David Duchovny Has to Explain He's Not Pro-Putin Just Because He Made a Russian Beer Commercial


sounds like a plan, comrade

We're hardly approaching peak jingoism but last week's downing of a Malaysia Air flight over Ukraine has brought out the inner nationalist in some people, with Russia reprising its Soviet-era role of the anti-America enemy.  The Russian government's transparent attempts to shield pro-Russia separatists from responsibility even as the evidence overwhelmingly pointed to pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine as the missile launchers certainly helped play into the idea that the Russian government was going retro. We may be living in Mitt Romney's America after all.

Nevertheless, as you may know, Russia is a country full of people. Though its government is elected the people don't agree with everything their government does, just like people the world over don't.  The Russian government, like any government, is an organization, one that's separate from Russian culture and society even if it tries to claim dominion over both.  It's important to remember things like that when the political class in Russia and the U.S. both see demonizing the other's country as a useful way to gain support at home.  That way, things like this don't happen, via TMZ:

David Duchovny says his beer commercial musing about living his life as a Russian does NYET mean he supports Russian politics—especially the invasion of the Ukraine.

Duchovny's statement to TMZ comes in the middle of a flurry of criticism over his commercial for a Russian Siberian beer—Siberian Crown. Duchovny wonders in the spot what his life would be like if he was Russian … fantasizing about being a cosmonaut, a ballerina, and other Russian stuff.

The actor tells TMZ, "I am proud of my Russian, Ukrainian, Scottish and Polish heritage as I am proud of my American heritage."

Duchovny goes on, "But being proud of one's ancestry is not a political statement on any current government or public policies."

No shit. Love your country, hate your government, an old American (and Russian) tradition.

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  1. So no more Russian dressing. Now we call it Ukrainian Freedom dressing.

    1. What about Russian mail order brides?

      1. Nope. Now they are Neo-Slav-Viking Freedom brides.

        1. Carl: Oh, man. I cannot wait. I got the oils, the candles, the works! When does that babe get here?

          Shake: Carl, don’t refer to her as a “babe”, please. She is a Chechnyan prostitute, and you will address her as such.

          Carl: Look, just don’t cash that check immediately. I wanna make sure that both of us marryin’ her is gonna be, you know, legal.

          Shake: Of course it is! What, are you kidding me? Santa Claus ain’t legal and he’s around.

          Carl: Well, I guess that makes sense, you know.

          1. +1 MY NAME IS

            1. The reason for the season is pleasin’

      2. Ukrainian mail order brides seem to be plentiful.

        1. Show some respect. They’re Ukranian Freedom brides.

    2. The Russian invasion of Crimea has me more worried about disruptions to world supplies of Tartar sauce. Won’t somebody think of the fish sticks!

      1. Do you like fish sticks?

  2. the evidence overwhelmingly pointed to pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine as the missile launchers

    At a minimum, this leaves out that the missiles were supplied by Russia to the separatists (itself a violation of all kinds of laws).

    But, c’mon. We all know that Russia isn’t going to just toss the keys to a top-level missile system to anybody. These were under the control of, if not actually operated by, the Russian military.

  3. I pay taxes to stay out of jail, not because I support literally anything the government does with the money.

    1. If taxes were voluntary, I might pay some to my local government. Maybe. I don’t know.

      1. Street crew…cause Somalia or something.

      2. I would pay a little to the state, specifically for roads.

        1. I already pay taxes to my local government, and I got a subway that gets stuck in traffic.

      3. Roadz! Hello turn pikes. Private roads only or the statist win. Also private security. At most fee for government services rendered.

      4. I’d deffo pay the property tax for the schools. That’s what gives us a buffer from the poor.

  4. Based on the sparse beeradvocate reviews, this beer doesn’t sound like it’s very good.

  5. The truth is out there.

    1. I want to believe.

  6. I’d love one of those “nuke’m first” posters for my office.

    1. I want one those better dead then red t-shirts that that guy wore in Highlander.

  7. The Kindle’s running dry. Any book ideas? Scifi is the dominant interest but all genres will be considered. Thanks in advance.

    1. Have you read any Charles Stross? Neal Asher? Iain Banks? Alistair Reynolds? Richard Morgan?

      1. Fuck that. Read The Destroyer series.

        1. You move like pregnant yak, ProL.

          1. I am created Shiva, the Destroyer.

        2. Remo Williams The Adventure Beings was pulled from a book.. no way.

          1. A book? No. Over 100? Yes.

            1. And they’re cheap. For a while, the first 15 or so books were $0.99, but even now they’re only $2.99 (might still be less for the earlier books). Kindle editions, I mean.

              Pulpy, but fun. Definitely not for those sensitive about identity politics, unless you’re Korean. . .well, from the village of Sinanju, anyway.

      2. Asher but not the rest.

        1. You might want to try Charles Stross’ Laundry series then. Also, Richard Morgan’s Altered Carbon is a hyper-violent bundle of fun.

          1. Laundry Series SOLD!

    2. If you haven’t read Bastiat yet, do. It’s free and awesome.

      I know this is Reason so you easily may have, of course.

    3. If you don’t mind long and dense, I can recommend the Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson.

      If you haven’t read Gates of Fire, go get and read it RIGHT NOW. Good stuff.

    4. If you haven’t read SM Stirling’s novels of The Change I would recommend them. Quite a few books and entertaining.

    5. House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, which will be either the best book you ever read or the worst book you ever read.

    6. The Ocean at the End of the Lane was short and sweet.

      Right now I’m on a WWI revisionist kick, and The Sleepwalkers is an excellent entry in that subject, well worth the read. (Iron Kingdom by that same author is also very good.)

    7. This may sound odd coming from a libertarian, but I really like Gore Vidal’s historical fiction, most especially Julian and Creation.

    8. The Stars My Destination.

      1. Yes, I second this. And The Demolished Man, while you’re at it.

    9. Stuff I have been reading:

      I, The Sun – great historic fiction of Bronze age Hittites.

      Farseer series by Robin Hobb – I think Martin stole some world building stuff from these books for GoT…Things like deep ice age like winters, wargs, bastards, foreign conquest of 6 kingdoms into one, assassin training, dragons coming back.

      The Dagger and Coin series – It is well written i guess. Only read the first book so far. Some of it is strangely light hearted for the material it covers. Maybe Martin and Gene Wolfe have spoiled me in their ability to convey dread in their Fantasy.

      The First Law series – A revisionist history of Gandalf…with some of the best described sword fights ever written

      The Expanse series – I guess the SciFi channel is making this into a TV series. It is passable space Opera set only in our solar system.

  8. If Duchovny isn’t talking about his sex addiction, I’m not interested.

    1. +1 The Rapture

  9. Nevertheless, as you may know, Russia is a country full of people.

    Well, most of it is actually pretty empty of people.

  10. In United States, media consume you.

  11. In Putin’s Russia, beer drinks you!

  12. Love your country, hate your government

    Is it ok if i start hating my country because my government is sooo shitty?

    Also as the government imposes itself more more into the culture, private lives and economy of the county at what point does the conflation of country and government become fact?

  13. The gist of this article is on target but the fact is most Russians love what Putin is doing and might go further. They are largely a backwards, demented people. The after effect of Soviet communism followed by an exodus of all the educated or other smart people.

    1. They are largely a backwards, demented people.


    2. Oh i have a question.

      If they are backward demented people how many pro-Russian people is it OK to kill for every Ukrainian killed in the Ukrainian civil war?

      Would you put it at 1000 pro-Russians per Ukrainian? Or something like 10 pro-Russians per Ukrainian?

  14. The fact that duchochovny bothered to defend himself against a retarded, half – witted charge means he lost.

    1. The fact that duchochovny bothered to defend himself

      He is an actor.

      It is publicity.

      What do you think his agent would tell him to do?

      “So you can ignore this and the story dies…or you can get your name lit up on a thousand twitter feeds…As your agent I think you know what I want you to do.”

      1. Then he should have done a Rap song with accompanying video.

  15. Though its government is elected the people don’t agree with everything their government does, just like people the world over don’t.

    I’m betting, though, that the percentage of Russians who like their current government is a lot higher than the percentage of Americans we like our current government.

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