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Mom Jailed for Letting Her Kid Play Unsupervised Also Fired From Job

No justice for this mother-yet.


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Here is an update on the case of Debra Harrell, the South Carolina mom jailed for letting her 9-year-old play in a popular park unsupervised (you read it here first), while she worked at McDonald's.

Harrell was jailed for one night. Her daughter was kept in state custody for a whopping 17 days.

That's right: Seventeen days in custody, all because her mother wanted to let her play outside rather than sit inside a stuffy restaurant all day.

Harrell has also lost her McDonald's job. Wonkette managed to reach McDonald's, which told her that responding to any inquiries about this situation would be "inappropriate."

Robert Phillips, a trial lawyer, has taken Harrell's case a pro bono. And someone (not me) set up a "Support Debra Harrell" fund that currently has about $30,000 in it. Here it is.

At the moment, her case is pending. In other words, no justice for this mother—yet.