Europeans Want 'Right to Be Forgotten,' Don't Know How That Should Work


European regulators have not yet decided whether to try to force search engines such as Google and Microsoft's Bing to scrub results globally when people invoke their "right to be forgotten" in the region.

Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin—who heads France's privacy watchdog and the WP29 group of EU national data protection authorities—said in an interview on Friday that no consensus had yet been reached on what she called a "complicated issue".

The European Union's top court ruled in May that search engines must take down certain results shown under a search of a person's name if the information was "inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant".

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  1. …”if the information was “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant”.”

    Well, no one can argue about THAT!

  2. Talk about conceit!

  3. Europeans being stupid again. Why can’t we just be more like them?

  4. Given how their cultures and economies are doing overall, they should not worry too much about being forgotten. It’s taking care of itself, folks.

  5. That’s a useful legal test. If I’m searching for something on the web, I consider everything that would appear via a search engine “relevant.” For example, my daughter’s boyfriend’s criminal history. He might want it erased, but I would consider it relevant.

  6. Sarcasm Button On:
    Europeans Want ‘Right to be Forgotten,’ Don’t Know How That Should Work
    Comrades! Europeans should never be forgotten! Europe is where the world was introduced to the magnificent concept of socialism where the parasite class steals from the producing class, the gulag where millions of where killed by their merciful socialist masters, colonialism that killed millions through racism, disease and genocide, and, saving last for best, everybody’s favorite…extermination camps! Who would want to forget those concepts? We should be very grateful indeed for Europe because we here in the Union of Soviet States of America would not be enjoying all the benefits of such Marxist ideas of socialized medicine and the graduated income tax. Europe must be remembered for introducing contemporary warfare to the Japanese in 1900. From there, the Japanese controlled the Asian population for decades. Europe gave China, North Korea and Cambodia the ideals and beliefs of Karl Marx, Engels and Joseph Stalin. Mao did an excellent job of uniting the Chinese populace and controlled the population of China. Pol Pot introduced the concept of socialist mercy in Cambodia and, to this very day, North Korea is ruled by someone who not only knows how to run a country but has a bitchin’ hair cut as well. Forget Europe? No way! There’s too much to remember.
    Sarcasm Button Off

    1. Euros seem very attached to ‘history’ (at least as they fantasize it). According to Judt in “Postwar”, there was a whole lot of forgetting going on, like forgetting who was, well, sort of ‘friendly’ to the Krauts.
      I think the Euros have a whole lot of forgetting yet to do.

      1. They seem to remember all the bad stuff though.

        Like socialism.

  7. It’s actually comical that the question of “Who decides the correct answers to these question?” didn’t appear to be a problem.

  8. And North American left-wingers will follow suit naturally. Because Europe smart. Mongo just a pawn.

    “The 170,000 employees is nearly twice as large as the British army and is greater than the number of people working at eight Whitehall departments including the Treasury and the Home Office.

    The figure included nearly 45,000 people on 1,000 “expert groups”, which advise on legislation, such as the Lifts Directive Working Group, the Mineral Water Expert Group and the Expert Group on Flavourings.”

    That’s a lot of people needing to justify their jobs.

    1. I’m not gonna do a search, but I have a strong suspicion that there are ‘expert groups’ for, oh, toilet tissue, fly swatters, etc.
      The things we really can’t rely on people to properly select without gov’t assistance.

  9. Would they try to apply this regulation only to the Euro subsidiaries or to ALL Google search engines? I’m not sure how they’d have standing to go against Google if it simply spun off… That way you’re still remembered on…

    1. Could easily be:
      ‘Don’t do what we want over there? Well, you don’t have ‘permission’ to operate here!’

  10. Sorry, Euros, the reverse psychology isn’t going to work. Still no interest in Googling any of you. You’re all forgotten, irrelevant and just plain not worth the trouble. Nice try, though.

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