    LSE should stick to economics. Fertility isn't their strong suit.

    1. C+

      1. You are in a generous mood today, yes?


        1. I'm actually curious why LSE is doing a fertility study. Are LSE econ grads having trouble getting pregnant? Are they trying to defend their childless lifestyles? What's the driving force behind a study like this? What are they trying to prove?

          The questions pulled up from a study like this try to undermine people socially for having children! Do you think we wouldn't see the immature intent here? Children are already treated like an invasive species by selfish adults. Pregnant women are routinely verbally and physically assaulted by jealous bystanders. Why aren't we talking about the spontaneous event of intellectual abandonment when self-centered adults encounter pregnant women or small children? That's would require some self exams by LSE of the nature of the people they retain as educators don't you think?

          1. Pregnant women are routinely verbally and physically assaulted by jealous bystanders.

            Wait, what?

            1. Yes. Didn't you know? Being offensively confronted by all sorts of weirdos when the belly starts sticking out is part of being inducted into parenthood.

              1. You strike me as one of those people who, maybe, gets offended a lot.

          2. "Pregnant women are routinely verbally and physically assaulted by jealous bystanders."

            Say what?!

            1. Non-pregnant women routinely run up to pregnant women and grab their uteri.

  30. My IQ is off the ch... a hem, is relatively high, and I wouldn't give up having my kids for anything.

    1. Mine is pretty far to the right on the bell curve, and I am looking forward to it.

  31. I'm going to piss a bunch of people off by saying this.

    It might seem smart not to have kids, if you think they will interfere with other life goals. i.e. career, travelling the world, enjoying life.

    But the question you have to ask yourself is: Are you really experiencing what life has to offer if you essentially cut yourself off from experiencing the central defining feature of life itself - procreation?

    1. This. Unfortunately, you don't know what will make you happy until you've done it, and in life you only get one chance at some things. I've met childless people who were happy at 60, and others who were miserable. Same with child-ful(?) couples. However, my wife got super horny once she went off birth control, so I am much more open to the idea of natural family planning than I was a few months ago.

    2. and the sex is good too...

    3. Speaking for myself, I got married and had kids late in life. Up until that moment, I didn't very much (nearly none at all) thought into having kids or the experience of being a parent.

      Once I surrend... got married the experience of being a father has been the best of my life. I wouldn't trade it for all the world.

      Basically, my experience was dangerously close to what Fluffy stated above-- I experienced no drive to have a kid, but once I had one it's been a fantastic experience.

      Having said that, I have zero desire to have more. Because [good] parenting is hard work.

      1. I didn't get married until my 30s, and I never planned to have any children. Thankfully me and my wife weren't that careful, and now I'm a father. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

  32. The thing no one is commenting on is that if this study holds water, the smarter women of society are withholding pension contributors from the bottom of the pyramid. So that means the smartest women are going to be responsible for us becoming Greece.

    1. Greek style lovin has something to do with it too, then.

      1. I knew someone would hit that hanging curveball right over the plate...

  33. I seriously doubt this idea has any accuracy. You might argue they have fewer children, but not no children. I know a lot of smart women with children. Those without children have other interests.

    1. Like rug munching?

  34. This research prompts me to speculate that the Flynn Effect which finds that average IQs have been rising around the world during the past century likely explains a good bit of the continuing global fall in total fertility rates.

    It seems like the opposite effect should be happening. If lower-IQ women are having way more babies than high-IQ women, and IQ is hereditary, average IQs should be falling. One or the other observation is wrong.

  35. Heh. Smart wimmins are dumb.

  36. On its face this appears to prove that mothers do not pass on their IQ (good or bad) to their children, either by heredity or by child-rearing practices including teaching. Because if they did, then the fact that women with below-average IQs are producing most of the children should cause the average IQ in the population to fall, not rise, over time.

    I wonder what relationship, if any, exists between the IQs of *fathers* and their children.

  37. High intelligence in women is a negative survival trait?

    Maybe the Kzinti are onto something.

  38. 25% is a pretty small effect. The authors of the research need to read McCloskey's book "The Cult of Statistical Significance: How the Standard Error Costs Us Jobs, Justice, and Lives." Adjusted for the small effect, as McCloskey suggests, the statistical significance would probably disappear. In other words, they don't have a story.

    But given the benefit of the doubt, the real story is why the vast majority of very intelligent women have children. Why fixate on the tiny minority of intelligent women who don't? The exception proves the rules that most intelligent women have children.

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