Tea Party

Tea Party Faltering in Michigan Congressional Primary

Negative attacks a turn-off.


Once a large movement exclusively for fiscally frugal government, animated by CNBC reporter Rick Santelli's rant against bailouts, today's much smaller tea party has too often become a movement fixated on the social authoritarian thinking of Rick Santorum. The result of chaotic thinking has been chaotic and ineffective influence in Michigan Congressional primaries.

I live in the 8th Congressional District, the political battlefield between current State Rep. Tom McMillin, R – Rochester Hills, and former Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R – Rochester. I have received mailings from McMillin promising to protect me from gay marriage and illegal immigration. Bishop retaliated, threatening me with his endorsement from current GOP Congressman Mike Rogers.

Ouch. While neither has been shy about criticizing the other, it's their unintentional negative attacks on their own records that turn me off. The first one to shut up about themselves might get my vote. The ironic thing is: I know and like both and have written recently that either will be an improvement over the highly disappointing incumbent, Mike Rogers.