A.M. Links: Big Tobacco Wins for Once, Legal Sex Work Could Slash HIV Rate, Town Still Trying to Ban Baggy Pants


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  1. http://www.soylent.me/

    Never worry about food again

    1. soylent.me

      “Scruffy – what’s eating you?”

      1. FOE’s lock on first past the post.

        *does little jig, cries

      1. I clicked on that link.

        It is the bravest action I will take today.

        1. Live dangerously!

    2. Hello.

      “A federal judge ruled in favor of two tobacco companies”

      What an evil judge! Doesn’t he know tobacco kills?

    3. Breathless cannibal guest: “Am I too late for dinner?”

      Cannibal host: “Yes, everyone’s eaten.”

  2. A federal judge ruled in favor of two tobacco companies challenging a 2011 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report on menthol cigarettes, calling the findings “at a minimum suspect and, at worst, untrustworthy.”

    Why would the FDA hire people who might not report to them what they want to hear? Use your head, judge.

    1. Judicial Activiszmz!!

    2. The headline should read, “Small Tobacco Beats Big Government”.

      1. This, this, a 100 times this!

    3. Wouldn’t a report critical of menthol cigarettes be racist by definition?

  3. The first rule of Fight Club 2 is… Fight Club’s unnecessary sequel is coming out next year.

    Who knows. I might be decent. But the original needed no sequel.

    1. So…society has collapsed, billions have died due to deindustrialization, and the remaining survivors scramble desperately through a world trying to get enough energy from twigs and berries to go find and beat Tyler Durden’s world-destroying ass?

      1. Mad Max: Beyond Derper Dome?

        Also, Matrix has a high opinion of himself, he is no where near decent.

      2. But society would not have collapsed.

        That was the stupid part of that movie (which I otherwise loved).

        Destroying the credit bureaus accomplishes nothing.

        Even if you utterly destroyed all of their data, they GET their data from the banks, finance companies, and public records sources. And they get it all electronically.

        “Oh darn you blew up all our servers. Oh gosh it will take us a long, long time to trigger the ETL processes that get us all that data back. We may have to miss our morning break!”

        1. I took that as part of the message of the movie. That at a primal level men need the drama of violence. And in a feminized world that need will lash out in nihilistic ways.

    2. I am Jack’s pointless sequel

    3. Possibly one of the most overrated movies of all time. Was it entertaining? Yeah. But it certainly wasn’t mindblowing.

    4. It’s set in an insane asylum. In the end, the lead character is killed by a giant Indian, who is, in fact, just a figment of the lead character’s imagination.

      1. So, pretty much Sucker Punch, right?

        1. Yeah, Suckerpunch was disappoint.

        2. Minus the eye candy.

          1. So, no flashbacks of Meat Loaf then?

          2. The action scenes were tremendous but basically playthroughs of video game boss levels. The rest was astoundingly disappointing in terms of execution. The story could have been told very well and less heavy handedly.

      2. NOW my mind is blown….

        *grabs Nurse Ratched’s boobs*

    5. It would be funny if it flopped at the box office and the studio said it was because there wasn’t enough buzz surrounding the film.

    6. In fairness, this is a sequel to the book, not the movie. The endings are quite a bit different between them.

  4. Restaurant owner credits welcoming gun owners to her business booming
    I’m sure the anti-gun Mommies are shitting themselves in anger. How dare someone feel safe around armed citizens!

    1. Yeah, literally had a friend note how “uncomfirtable” she felt when 5 -6 cops walked into Starbucks – armed.

      “I don’t feel comfortable around guns, and they were talking about shooting…”

      And I’m thinking, “Five or six COPS make me nervous. The guns? Not so much….except that they’re being carried by COPS!”

      She may need to be cut off from further communication…”don’t like to even be near guns”. Then don’t ever, ever come to my house again, cause you’re withing FEET of them!!11!!11!one!

      1. I was in NYC last week for vacation. While I was sitting in the lobby, waiting for the rest of the fam for checkout, 4 fully armored NYPD goons decided block a lane on 6th Ave with their convoy and to park themselves outside the hotel entrance, complete with AR-15’s. They just stood there, posturing, reminding everyone who’s in charge, for about 30 minutes and then left.

        I didn’t feel any safer and I wasn’t alone in that, judging by the comments of others in the lobby.

    2. honestly, I hate the OC groups. They put the businesses in the middle of an issue they have with the state govt, forcing their hand. I truly think it is up to the property/business owner to allow guns or not- and if you are a toothless shit head rolling with an AR15 in a Target, you kind of force their hand.

      I will be pushing for OC of pistols in TX during the next legislative session, but OC of AR, AK platforms is overkill and frankly, a burden.

      1. I wish I could remember where I read somebody comparing them to the sort of person who marches in a gay pride parade wearing nothing but a leather thong: somebody has to be extreme in order for the everday gun owners to look moderate and reasonable by comparison.

        The difference, of course, is that gun owners don’t have a media climate on their side of the issue.

      2. At this point, open carry of rifles is too much, too fast. Open carry of handguns should be pushed. However, I think concealed carry is better, so an attacker doesn’t know where the gun is and won’t be able to grab for it.

        If just half of law abiding citizens were carrying, violent crimes would be practically non-existant. Who wants to rob someone when there’s a 50-50 chance that person is armed?

        1. OC of rifle is legal in Tx. But I just think you are barking up the wrong tree if you think that a bunch of rednecks getting jack in the box with a full arsenal (of very nice rifles, I might add) is going to spur the Texas legislature to resort OC of pistols, you are mistaken. Not in this era of pearl-clutching.

      3. I kind of agree. I think that stunts like that are a bit counterproductive and don’t help the image of gun enthusiasts in the minds of people who generally fear guns.

    1. “The only thing that worries me, Jim, is being the first one down that gullet!”

    2. Does a pair of fine shoes come out the other end?

  5. New FDA regulations could force the last remaining cigar factory in Tampa to shut down.

    Acceptable losses in the war on personal choice.

  6. Here are the top 10 bestselling NFL jerseys:

    1. QB Johnny Manziel, Cleveland
    2. QB Russell Wilson, Seattle
    3. QB Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco
    4. QB Peyton Manning, Denver
    5. CB Richard Sherman, Seattle
    6. DE Michael Sam, St. Louis
    7. QB Tom Brady, New England
    8. QB Drew Brees, New Orleans
    9. QB Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay
    10. 12th Man, Seattle


    1. Doesn’t anyone who needs one already have a Tom Brady jersey?

      1. They’re being bought as gifts for Baby Reason and Baby Liberty.

    2. I don’t see a sorry ass receiver like Crabtree on that list /sherman

    3. Only one of those has yet to impact an actual NFL game.

      1. only one?! I count a few super bowl winners there…..

        1. “…has yet…” 🙂

          1. whoops – can’t brain, I have the dum

          2. do you even watch football?

          3. whoops, lol

          4. Still 2 rookies on that list, one of whom has a very high chance of flaming out and the other is already flaming but only has a small chance of even making the team.

            1. yeah, I blanked on Manziel.

        2. I’d say two, not one.

          1. yeah, I completely blanked on Manziel/Cleveland

      2. what entropy said

        1. dude, Manning, Brady, Brees, Rogers… all super bowl winners an MVPs. Sherman saved the last super bowl single handedly, Kapaernick led the 49ers to a Super Bowl, Russel Wilson won one, I mean… that is just a straight up dumbass comment bro.

          The only ones that haven’t done shit are Manziel and Sam.

          1. Yeah, read up above where I caught my misreading of your post.

            Moving on…

      3. Two, actually. Unless Michael Sam showing up at a Chiefs game caused them to lose due to an acute case of collective homophobia or something.

    4. I wonder if the NFL Shop lets you personalize jerseys with owner’s names.If the weren’t over a hundred bucks I might consider a Snyder ‘Skins jersey.

      1. The number you put on it could have significant impact on how people took that. 00 vice 1, for instance.

      2. Need a Korea hook-up…

  7. ‘My son saved his attacker’s life’: Father who brutally beat teen he caught raping his son, 11, reveals it was only his boy’s pleas that saved the pedophile from death as he says his family refuse to hide

    1. There’s a lot of awful packed into that story…

    2. Trial by jury.

  8. Want to cut global HIV infections by a third? Decriminalize sex work, say researchers.

    AND INCREASE CHEATING? I don’t think so. #waronwives

  9. The future belongs to Amazon Prime.

    They have a lock on teledildonics sales?

    1. Actually, yes. I think sex toys are one of the things most people are more comfortable buying online than in person. So rather than buying from some sex-dedicated site I can imagine more people being comfortable having the order “fulfilled by amazon”. In the future there will be robots, people will have sex with them, and they will be sold by amazon.

      1. sex toys are one of the things most people are more comfortable buying online

        If people are comfortable buying shoes online, why not!

        1. I have bought shoes online, but.only as replacements for one’s I have worn out and can get the exact model number replacement.

      2. I have definitely *only* purchased sex toys from Amazon.

        1. Um, I meant Amazon is the only place I’ve purchased sex toys. I buy about half my possessions on Amazon.

          1. Oh man…do you realize what you’re starting here?!

            1. Can you feel the buzz?!

              1. Amazon Sex Toys.

                nice band name.

            2. Attack of the 50cm Amazon?

              1. “I buy about half my possessions on Amazon.”

                Half your possesions are sex toys? Interesting… tell me more.

              2. Amazon Sex Toys of the Mutant Women of Reason Magazine; a slideshow in vivid color of the depraved antics of the world’s most deviant writing staff; thrill to their anatomical abnormalities in their fevered quest for mechanical pleasure

                Tuesday at 9pm on CBN

            3. Why should she be ashamed of using sex toys?

              A corollary of Rule 34 is that for anything you can think might be a kink, somebody else will consider it a fetish.

              1. There’s a difference between a kink and a fetish? Is it connotation? This is new to me.

                1. A kink is something occasionally employed; a fetish is something that is practically required for enjoyment.

                  1. So one could have a fetish for kinks, but not the reverse, right?

          2. But half your possessions are sex toys, right?

          3. Which gag ball do your prefer? The red or pink one?

        2. You are just toying with us

          1. I picking up good vibrations
            She’s givin’ me excitations

              1. Built one of those last year. It’s a pain in the ass to tune.

                1. “It’s a pain in the ass to tune.”

                  So, it’s a sex toy, too?

                2. Well, if tuning it gives you a pain in your ass either your method should be corrected or you are involving some fetish/kink many of us may not be aware of.

                  1. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

                3. It’s a pain in the ass to tune.

                  The Moog Theremini that just came out let’s you set the level of quantization for the note. So it’ll play in tune. Kinda like auto-tune for theremins.

        3. Wading into the morning links and talking about sex toys? Are you vying for the vaunted title of most beloved Reason contributor?

      3. “fulfilled by amazon”

        I see what you did there

    1. I thought they all just chanted SEC in Nashville so Tennessee and Vandy fans could glom on to the success of the good programs.

        1. Vandy has a team?

        2. They do! And unlike ‘Bama fans, they attended the university, usually. And they can read.

  10. Slate article: Blue-State Disgrace: There are 57,000 kids at the border who need temporary shelter. Shame on the Democratic governors who are turning them away.


  11. Florida towns are still trying to ban baggy pants.

    They should be mandating obesity.

    1. Police around the country support low rider pants, how else are chubby middle age cops suppose to chase down teenagers and arrest them unless they have their pants around their knees.

      1. Plus, the uncertain waistlines are perfect excuses for cops to claim “I though he was reaching for a gun!”

  12. I like eels. Except as meals. And the way they feels.

    Stolen bronze eel sculpture recovered

    A bronze sculpture of an eel worth $30,000 has been recovered from a scrap metal yard, after thieves tried to pawn it off for little more than $300.

    The artwork titled ‘Tuna,’ was stolen from Auckland Botanic Gardens by thieves sometime on Sunday night.

    The thieves had sawn through the bolts and removed the bronze part of the sculpture, which weighed an impressive 90 kilograms. Sergeant Jonathan Zeisler said on Monday morning the team at the Botanic Gardens had informed scrap metal merchants around south Auckland of the missing sculpture.

    1. This sounds like something to do with sex toys. Maybe we could find a motivated buyer on Amazon, if anyone has some leads.

    1. And by mountains, he means molehills

    2. He’s got binders full of evidence.

    3. Well, yeah, I guess anyone with access to a SAM could be described as “militant”

  13. Damn kids these days with their baggy pants and their iFaces and their alt-texts.

  14. Creationist SoCon: Search for Aliens Motivated by Rebellion Against God

    “Of course, secularists are desperate to find life in outer space, as they believe that would provide evidence that life can evolve in different locations and given the supposed right conditions! The search for extraterrestrial life is really driven by man’s rebellion against God in a desperate attempt to supposedly prove evolution!…

    And I do believe there can’t be other intelligent beings in outer space because of the meaning of the gospel. You see, the Bible makes it clear that Adam’s sin affected the whole universe. This means that any aliens would also be affected by Adam’s sin, but because they are not Adam’s descendants, they can’t have salvation…

    God’s Son stepped into history to be Jesus Christ, the ‘Godman,’ to be our relative, and to be the perfect sacrifice for sin?the Savior of mankind. Jesus did not become the ‘GodKlingon’ or the ‘GodMartian’!”


    1. oh for fuck’s sake

    2. The Godman? How does he fit in with the Dayman and the Nightman?

      1. And can he beat Triangleman in a fair fight?

        1. It’s not important.

        2. +1 Possible Giant

    3. Christians and their silly idolatry. Their blasphemy is so amusing.

    4. Maybe it has already been done – but I have a novel rattling around in my head about the point where humanity passes some unknown trip point and the aliens land to make their pitch for us to join the federation.

      During that process these aliens pass along the truth about our relationship with the Judeo-Christian god. Many facets of that relationship (as we now understand it) will turn out to be poppycock, and the basis for entire memes of humor for many alien species. Some aspects of that relationship will have been true.

      For instance, it will be revealed truth that the world was created in six days, just not in a row. The first day was about six billion years ago. The second day was about one billion years ago. And so forth.

      I could really have a field day with all the bits and pieces of “biblical facts” like that.

      1. And then the people of the book begin their jihad on the blasphemers from beyond the stars…

    5. Bo, why do you even bother with “Answers in Genesis”? It is clear the Book of Genesis has all the answers… for creationists. There’s no point in resisting.

  15. The future belongs to Amazon Prime.

    I didn’t read the article. Hovering over the link, though, I have to ask: Is it pro-Hachette propaganda?

    1. No, it’s even-to-pro-Amazon.

  16. Florida towns are still trying to ban baggy pants.

    Baggy pants are the problem. Ban skinny jeans! DAMN HIPSTERS!

    1. It’s a link to NPR and something called “allsongs”?

      1. It’s metal Ted, not your thing 😉

        1. When did NPR switch to an all-metal format?

          1. Last month, in a desperate bid to keep listeners awake.

            1. It’s not working

                1. Needz moar animation!!

  17. Your depressing shit-show of the day:

    Heavily pregnant teen was strangled to death and her boyfriend decapitated after they met a man on Craigslist for sex

    An eight-months-pregnant teen was strangled and her boyfriend was decapitated after they connected with a stranger on Craigslist and agreed to meet up for sex.
    Brooke Slocum, 18, was held captive at 31-year-old Brady Oestrike’s home, where police found restraints, before she was killed and stashed in his car trunk, authorities in Wyoming, Michigan have said. Her unborn daughter, Audi Lynn, also died.
    Police Chief James Carmody added that her 25-year-old boyfriend, Charles Oppenneer, was found decapitated in a park a day earlier – but his head still hasn’t been found.
    After the couple vanished on July 12, Oestrike was eventually found last Thursday and fled as police tried to search his home. He fatally shot himself after he crashed his car during a police chase.

    1. I saw that yesterday. It’s hard to know what to say about that other than the obvious. Sickening.

    2. Jesus Christ almighty!

      *removes Craigslist from Favorites*

      1. This is why we can’t have nice things

    3. I think your more likely to get murdered than fucked on Craigslist.

      I blame the lack of Adult Services sections.

      1. You’re guaranteed to get fucked, either literally or figuratively.

  18. Outrage as 76-year-old man is ARRESTED at town hall meeting for asking board members to speak louder

    Eddie Overholt was accused of disrupting the meeting and charged with disorderly conduct
    Deputies then slapped him with a resisting arrest charge when he asked to sit down because he was tired

    Clearly a menace to society.

    1. He should have stopped resisting. Clearly.

    2. I agree, the cops who arrested that man ARE a menace to society.

    3. The worst kinds of blatant, petty tyranny take place on the local level like this.

    4. He wasn’t the only one that was forced out. They were talking at a level the rest of the audience could not hear. So asking these petty tyrants to speak up is not unreasonable. The petty tyrant’s reaction is.

      The people need to organize a recall election to get that mayor ousted. Maybe have him tarred, feathered, and run out of town afterwards.

  19. Internal NYPD report on death of Staten Island dad Eric Garner does not mention chokehold during arrest and claims he was not ‘in great distress’

    Eric Garner, 43, died when police arrested him for selling illegal cigarettes
    Witnesses filmed Garner saying ‘I can’t breath’ as he was held down
    Officer Daniel Pantaleo has been accused of choking him to death
    NYPD report states that he’ ‘did not appear in great distress’
    Adds that Garner ‘resisted arrest’ and refused to ‘obey instructions’
    Pantaleo has had a string of civil rights complaints made against him

    Obviously the video is wrong. I mean, it contradicts an officer’s report.

    1. Goddamn Photo Shop! Is there no evil it can’t be employed to commit?

    1. +1 Satellite of Love

  20. The moment ‘unarmed civilian was shot dead by an Israeli sniper’ as he desperately searched for his family: Palestinians release shocking video

    Cyto furiously masturbates…

    1. DO you actually believe it? Looks stupid enough to be another set-up.

      I did like the way he bravely kept texting until the end.

      1. I am convinced it is real. The sound of the supersonic bullet was what I have experienced. We can’t know what the outcome was, of course.


      1. All he wanted to do was live free…and kill Jews and for that the evil monkeys killed him.

    3. I don’t see any blood. I am skeptical.

      1. Maybe Cyto uses lotion.

        1. That made me shoot pop out my nose.

          Goddamnit that hurts!

          1. I initially read that as “shoot poop out my nose”. I guess that would hurt.

  21. NYPD report states that he’ ‘did not appear in great distress’

    He looked so peaceful, lying there on the sidewalk.

    1. Police officers, also known as peace officers. The bring and maintain the peace, which also happens to be the same peace as the peace of the grave.

    2. “Sarg, his thick neck kept getting in the way of my gentle forearm. And you know how soft it is. I rub with Dove every night! 99.9 pure soap. I mean, really.”

  22. And you could cut “HIV infections” by 100% if you understood that there is not now, there never was a human immunodeficiency virus.


      I’ll bite. AIDS doesn’t exist? Is this some Alex Jones stuff, or what? I’m genuinely curious

      1. Unfortunately, there are lots of AIDS denialists

        It’s a frothy mix (santorum?) of anti-medicine nuts, anti-vaxxers, and conspiracy theorists who believe that stuff.

      2. There have been multiple stories that claim correlation, not causation, in the link between HIV and AIDS. I personally couldn’t give a shit either way.

      3. primary “credible” advocate: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Duesberg

        I think he’s probably wrong. But I don’t think it’s anywhere as outlandish as people try make it out to be.

    2. But what about CHEMTRAILS!?

      1. Pffft = false flag, throw ’em off the scent of the REAL peril – magnetic waves.

        *adjust tinfoil cranial apparatus*

        1. Your newsletter, may I subscribe?

        2. Magnetic Waves? Just a means to an end, man: a wireless power supply for their stealth hypno-drones.

          1. Is that supposed to be a V reference at the end?

  23. Smiling Auschwitz selfie sparks Twitter outrage

    David Burge @iowahawkblog ? 18h
    Igniting Twitter firestorm: dumb teen girl selfie in Auschwitz.
    Not igniting Twitter firestorm: actual violent anti-Jewish mobs in Paris.

    1. She sent the wrong signal! Burn her! Burn her!

    2. This is just a very sad example of how low humanity can stoop. Part of the blame has to be on whomever brought the stupid girl there without explaining the gravitas of the place. That said, this teenage girl has shown herself to be simply a classic example of today’s videogame/internet/smartphone junkie with a low IQ, no character, no moral compass and zero class. She should have been taken to an amusement park as that would have presented more than enough intellectual challenge for this sad embarrassment of a human being (e.g., trying to take a selfie on a roller coaster without dropping her smartphone). Her comments show that she is far too stupid and superficial to appreciate all that went on in that horrific place.

      It’s becoming so much easier to hate people every day. Thanks internet.

      1. Hating people more every day. It is – truly – what the internetz was made for.

      2. And – couldn’t she at least have planked?

        1. Well, this idiot planked at the pyramids. Do you know how many Jews died building that? DO YOU?

          1. Too soon!

    3. Obama took a selfie at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. What’s the big deal.

      1. Yeah. In his case, The Enlightened One and Light Bringer was just “lightening the mood’ for all others!

    4. I’m mostly offended by the recent dramatic increase in use of the word “selfie”.

    5. That gave me an idea for a meme, although photoshopping her in front of miscellaneous historical settings associated with horrible tragedies (Hiroshima, Bonaparte Visits the Plague Stricken in Jaffa (painting)) might be too much work for the average meme contributor.

    6. Holocaust jokes are still kosher, though, right?

  24. “IRS seeks help destroying another 3,200 hard drives”

    You can’t make this shit up.


    1. Honestly, if I was a shady person, I would be trying to get that contract not to get taxpayer info, but to get blackmail information on high-ranking Party members.

    2. “Got your ‘help’ right here ….”

  25. It’s a frothy mix (santorum?) of anti-medicine nuts, anti-vaxxers, and conspiracy theorists who believe that stuff.

    All pawns of Big Monkeyfuck.

    1. +1 Gorilla ass raping

  26. She sent the wrong signal! Burn her! Burn her!

    If it was a duckface selfie, I’m okay with this.

    1. No, she was smiling in a concentration camp.

      In her defense, she’s probably been told her whole life to smile for the camera.

  27. Part of the blame has to be on whomever brought the stupid girl there without explaining the gravitas of the place.

    Yeah, okay.


    1. “She wasn’t aware of the ‘gravitas’ but I’m going to call her a stupid cunt anyway.”

  28. So I flew out of the Manchester, N.H. airport yesterday and was the only person I saw opting out of the TSA RapeyScanners. Free State my ass.

    1. I’ve had people try to justify going through the scanners to me while I’m waiting for my screener. Usually something like “I know the scanners are bad but I’m in a hurry.”

      I don’t know, 5 minutes of my time is a small price to pay to preserve some shred of my dignity and prevent whatever weird cancers these things are going to end up giving people.

      1. preserve some shred of my dignity

        “Turn to the left and cough.”

        1. If they’re going to make me assume a humiliating position and endure being treated like cattle, then there’s damn well going to be a government agent kneeling in front of me while it happens.

          1. Do you make sure to be fully and noticeably engorged while this is happening, to complete the circle?

    2. Well, no one is really claiming that it is a Free State now. I think it’s pretty good as far as states go. Most people, quite understandably, just want to get the security crap over with.

    3. I may start carrying my own latex gloves for the patdowns.

      I can proudly say that no one has a picture of my junk, whom I didn’t already send it to in the first place.

  29. They also charged me 9 cents tax on a $1 coffee. Free State my ass.

    1. You guys don’t get it yet.

      The state is free and unfettered. Us subjects are not.

  30. I pay involuntary tribute to many foreign potentates, but I am my own Free State.

  31. Speaking of the “gravitas” of a patch of dirt, I drove by the Little Bighorn and the Custer Battlefield recently. Should I have stopped the car and wept?

    1. You mean, you weren’t *required* to stop?!

    2. Based on the opinions of Civil War aficionados and their constant attempts to turn half of Virginia into monuments, I would say the appropriate action would have been to:

      1. Stop the car
      2. Roll around and moan in utter despair
      3. Get out your metal detector
      4. Lobby the State for more historical parks
      5. Repeat

      1. 2. Roll around and moan in utter despair

        They built a soccer field at Little Big Horn?

    3. Only if you saw trash along the side of the road, and you are a faux American Indian.

      1. a faux American Indian

        Somewhere, Elizabeth Warren is crying

  32. They also charged me 9 cents tax on a $1 coffee. Free State my ass.


  33. Facebook is rolling out a bookmarking feature that allows users to save links and other content.

    Who cares? The moment Facebook starts allowing HTML tags on their comments box is the moment I will start trusting the company really means well.

  34. In a potentially crippling blow to Obamacare, a top federal appeals court Tuesday said that billions of dollars worth of government subsidies that helped 4.7 million people buy insurance on HealthCare.gov are not legal under the Affordable Care Act.

    In its decision, a three-judge panel said that such subsidies can be granted only to people who bought insurance in an Obamacare exchange run by an individual state or the District of Columbia ? not on the federally run exchange HealthCare.gov. Plaintiffs in the case known as Halbig v. Burwell argued that the ACA, as written, only allows that often-significant financial aid to be issued to people who bought insurance on a marketplace set up a state.


  35. Plaintiffs in the case known as Halbig v. Burwell argued that the ACA, as written, only allows that often-significant financial aid to be issued to people who bought insurance on a marketplace set up a state.

    “Oh, that’s just silly. Everybody knows what we really meant.”

    1. How does anybody know what was written, nobody has read it yet.

      Nancy Pelosi is still waiting to see what’s in it.

  36. I am moving to Singapore!

    I’ve been in Korea for about the last 5 years and I’m heading home for something like 6 weeks August 3. Should be arriving in Singapore on Sept 17 or so.

    I was there for 5 days in May and I just fell in love. Well, the weather is complete fucking asscrackbullshittyfuckmefuckfuckfuck shit. (I don’t like it.) The multiculturalism and the business spirit is unlike anything that I’ve ever seen before.

    The totalitarianism of the rest of the country…we’ll other than the drugs (which is totally true) most reports I’ve read is that the laws are on the books but they aren’t enforced. Which is…some relief. Not toooo much but some.

    Anyone ever been? My gf and I are scouting out apartments and we’ve got a decent community of friends who are already there.

    Impressions? Thoughts? Things to be careful of? Recipes to share? Fuck-offs to give? Any info is always appreciated.

    1. Colleagues who live there say it is ridiculously expensive to buy and keep a car. Like, the taxes and registration fees on new cars more than double the price. The government really doesn’t like criticism.

    2. Have some samgyetang for me before you leave!

    3. First time in Singapore, we walked off the ANZUS base on liberty, got into a taxi and the first thing the driver did was ask us if we wanted to buy Thai sticks or opium.

  37. The license just to GET a car, let alone the car’s purchase, is…like $50-$100k.

    That….will not be happening.

    1. They felt me out to see if I would be interested in working there. I just don’t think I could do it. City life is not for.me, and the costs and restricted liberty in Singapore are a complete deal breaker for me.

    2. Why are we not doing this in the US? We could totally save the environment!

      1. Don’t give the proglodytes any ideas, man.

  38. I literally killed the AM links.

    Dammit when I’m on I’m on.

    1. Bit late, but here goes:

      We were there last September for the F1 GP, stayed with friends (German and Australian). Good

      – Business climate.
      – No crime. No corruption. Polite people.English pretty much standard (some English…).
      – Amazing food.
      – Great jumping-off point to explore SE Asia.

      1. Bad

        – Total backwater. Apart from the F1 nothing notable happens. The big previous cultural event had been a Billy Idol concert!
        – Quite oppressive. One of our friends grew up in East Germany and said that she was reminded of that place.
        – Outside of expat communities it’s hard to make contacts. Natives keep to themselves.
        – The authoritarian environment restricts people’s activities to shopping, pretty much. It also leads people to be amazingly blockheaded.

  39. You call this news? What about the white flags flying over the Brooklyn Bridge? Have the Nets surrendered to the Knicks?

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