Obama to Buy $4.25 Million Estate?, Malaysia Airline Affair Tensions Continue to Rise, U.N. Thinks Gaza Fight Will End Soon: P.M. Links


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    President Obama may be purchasing a $4.25 million estate in California. The White House denies the rumor, but local real estate agents say it's true.

  • The Russian-backed forces in Ukraine have turned over the train cars full of bodies from the downed Malaysia Airline, but nearly one hundred bodies aren't accounted for. The U.S. announced that it's soon going to release its intelligence on the attack. The European Union is slamming Russia with new sanctions. Vladimir Putin plans on boost Russia's military capabilities in response to a perceived threat from the West.
  • Despite the rising death toll in Gaza, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon thinks the fighting will end soon, but said he couldn't give more details "at this highly sensitive moment."
  • A judge ordered that by August 15 Chris Christie's office turn over its records on record request denials it has issued relating to the Bridgegate scandal.  
  • Google wants to turn New York City's old payphone booths into free Wi-Fi hotspots and cellphone charging stations.
  • White flags replaced American flags on top of the Brooklyn Bridge today, and police are trying to figure out why.

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