Obamacare Continues to be a Drag on Democrats


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Even in blue state races where Democrats are currently running ahead, opposition to Obamacare is far stronger than support. 

As The Washington Post notes, new polling from NBC-Marist shows that Sen. Mark Udall, a Democrat from Colorado, and Rep. Gary Peters, a Democrat from Michigan who is running for Senate, are both holding leads.

But even in these relatively blue states, both of which went for President Obama in 2012, Obamacare doesn't seem to be helping. Via the Post:

In Colorado, 46 percent of voters say they "strongly" believe that passing Obamacare was a bad idea. And in blue-leaning Michigan, 44 percent agree.

This only captures the extremes—those who believe passing the health law was strongly a good idea or strongly a bad idea. But it's indicative of where the intensity is, as well as the difficult time that Democrats have had converting the law into a political success, even as the major public failures of last fall have been smoothed over. 

You can see something similar at work in North Carolina, where Sen. Kay Hagan, a potentially vulnerable Democrat who has sometimes been portrayed as a strong advocate of the health law because of her arguments for expanding Medicaid, is being hammered for her support of the law by her opponent, North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis. North Carolina obviously isn't a blue state, but it is the state with the third-highest Obamacare enrollment in states that relied on the federal exchange. 

Yet Hagan doesn't really highlight her vote for Obamacare. And when asked about the issue by Politico, a spokesperson for the campaign brought up the candidate's support for "fixes to the health care law to make it work better." Hagan even took the unusual step earlier this year of sending out an anti-Obamacare mailer against her Republican counterpart, needling him for once having called the health law "a great idea." 

This isn't totally unexpected. Obamacare has always struggled in the polls. Democrats have been pushing the empty "fix-it" line for a while. And in the special election in Florida's 13th congressional district, which was fought partially over Obamacare, a little known Republican candidate came from way behind to beat a Democrat with a lot of name value. Sink's support for the law was wishy-washy, but even still, distancing herself from it didn't seem to help. That's the problem for at least some Democrats this November. They can't back too far away from the law, but, given the energy of the opposition, they can't easily support it either. 

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  1. We had to pass it to find out whose political career it would tank.

  2. So when the Democrats who are up for re-election in 2016 see their colleagues get slaughtered in November and beg Obama to work with the Republicans to enact some kind of fix and get this albatross off their backs and he refuses, what then?

    1. I wouldn’t bank on the dems getting slaughtered in November. There is a lot of Team Blue loyalty, as well as general stupidity and apathy among voters. In addition to the majority of the media essentially being a dem party organ.

      1. Maybe they will take back the House and get 60 votes in the Senate again. Who knows. If they do, then we know what will happen. The more interesting question is what happens if they don’t.

        And the Republicans somehow managed to win and win big in 2010. I guess that was some sort of divine miracle or something. They also held onto the House in 2012. That is really astounding when you think about it.

        Also the Washington Post gives them an 86% chance of taking the Senate right now. But the Post always has been a Team Red Rag that mostly tried to keep the moral of the troops up right?

        1. Lighten up, man!

          I suspect TEAM RED will win in the Fall, but WTF does point out legitimate obstacles.

          1. We won’t know until November. But the question is what happens if they do, not “well don’t know they will and in fact of course they won’t” Well yeah, we don’t know what will happen until it does. That is not the point.

            1. We won’t know until November.

              Finally something sensible from you. The Senate hangs on 4-5 toss-up states.

              Last fall it was DOOM! for the Democrats though. Glad to see you wise up a bit.

              1. Palin’s Buttplug, 09/16/2013:

                If it is the disaster that IBC claims Dems will get slaughtered in the 2014 election.

                We will know by XMas.

                Glad to see you wised up, Buttplug.

          2. Totally agree. I’m all over the smart libertarian votes Republican until we can enact a coup concept, but how are we not supposed to be apathetic? Both parties are one step from the gulag right now. For the first time in my adult life I’m considering not voting.

        2. They also held onto the House in 2012.

          The miracle of gerrymandering. Dems were + 3 million votes in the combined House races.

          1. Of course. it had nothing to do with the country learning from the 09 experience and never wanting to put he Democrats in power without adult supervision agian.

            People love massive long term unemployment, nonexistent or anemic growth, and a general reduction in the standard of living for everyone who is not a Wall Street Crony. Really, given the Democrats amazing record, it is amazing they don’t have a 90% approval rating. What is not to love about 27 million long term unemployed and the lowest labor force participation rate in a generation?

            1. There has been zero net job creation since December 1999. No previous decade going back to the 1940s had job growth of less than 20 percent. Economic output rose at its slowest rate of any decade since the 1930s as well.

              Written in 2010.


              Why should they believe the GOP?

              1. Why should they believe the GOP?

                maybe they shouldn’t but there is even less reason to believe the Dems seeing as how things are empirically worse than in 2010.

              2. Palin’s Buttplug|7.17.14 @ 11:10AM|#

                8%, turd.

          2. Not necessarily gerrymandering. Many Districts are nearly 100% Dem because the Dems want it that way, and because the DOJ requires that black-only districts be created in a bizarre attempt to overcome segregation from 50 years ago, or something.

            Look at the most concentrated Dem districts, and you’ll find them around big cities in TEAM RED and TEAM BLUE states. Hard to blame it all on TEAM RED when TEAM BLUE does the same thing.

            1. Not that hard at all when you remember that asshole is a true blue demfag.

          3. Palin’s Buttplug:

            he miracle of gerrymandering. Dems were + 3 million votes in the combined House races.

            That would be a great point… if the idea was we give the house to a single party based on a national party vote.

            Or eliminate districts altogether, and make the house representation proportional to a popular vote. However, at that point, you’d probably find at least 1% of the house going libertarian, and, with the added incentive of voting third party in a multi-party system like that, I assume that proportion would swell.

            Regardless, any system of districts could see the house go one direction, while the popular vote goes another. It doesn’t take gerrymandering, unless, for some reason, you think the districts should be redrawn every election such that the party with the most popular vote always comes out with more representatives. That’s not exactly avoiding gerrymandering.

          4. *Dems were + 3 million votes in the combined House races.*

            Meaningless statistic. Dems get 70% of places like Chicago, NYC, LA, SF to pad their totals. Look at the county-by-county totals. The country is mostly red, with pockets of deep blue rot conveniently located in every megalopolis.

            1. The great irony: Palin’s Buttplug is whining about gerrymandering the democrats out of sufficient house representation.

              And, who is he whining to?


              Hmmm. The cognitive dissonance smells very thick today.

              1. “The cognitive dissonance smells very thick today.”

                That’s NOT the cognitive dissonance you smell…

  3. How can Democrats who voted for Obamacare run against it? That’s insane. You know, I bet it works.

  4. Fix it? Why didnt you take the fucking time to do that before you passed it?

    1. It is a bit rich. And the better question is fix it how? Any measures I can see that would do any good would effectively repeal it. You tell me what an effective “Fix” that was anything short of completely gutting it would look like, because I can’t see it.

      1. We need to fix it in a smart way. Put all the options on the table. We need innovative, bi-partisan solutions. We’ve taken the first step, so let’s not let those blinded by ideology stop the important work ahead of us. Together we can fix our broken health care system.

        1. Who is “we,” kemosabe? Ain’t nobody in Congress asked for my input, or yours, or anybody else’s here.

          Watch your pronouns. The government is not “us.”

          1. ah, so i DID need a sarc tag

            1. No, you were fine.

            2. Apologies. I could blame it on not having had my third cup of coffee yet, but on the other hand maybe Poe’s Law was in play as well.

        2. so, which candidate are you?

          1. Any Dem that voted for Obamacare. I mean, I think I nailed it. And it will work, too. Intentions uber alles.

            1. my post pre-dated the sarc tag, which clears things up very nicely.

        3. We need to fix it in a smart way. Put all the options on the table. We need innovative, bi-partisan solutions. We’ve taken the first step, so let’s not let those blinded by ideology stop the important work ahead of us. Together we can fix our broken health care system.

          So is that the GOP or the Dems speaking? (Which could also be an answer to John’s question, above.)

  5. Hagan is +4 in the last poll taken in a state Obama lost. Obamacare is proving to be pretty much a non-issue. CNN says Americans are most concerned about scary migrant children.

    True, Red State Dem Senators are barely hanging on but they are always in trouble.

    1. BUSHPIG!!!

      The Democrats are in trouble because of the RACISM no doubt.

      Oh well, at least you manage to cut and paste the right talking point. The meds must be working today.

      1. He mixed it all in with Blue-in-the-face talking points, but polls have shown Hagan well within the margin of vote fraud. I place my hope in the unreliability of polls for now.

    2. Hey Weigel. Cleared up that acne and gotten rid of that gut yet?

      1. I feel sorry for buttplug. it must suck to have Weigel as your secret identity.

        1. Well, if you were Weigel, wouldn’t you want an alias?

    3. Don’t hurt your back moving them goal posts, they can be heavy. Obamacare’s passage was supposed to be the death knell for Team Red and ensure Obama’s legacy as the most awesomeist president evah. It has been nothing short of an albatross. The only Dems to run on it since its passage are in far left safe areas, like Patty Murray.

    4. Palin’s Buttplug|7.17.14 @ 11:02AM|#
      ‘Another lie’

      STFU, turd.

      1. I read that in Stan’s sisters voice

    5. PB. Eat a bag of dicks.

  6. So the party that was behind this Mongolian Clusterfuck of a project is finding it inconvenient to be associated with it. Oh, dearie me, how UNFAIR!

  7. Maybe Obo-I can just make it disappear with a Friday afternoon decree!

    1. And if he did, the progs would think that was just fine, wouldn’t they.

  8. Kommissar Obozo has ways of dealing with bourgeois kulaks who cannot see the wisdom and glory of collectivism, and who ignore the triumphant achievements of communism in the 20th century!

  9. Glad to hear the that the billion+ dollars the Kochs and their friends have “invested” so far is working! In other news:

    “(Reuters) – UnitedHealth Group Inc, after wading cautiously into Obamacare insurance exchanges this year, on Thursday vowed to become a major player, participating in as many as two dozen state exchanges in 2015 and growing from there.

    Shares of the largest U.S. health insurer, which reported sharply higher-than-expected second-quarter results earlier in the day, were up 2.8 percent at $86.14 in afternoon trading after hitting a 52-week high of $87.22.”

    1. I can never keep the metrics for gauging Obamacare’s success straight, since they seem to change from month to month.

      However, I’m not sure I’ve heard the stock price of insurance companies metric proposed yet.

      Can you explain that to me? I wasn’t aware that health insurance company stock price increases were an Obamacare goal.

      1. It goes hand in hand with “the economy is great because the stock markets are all up”.
        I suppose one could then make the argument that Obamacare is the reason the stock market is up or that the economy is great because of Obamacare. When you’re lacking in reasoning skills and have low standards of proof, anything seems plausible.

      2. You see Brian, the obscene profits of the insurance corporations were bad before Obamacare took effect, now that they are totally like regulated and reformed, it’s like totally proof that Obamacare is a good thing when they post excellent profits.

        1. “it’s like totally proof that Obamacare is a good thing when they post excellent profits.”

          From craig-the-idjit’s POV, it’s even better as the profits come from taxes, since that lying bastard Obo screwed the pooch on the sign-up projections!
          Craig luvs him some extra taxes to pay for D screw-ups, doncha craig? It’s so much fun to pay when someone’s holding a gun to your head!

      3. Brian|7.17.14 @ 4:31PM|#
        “I can never keep the metrics for gauging Obamacare’s success straight, since they seem to change from month to month.”

        Not to worry; our resident ignoramus will cherry pick them as he can find them to try to make O-care look like something other than the fucking disaster it is.
        He’s from Mass, so brain damage is common.

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  11. The funny thing about Team Blue and the ACA is they have mandated sections to not take hold untill after the midterms. Once more Americans get a dose of reality opinions can truly be measured.

    The ACA isn’t about lowering the price of health care for all Americans; it’s about redistributing wealth.

  12. That poll says nothing. The only reason libs oppose this trash is that it is not bigger trash, i.e. universal or single payer.

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