Palestinians Accuse Israel of War Crimes in Gaza

Officials filed a complaint Friday to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.


Top Palestinian officials have accused Israel of war crimes in Gaza, filing a complaint Friday to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Palestinian Justice Minister Saleem Al-Saqqa and Ismail Jabr, the Gaza court public prosecutor, started legal proceedings via a Paris-based lawyer over the 18 days of fighting between Hamas fighters and Israeli ground forces that's left 800 Palestinians dead—including hundreds of civilians. Thirty seven Israelis have been killed, 35 of them soldiers.

The officials accuse Israel of war crimes, which, they say, under the ICC statutes includes "crime of apartheid," "attacks against civilians," "excessive loss of human life" and "crime of colonization."

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  1. …”crime of apartheid,” ”attacks against civilians,” ”excessive loss of human life” and “crime of colonization.”…

    Pretty sure every one of these needs the qualifier ‘sort of like’, as in “sort of like the crime of apartheid”.
    IOWs, they are bullshit.

  2. I feel like Israelis should be allowed to commit apartheid. Israel exists to protect an endangered ethnicity in its traditional habitat; letting in an invasive ethnicity which could acquire enough demographic power to displace the protected ethnicity would defeat the purpose.

    1. Israel’s Arab neighbors are doing the aprtheiding here, along with the Palestinians themselves.

  3. Top Palestinian officials have accused Israel of war crimes

    In other news, the sun came up this morning and the Universe continues to expand.

  4. Where is the most sober coverage of the Israel debacle?
    Everything I am seeing seems like a bunch of people credulously repeating the party line from whichever side they supported before.

    1. It died about the time the word “Palestinian” stopped referring to Jews of the Levant and the mandated Palestinian state was renamed Jordan.

    2. “from whichever side they supported before”

      There is no moral equivalence here.
      The Pals can have peace the instant they act like they want it and stop lobbing rockets into Israel.

      1. None implied.
        I have trouble believing what a state military says, and what a terrorist organization says. Doesn’t mean the lies are 50/50.
        I’d like some sources that could inform me in a way that doesn’t make me feel like I’m being propagandized.

  5. “We launched hundreds of high-explosive rockets towards populated areas, and they selectively returned fire. That’s not fair”. Fuck Palestinians and their perpetual self-inflicted victim-hood.

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