John Kerry in Israel, Yet Again

Whole lot of talking, again


…Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Tel Aviv Wednesday morning and is also expected to travel to Jerusalem and the West Bank to meet with the PLO's Abbas, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The United Nations human rights council also held a special session in Geneva, Switzerland on the human rights situation in the Palestinian Territories.

U.N. human rights commissioner Navi Pillay called on Hamas and Israel to "strictly abide" by international humanitarian and human rights law.


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  1. “U.N. human rights commissioner Navi Pillay called on Hamas and Israel to “strictly abide” by international humanitarian and human rights law.”

    Or else:

  2. Why is Lurch handling something as important as relations with Israel?

    1. I take it that “Lurch” is John Kerry. Answer: Because he is The Secretary of State. Translation: You don’t like Kerry. So, who, in your opinion, is supposed to handle these important relations with Israel?

      Say what you mean, and tell everyone who you think should be Secretary of State instead of John Kerry. In any event, whoever is Secretary of State is going to deal with Israel because that is his/her job. If you were Secretary of State, how would you handle the situation in negotiation with all parties?

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