Obama to Buy $4.25 Million Estate?, Malaysia Airline Affair Tensions Continue to Rise, U.N. Thinks Gaza Fight Will End Soon: P.M. Links


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    President Obama may be purchasing a $4.25 million estate in California. The White House denies the rumor, but local real estate agents say it's true.

  • The Russian-backed forces in Ukraine have turned over the train cars full of bodies from the downed Malaysia Airline, but nearly one hundred bodies aren't accounted for. The U.S. announced that it's soon going to release its intelligence on the attack. The European Union is slamming Russia with new sanctions. Vladimir Putin plans on boost Russia's military capabilities in response to a perceived threat from the West.
  • Despite the rising death toll in Gaza, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon thinks the fighting will end soon, but said he couldn't give more details "at this highly sensitive moment."
  • A judge ordered that by August 15 Chris Christie's office turn over its records on record request denials it has issued relating to the Bridgegate scandal.  
  • Google wants to turn New York City's old payphone booths into free Wi-Fi hotspots and cellphone charging stations.
  • White flags replaced American flags on top of the Brooklyn Bridge today, and police are trying to figure out why.

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  1. President Obama may be purchasing a $4.25 million estate in California. The White House denies the rumor…

    Which of course means that it’s true.

    1. Did he read about it in the paper?

    2. Hello.

      I figured if I can’t beat Fist, I might as well beat Rufus.

      1. How can he afford that after a lifetime of selfless public service?

        1. It’s an advance on his speaking fees.

      2. He’s probably at Tim Horton’s getting some bits and coffee.

        1. Fucking line up held me back.

    3. Yeah. It’s darkly humorous that Californian real estate agents who I’ve never met are vastly more trustworthy than White House flunkies.

      1. Or White House Executives.

    4. As long as he’s not buying near Lanikai Beach.

      1. No shit. I still want to be able to visit Lanikai every 5-10 years without that ass hole being there.

    5. Hello.

      Story about the spy Putin shagged – er – had killed.


      Jon Stewart teaches us that’s it’s okay to care for the Palestinians.

      What a guy!


      1. College kids railing against Israeli aggression is not exactly new.

        1. College kids railing against Israeli aggression reaction to aggression is not exactly new.


        2. True. Happened in the 1990s too.

    6. President Obama may be purchasing a $4.25 million estate in California. The White House denies the rumor…

      Hey Playa, remember that $4,000,000 pending parcel sale in MB you were looking at? Remember how pissed you were that you didn’t get it?

      How much angrier are you gonna be if it turns out that this jackass was the one that took it?

      1. I dunno if he’s gonna make the PM Links.

      2. Hello. They can’t secure that property for an ex-president. It’s too exposed. However, the one in Rancho Mirage is at the very edge of a gated community right next to a mountain.

        P.S. Fuck that guy. Never of them has ever worked a day in their lives, and people keep handing them shit. Tell him to go to Lanikai Beach.

        1. *Neither one of them*

    7. I thought he informed everyone that a person should only have so much, and when pressed about that amount he said around 3 mil or so and then they should be donating everything to the collective?

      1. No one needs an estate worth over 3 million dollars.

    8. He’s thinking of his legacy. Who wants to visit a presidential library in Illinois?

  2. White flags replaced American flags on top of the Brooklyn Bridge today, and police are trying to figure out why.

    The French bought it?

    1. The hipsters are surrendering?

    2. Dido changed her mind?

      1. She only said her door, nothing about a bridge.

        Unless she’s secretly a troll living under the bridge, of course.

    3. +100 Freedom Fries.

  3. Radley’s latest – actually a nice article to share with my prog friends to get their reaction.

    1. pretty good article, doubtful it convinces any progressives.

      1. Progs tend to never be convinced by pesky things like fact and reason (for that matter, SoCons are the same way)

        1. They come armed with their own facts and preconceived notions. They were the worst to listen to in university class. I mean the absolute fucking worst with their sandals as they ate their seeds arguing.

    2. The only thing progs believe in is social manifest destiny. Constant, relentless increase in the dominance of their people, ideas, and institutions, until inevitably all people are prog (well, after eliminating the dead-enders who refused to convert).

      Does this article contain something that furthers that agenda? If not, they can summarily dismiss it.

  4. Google wants to turn New York City’s old payphone booths into free Wi-Fi hotspots and cellphone charging stations.

    In other words, data collection sites.

    1. And public bathrooms!

      1. I like these better:


      2. They already are public bathrooms.

        1. THAT WAS THE JOKE

          1. Honestly, I don’t see what NYC phone booths have to do with public baths. The Romans had neither cellphones nor wifi, dipshit.

            1. Oh yeah? Well, they had lead in their water, so that made for all kinds of shenanigans. They didn’t need wifi.

              1. That was due to their terrible practice of fracking salt mines. When are we going to learn from their mistakes!!!

      3. Suicide booths?

        1. We should’ve had those 6 years ago!

          1. We already have them. We’re expected to step into them every four years and pull a lever.

      4. And stakeout sites for muggers.

    2. I2p coming soon to android.

    3. If the Google DNS thing wasn’t bad enough…

  5. A judge ordered that by August 15 Chris Christie’s office turn over its records on record request denials it has issued relating to the Bridgegate scandal.

    He better send them over on August 14th, in case there’s traffic.

    1. His hard drive just crashed.

      1. It’s the strangest thing, your honor!

      2. I fucking wish it would, just for larfs.

  6. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon thinks the fighting will end soon, but said he couldn’t give more details “at this highly sensitive moment.”

    Ah, I long for the wild carefree days of Boutros-Boutros Ghali.

    1. What, no love for Kurt Waldheim?

      On Howard Stern, they used to play “who’s the Jew” and Fred would pretend to be Kurt Waldheim and Howard would list three or four celebrities and Fred had to pick which one was actually Jewish. Good times.

      1. You know who else employed Kurt Waldheim…

    2. I’m a Dag Hammerskjold guy

      1. Arrr.

      2. Don’t turn around no no,
        Dag Hammerskjold’s in town whoa-ho

      3. Dag could help with the Malaysian Airlines problem too. He has some personal experience in a similar situation.

    3. Every time I see “Ban Ki-moon”, I think, “wasn’t he one of the characters in a Kevin Smith movie?”

  7. Remember when Romney’s houses were a big deal? What the shit, people?!

    1. Barry will have his own dog ranch for special occasion dinners.

    2. It’s only elitist when Republicans do it.

      1. Rand Paul only has one house, right? He’s got to have fewer than Clinton, maybe even Warren.

        1. He must have a DC residence of some sort by now.

          1. I think he and his dad shared an apartment when they were both in Congress. Presumably he’s now renting/owns the same one.

            1. That would be my guess.

            2. “He wants to be President when he still lives at home with his dad! Hey, Rand, you’re not 26 any more!”-Democritter attack ad, 2016.

              1. If Democrats are smart, they won’t offend millennials who live with their parents. That’s half their voting base.

  8. …U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon thinks the fighting will end soon, but said he couldn’t give more details “at this highly sensitive moment.”

    They’re checking their credit score to make sure they can get enough cash to pay everyone to stop lobbing rockets.

    1. Make sure they know about freecreditreport.com, home of fair deals for goatherds

  9. White flags replaced American flags on top of the Brooklyn Bridge today, and police are trying to figure out why.

    They’re the same flags. The colors finally ran.

    1. That’s pretty good.

    2. Are you allowed to initiate threads on the same comment twice? That seems to me to be displaying a lack of confidence in your first joke. I’m gonna need a ruling on this.

      1. None of Fist’s jokes is funny.

        He’d fit in well on The Independents.

        1. The data collection sites joke was pretty funny.

      2. I’m permitted to do what I want under the rule of TRY TO STOP ME.

        1. *Puts Fist in ignore list*

          *Feels heavy sense of loss and takes Fist off of block list*

          I just can’t quit you.

          1. +1 Cowboy cornholin’

  10. But what state within the former state of California will the Obama’s choose to live? Certainly not Jefferson.

    1. I get to design the flag for the State/Commonwealth/Republic of Jefferson. I’m good at that shit.

      1. Hmmmm, I’m thinking a silhouette of Thomas Jefferson raping a slave would be in bad taste?

        1. Bad taste?!?

          1. poor taste? better?

            1. The best taste.

            2. Not really. I think Epi means that a such a brutal depiction of our founding fathers would be in most excellent taste.

              1. Oy, waffles, I was trying to objectify you yesterday, but was ignored. Nicole would also like in on said objectification, and Playa has handle management advice.

                1. If I’m here past 5 PM, EST, something went terribly wrong.

                  1. Your scheduling is making objectifying you difficult.

              2. It would be accurate but not necessarily inspiring in a socially acceptable way.

                Possibly he could be writing the Declaration with a feather quill with one hand while raping a slave with the other?

                1. Jefferson will be bottom to Washington, um, geographically. Perhaps something with less rape, but more gore?

            3. Underprivileged taste.

        2. I would think a flag showing an ex-president raping a member of the public would get the new neighbor feeling right at home.

        3. cant tel if jok or real anti-jefersonian sentament????

          Anyway, fuck that portrait/silhouette bullshit. Something patriotic and really liable to piss off progressives. For example, something based around an armed Patriot circa 1776, with a motto the Tea Party has lifted from that period.

          1. The old “join or die” flag would be remarkably ironic for a state created through fracturing Balkanization.

            1. Separate or die?

            2. Balkanization?

              Something that’s got a gun on it. And lots of American flag patterns. And a teabag, preferably. Or that last one might be too much.

              Something with this on it:


              Except obviously not made for GTA IV.

      2. You might be able to get a discount on some surplus DC area football team flags in the near future. Just use those.

        1. Maybe get Dan Snyder to move the team?

          Become the Jefferson Mulattos?

  11. http://www.foxnews.com/politic…..oor-to-us/

    Sources: Militia blamed for Benghazi attack moved next door to US Consulate before strike

    Members of the Islamist extremist militia blamed for the Benghazi terror attack had moved in next door to the U.S. Consulate months before the strike but “nothing was done” despite concerns about the dangerous neighbors, sources tell Fox News.

    Sources say members of Ansar al-Sharia moved to the house just outside the east wall of the compound within three weeks of American personnel renting the facility, and later used the location to help plan and take part in the attack on the American Consulate on Sept. 11, 2012.

    The neighbors prompted multiple security requests — including repeated requests up until the day of the attack — for more weapons and personnel.


    Nobody cares, though. Right, Clinton?

    1. “And you thought *you* had bad neighbors!”

  12. $4.25 million, huh.

    Is that his fair share?

    1. Well, when you factor in the downright mean nature of the US, plus all the hatred he’s had to endure from teabaggers, plus, you know, THAT other factor, we probably owe him a little bit more.

    2. Not yet. He’ll be getting much, much more.

    3. He’ll make that much in 3 stuttering, fallacious speeches once he’s out of the white house.

  13. Vladimir Putin plans on boost Russia’s military capabilities in response to a perceived threat from the West.

    Western airlines?

    1. Prissy dictator fuckbag being a prissy fuckbag. Weather at 11.

    2. Putin is a puke who has a name that rhymes with poutine.

      1. Homophone not rhyme, that is. Unless they do it differently in Canada.

  14. police are trying to find out why

    The bridge is signalling that it has stopped resisting.

  15. Some good ole Reddit politics for you all.

    One guy claims that Rand Paul is a career politician. Because apparently, working on your father’s presidential campaign and starting a state taxpayer union, while working full-time as a medical professional for over 15 years after finishing residency, and getting elected to political office less than 4 years ago at the age of 47, makes one a “career politician.”

    1. Forgot the link


      1. We really could’ve done without the link.

    2. Pinko shitbirds will be steadily escalating their onslaught against halfway decent politicians over the next two years, and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    3. I like it when they blame him for voting for the Iraq War and ask why he was so quiet before 2008.

  16. Lucy’s latest series of nutpunches at Vice. (Uh oh, must I flay myself for mentioning her name?)

    Double nutpunches if you check the comments.

    1. must I flay myself

      For what values of “flay” are you asking?

    2. Sigh.



        1. You can talk about your mother any time you wanna. Just don’t talk about Lucy.

        2. I’m not your mother, but considering what I did with your mom, I might be your father. Think about it.

  17. Some more great news from Florida, to follow-up the murder by guard story and the PM links story from yesterday about 3 KKK members being cops in a small town there.

    In this edition, Ocala, FL bans sagging. Apparently, the citizenry there is being terrorized by exposed boxers.


  18. Judge bangs guy’s wife as presides over their custody case. He ruled against the husband. Stay classy Detroit…

    1. Well that’s all well and horrible, but you left out the real kicker here:

      Detroit ? A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court’s ruling that a disgraced Detroit judge cannot be sued by a defendant in a child support case he presided over.

      The decision dated Monday by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati cites existing U.S. Supreme Court law that Wade McCree is immune from lawsuits stemming from judicial actions.

      “We’ll fuck your wife, ruin you in court, then make ourselves immune from all the rules we hold the little people to” – yay for justice in action!

      1. Real pieces of shits. Then they wonder why people sometimes quietly go vigilante.


        Gotta ask.

        Was she…hot?

      2. I doubt the action in question could be categorized as “judicial”.

    2. And another judge has ruled that he CANNOT be sued over this.

    3. Absolute judicial immunity. Ain’t it grand?

    4. Looking back into the case, this was what the judicial commission said when they suspended him (PDF warning):

      Not only did he carry on the affair and lie about it, not only did he send the woman texts about wanting to jerk off under the bench while hearing her damn case, after she broke it off with him, he lied to prosecutors to try and get her arrested for extortion.

      1. So where the fuck are the perjury charges?

        And every single person who comes before this judge ought to be raising holy hell from now on.

        1. He was removed from the bench and was suspended for 6 years just in case the fine citizens of Detroit re-elect him in November, since they can’t technically bar him from the ballot.

          1. Suspended for 6 years? He should’ve been set on fire.

          2. Running for election is a truly amazing bit of shamelessness.

    5. The death penalty should be reserved for violations of rights under color of law.

  19. Is anyone asking exactly where Obama got over $4mm? His salary is rather modest. He can’t collect speaking fees. He hasn’t “written” any new books in awhile. AFAIK, his spouse has also not banked any coin.

    So where is this money coming from?

    1. They have these things called “mortgages.”

      1. Assuming he puts 800k down for 20%, at 4% fixed over 30 years, he’s looking at a monthly payment of just over $15k, or $183k per annum. I believe that would be well above the 35% of annual pretax income that they typically use as the barometer.

        Of course, it’s well known that his income will be substantially higher when he leaves office.

        1. Assuming someone put down 800K in his name and someone is making the payments in his name, I think he’s pocketing the 15K and FYTY.

        2. Good point, actually. Whoever is offering the mortgage is probably making an illegal in-kind political donation.

    2. Why do you think he refuses to give up his fundraising? Man’s got to get paid.

    3. AMA, pharmaceuticals, and insurance industries perhaps?

    4. Book sales according to this very reliable web site

  20. When humanity begins to forget how to dance it is in danger of losing its soul. Japan’s solution? TwekBot.

    1. Not the TwerkBot?

      Or is it supposed to be the TwinkBot?

      1. Twerk. I apologize for any confusion caused by my rebellious fingers.

        1. It could have been somebody who was twouble pwonouncing the letter ah twying to talk about a “TrekBot”.

  21. I may be facing a moral dilemma, so naturally I turn to the Hit n’ Run commentariat.

    I’ll start at the beginning. I was (to no one’s surprise) kind of a dork in high school. The other dorks and I formed a small circle of friends. One of whom had a wealthy father who never disciplined him, so his house became the primary hangout. The kid was fat and attracted to the most horrible women and hated himself. He was also pretty funny. Plus he claimed to be a Marxist and was one of those guys who claimed to like obscure bands just to seem cool. Let’s call him “Ryan”, not his real name.

    1. Ryan had a younger brother who was slightly less unattractive and fit in far better with the popular crowd, so naturally Ryan hated him. Ryan told us the FBI was investigating his household for the possibility of downloaded child porn, but he said a lot of shit and we didn’t think much of it. One day we were in his room and he left for a bit. I was fucking around on his computer and decided to look through his folders for some porn (this was in the late ’90s when downloading jpgs was about as good as it got). I clicked on an image entitled “mother fucking her son” or something and saw… well, it appeared to be an older woman giving a kid, maybe 12 or so, a handjob. Instantly our goofy grins at discovering our friend’s porn stash began to fade. We clicked on another image or two, but feeling disgusted and stunned, closed them without saying much. We didn’t really know what to think. Ryan got back to the room and we said, what the hell is this stuff. He claimed his brother snuck in his room and downloaded it on his computer.

      Nothing came of the investigation, if there really was one, and feeling violated, we were never interested in looking through his computer after that.

      1. We all went to the same state college. Ryan ended up modeling his appearance as closely as possible to a fat Che Guevara. Eventually he cut his hair and started hanging out with the college Democrats. After he graduated, he joined the military, claiming it was out of guilt for his father’s wealth, and went into intelligence and was in Iraq. After he got out I think he became a teacher.

        Here is my dilemma. Should I find the school he works at and report the possibility he is into child porn? I’m not positive the stuff was his. But why wouldn’t he just delete it if his brother downloaded it? Or maybe it was fake, like the “barely legal” stuff–youthful-looking but legal adults. And I personally am irritated by his communist beliefs and his attempts to spread them in the Army and to his students. Maybe I’m blowing something out of proportion in my memory (it was over 15 years ago, after all) partly out of my distaste for his present unrelated actions.

        1. Leave it alone. Some random inappropriate stuff on his computer when he was a teen doesn’t a pedophile make. It sounds like you want to fuck with him because you decided you don’t like him – then or now. Again, mind your own business.

          1. ^This.

          2. I agree with you and Jesse.

        2. Should I find the school he works at and report the possibility

          Whatever you do, do it anonymously.

        3. Dropping a dime on someone that you don’t even know if he did anything wrong/illegal is pretty massively shitty.

        4. Yeah. Let it go. Too much time has elapsed and you never had hard proof. If he’s into bad shit he’ll get caught or his comeuppance.

        5. Don’t be a cunt.

          1. Because there’s no cure for being a cunt.

          2. By the way Warty, thanks for posting the Electric Wizard tune yesterday. I’ve been rocking them on Spotify all day. My ears are very happy.

            1. Excellent, glad you enjoy them. I don’t know of many other bands who work equally well as lifting music and dopesmoking music.

              King Conan sitting on his bloody throne

        6. None of your business.

        7. cops aren’t your friends. You can’t talk yourself (or someone else) OUT of an arrest, but you sure can talk yourself INTO an arrest.

          Don’t ever help them with anything ever. I will be teaching my children the same.

          1. Yeah, never call the cops. Do you really want them searching your computer? Not saying they’d find anything, but since a search involves taking it from you…well let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if cops have mastered the art of drop files just like they have with drop guns.

        8. Thanks for your honest responses. I tried to be as honest as possible too. The stuff we saw was seriously disturbing and I think it was real. It looked like it was made in another country. But when it comes down to it, I can’t prove it was his.

        9. If he works at a public school there’s no way that anything good would come out of your report. If he works at a private school you could ruin his reputation if it turns out it wasn’t true or if he doesn’t currently engage in pedophelia (have you considered the fact that he maybe downloaded the stuff back then but is currently reformed?)

        10. Do you legitimately think he’s a danger to kids? That is, is he a university teacher, or a teacher in primary school?

          Don’t fuck someone for their beliefs. That’s shitty. But if you think the guy is in a position of authority over kids, and is attracted to them…

    2. attracted to the most horrible women

      Just an example: he insisted that Janeane Garofolo was hot.

      1. he insisted that Janeane Garofolo was hot.

        In light of this new information: report his sick ass.

      2. I was iffy on the other stuff, but that seems like pretty solid proof he’s a monster.

      3. The porn on his computer is neither here nor there. He wouldn’t be the first teen to be browsing the internet tubes for porn involving people the same age as him. And he did it back before doing so could land you in jail for a decade and on the sex offender list for life.

        However, you should just report this. Because he’s clearly not fit to be guiding young minds.

  22. How to get laid: Miami Beach Police-style


    1. His first name is Oldy?

      You’d think a detective would know how to cover his tracks better. A little disinfecting wipe (with bleach) on the front passenger seat would have taken care of some pretty clear evidence.

  23. Government Failures: THE INFOGRAPHIC!

    It’s quite a bit of information packed into a few neat charts. I don’t know that I agree with all of his conclusions about what the information represents.

    1. Is there such a thing as a failure cascade? like a preference cascade but for, well, failure?

      The chart only goes up to Fast & Furious.

    2. Handy (if incomplete) infographic: who hates who in the Middle East

      Nobody officially likes ISIS.

      1. Ain’t no smiley faces directed at the US from anywhere in the Middle East. Certainly not Egypt and Saudi Arabia. At very best, it’s complicated.

  24. How to work a part time job: Miami Beach Police-style


    1. Haha. Mango’s! We had a director for our company visit that place all the time. He would stay all night til his early flight the next day. I think he may have had a heart attack type episode there once as well.

  25. President Obama may be purchasing a $4.25 million estate in California. The White House denies the rumor, but local real estate agents say it’s true.

    Step 1: community organizer
    Step 2: constitutional scholar
    Step 3: US Senator
    Step 4: US President
    Step 5: Move to Riverside?

    1. Now I see the problem. Michael Badnarik skipped step 3.

  26. I didn’t pack my lunch like usual and instead got a double meat Chipotle burrito. 4 hours later, HOLY FUCK am I hungry. How do you Normals subsist on such a puny amount of food?

    1. You haven’t figured out yet that most fast food portions are absurdly small, loaded with carbs to keep the cost down, and are completely unsatisfying for people who need a real amount of food?

      You’re better off going to a grocery store and getting some fried chicken or something, because a burrito from a chain is not going to satisfy you.

      1. Good thing I have a leg of lamb to roast tonight. Fuck yeah, gonna eat so much lamb.

      2. A Chipotle burrito has enough food to fee a small family for three days.

        1. feed rather

      1. Um… Too Chilly beat you to it by 35 minutes. Nice try though.


        1. And Tuccille got the link right.

  27. Why Republicans Don’t Want to Marry Democrats

    In other news, Why Dogs Don’t Like Fleas.

    1. Not a Republican, but I can provide anecdotal evidence that Democrats are no more fiscally adept on the home front than in Congress.

    2. “Republicans are increasingly authoritarian?craving certainty, inclined to view the world in black and white terms, you’re either with me or you’re against me?and Democrats are increasingly the opposite.”

      Has this guy slept through the Obama administration?

    3. My wife was D until we married. I tried to convert her to R, but we both ended up L. Thanksgiving with the in-laws is interesting, though.

  28. President Obama may be purchasing a $4.25 million estate in California. The White House denies the rumor, but local real estate agents say it’s true.

    Both are correct. Michelle is the one purchasing the house. From their shared bank account.

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