Pro-Russian Rebels Returning Bodies By Train, Detroit Won't Shut Off Water Yet, Tony Dungy Wouldn't Have Drafted Michael Sam: P.M. Links


  • Michael Sam
    Mark Schierbecker / Wikimedia Commons

    The pro-Russian separatists believed to be responsible for the crash of a Malaysian Airlines flight last week have agreed to hand over the bodies of the deceased and allow investigators to scrutinize the wreck site.

  • Detroit officials delayed plans to shut off water for thousands of citizens who have not paid their bills. People will have 15 more days to pay before the city cuts off their water.
  • Tony Dungy, an NBC sports analyst and the first black NFL coach to win the Super Bowl, told the Tampa Bay Tribune that he wouldn't have drafted Michael Sam, the first openly gay national football player. "Things will happen," he said.
  • Azamat Tazhayakov became the first person to be convicted of crimes related to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Tazhayakov, a friend of bombings suspects Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, attempted to dispose of evidence that could incriminate the brothers.
  • President Obama signed an executive order instituting new and vigorous workplace protections for LGBT employees.

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  1. President Obama signed an executive order instituting new and vigorous workplace protections for LGBT employees.

    I swear he’s done this five times already. #milkingit

    1. So you could say he is vigorously protecting gays backs?

    2. Really? So what exactly does that mean? What are these vigorous protections that these ‘special’ people need that the rest of us don’t need or deserve?

      1. I just hate when people get fired or harassed for being straight.

        1. You really don’t understand how tough it is, jesse.

        2. I was devastated when I was told that I wasn’t a good fit at the gay steel mill.

        3. I’m sure it will never go far enough that that ever happens. The special interest crusaders always stop when fair is fair.

          1. I’m fairly certain that it’d be hard to rig the system where 4% of the population is creating havoc on the rest of the workforce, but there have already been lawsuits where a straight man was harassed by a lesbian boss and sued under sexual orientation protections.

            So the “special rights” line that’s been floating around since I was a kid and people were still being fired for being gay (which is naturally less of an issue now even as it becomes a safer issue for politicians to try to address) remains a canard.

            1. I’m fairly certain that it’d be hard to rig the system where 4% of the population is creating havoc on the rest of the workforce,

              Is FedGov more than 4% of the population?

              1. 8% according to a quick google search.

                1. There’s that number again..

    3. Hello.

  2. People will have 15 more days to pay before the city cuts off their water.

    Detroit is all about the importance of paying bills.

    1. I was wondering whether Detroit could pay its own water bills….

      1. You can’t let the bottom of the pyramid off the hook or the whole thing falls apart.

  3. Detroit officials delayed plans to shut off water for thousands of citizens who have not paid their bills. People will have 15 more days to pay before the city cuts off their water.

    When I count to three, you better have paid your bill. One. Two. Two and a half.

    1. Two-e-and-a…

    2. Of course, it’s 15 business days, so it’s actually 21 calendar days, and there’s probably a holiday in there of some kind (national free water day maybe) and maybe they’re not counting Monday and Friday as full business days.

      And you could probably confuse them and make them have to start all over by interrupting their counting:

      Aw crap! One…

      So, 40 days minimum before Detroit will start counting again.

      1. The real point? Detroit has no city workers to go turn off said water. They’re all home, collecting their pension and not paying their water bill.

  4. Azamat Tazhayakov became the first person to be convicted of crimes related to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

    Did federal agents even try to gun him down under mysterious circumstances first?

  5. Something different.

    Explore the wonders of Angkor, Cambodia, where thousand-year-old temples lie hidden in the jungle, and ancient cities and roads trace a path to the lost kingdoms of the Khmer empire.

    Very cool.

    1. I had plans to go there, but my traveling companions fell through.

      1. What did they fall through?

        1. Some paperwork in their hiring manager’s office.

    2. Did the mention of Detroit kick off the vision of abandoned ruins?

      1. Yes. Except Angkor is still of some use.

      2. vision of abandoned ruins

        Great prog-rock album title.

    3. Do I have to wear clothes?

    1. I thought it was going to be a link to the latest IPCC report.

    2. wow. That’s some gloomy stuff. Ted S. will hate it.

      1. Is it a slideshow or something?

        1. Metal. Heavy Metal.

          1. Metal isn’t my favorite genre of music, but I post anti-metal mostly to tease the people who keep posting metal.

            These days, the majority of my listening is classical.

            1. Very cool. Got the classical station on the radio right now,as a matter of fact.

    3. That’s some ‘eavy fockin’ mettle.

      1. My wife had her baby shower last weekend and my creative contribution for games was a portion of trivia titled “Baby Brand or Death Metal Band”

        Her girlfriends scoffed that they would get them all right. It’s quite hilarious how easily you can get thrown off.

        Opeth, Kalmah, and Children of Bodom tricked a lot of them. A lot of people thought Lambs and Ivy, K’tan, Diono, and IKKS were metal bands.

        I relished in making those smug faces vanish when I read the answers.

  6. I just read through the Gaza thread.

    It was very enjoyable to read all of the comments shitting on Bo.

    1. He’s very popular, as I’m sure you were able to see.

    2. The only thing I can think of is a coprophagia fetish Like this chick.

    3. Bo is much better than the usual cast of trolls we attract. Why was everybody shitting on him?

      1. Bo has a fetish. They were obliging him.

      2. I think Francisco said it best:

        You (Bo) are a complete fucking pedantic asshole, who likes the sound of his own voice, always needs to be the center of attention and has a psychological problem admitting he’s wrong.

        1. I’d hate to see you data base of Reason comments.

        2. This is why he chose law school.

      3. Two categories:

        Tea partiers who lurk on Reason, don’t like to be called on their deviations from libertarianism

        Know it alls mad I’m not showing them the proper deference

        1. You (Bo) are a complete fucking pedantic asshole, who likes the sound of his own voice, always needs to be the center of attention and has a psychological problem admitting he’s wrong.

          1. Some can fall into two categories

          2. And an anti-semite too!

        2. Name me the Tea Partiers. There may be one or two I reckon.

          1. Well, you can start with Playa Manhattan, he’s told me straight up he’s not a libertarian. John of course has said the same, Restoras has slipped and admitted his non-libertarian leanings. Bill DeBlasio talks fairly openly about his Team Red leanings. IT says he is not a libertarian.

            1. And these are just people who come out and say it.

              An easy way to see how many are here is to see how many break from libertarian orthodoxy and Reason in ways that favor Team Red (immigration and abortion threads, for instance). Of course most of this started because I chose to criticize Team Red the way they criticize Team Blue, and real libertarians shouldn’t care one way or another (a pox on both their houses). But you see what happens.

              It’s pretty remarkable given that in libertarian circles Reason has long been known to be closer to the ‘cosmopolitan’ wing like Cato and Volokh than to the more conservative leaning groups like Mises or Paul institutes and some objectivist groups.

              1. You (Bo) are a complete fucking pedantic asshole, who likes the sound of his own voice, always needs to be the center of attention and has a psychological problem admitting he’s wrong.

              2. There aren’t any purists of any kind anywhere.

                Now that that is out of the way, what does purity have to do with you being a complete fucking pedantic asshole, who likes the sound of his own voice, always needs to be the center of attention and has a psychological problem admitting he’s wrong?

                1. “There aren’t any purists of any kind anywhere.”

                  And there’s not an infinite amount of variation in any philosophy either. I’m saying they look remarkably just like Tea Partiers. I guess if you want to define libertarianism broadly enough to include the Tea Party that’s your right, but I think there are some ways of thinking that can be said to fall outside of it.

              3. I encourage you to go to a Tea Party meeting. I’ve attended more than a few.
                The discussion at one is very close to the discussions here. 90% of the time is spent quoting sites like Tucker Carlson’s or Breitbart’s, criticizing ‘progs’, etc. The people are fiscally conservative, but with a focus on the spending Democrats favor rather than that which Republicans favor (like military).

                Most of them will tell you, just as you see with many posters here, that they don’t care much about gay marriage, oppose abortion, oppose immigration rights, and they want a more ‘realistic’ foreign policy than found in the Cato-Reason camp. The similarities are remarkable.

                1. The similarities are remarkable.

                  Perhaps. But seriously, what does that have to do with you being a complete fucking pedantic asshole, who likes the sound of his own voice, always needs to be the center of attention and has a psychological problem admitting he’s wrong?

              4. abortion threads, for instance

                Dipshit, there is no libertarian position on abortion.

            2. If for no other reason than you are keeping a list of your ideological opponents, you should take a step back and engage in some self-reflection.

              1. He asked me to name some people. It is great how this game is played, if he asked and I said no one then it’s ‘a-ha!, you can’t name even one!’ If I name some off the top of my head ‘oh noes you keep a list!’

                1. He asked for a list of Tea Partiers, and you gave a list of people who don’t agree with you. But yes, I do see why playing the Bo game with you is foolish.

                  1. I named people that seem just like Tea Partiers to me.

                    There’s lots of people here who disagree with me that I would never think were Tea Partiers. Episarch for starters.

                    1. I’m gonna hedge my bets on that self-reflection.

                    2. Look, I’ve explained the question asked and my answers and reasons for them. Your cute jibe didn’t pan out for you, but by all means lower your head and run with it.

                    3. I could quote the dictionary definition of “self-reflection” if it will help you understand.

              2. It isn’t self ‘reflection’ he’s looking for, it’s self gratification and pleasuring.

          2. Rufus, anybody that doesn’t like Bo is a “Tea Partier”.

            1. It’s almost like I didn’t say two categories…That’s the attention to detail I know Playa for, and me calling him on it is one big reason for his dislike I’m sure.

              1. Like I said, whatever you need to tell yourself to get through the day.

          3. American, SIV, Tulpa?

        3. Whatever you need to tell yourself to get through the day, dude.

          1. My people have another saying: “Gubba nub nub do rakka.”

    4. Bo — the pecksniffian prick.

  7. Tony Dungy, an NBC sports analyst and the first black NFL coach to win the Super Bowl, told the Tampa Bay Tribune that he wouldn’t have drafted Michael Sam…

    Will the blacks and the gays ever bury the hatchet?

    1. I didn’t RTFA, but is there any chance he wouldn’t have drafted him because he wouldn’t be able to cut him? Or was it some excuse that players wouldn’t accept him?

    2. I really can’t stand Dungy. He should at least have the balls to say “I wouldn’t want that gay person on my team”. Don’t hide behind that “distraction” thing. I mean, you’re already known to hate gays, you were Michael Vick’s greatest advocate (big time distraction), and you’re Tebow’s biggest advocate (big time distraction, sucks at football).

      (And then there are the rumors as to why his son killed himself…)

      1. What might those rumors be?

        Dungy is a “Christian” man.

        1. Ever since his son died there have been rumors that he was gay, which contributed to his suicide. Never seen any evidence, but there are rumors.

          And I know Dungy is a Christian man. That’s why I’d rather he be honest and say “I wouldn’t want Sam on my team because he’s gay”, which I’d disagree with, but at least it’s honest. “I wouldn’t want Sam on my team because it’s a distraction” is just a punk move to avoid saying what he really thinks.

          1. I like Dungy. He’s done some decent stuff for the community down here. So he’s religious.

            1. It’s ok to be religious it’s another to let it affect your job, especially in ways not obligated by your religion, and then to be dishonest about it. Dungy does seem like an otherwise good guy from what I’ve heard

              1. Seems that way to me, too. Not that he’s perfect, but who is?

          2. Never seen any evidence, but there are rumors.

            Speaking of punk moves.

            You live under a rock? Being afraid to speak forbidden thoughts doesn’t make you a punk.

      2. Or as we refer to him on a football forum where I’m a member, “The Classy Tony Dungy”. I’ve even seem people use WWTCTDD instead of WWJD. šŸ™‚

      3. He may be related to fearless leader. Striking resemblance of the ears.

    3. And will he come in for as severe criticism any anybody who can’t claim minority status?

      1. I wondered the same.

        Of course not.

        He’s no Rush Limbaugh!

    4. Any chance NBC suspends him?

      1. That would be gay

        1. I agree? But NBC is dumb enough (or smart enough?) to do it.

          Fuck, I don’t know!

    5. Isn’t Michael Sam both?

    1. The comments are great:

      The Tea Party is really no different than Pro-Russian separatists picking the pockets of the dead!!!

    2. I can always count Philly to show up an embarrass on just about any topic.

    3. Ex-Im is an obscure federal agency that helps American businesses, mostly small, sell goods abroad.


    4. That is some real impartial reporting right there.

    5. Not giving is taking!

      1. And the government not taking is giving. You’ve got this down cold.


    Florida police hunt driver after 4-year-old boy ejected from car dies

    “A 4-year-old boy has died from serious injuries after an unknown driver left him alone in the middle of a Florida roadway late Sunday.

    Marterrance Albury was “expelled” from a green Ford Expedition near 109th and Florida Avenues around 9:45 p.m., when witnesses later reported seeing the boy in the road. Investigators later determined the boy fell out of the vehicle’s rear passenger door, striking his head on the roadway before being run over by a rear wheel.

    It’s unknown whether the incident was intentional or if the door accidentally opened, but the SUV did not stop when it happened, reports.

    Detectives on Monday are scouring video from surveillance cameras in the area for any clues about what happened. They say the suspected vehicle is possibly a green Ford Expedition. No further details were immediately available.”


    What the fuck? ._.

    1. Police really need to use the word “hunt” more often.

      1. “War” gets them harder.

      2. And check for color-blindness. A blue SUV in Stockton (filled with fleeing bank robbers and hostages) was shot to bits by police, and reported as a green SUV to the press.

    2. Obviously, it was one of those moms addicted to pain pills driving the SUV.

      See, we tried to warn you libertarians this would happen, but you just had to take over the government and repeal all of the laws to protect the children. Now you see what happened!

  9. The pro-Russian separatists believed to be responsible for the crash of a Malaysian Airlines flight last week have agreed to hand over the bodies of the deceased and allow investigators to scrutinize the wreck site.

    As I recall there were all kinds of people scrutinizing their way through luggage and debris right after the thing was shot down.

  10. Hasbro takes enlightened stance on IP and 3D printing!

    Andrew S. most benefited.

    Hasbro has decided to embrace 3D printing, and will work with Shapeways to allow fans to design and sell their own toys based on the company’s properties.

    [Hasbro and Shapeways] officially unveiled SuperFanArt, a dedicated website that will allow fans and artists to showcase their creations based on existing Hasbro toy lines, starting with My Little Pony. The site isn’t just a place for amateur designers to show off their creations, though. They’ll actually be able to sell them to the public, produced through Shapeways’ existing 3D printing infrastructure.

    It’s not a free-for-all, Hasbro will help curate and “featured artists” will be able to sell their original designs based on Hasbro IP. If successful this could be really great model for sifting and rewarding quality fan-art.

    1. Ugh, failed to link. Here.

      1. Yes, but how do they feel about printing your own skull?

        1. I dunno, but I saw an article about them mainstreaming printing 3d imaged body parts to help prepare for surgery. My morbid dream is one step closer to reality.

          1. You’re scaring the children, Jesse.

            1. I just want a skull paperweight made from a 3D print of my own skull. What’s scary about that?

              1. I want a my-skull-shaped beer mug.

              2. Skull shaped things are a gateway 3D object, don’t you see? Today, 3D printed beer mugs, tomorrow 3D penis bongs!

                1. Hey Jesse, is there a market among you people for penis bongs?

                  1. Non-smoking gay men? Probably not.

                    1. Californians.

                    2. Ah, then totally.

                    3. Or fatties.

                    4. šŸ™

    2. Hasbro has been pretty good in the past about not being too stringent with the IP claims on the MLP community. Only when it comes to stuff that lowers the brand (the freakish cloppers) do they step in.

      (10 days til Bronycon! Wahoo!)

      1. Please tell me that you’re going to dress up in a pony costume for it. Please. Pics would be even better.

        1. No pony costume. T-shirt is the most I’ll do.

          I will return with pictures of the astoundingly hot cosplayers that show up.

          1. I may be dating a Brony, I might be coming to you with questions in the near future.

            1. I’m impressed that you’re willing to announce that to the world.

              1. Wouldn’t I have to experience shame or something to be concerned about that?

                1. It’s not so much shame as image management.

                  1. Isn’t part of my image that I’m oblivious to culturally accepted taboos?

                    I’m pushing that envelope.

        2. I don’t think I’d want to see those pics.

      2. There would be no bronoycon without clop. At least, from my impression there would be no anthrocon without yiff. Just like there would be no comic con without hot chicks cosplaying. But that’s just like my opinion man.

        1. It’s a dynamic. I’m not sure the internet phenomenon starts without clop, but most fans aren’t into it, and the #1 rule on the board at Bronycon is that if it wouldn’t be on the show, it’s not allowed there. Wasn’t any clop last year, at least. Wasn’t really anything suggestive either.

          1. Same idea, there was a very well behaved crowd at anthrocon keeping to the guideline that said “keep it PG-13”. What people did in their private hotel rooms was their own business.

          2. Welp. I’ll bite. What’s clop?

            1. It’s what bronies do when they look at plot.

              1. I can see I’m going to need to take notes. Is plot something other than a narrative?

                1. “I watch it for the plot” = “I read Playboy for the articles”

                  That work?

                  1. Crystal!

            2. STOP

            3. Masturbating to cartoon horses, according to the Google.

        2. Anybody else find it frightening how many people apparently know the jargon?

          1. Yes, but I’d be curious to see Mr. Bonus in a naughty cosplay outfit.

            1. I somehow missed that. I vote for a handle change.

              1. Waffles, we’re discussing you here.

          2. I find it frightening that people would be interested in a Brony convention that didn’t involve some of this “clop.” What else is there to do??

      3. BTW, are bronies still pretending they’re not a subset of furry?

    3. It’s not a free-for-all, Hasbro will help curate and “featured artists” will be able to sell their original designs based on Hasbro IP. If successful this could be really great model for sifting and rewarding quality fan-art.

      But hell for the poor sap whose job it is to go through all the submissions and make sure no one is uploading designs for MLP sex dolls.

      1. My sister works for a firm that handles PR for Hasbro. I’m sure she’ll have prime examples once this program really gets going; back when she was on the MLP team, Bronies were her primary Bete Noir.

        1. Ah the black beast one of the most popular choices.

      2. Far be it from me to cast aspersions on my own favorite fandom, but if you want to scar yourself mentally, google “Lyra plushie”.

    4. MLP meets teledildonics?

    5. This could go really, really wrong.

  11. The Dying Gaul.

    It’s Art, so it is SFW. Because culture, or something.

    1. Not a bad looking statue.

      “The sculpture was discovered during the 1621-1623 excavations at the Villa Ludovisi in Rome,”

      I can just imagine how much stuff is buried under Rome.

      Know who else found spoils in Rome?

      1. wait… I know this one…

      2. Alexander VI?

      3. Up until the late 19th century Italian architects kept digging up bits of Pompeii when they were constructing new buildings. They actually ended up reburying it because it had erotic wall paintings that the church may have defaced.

    2. Nothing sadder than a person cut down in his or her prime.

    3. It was not until the 18th century that the distinctive moustache, the matted hair, and the neck torc were recognised as symbols indicating the warrior was a Gaul. These fierce fighters often went into combat naked.

      General Butt Naked?

      1. Quite the tactic. All those dangling cocks can be distracting.

        1. I figure that the tactic works better on the African battlefields.

      2. Whatever happened to the commenter General Butt Naked?

        1. I think he changed his name…

          1. What to? Or is it you? Wait, you have a 1 year overlap with GBN, so probably not.

            Last I can find GBN was commenting on abortions.

    4. I saw that when I was in Rome. It’s an amazing piece to see. Absolutely beautiful.

    5. Beautiful statue. It’s amazing the skill that the Hellenic artists managed to achieve… and crazy how far art managed to devolve by the late Western Roman Empire.

  12. Even Companies That Sell Tampons Are Run By Men

    It’s “appalling” that companies selling products to women could have so few of their core customers in various leadership positions, said Belle Rose Ragins, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business, whose research focuses on gender at companies.

    “It’s their bottom line,” Ragins said, quipping that it probably explains to some degree why “you can never find mascara that doesn’t flake.”

    I’m not sure what the fall out from this is, but I fear feminists with soiled pants.

    1. Start your own damn company, honey.

      1. Or stop bitching that men never do anything for you.

      2. Yeah. If she’s good enough at business to be a “professor”, why isn’t she running a business?

        1. I wasn’t thinking about that. If you don’t think somebody is serving you properly, just go into business for yourself on the sheer principle of it.

        2. *Ahem* …whose research focuses on gender at companies.

          No one will give this grief-whoring moron their own money.

          1. Waitaminute…So these companies have male leaders because of their bottom line, yet they only pay females 77 cents on the dollar? If the bottom line were all these companies cared about, wouldnt most of these positions be filled with women at only 3 quarters of the cost?
            Somethings not adding up here.

      3. That’s not the new way to success. That’s the old way of the evil patriarchy.

        The new way is to see someone who is successful, smugly realize that the person is only successful because patriarchy and if not for patriarchy it would have been you instead. Then you claim to be a victim, screech and whine to the government until the government rightfully takes the stuff away from the evil member of the patriarchy and gives it to you, the way it should be. This is the only true path to the new enlightenment. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

      4. Why would anyone ever wear mascara?

    2. Um, okay. Companies sell stuff to people who lack “representation” in the person of one of their ilk in corporate management all of the time. So what? Since the company wants the money of such consumers, isn’t it going to cater to their desires for, you know, money?

      1. No, because shitty mascara.

        1. Yeah, duh, ProL! Geez!

        2. Let me understand this. All mascara, regardless of price, is shitty? Or is there a good mascara that is not affordable to some over-yet-still-low-paid blogger?

          1. Blogger or professor–same difference.

          2. Or is there a good mascara that is not affordable

            Nobody tell Sandra Fluke, or it’ll be added to Obamacare.

            1. Look, how can she get laid for free if she can’t get free makeup? I mean, come on, there’s no poverty like that of the law student attending an upper-tier, private law school.

              1. What good is the free birth control if no one will fuck her? It’s obviously implied in Obamacare that she should also get all the make up, spa days, plastic surgery, and therapy necessary to only attract a (beta) male, but to also feel good about it, at taxpayer expense. Social contract, bitches!

                1. I’m surprised she’s not demanding compulsory service of, um, her.

        3. Not to worry, I’m sure both female chemical engineers who care are on this!

          1. Wait, do you mean the one cloned herself?

      2. The only reason customers buy products from these evil misogynistic corporations is because they have been brainwashed by advertisements and don’t know any better.

        1. Ah, therefore, $26 billion.

          1. Goddamnit – my mascara’s running…

            *sprints to ladies…men’s room*

          2. It’s like they’re just snatching the money from them.

            1. I see what you did there.

        2. I’m all for the first amendment, but since TampCo is a mere corporation we should be able to force them to include information about the genders of their upper management in every commercial. Power to the people!

          1. I think every possible piece of information about a company, from how the product is manufactured to all of the personal information about its employees, management, shareholders, contractors, directors, agents, and, yes, even customers is including in every piece of advertising at at point of sale.

            1. It’s really the only way to make a responsible buying decision. You don’t want your money going to kulaks and/or wreckers.

              1. I’m going to start an enlightened company that tells consumers what to buy. I mean like down to the specific product. This will also help take away the horrors of consumer choice.

                1. You’re going to start the Obamacare Co.?

                  1. No, even more specific. For instance, let’s say I’m telling them which hot sauce to buy. I’ll tell them which variety of Cholula (selected as THE enlightened hot sauce produced by enlightened Mexican workers) to purchase, including the size of the bottle. Any deviation will be punished by public humiliation, shunning, and shaming.

                    1. And for their second offense, it’s off to the camps!

      3. I’d bet a man invented the tampon anyway.

    3. Belle Rose Ragins, … whose research focuses on gender at companies

      “Sir, it’s Belle Ragins calling about her research again.”

      1. And from the “Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business.” That must burn.

    4. “It’s their bottom line.” and Ragins, huh?

      You can’t fool *me*, CPA. That’s from The Onion.

    5. Belle Rose Ragins

      If there was ever a great name for a feminist CEO of a tampon factory, that has to be the top one of all time.


    I understand that Winstead and her colleagues are using the term “Lady Parts” as a playful euphemism for much more clinical-sounding terms like “uterus,” “vagina,” and so on. The problem with this name?and with use of terms like “lady parts” or “lady bits” more generally to refer to reproductive organs that have been typically associated with women?is that it reinforces biological essentialism, tying gender to genitals.

    Not all women are the owners of a uterus, and not all owners of a uterus are women. A transgender man?that is, a man who was assigned female at birth?may very well have a uterus, may become pregnant, and may very well need the same access to reproductive health options as your average cisgender woman. The same can be said for non-binary individuals who were assigned female at birth. As people who don’t identify as a woman or a man (though they may identify themselves as both, neither, or a combination of the two), some may feel that this language erases their identity or leaves them out. Yes, these people may have a uterus?but it’s not a “lady part.”

    Down the rabbit hole . . . . . .

    1. To be fair, there are some individuals who don’t cleanly fall one way or the other. Biological scrambled eggs. That does not mean I am obligated to indulge the labels assigned by other people to their own gender for no good reason.

      1. That does not mean I am obligated to indulge the labels assigned by other people to their own gender for no good reason.

        Exactly. That’s why we’re making *laws* about this.

    2. The Revolution Eats Its Own: Part 23,589.

    3. “biological essentialism, tying gender to genitals.”

      How dare you say I have a gender! I identify as a hermaphroditic alien from Uranus!

      I’m also Napoleon Bonaparte.


    Obama bestows Medal of Honor on NH veteran

    1. President Barack Obama bestowed the Medal of Honor Monday on a former Army staff sergeant who fought off enemy fighters during one of the bloodiest battles of the Afghanistan war.

      Ryan M. Pitts is the ninth living recipient of the nation’s highest decoration for battlefield valor for actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      Obama says Pitts displays “the humility and loyalty” that define America’s men and women in uniform. Obama noted that the 28-year-old Pitts has said his honor belongs to everyone who was with him during the July 13, 2008 attack in Wanat, Afghanistan.

      Obama described how Pitts defended an observation post after the eight other soldiers providing security alongside him were killed in a well-organized attack by about 200 insurgents. Obama said Pitts was bleeding, hit by shrapnel in his arms and legs and sure he would die, as he lobbed grenades and pulled himself to his knees to man a machine gun against approaching insurgents.

    2. How about a better headline: “American soldier to receive MoH.” Fuck the political class and their unstoppable urge to insert themselves into it.

      1. Yes, please. That gets to me too.

    3. Are there any New Hampshire veterans still alive? The Revolutionary War was a long time ago.

  15. I saw a Family Feud just yesterday where the number one answer to the question “name something you can never have too much of” was underwear but this seems excessive: 200 pairs of panties stolen at east Georgia mall

    Authorities are investigating the theft of 200 pairs of panties at an east Georgia shopping mall.
    Richmond County sheriff’s officials say a thief stole the panties from Victoria’s Secret in Augusta Mall shortly before noon on Saturday.
    The Augusta Chronicle reports that security video shows the male entering the store and stuffing the underwear into a large shopping bag.
    Authorities say he left without paying for the merchandise, valued at $1,900.

    1. Was it Bo? Nah, that would make him gay.

      1. Bo wouldn’t steal underwear. He’d just write letters to the manufacturer and the local editor complaining that the label reads 100% cotton, but that can’t be true because the underwear is also composed of bleaches and dyes, so they should change their labels accordingly.

        1. + 200 pairs of panties

        2. At least doing it through the mail would slow him down a bit.

      2. Shreeky is from Georgia.

      3. My, you sting for a long time for a Playa.

        1. Playa is Spanish for “beach”, shithead. For somebody who claims to know everything I’ve ever said here, you should have picked up on that by now.

          1. Yes, Playa has never been referred to to mean anything but Spanish for beach!

            1. You were saying something about attention to detail?

            2. The accent mark is part of traditional bro spelling.

              1. ? m?d, br?h?

                Yes this an Enlish script, SKWERLZ.

          2. Playa, your name means what Bo wants it to mean until he wants it to mean something different. Is that clear?

        2. Playa is Espanol for “Beach”

          1. El Nino is Espanol for…..The Nino!

      1. I like GSN for the old stuff. You should see the shitty 80s prizes on offer on Sale of the Century.

    2. A Family Feud question to which “penis” was not the #1 answer?

  16. You win some, you lose some: Ex-DeKalb officer begins 10 year jail sentence

    A former DeKalb County police officer has been found not guilty of forcing women to give sexual favors to avoid going to jail.

    However, Jeremy Reynolds was found guilty of two counts of violation by oath of public officer when the jury returned its verdict Friday morning. The judge sentenced him to 10 years in prison. He also must surrender the certification needed to be an officer in Georgia.
    Reynolds faced life in prison if convicted on the sex-related charge.

    Before sentencing, Reynolds apologized.
    “I apologize to everybody that I caused to be here. I’m just asking for the mercy of the court,” he said.

    His mother also asked for leniency.
    “He’s not a person that would harm a fly,” she said.

    Reynolds was accused of sexual misconduct while on duty. He admitted on the stand to having consensual sex while on duty with a homeless drug addict, calling it a big mistake.

    1. …having consensual sex while on duty with a homeless drug addict

      You’re a cop, you can do better than that.

    2. Ha ha, “consensual.” Yeah.

    1. Isn’t io9 supposedly a sci-fi site?

      1. Well, yes, after being a political site, a Dr. Who porn fetish site, a very bad science reporting site, then a Dr. Who porn fetish site and a Dr. Who porn fetish site.

        1. To be fair, they are a fetish site for Dr. Who that seems as disgusting as any other porn/fetish I’m not into. I don’t think they discriminate on whether the Dr. Who characters are clothed or engaged in sex acts.

          1. I’m not sure even acknowledging Dr. Who’s existence is consistent with being a science fiction site. I mean, maybe a rare joke referencing the show would be okay, provided it was rare. But to talk about it non-stop? WTF?

      2. I challenge you to go to io9 at any given time and find a single article that’s actually about science fiction. Remember, Dr. Who doesn’t count. Nor does Harry Potter.

        1. Even when it’s about science fiction, it’s usually about some angle that isn’t about science fiction.

          I left out io9’s whole transgender obsession, too, which I blissfully was ignorant of until Episiarch revealed the truth to me.

          1. Charlie Jane Anders is a man, baby!

            1. I still can’t believe I didn’t catch that on my own. And, of course, as further revealed, that’s not the only one with gender issues.

            2. I did not know that, and it explains a lot about io9.

              1. I had the same reaction when I learned about it–“Oh, that’s why they’re always on about that!”

        2. “Dr. Who doesn’t count”

          And Shakespeare doesn’t count as a dramatist.

          Wait, WTF?

          You can’t count, count –

      3. Powering the world with unicorn farts and giving everyone a pony is the fiction part. As for the science part….

      4. At least “Omnibudsmoon” is tearing them a new asshole in the comments, and getting a fair number of stars for it, even.

    2. Isn’t io9 supposed to be a site about science fiction/fantasy?

      I know it’s part of the Sargasso Sea of idiocy known as the Gawkerverse but still…

      1. The original headline ran “Abolish corporate personhood and also the next Doctor Who has to be a black lesbian” but it was too wordy.

        1. How many posts are about why so and so needs to be a woman or something equally dumb? 50%? Just limiting it to sill identity politics issues, I mean.

  17. “Things will happen,” he said.

    But if you gave the order that Private Santiago wasn’t to be touched, and your orders are always followed, why was Private Santiago in danger?


      1. There is, believe me, gentlemen, nothing sexier on Earth than a defensive end you have to salute in the morning.

  18. What is Obama going to do about all of the crises his administration is facing?
    Go on Jimmy Kimmel to talk at us, that’s what.

    1. With all due respect, Mr. President — what a waste of time. Please just *tweet* your messages, the way God intended.

  19. Warty is buying lots of Manziel jerseys.

    1. Oh, does hope spring in Cleveland! The impending doom is all the sadder to anticipate.

      1. I’m so looking forward to Johnny Football’s impending fiascoes that I think I might plotz.

        1. It will be more fun than you can possibly imagine.

          1. Fun for us; not necessarily fun for Browns fans. All 15 of them.

            1. I catch Peter King’s column every now and then when I want a good laugh.

              He said this today:

              “from being with Russell Wilson a bit this offseason, I know his approach. He’ll enter camp this week thinking he’s got to beat out Tarvaris Jackson for the starting job.”

              1. I think he’s still kinda lonely after Brett retired.

            2. True fact: Cleveland was named after Carol Cleveland, of Monty Python fame. Prior to that, Cleveland was known as Masochismland.

      2. Manziel is not going to do much, but if they get Kevin Love with Lebron there might be better reason to hope.

      3. Because Cleveland is Cleveland, I’m thinking there’s at least an 80% chance that LeBron will tear his ACL by December.

        1. Torn while out partying with Manziel.

        2. I don’t watch a lot of basketball, but considering they have 5 top 4 picks from the last 4 drafts before LeBron, how are they not at the very least a .500 team?

          1. Because Dan Gilbert is a prick and their management is incompetent. If they hadn’t lucked into LeBron a decade ago they’d be sub-Clippers (well, sub-Clippers before the Clippers decided to be good)

          2. In the NBA it sometimes takes a while for top 4 picks to pan out, and some never do.

  20. Craigslist murder…again

    WYOMING, Mich. ? A man killed a couple and their unborn child after the victims arranged via the internet to meet him for sex, a Michigan police chief said.

    Brady Oestrike is believed to have beheaded 25-year-old Charles Oppenneer and strangled his girlfriend Brooke Slocum, 18, Wyoming Police Chief James Carmody said Monday at a news conference.

    Slocum, who was eight months pregnant, was held captive for a period of time before her death, police said.

    When confronted by police on Thursday, Oestrike killed himself, MyFox8 reported. Slocum’s body was found in the trunk of his car. Oppenneer’s body was found in a wooded area, but his head remains missing.

    The couple met their suspected killer on Craigslist, police said. They agreed to meet him so that he could have sex with the pregnant Slocum while her boyfriend watched, Carmody said.

    Do people even have a reasonable expectation of sex on Craigslist anymore?

    1. Wyoming, Michigan — why are they listing states at the start of the article?

  21. Where is Casey Kasem’s cadaver?…..-conflicti


      1. Zoiks!

        1. Zoinks!

    2. Also, just where the hell is Harry Truman?

  22. Today is bread day. Made caraway rye, and am now making potato bacon bread. Next,am thinking about making a simple french bread with some buckwheat flour. I do like buckwheat.

    1. How does buckwheat affect the crumb of your bread? I’ve had it in batter based quickbreads (pancakes/waffles) but not yeasty baked ones.

      1. Depends. I fall into the ‘recipes are just guidelines’ kind of baker, as well as being rather eccentric (so I’m told).

        Bread machine: I just dump it in with the flour, 1/4 cup, the crumb is moist. More than that risks dry and crumbly.

        By hand: I add buckwheat after making a good sponge. Again, too much makes for dry and crumbly.

        1. I’ll have to toy around with this. I like the buckwheat flavor.

    2. I’ll be drinking liquid bread a little bit later…

      1. go on…

        1. Beer… I’m talking about beer… Goldenroad IPA. Costco had a sampler pack on sale. Pretty good so far.

  23. FBI pushed Muslims to plot terrorist attacks: HRW report

    WASHINGTON: The FBI encouraged and sometimes even paid Muslims to commit terrorist acts during numerous sting operations after the 9/11 attacks, a human rights group said in a report published Monday.

    “Far from protecting Americans, including American Muslims, from the threat of terrorism, the policies documented in this report have diverted law enforcement from pursuing real threats,” said the report by Human Rights Watch.

    Aided by Columbia University Law School’s Human Rights Institute, Human Rights Watch examined 27 cases from investigation through trial, interviewing 215 people, including those charged or convicted in terrorism cases, their relatives, defense lawyers, prosecutors and judges.

    blockquoteSo, FedGov isn’t above plotting terrorism against people, including American citizens, but I’m supposed to believe that a bunch of Russians shot a plane out of the sky for no better reason than shits and giggles?

    People wonder why I don’t trust the federal government. Because there is no action beneath them. The feds are underhanded enough that they would gladly kill a few people if it got them a little more money or power. They are murderers and thieves, cloaked in the law.

    1. Blockquote fail

  24. Back from beach… saw many young thangs in bikinis. God bless Americuh.

  25. Weird Al sings “Foil”

    I think many will appreciate it.

    1. Liked it. Is it an original work or a parody?

      1. It’s a parody of Lorde’s “Royals” I think one of the Reason authors did an article on how

    2. Weird Al looks like Cher & Michael Jackson had a baby with their plastic surgeon.


  26. “Don’t throw me in the briar patch!” Court settlement requires IRS to more vigorously investigate alleged violations of the Lyndon Johnson Amendment against churches – the amendment limits political activities by nonprofit groups.

    Annie Laurie Gaylor, speaking for the Freedom From Religion Foundation – the plaintiff in the case – says her group could go back to court if the tax people don’t look into “rogue political churches.”…..cb3e5.html

    1. violations *by* churches, not against churches.

    2. I also think it’s the anti-lobbying clause of the tax code as well as the Lyndon Johnson Amendment, but I like saying Lyndon Johnson Amendment because it shows the totally nonpartisan origins of some of these restrictions.

    3. Careful Ms. Gaylor, the most politically active churches probably support your fellow travelers.

      1. She said *rogue* churches, not courageous prophetic churches standing up for the poor!

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