Bodies from Malaysian Flight Returning Home, Court Temporarily Delays Execution in Arizona, Environmental Groups Want to End Capitalism (Dog Bites Man!): P.M. Links


  • Joseph Rudolph Wood

    Bodies from the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 have started arriving in The Netherlands. The country lost the most citizens in the crash.

  • Another plane crashed in a storm in Tawian today while trying to make an emergency landing, and dozens are believed dead.
  • Joseph Rudolph Wood, 55, may or may not have been executed by the state of Arizona by the time you read this. The U.S. Supreme Court denied an appeal on the basis of the state refusing to reveal the components of his lethal injection. But then the state's Supreme Court temporarily agreed to delay the execution over a new appeal based on whether he got adequate legal representation. This afternoon it denied that appeal as well. He was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend and her father in 1989.
  • The trial has begun in the case of the Detroit man who fatally shot a woman who knocked on his door late at night after a car crash. He faces second degree-murder charges and claims that he thought somebody was trying to break into his house.
  • A group of 130 environmental groups thinks we should fight global warming by eliminating capitalism entirely, which is as logical as saying we can fight global warming by destroying the sun. (Hat tip to Playa Manhattan, who needs to arrange another brunch soon.)
  • New York Police admit they have no idea who replaced a couple of American flags atop Brooklyn Bridge with white flags or how they did it.

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  1. New York Police admit they have no idea who replaced a couple of American flags atop Brooklyn Bridge with white flags or how they did it.

    But at least the bridge signaled its willingness to stop resisting.

    1. But the bridge weighs a lot, and probably has done something wrong in the past. The NYPD would clearly be authorized to blow it up for its own good.

      1. I’m sure there is some drug residue on it somewhere.

    2. Hello.

      Police to another: Did you see anything, Paul?
      Paul: I didn’t see anything. Hey, Mike did you see anything?
      Mike: Nah. I didn’t see anything. Ask Gordie. He may have seen something!”
      Gordie: Did someone mention my name?
      Paul: Hey, did you see anything?
      Gordie: About Linda capping that jaywalker?
      Paul: No. The other thing.
      Gordie: Oh, that! No.

      And so it went.

    3. A lot of the hand-wringing from the fear mongers has been of the “what if they had put a bomb up there!” sort. As if anyone would bomb the top of a bridge.

  2. A group of 130 environmental groups thinks we should fight global warming by eliminating capitalism entirely, which is as logical as saying we can fight global warming by destroying the sun. (Hat tip to Playa Manhattan, who needs to arrange another brunch soon).

    They just need one of those huge retractable disks. Watch out for babies with guns though.

    1. No jury in the world will convict a baby!

      (Well, maybe Texas)

    2. Hat tip to Playa Manhattan, who needs to arrange another brunch soon

      I can do brunch for hat tips! Except, you know, nobody lives near me.

      1. As the southernmost Reasonoid (on the continental US at least, dunno if we have any Hawaiians here), I concur with this statement.

        1. Do you live in the house next to the Southernmost Point in Key West or in the southernmost hotel?

          1. Fun fact: Even though I’ve lived in South Florida for the majority of my 37 years on this Earth, I’ve actually never been to Key West. Been down on various islands in the Keys multiple times to fish, but have never made it all the way down to Key West.

            1. To be fair, Key West is hella far…

              1. It’s a hike even from the upper keys.

            2. It’s worth a visit, though I prefer other islands in the chain. We were just down there, but we stayed on Islamorada and hit Key Largo as well. I also for the first time ever went to the Everglades (rather than just driving through it).

          2. He’s the pool boy on Ballast Key.

      2. Texas FTW! Too bad this state is so damn big.

      3. Sheesh, so Playa’s reward for doing something nice for a bunch of people is to get publicly called out to do it again.

        1. *whispers*
          Jesse usually does all of the work

          1. So, you’re like the big picture guy and Jesse is the details person?

            Or minion?

            1. I don’t have an email under my handle, so he’s the point of contact.

            2. We share the same vision though. Always alcohol, and usually delicious meats.

              1. That would seem to be a full and sufficient vision.

                1. It’s worked out well so far. Although I feel like our regional competitors are doing better than we are and we need to step up our game.

                  @Playa: that Irish restaurant closed already.

                  1. that Irish restaurant closed already

                    Curse of the Reasonoids?

                    1. Naw, curse of the building. It was a bookstore and coffee shop. The coffee shop closed, they opened an Irish cafe that looked really good, but it closed as well.

              2. If some of yall want to make a trip out to CO this winter, we can go to Rodizio before going up to the mountains.

                1. Colorado? In the winter?

                  Fall maybe, summer definitely.

                  1. Don’t ski, eh?

        2. The only reward you get for doing a good job is another job.

          Mediocrity FTW: Because its almost as good and no-one will notice until its too late anyway.

    3. No kidding, eliminating all the big government crap would solve any problems much quicker. Technology is the obvious and, frankly, only answer save mass suicide/homicide.

      Actually, quicker is the wrong word. Giant government won’t give a shit about the environment, just like the Soviet Union and China don’t give a shit.

      1. Matt Ridley has pointed out that even some of the IPCC studies show that highly industrialized, high tech societies will be “greener” than low tech.

      2. It’s pretty gobsmackingly flabbergasting just how clueless some people can be about how objective reality works. Really the people in these groups are demonstrating that they are completely incapable of existing on this planet in any capacity, other than being treated like small children.

        No, this has never been tried before. Never, ever, especially not in that Cambodia place.

        1. The Chilling Fields, right?

          1. Hey, the plan looked really good on paper. What could possibly go wrong?

    4. Since the beginning of time man has yearned to destroy the sun.

      1. “I’m crushing your sun.”

        1. All that’s needed is blocking it out.

    5. From the comments…

      “C C ? 12 minutes ago

      The environmental movement has been hijacked by the radical left. It is now just a vehicle to impose their agenda. Environmentalists are like watermelons, green on the outside and red inside”

      1. Watermelons, haha, that is great.

        If the goal is to remove human impact on the environment, eliminating capitalism will probably go pretty far, in that we will quickly lose 100’s of millions to starvation and mass graves of political dissidents, but then the survivors will probably start riding horses and burning manure again for energy so it might be a wash.

        1. With this news, the rind comes off!

      2. *watermelons*


      3. I thought it always was just a vehicle for communism

    6. My first thought was that if they have 130 such loony tunes groups, they sure don’t get along well.

      130 separate groups all with the same nominal goal! My mind reels. Even if they are in separate countries, 130!

      Did someone think they could make themselves sound bigger by splitting up into one man groups?


  3. The U.S. Supreme Court denied an appeal on the basis of the state refusing to reveal the components of his lethal injection.

    Apparently it’s a helluva thing killing a man. Or at least telling people exactly how you’re going to take all he’s got and all he’ll ever have.

  4. In Mary news?

    Apparently she was so scandalized by my comment in a thread last week that she felt the need to get back at me by trolling my blog.

    I believe I’ve encountered my first honest-to-God sociopath.

    I’m relatively new ’round these parts. Is this par for the course?

    1. She’s a looney. And apparently off her meds again.

    2. I remember, in the days before registration, when Sloopy set out to start his own blog. She trolled that one too.

    3. Yes. She also runs a sock-puppet named Todd Gakk.

      It’s all rather pathetic.

      1. She also runs a sock-puppet named Todd Gakk.

        What ss that Dutch?

        1. +$100 of Chinese gum

          (that’s Gakk, right?)

      2. What about White Indian? I thought that was Mary as well.

        1. I miss Herc. He was much more interesting than, say, that Tina person we had last week.

          1. At least Tina is real. But no engagement, just Post n Run.

          2. Is that Lynchpin badgelicker from yesterday just another tulpa sock?

    4. Par for the course. You have no idea how insane she is. No. Idea.

    5. God damn but she is one hot mess.

      And holy shit is she angry that none of us want to play with her.

    6. WTF is that? She is so obsessed that she started her own comment site for each and every Reason article?

      Yep, she’s nuts.

      1. Not just articles, individual H&R comments will get their own posts.

    7. Let me draw some fire for you Muzzle.

      Hey Mary, you ridiculous twat, go fuck your husband or do something useful for once. Does he know how you spend your time? Or are you even married/dating/relating with actual humans? Did your obsession with libertarians drive him away or just prevent you from forming any lasting relationships in the first place?

      I have to suppose that your hatred for libertarians is merely a substitution for something else. Some self-hatred, feeling of failure that you are experiencing. We welcome your confessional anytime.

      With love and smooches,

      1. Now you made her all horney with that kind of talk.

        [reaches for her Nick Gillespie dildo]

    8. She could almost make me re-think my views on involuntary commitment.

    9. That’s a pretty good blog.

  5. The trial has begun in the case of the Detroit man who fatally shot a woman who knocked on his door late at night after a car crash. He faces second degree-murder charges and claims that he thought somebody was trying to break into his house.

    I don’t know anything about this case, but I, for one, am shocked that someone in Detroit had fears about their personal safety.

  6. …he thought somebody was trying to break into his house.

    In Detroit?

  7. Hello. I’m glad to see this hasn’t made the national scare reporting yet. The base I work on has been on lockdown for many hours now. Word is they were in the middle of an active shooter exercise when suddenly everything got real. Still not sure if I’m going to work tonight.

  8. We’re heading into a jobless future, no matter what the government does

    There won’t be much work for human beings. Self-driving cars will be commercially available by the end of this decade and will eventually displace human drivers?just as automobiles displaced the horse and buggy?and will eliminate the jobs of taxi, bus, and truck drivers. Drones will take the jobs of postmen and delivery people.

    The debates of the next decade will be about whether we should allow human beings to drive at all on public roads. The pesky humans crash into each other, suffer from road rage, rush headlong into traffic jams, and need to be monitored by traffic police. Yes, we won’t need traffic cops either.…..ment-does/

    1. Uber driverless pods could be the next Apple.

      1. Peopleless pods will be the next pod people: silently invading our ranks and taking over.

        1. so Soylent Green will be not people?

    2. TL;DR but let me take a stab at a summary

      I’m out of ideas so everyone else must be, too.

      That about cover it?

      1. It turned into a piece about education and skilled work force, then about shrinking the work week or else we’ll get civil unrest.

        So yeah, basically what you said.

        1. I find these sorts of arguments are exhausting.

          So, if we can produce more with less, demand won’t be able keep up with supply. Because, you know, human want is a thing of the past. There aren’t still starving children in Africa. We have reached the superabundance of wealth imagined by Karl Marx. Derp derp derp.

          1. They’ve been predicting that technology will cause total human unemployment since… I don’t know, probably the invention of the wheel.

            Government is far better at causing unemployment than tech could ever be.

          2. When farmers start replacing people with machinery, no one will have a job, to earn the money with which they can buy the food.


    3. The loss of traffic cops sounds like a fair trade.


    4. Comments are derp:

      9:49 AM CDT [Edited]
      It is one of the things I’ve never understood, why we as a society have not insisted upon a reduced work week with higher pay per hour.

      7/22/2014 6:11 PM CDT
      This article demonstrates that the exploitive capitalism in control of most of the world is incompatible with the needs of the human race in the face of severely job-erasing technology. Something will have to give, and the longer change to current capitalism is resisted, the more violent the change will be.

      1. If the Internet has done nothing else, it’s made me aware of just how many frighteningly stupid people there are in the world.

        1. There aren’t that many, it’s just that the frighteningly stupid ones are very energetic and don’t waste time on reflection or deep thought.

    5. We’re heading into a jobless future, no matter what the government does.

      I’m planning for a jobless future as soon as I can save up enough cash.

    6. To be fair, this is WaPo.

  9. Dem Senate candidate plagiarized Masters thesis:…..-spot&_r=0

    1. I wonder what everyday people–teachers, nurses, auto-mechanics– think when they hear about petty academic intellectual theft.

      1. Everyday people are teachers, firefighters and cops.

    2. An examination of the final paper required for Mr. Walsh’s master’s degree from the United States Army War College indicates the senator appropriated at least a quarter of his thesis on American Middle East policy from other authors’ works, with no attribution.

      Only a quarter? He’s definitely unqualified to hold public office.

      1. Yeah, as US Senator, 100% of his sponsored legislation will be written by lobbyists and campaign donors.

      2. I really don’t get why people plagiarize. Perhaps it’s different with a thesis, which is supposed to be the creation of new knowledge, but for regular papers, the more references you have makes it look like the more work you did researching.

    3. Oh my god, this is almost as terrible as that time a Rand Paul speech writer copied a sentence from Wikipedia! I’m sure Maddow will be all over it.

      1. God willing shriek will hold his breath until then.

  10. A group of 130 environmental groups thinks we should fight global warming by eliminating capitalism entirely…

    Stop global warming by dropping all pretense? Interesting.

    1. I think their action would solve what they believe the problem to be. Ending capitalism would kill at least half the world’s population, and any AGW effects will effectively halt, and ending the Industrial Era.

      1. Just a cloak over their true neo-Malthusian agenda.

      2. Of course, the giant communist states have polluted on levels beyond anything we’ve even thought about doing. And these people know that.

        1. Only because they were competing with capitalism! If they would just adopt legitimate, return-to-the-land communal agrarianism like in Cambodia, the Earth could finally heal.

        2. Next time, it’ll be different.

        3. This This This This

          Carbon Dioxide will seem like a minor nuisance when you’ve got acid rain, mercury tainted rivers, and mine tailings in your watershed.

          1. Progress, comrade! We’ll clean up the environment after we’ve eliminated all want. Starting with the Party.

        4. No, they don’t know that. They’re ignorant children.

      3. What did Bolivarian socialist use before they used candles?


    2. On the plus side, with no capitalism, we’d all be living in the woods or a cave, so the higher temperatures would make life more pleasant.

      1. It’s definitely a consensus.

  11. Don’t Send Your Kid to the Ivy League
    The nation’s top colleges are turning our kids into zombies

    Look beneath the fa?ade of seamless well-adjustment, and what you often find are toxic levels of fear, anxiety, and depression, of emptiness and aimlessness and isolation. A large-scale survey of college freshmen recently found that self-reports of emotional well-being have fallen to their lowest level in the study’s 25-year history.…..-elsewhere

    1. Unless you want your kid to work on K Street, or the Supreme Court, or Wall Street, or…

      Look, I find it disgusting and odiously against the meritocracy that the U.S. is supposed to be, but like watches like, and the upper class and upper middle class kids who start at the prep schools of Brooklyn or D.C. continue to watch out for each other at the Ivies and beyond.

    2. If I were running a 25-year study, I’d probably feel pretty empty and aimless myself.

  12. Joseph Rudolph Wood, 55, may or may not have been executed by the state of Arizona by the time you read this. The U.S. Supreme Court denied an appeal on the basis of the state refusing to reveal the components of his lethal injection. But then the state’s Supreme Court temporarily agreed to delay the execution over a new appeal based on whether he got adequate legal representation. This afternoon it denied that appeal as well. He was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend and her father in 1989.

    Hattip to Sudden?

    Where’s my goddamned hattip?!?!?!

    1. Relax, Johnny-come-lately.

  13. Feds should run small deficit to create thousands of jobs: report

    A new report issued by the C.D. Howe Institute says the federal government could create tens of thousands more jobs in the next three years if it stopped worrying so much about a tiny deficit and decided in favour of some stimulus spending.

    Plus ?a change…

    1. Here’s an idea. Instead of measuring deficits in percent of GDP, lets do them in terms of per capita income.

      1. And then see if 30,000 average American annual incomes is “tiny”

    2. Hey, they’ve never tried that before!

    3. I’ll agree to a tiny deficit in the short term.

      We can start by reducing the gigantic deficit we currently have.

    4. Define “tiny”.

      Then define “some stimulus”.

    5. …tiny deficit…

      Tiny? TINY?

      “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  14. Snoop Dogg smoked marijuana inside the White House, he says

    “In the bathroom,” Snoop Dogg answered guest Jimmy Kimmel, who asked him if he had really gotten high at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. while the late-night host appeared in an episode of the MC’s online show “GGN: The Double G News Network.” “Not in the White House ? but in the bathroom.…..ays/16759/

    1. Meh, Willie Nelson smoked weed on the roof of the White House.…..ite-house/

      1. IIRC, so did Joe Biden.

  15. Some Iraqi Muslims are proclaiming themselves in solidarity with the country’s Christians.

    Meanwhile, the Islamic State (IS) militants are busy in the zone they control:

    “To identify Christian residents in Mosul, the IS has been painting homes with the Arabic letter “N” for “Nazarene,” an Islamic reference to Christians.”…..58-0023959

    1. Thousands of Christians in Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city are being forced by the rebel group to convert to Islam, pay a tax, leave or face execution.

      It’s a shame the article doesn’t call it a jizya and provide the handy wiki link so that people could understand that the origin of this is direct from Islam, not some perversion of a religion of peace as multiculti pussies are so wont to claim.

      1. To be fair that wiki page does say it has fallen out of favor with the less zealoty types.

  16. They weren’t just white flags, bleached American flags. This little incident is pretty clever and provocative.

    1. Yeah, me likey. I love watching the law-and-order types try to get all red-in-the-face like an inflamed asshole but they still can’t figure out the harm that was done, not even in a really stretched out, bullshit way…

    2. Has anyone figured out if they were the same flags that were up there already?

  17. Environmental activists met in the oil producing, socialist country of Venezuela as part of a United Nations-backed event to increase civil engagement in the lead up to a major climate conference.

    Beyond parody.

    1. Poe’s Law. If someone had written this as a parody it wouldn’t be believable.

    2. It’s so weird to learn/read about the history of the 1920s, when so many people get butthurt about the then-Republican Senate shooting down the League of Nations treaty as some evil, isolationist, idiotic thing.

      Because looking at the modern UN… the League was going to go to shit no matter what.

      1. If Kirk hadn’t let that lady die and let Hitler win, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  18. Weirdest fucking story i’ve heard all year =

    The Millionaire With No Face
    Inventor of Colonic Irrigation System
    Owner of – Founder of Korean Evangelical Baptist Church
    Artist who Went by Pseudonym “Ahae”, held Exhibit @ the Tuileries Garden at The Louvre
    Charged with Responsibility of Deaths of 300 in South Korean Ferry Disaster

    Found Dead in With Bags of Money, Plums, Bottle of Shark-Liver-Oil Health Tonic Made by a his Family Company

    Its one of these things, the longer you look at it, the weirder it gets

    1. Were the single-serving, floating in perfume, served in a man’s hat?

      1. “The body of Yoo Byung-un, 73, wanted in connection with the sinking of a ferry in April, was only identified this week, more than a month after he was found lying next to a copy of a book he had written, empty bottles of alcohol nearby, ending the country’s biggest and most dramatic manhunt.

        For two months, wanted posters offering a reward for Yoo’s capture faded under the summer sun or disintegrated in the rain while thousands of police combed the country looking for a man who co-founded a church, held an exhibition of photographs at the Louvre in Paris and did jail time for fraud.

        On June 12, the same day farmer Park Yoon-seok found Yoo’s body in his plum orchard, thousands of police and prosecutors were busy raiding Yoo’s sprawling religious compound 215 km away, going as far as searching for tunnels with mechanical diggers.”

        The guy is one of the most bizarre characters since the evangelical weirdos of the 1980s. How he ended up owning a ferry company as well as a dozen other things is a case study in Asian corporate cronyism and weird religious cults.

        1. thousands of police combed the country looking for a man who co-founded a church, held an exhibition of photographs at the Louvre in Paris and did jail time for fraud.

          To be fair, who hasn’t done at least 2 of those 3 things by the time they hit 50?

    1. Maybe she’s super tall?

      1. According to the comments she’s 6’2″.

  19. CBS Corp. (CBS) is eligible to receive at least $16 million in tax credits and grants from the state of New York for its commitment to keep “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in Manhattan.

    CBS can seek at least $11 million in tax credits over five years to cover certain expenses and may receive as much as $5 million grant to defray costs to renovate the theater, the state and New York-based CBS said today in a statement.

    The giveaway highlights the value the state puts on the entertainment industry and the jobs it brings. New York provided about $466 million last year in subsidies to the entertainment industry, according to the statement. The deal includes a commitment by CBS for about 200 jobs year-round to support the program, which will replace “The Late Show With David Letterman” next year.…..lbert.html

    1. Will any New Yorkers object to this? My impression from following NYC politics closely is that it’s really hard for any sort of graft/favoritism/economic-scandal to garner any outrage at all…

      1. Urban areas in the Northeast and Midwest have had corrupt practices for so long that it’s just viewed as a cost of doing business.

    1. What ‘dem crackheads need is some adderal, so they can learn better.

    2. I think she could drop “learning” from that statement and it would be just fine.

  20. Chuck Schumer has to go…..s-28429522

    Of course he wants a system where the most fake votes win.

    1. “Charles Schumer thinks the way the US chooses political candidates is broken”

      He’s absolutely correct, any system that would elect Chuckie is the FUCKED-UP.

    2. Look at him shaking his little fist.

  21. More Effective than ipecac: 7 Items to Buy to Show you’re ready for Hilary

    Items include dog bowls, solo cups, a tool bag, and a GOD AWFUL poster.

    1. The poster is that goddamn picture of her texting isn’t it?

    2. They have dog bowls, they need cat litter boxes.

  22. Terrible real estate photos.

    1. “Best make an early start if you want to reach the sofa before sundown.”

    2. These made my day. Am I missing out by not having a toilet in the kitchen?

  23. Chuck “Titty Strangler” Schumer wants to reform American elections to enhance democracy, empower moderate candidates, and generally spray lemon-scented flying-unicorn semen across the land:

    Schumer said the top-two system in California “has had a moderating influence on both parties and a salutary effect on the political system and its ability to govern.”

    1. Goddammit…..o-primary/

    2. If by moderating he means Democrats control everything, then he’s correct.

    3. Is he the worst senator? Maybe McCain and Reid come close?

        1. Hmm, the choice of biggest POS in the Senate has become more complex.

        2. Boxer, our other Senator.

      1. Reid looks like he broke out of the special wing of the old folks’ home. He just says random shit into nearby mikes.

        1. Dying here.


      2. there are many types of worst. I’ll bet McCaskill smells like ass.

        1. Yeah, I’m not a fan of Ayotte or Shaheen, but considering the competition, they’re not close to being the worst.

    4. Getting closer and closer to John Jackson vs Jack Johnson.

      “Now, I respect my opponent, I think he’s a good man. But frankly, I agree with everything he just said!”

  24. The Scourge of Unregulated Sex Toys leads to… SEX TOY PIRACY

    So customers, even those who normally research toys to make sure they’re safe before buying, are giving business to companies producing unsafe toys rather than companies producing safe ones ? over time, if left unchecked, this kind of trickery and douchebaggery could lead to the good toys actually increasing in price, thus widening the gap of who can and cannot afford them. Or it could lead to financial woes severe enough that the safe toys won’t exist at all.

    But most infuriating? Counterfeit products dupe customers into paying money for something they think is safe, and it’s not. Customers with less money to spend on sex toys purchase the less expensive, less safe toys and once again, those without a ton of money are getting the shaft here. And not the good kind of shaft. Take out any impact it has on companies/corporations/brands, it still means that actual human people are putting unsafe material on or in their bodies. And they have no idea because it’s disguised as a normally reputable brand that uses safe materials. And that’s just not fucking cool.

    If only the market could somehow deal with this problem… but anyone who suggested that in the comments got shit on.

    1. What are ENB’s thoughts on this? She appears to be a subject matter expert.

  25. That dude jsut looks corrupt as the day is liken

  26. Stay classy Browns fans:…

    (insert letting down jokes)

    1. The only thing he did wrong was to use that ridiculous catheter contraption. Here’s a trashy redneck who did a better job.

      1. Amazing. Jersey over long sleeve shirt tucked into cargo shorts with black socks and sneakers. I’d be shocked if he’s not an AF officer.

    2. Well as an Oilers fan, he deserves to have his grave pissed on, just like Bud Adams does.

      1. I’m waiting for the line to die down on Bud’s grave, but its on my list.

    3. I wish Jerral would hurry up and get in a box. We’d even promise not to piss on it if he did it in a reasonable amount of time.

    1. They must have really messed something up. Three nurses working with him died already.

  27. Funny internet video, Kim Jong Un hardest hit.

    Catchy music and the superimposed head of KJU and Obama on various dancing bodies from other videos. What’s not to love?

    Direct youtube link

    1. That’s pretty goddamned funny.

      Good to see PSY is keepin’ it fresh…

    2. That’s hilarious.
      Also, why does YouTube recommend a topless PNG lady?

  28. “A group of 130 environmental groups thinks we should fight global warming by eliminating capitalism entirely, which is as logical as saying we can fight global warming by destroying the sun.”

    The environmental movement’s hostility to capitalism is as much due to capitalists eschewing environmentalism as it is vice versa. Environmentalism has become something like being pro-choice or pro-gun rights–an issue that places you in a certain camp. Partisanship doesn’t help environmentalists–their solutions will always be frustrated within the confines of one party–and it hurts capitalists, too…

    Capitalism is the solution to all kinds of problems, and environmental problems are no exception.

    I’ve seen real environmental activists, who used to be hostile to capitalism, change their tunes, with admitted reluctantance, once they get serious about solutions. Jonathon Porritt is an excellent example of that. In “Capitalism as if the World Matters” he writes:

    “With great respect to those who assert the so-called ‘primacy’ of key social and economic goals (such as the elimination of poverty or the attainment of universal human rights) it must be said loud and clear that these are secondary goals: all else is conditional upon learning to live sustainably.”

    —–Page 8

    1. What he’s talking about there is that support for environmentalist solutions depends on people’s standard of living, etc., and that capitalism is the only thing that increases people’s standards of living.

      Until environmentalists come to terms with that fact (and find solutions that are compatible with capitalism), the environment will continue to suffer.

      In the meantime, libertarians and capitalists have nothing to gain from disengaging or downplaying environmental problems.

      Sometimes I think the reason there are so few capitalist solutions on the table is because my fellow capitalists don’t believe there are any.

      …and it’s not like the scumbag socialists are about to propose them.

      1. Patrick Moore seems to know what he’s talking about…

        1. Yeah, there are legitimate environmentalists out there. It’s just that environmentalism has become something of a lifestyle brand. Like shopping at Whole Foods or driving a Prius.

          Once those environmental organizations got big and got a lot of overhead, they had to start tailoring a mass appeal to cover all those costs. So many of them are about whatever’s driving donations this quarter–and not so much about saving the environment.

          If the truth doesn’t jibe with whatever those donors want to hear, it’s the truth that’s supposed to give. It’s been that way forever, though. As movements become more mainstream, they get watered down. It’s just that in this case, as they became more mainstream, they sort of lost their whole purpose.

          That Sierra Club invective against natural gas was especially bothersome to me. They pledged to oppose replacing coal plants with natural gas–despite natural gas emitting 40% less CO2, why?

          Because fracking was in the news and driving donations that quarter, that’s why. But who cares if what they’re advocating hurts the environment? It’s driving donations.

    2. Environmentalism has largely been hijacked by the commies. The image of the greedy capitalist destroying the environment for the fun of it is a myth but it is prevalent throughout media.

      The reality is that there are capitalists who do not bear the costs of the damage to the commons, but we do have a way to redress that through liability. Unfortunately, government has substituted regulation instead.

      1. There are other things we can do, too.

        I think the Nature Conservancy, in its essence, has it right. Go out and buy the land you want to protect! That’s the capitalist solution, right there.

        I just came back from visiting four National Parks on a bike ride, and a few things struck me along the way. One of them is, if you want to protect natural resources from consumers? the last thing you should do is make a national park.

        When you create a national park, you bring millions of tourists to the area from all over the world–who wouldn’t go there otherwise. You’re creating all sorts of sprawl infrastructure that wouldn’t be there otherwise–from the housing for park employees to the hotels, restaurants and such to cater to all the tourists.

        That stuff wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for the government making it a national park.

        If they have to seize land and protect it, don’t give it to the government–give it to an organization like the Nature Conservancy. What you want to see is restricted access–not making the land easily accessible for the benefit of wealthy Europeans and Americans who can afford an RV.

        Whatever our national parks are? They aren’t the ultimate solution to land conservation.

      2. Hijacked? It was CREATED by them. Jeeze excuse me, we don’t want to sound like conspiracy nuts now do we.

    3. “”A group of 130 environmental groups thinks we should fight global warming by eliminating capitalism entirely”

      I think they have the wrong label.

      If the question was “fighting malaria”, the solution would be “eliminating capitalism”.

      If the problem were “religious intolerance”, the solution would be “Eliminating capitalism”.

      If the problem were “risks associated with 1000-year mega-earthquakes”, the solution would be “eliminating capitalism”.

      They’re not “environmentalists” who happen to have Anti-Capitalist opinions…

      They’re “Anti-Capitalists” who happen to use the Environment as a platform for their anti-capitalism.

    4. Just show them aerial photographs of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Or the Republic of Korea and the People’s Republic of Korea.

  29. *New York Police admit they have no idea who replaced a couple of American flags atop Brooklyn Bridge with white flags or how they did it.*

    But as soon as they find out who did it, NYPD is gonna choke them to death.

    1. New York Police admit they have no idea who replaced a couple of American flags atop Brooklyn Bridge with white flags or how they did it.

      Excuse me? I’ve seen stories about how lights were covered up with metal containers while the flags were treated with bleach.

  30. An exceedingly short Weigel ‘article’ about how John Stewart will (using his own mendacity and the audience’s ignorance) turn middle America against Israel. Make of it what you will, as long it agrees with me.…..e-america/

    1. Well, you certainly tried, Cyto.

      Do you live on a farm, or are you addicted to the smell of bullshit (NTTIAWWT)? ‘Cause only nose blindness, or masochism can account for be able to stand wading around in that treatment plant of a comments section.

      1. Thanks for acknowledging my efforts.

        Notice how every one of the Stewart supporters who doesn’t just grunt out a sentence thinks Stewart is the bees knees because he pwns conservatives. They actually look to this guy as their dragon slayer. He’s just a fool slaying straw beasts of course. An unfunny smug fool.

        1. Okay, you are right about Stewart; in fact, to give you proper props, you are absolutely right about his act, his intellect and his sense of comedy.

          Israel? May I recommend the venerable commenter formerly known as MNG?

          1. Minge? Fuck that guy; hail Israel.

        2. Oh, most definitely. They operate on the premise that, if they say so, it be so.

  31. “A group of 130 environmental groups thinks we should fight global warming by eliminating capitalism entirely,…..”

    If you take what they say at face value it demonstrates stunning ignorance. Capitalism is not a philosophy or a system. It is simply natural economics, the way the world works.

    I don’t take what watermelons say at face value. They are fuckin’ lying commies. Their goal is to impoverish, and thus subjugate, all of humanity. Fuck them.

    1. Their environmental zeal will be the first thing to go if they ever gain power to force the rest of us to do whatever.

    2. No, capitalism is a system that “society” can choose or discard at its whim. These are so malleable, ya know.

  32. A reminder that everything nativists say about California and immigration is a lie:…..-its-knees

    One, if low-skilled, illegal immigration is the single greatest cause of California’s woes, how does the author explain the relative success of Texas?

    Two, low-skilled immigrants actually enhance the human capital of native-born Americans by allowing us to move up the occupational ladder to jobs that are more productive and better paying. In a new study from the Cato Institute, titled “Restriction or Legalization? Measuring the Economic Benefits of Immigration Reform,” this phenomenon is called the “occupational mix effect” and it translates into tens of billions of dollars of benefits to U.S. households.

    Our new study, authored by economists Peter Dixon and Maureen Rimmer, found that legalization of low-skilled immigration would boost the incomes of American households by $180 billion, while further restricting such immigration would reduce the incomes of U.S. families by $80 billion.

    1. I think a blind squirrel could tell you that the reason Cali is sinking and Texas is rising is because of a certain group of people. And it ain’t immigrants.

      1. PapayaSF and other bordertards are dumber than squirrels.

    1. Start your one-liners

    2. It will be a landslide… he will be buried under.

    3. So, I have this idea where all failed Presidential candidates are promoted to an advisory council that looks suspiciously like the Carousel from Logan’s Run once all the votes are counted…

  33. What the Middle Eastern equivalent of a Godwin?

    “(Reuters) – The head of Iraq’s largest church said on Sunday that Islamic State militants who drove Christians out of Mosul were worse than Mongol leader Genghis Khan and his grandson Hulagu who ransacked medieval Baghdad.

    “Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako led a wave of condemnation for the Sunni Islamists who demanded Christians either convert, submit to their radical rule and pay a religious levy or face death by the sword.”…..R120140720

    1. I’m hearing now that the jizya tax option is off the table for dhimmi now. It’s either leave or be executed.

  34. A group of 130 environmental groups thinks we should fight global warming by eliminating capitalism entirely, which is as logical as saying we can fight global warming by destroying the sun.

    These idiots really should look into the envirnmental disaster that was the Soviet bloc.

    1. …and once again, I should have read through prior to commenting, as my friend Pro Lib (among others) has already covered this.

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