Upworthy-Like Parody Site's List Probably Includes More Useful Information Than Most of Upworthy


who failed?
Iraqi State Television

Last month, The Onion launched, a parody of websites such as Upworthy that utilize the "You Won't Believe…" headline template to best take advantage of perceived social media consumption habit to hilarious effect. I may well have learned about it when a commenter here posted this story that at first glance looked like it was on a simple Upworthy knock off.

Yesterday, though, ran a piece, "5 U.S.-Backed Regimes That Failed So Hard They Won," that applied the irreverence the website's displayed toward the Things People Care About on Social Media to a topic, foreign policy intervention, that doesn't get as much play as, say, self-congratulations about speaking truth to power by rattling off slogans and talking points. The item on Iraq:  

The war in Iraq was an epic fail for sure, and even though it's finished now, the fail just keeps on coming! The government that the U.S. established to replace Saddam Hussein is trying to break the world record in fail, ceding power and strategic interests to extremist militants pretty much on the reg despite a $14 billion U.S. investment to stabilize the country following the troop withdrawal. Gotta hand it to us, when we fail, we fail HARD!

Read the rest here. There's an error in the last item placing Carter's presidency "throughout the 80s." I'd remind you it's a parody website to explain how the error made it into the live version, but actual news outlets sadly make mistakes about history too.