Paul Slaps Perry Over Myopic Foreign Policy, Dems Want First Amendment Limits, Space Funk: P.M. Links


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  1. A new shipment to the International Space Station contains odor-resistant clothing to help reduce the orbital funk.

    Ancient Chinese space secret.

    1. How many people even remember that ad?

      1. I remember Futurama’s reference to the ad, does that count?

      2. “My husband! Some hot shot.”

        1. “Jim never has a second cup of Tang at home.”

          1. “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”

              1. You’re soaking in it!

                  1. Mama Mia that’s a some a spicy meatball!


                    Mrs. Johnson? I thought…I thought you were Dale!

                    1. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.

                    2. Rich Corinthian leather.

                    3. It’s “soft Corinthian leather.” Everyone gets that wrong.

                    4. He did, however, use “rich leather” in the follow up commercial for the New Yorker. Maybe the two melded in peoples’ minds and, voila!

                    5. But only leather from Corinth is soft. As soft as the fictional Corinthian leather. I mean, come on, cows in Greece?

                    6. “I can bring home the bacon; fry it up in the pan.”

                    7. People often confuse me for my teenage daughter Dale.

              2. You may think it’s butter, but it’s not! It’s….

                A.) Chiffon Margarine
                B.) Floor wax
                C.) The missing Watergate tapes
                D.) All of the above

                1. A, of course. And possibly C.

                  1. It’s orbital funk. The waste tank’s leaking.

            1. “The Ballad of the Gentle Laxative”
              When I’m irregular
              Here’s what I do
              I take Doxidan because it works
              When I expect it to
              Doxidan, Doxidan, I get no surprises
              I feel better in the morning
              Sure as the sun rises
              Doxidan, oh Doxidan
              When nature needs a helpin’ hand
              Get overnight relief with Doxidan
              As sure as the sun rises.

        2. Where’s da beef!

            1. “Schaefer is the one beer to have when you’re having more than one.”

              Imagine the outrage if that was deployed today.

              1. “They shoulda used nails!”

              2. “Well, you can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay.”

                1. For that….”you will pay”.

                  I had put that out of memory, God be praised. And now….you have put IT BACK!!!

                2. For that….”you will pay”.

                  I had put that out of memory, God be praised. And now….you have put IT BACK!!!

                  1. See, even the squirrelz crave vengeance!

                  2. Here’s to good friends,
                    Tonight is kinda special,
                    The beer we’ll pour,
                    Must say something more,

                    So tonight, tonight,
                    Let it be Lowenbrau.

                    1. If you’ve got the time, we’ve got the beer. Miller Beer!

                    2. But Miller isn’t the beer that made Milwaukee famous.

        3. How could anything that tastes so mild, look so wild?

      3. Me, I’m like really old.

      4. From a deli owner that’s a rave.

      5. Ancient Chinese Secret, huh?

        I do!

      6. “A little dab’l do ya!”

        Not many around here are going to get that one.

        … Hobbit

        1. Brylcreem.

    2. Am I the only one who thought of Rude Behavior?

      1. Exactly, part of the Tang Dynasty.

        1. Founded by Emperor Poon.

          1. Scottish-Romanian?

            1. God, I love a good Fletch quote-a-thon!

            2. Give each other $20 and put it on the Underhill bill.

              Ahhh, muchas gracias!

              Tierra del fuego.

              1. When it came to basketball Gail was a loss, but we had our own version of one-on-one and she thought I was the bravest guy in the world. Which, of course, I am. By the way, I charged the entire vacation to Mr. Underhill’s American Express Card. Want the number?

            3. Those are three name I enjoy: Marvin, Thelma, AND Provo.

    3. A new shipment to the International Space Station contains odor-resistant clothing to help reduce the orbital funk.

      Wait, so they’re gonna start sending Frenchmen up there?

      1. Th eFrench stink.

        But they can’t hold a candle to the Greeks. They fucking breed body odor.

        1. Oh yeah, ever stood by an Afghan from the Panjshir Valley in August….and lived?

          1. Yes, but I was hoping that he was wearing a suicide vest.

    4. Just open a window.

    5. I would contribute to a charity that provided the Indians and Mid Easterners who live in my area with such clothing.

  2. After a Ukrainian transport plane was shot down, fingers point at Russia for playing an increasingly active role in the country’s fighting.

    Finally, something that isn’t America’s fault.

    1. BOOOOSSSHHHHH looked into Putin’s eyes and saw an honest man. Ergo, it’s Bush’s fault.

    2. Was the plane called the Lusitania II?

    3. Finally, something that isn’t America’s fault.

      I blame budget cuts made by House Republicans.

      These same budget cuts are also to blame for, our current recession, 90 million Americans unemployed, Bengazi, Children crossing the southern boarder, racism, sexism, collage rape, college rape, IRS denying tea party non-profit status, Slow FOI requests from the IRS, Oil spill in the gulf, global warming, lack of global warming in the measurement record for the past 17 years, Large Antarctic sea ice extent, small Arctic sea ice extent and ISIS incursions into Iraq.

      1. I believe some supernovae are also attributable to House Republican action, inaction, or some other kind of activity that is neither action nor inaction.

      2. You said rape twice.

        1. He said “collage rape,” which is the rape of artistic collages, and “college rape,” which relates to the absurd misuse of totally insane tuition levels by colleges.

        2. He really likes rape.

  3. House Democrats plan a constitutional amendment to overrule two Supreme Court decisions that protected political free speech.

    The DNC: Winning back the House by trying to destroy the Constitution through legal means.

    1. “Equality” is the new Liberty.

      1. Don’t besmirch my daughter like that!

        1. Name your next one equality: then sit back and wait to see which one gets audited.

          1. Then have a son named Fraternity.

            Happy Bastille Day!

    2. As annoying as that is, I don’t see them getting enough votes to amend the constitution. This is just political theatre.

      1. And even if they did, that would just send it to the states. You need a super majority of both Congress and the state legislatures for an Amendment to pass. For example the ERA got out of Congress but never became law because not enough states approved it.

    3. How about an amendment making it illegal for House Democrats to speak at all? I think that would do a lot of good for our republic.

    4. Which is stupid, since they could reverse the Hobby Lobby decision by amending the RFRA.

      1. Except then it loses on 1st amendment grounds, not RFRA grounds.

  4. HAARP is closing. What will Infowars complain about now?!?

    1. The 9/11 / Aurora / Newtown false flag attacks, of course. And the lizardpeople who masterminded them.

      1. Ixnay on the Izardlay Eoplepay.

        1. *whispers*
          She controls the president!

        2. You’re not going to silence me! I’ll bet you’re part of the conspiracy! Why don’t you take off your human mask and show us who you truly are!

          1. Put on the glasses!

            1. They Live is one of my favorite movies of my youth. Haven’t watched it for a while, think I need to pop in the DVD this weekend.

              1. I think that movie is only available on beta-max; thanks to the lizard people.

        1. They were still voting in Minnesota.

    2. Alex Jones frequents an establishment that I have been known to appear at here in Austin. Fucker lives in a gigantic mansion off of MoPac and rolls in with like 3 Ukrainian hookers all the time. Actually seems pretty chill, but I would be too if I made millions off of the mouthbreathers and insane.

      1. That is…excellent. I shan’t hear or read his name without breaking into a smirk from this date forward.

  5. Cornstarch Vs 357 MAG (Coolest Cornstarch Experement[sic] On Youtube!)


    Heather LaCroix gets out and has some fun playing with cornstarch and her favorite gun the S&W 357 Mag.

    I don’t know who Heather is, but I love her. @1:18, I’m sure that isn’t the first time her hand has been covered in white sticky stuff.

    /Yeah, I’m going to Hell for that one.

    1. I had to pick up cornstarch last night for the coconut panko shrimp with pineapple habanero chutney I made.

      Perhaps I should go pick up a .357 now and replicate this experiment.

      1. I was going to suggest gun shopping last Friday, but I knew you were in a hurry.

        1. Money be tight at the moment. Although I suppose a .357 is one of those investments that could pay for itself if used properly. But then I’d be violating NAP.

      2. Don’t you live in DTLA? I thought it was almost impossible to get a license in the LA county.

        1. Concealed carry is virtually impossible. But merely obtaining a firearm to be stored at home is still thankfully legal.

          1. I see. It’s better than in MA, where one needs a license to buy anything. And as an LPR I could theoretically get only a long gun.

        2. Not if you know the right people. Sudden knows all the right people.

          1. My plan was to bang Wendy Greuel when she became mayor. I’m back to square one.

        3. No license required to buy or own handguns and long guns in CA.

          However, getting a CCW requires the permission of the police chief or county sheriff, which doesn’t happen in LA unless you’re famous or donate a lot of money.

          1. I thought there was some kind of recent court ruling invalidating California’s concealed carry statute. What’s the story with that?

            1. The good cause requirement was struck down. It’s in appeal. Some jurisdictions are claiming that the ruling only applies to San Diego County, even though they have identical policies.

              1. Interesting.

                1. The most interesting part is that this ruling was made possible by the recent ban on open carry. If you can’t open carry or concealed carry, then the ruling says that the RTKBA is infringed.

                  It was actually part of the CALGuns Foundation legal strategy.

              2. “Nuh-uh! You were only taking about SD! We still get to violate peoples’ 2A rights.”

                1. That’s basically what they’re saying.
                  “Sue us too!!”

      3. What? Corn starch is useful for something besides thickening sauces? Or maybe you WERE referring to the sauce.

        1. Corn starch is good for pranks, too. If somebody passes out in bed, pull back the sheets and sprinkle it on their legs. When it mixes with sweat…..

          1. In my practical joke days, we always preferred the old shaving cream and a feather trick, for the sleeping victims.

    2. A cornstarch and water mixture makes a non-newtonian fluid. You can do a kinds of cool stuff with it, including run across it or visualize sound.

    3. It’s like an even more redneck version of MythBusters.

    4. man this chick sounds dumber than a brick but I was mesmerized by her… um, …. aw, hell with it, her fuck udders.

    5. Not the first time something swelled up while she held it in her hand, either.

  6. A new shipment to the International Space Station contains odor-resistant clothing to help reduce the orbital funk.

    Darryl Dawkins and Juicy Lucy approve.

  7. If a military investigation clears Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl of desertion, he stands to clear $350,000 tax-free as compensation for his five years as a prisoner of war.

    Tax free? The only place the IRS can’t penetrate is the Taliban?

    1. If he’s cleared, based on what I’ve heard so far, it will be solely to avoid further political embarrassment.

      I think the odds he’s cleared are 4-1 in favor.

      I think the odds he’s guilty approach unity.

    2. Deployed soldiers/sailors/airmen/marines earn tax-free income. One of the better perks for spending time downrange.

  8. Paul asked: “How many Americans should send their sons or daughters to die for a foreign country?”


    1. Let the adult children decide for themselves by becoming mercenaries.

      1. Or just joining the military. It’s all volunteer here, you know.

        I was unaware that parents sent their sons and daughters to die for foreign countries.

        1. By making them so poor and uneducated they have no choice.

          1. Data, please.

            1. I need no data to support my backhanded vicitimization of those poor baby killers.


              1. According to the instruction manual for my irony detector it’s long overdue for recalibration. I’ll get right on it.

  9. “If a military investigation clears Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl of desertion, he stands to clear $350,000 tax-free”

    Depends. What is the most politically favorable outcome of this investigation for the Obama administration? Hmmmm, yeah, he’ll probably get the money.

    1. Why wouldn’t Obama fry him? I see no up-side for O by letting him skate. He can say, we got him because he was an American. We prosecuted him for desertion because he deserted.

      He kills the Republican controversy if he’s tried and punished and the left doesn’t give a shit one way or the other.

      1. He can’t just fry him. The military has to convict him in court. Just a guess, but I would imagine a trial would be pretty embarrassing to the Army. I would bet anything this kid was always a bit of a nut and should have been put out of the Army and never been over there in the first place. A trial would air all of that dirty laundry.

        Also, if he is convicted as a deserter, wouldn’t that make Obama look even worse? It would confirm the charge that Obama let five really bad guys go in return for a deserter.

        1. Somewhere in the chain of command is an officer who won’t jeopardize his career by punishing a guy whose parents were props in a Rose Garden presidential performance.

        2. He can’t just fry him.

          I know. But the implication was that Obama will make the call to release him and the military will do as ordered.

          Also, if he is convicted as a deserter, wouldn’t that make Obama look even worse?

          I don’t think so. He could stand on principle. (a first) If the kid gets off it’ll look like he’s trying to make a hero out of him for the cameras.

          1. I don’t think so. He could stand on principle. (a first) If the kid gets off it’ll look like he’s trying to make a hero out of him for the cameras

            If he didn’t trade five high ranking Taliban, I’d maybe agree. But he essentially gave up five high ranking prisoners for a meaningless grunt. It’s heroic if that meaningless grunt is your average GI Joe who you liberated from POW bondage. But if that meaningless grunt is a deserter, you done fucked up hard.

          2. I agree with Sudden. If he had just traded some low level guys, then yes. But he let the Taliban pick the five guys they wanted. Bergdalh being convicted would be a public relations disaster.

        3. Thought the Duffel Blog already covered this:


          1. That was a good headline.

      2. I dunno. I think it would be hard to explain exchanging a cowardly traitor for 5 top Al Queda operatives.

        Even the Obama administration can’t manufacture a narrative stupid enough to justify that.

        1. Even the Obama administration can’t manufacture a narrative stupid enough to justify that.

          But that’s what Ezra Klein gets paid the big bucks for.

        2. It doesn’t matter what he says. You either believe it or you’re a racist idiot.

  10. A new shipment to the International Space Station contains odor-resistant clothing to help reduce the orbital funk.

    But what about Other Galactic Funk?

      1. My chances of fulfilling my lifelong dream of getting Thorpedoed have gone from zero to still zero!

      2. I’m sure Jesse’s gaydar already knew that. There have been rumors for years.

        1. I’m sure Jesse’s gaydar already knew that.

          I thought we’d discussed that my gaydar is terrible, as is my game. It’s just less terrible than it was 7 years ago.

          1. I still think the commie is gay.

      3. Thorpe had previously denied he was gay and wrote in his 2012 autobiography ‘This Is Me’ that he was heterosexual.

        Well, that’s embarrassing.

  11. What to do,when you’re a Florida police officer and the heat is getting to you? Well, that’s easy. Get yourself a desk job.

    Here’s one way: http://touch.orlandosentinel.c…..-80654091/

  12. Anyone else notice a recent influx of trolls on Reason? lol they are piss-poor, but hilarious. Perhaps the Perry-Paul feud is bringing them here? For now, REVEL IN THE MEMORIES

    1. I only noticed one today, and it was pretty weak. Something something YOU AMERICANS!

    2. This happens occasionally, at random.

      My theory is that some Fluffington Hosters or other progderps get wind of a link on Drudge that they should attack like the borg, and it somehow leads them here. But as usual, their attention span is restricted to post stupid whining point and personal attack, and then flee for the comfort of progderp planet.

    3. I checked in on Doherty’s 2nd amendment article today and was mightily amused by JackandAce’s droppings. He’s a brilliant troll. He doesn’t want to take away your guns, he just wants to ban the guns you have.

  13. World’s Second Oldest Emo Kid Cleared of Rape Charges

    In December 2013, a woman commenting on an xoJane post about the sexual abuse of another woman’s rock star boyfriend accused Conor Oberst, best known for his project Bright Eyes, of raping her a decade before. Now, the woman, who Oberst sued in February for libel, is recanting the whole thing.

    1. From an earlier article on the subject:

      But clearing his name might be a tall order considering that the burden of proof is entirely on Oberst. Not only must he prove that Faircloth’s statements damaged his reputation, he also has to prove that he didn’t rape her and that she lied about it because she intended to harm him. Proving malice could be tricky: Why would she want to hurt Oberst? And why would someone lie about being sexually assaulted? What could be gained from that? Nothing, really.

      Emph mine.

      1. Perfect candidate for playing my favorite game with Gawker articles: Mendacious, or Just Totally Oblivious?

      2. Meh, those are sensible questions in the context of the preceding statements. That is, to prove defamation, some or all of those questions need to be answered.

        Of course, the contention that “Nothing, really” could be gained from lying about being sexually assaulted is kind of a tip-off that the author has ridiculous biases.

    2. I read that as “Eskimo kid’

      Which is totally different

  14. Supermoon photos.

    Now I’m sad I didn’t go night hiking in Malibu.

    1. I was driving to work, actually on the way to dropping off my wife at her work, first, it was early and still dark, and I looked up and saw something really strange.

      I said ‘What the fuck is that’? It was supermoon partially/mostly obscured by clouds. It was really strange because it was bright shining with an eerie golden/orange glow. But it didn’t have a round shape, I thought I was seeing a damn UFO.

      My wife said, I think it’s the moon. A few minutes later, the clouds parted enough to see that it was indeed, the mooon, still looking rather freaky.

    2. I caught it rising last night (day after the full) and it was blood-red.

      1. Apocalypse!!!

  15. Victory for humanist marriage:…..s-indiana/

    1. I have no idea where I put my ULC credentials. But if anyone needs an officiant in CA I can track them down.

      1. If anybody wants you to officiate at their wedding, make them get down on one knee as ask if you’ll marry them. 🙂

  16. Tea Party idiot Rick Santelli gets humiliated on CNBC today:…

    It’s impossible for you to have been more wrong, Rick. Your call for inflation, the destruction of the dollar, the failure of the US economy to rebound. Rick, it’s impossible for you to have been more wrong. Every single bit of advice you gave would have lost people money, Rick. Lost people money, Rick. Every single bit of advice. There is no piece of advice that you’ve given that’s worked, Rick. There is no piece of advice that you’ve given that’s worked, Rick. Not a single one. Not a single one, Rick. The higher interest rates never came, the inability of the U.S. to sell bonds never happened, the dollar never crashed, Rick. There isn’t a single one that’s worked for you.

    You can’t argue with those facts.

    1. Yeah, those are some real “facts” alright. And nothing says economic literacy like Talking Points Memo.

      1. The quote is from CNBC economics analyst Steve Liesman.

        1. What’s in a name…

          1. +1 File Clerk

        2. Ahhh, the only person more wrong in predicting economic outcomes than Rick Santelli is . . . Steve Liesman.

          If you think CNBC is anything other than a circus infomercial you really are as retard as everyone here says.

          In fact, I hope you’re fully invest in stocks right now. GO LONG ON MARGIN, buttplug – because I’m sure you’re the SMART money.

          1. Wasn’t newsbabe Maria Bartiromo caught talking up stocks she had already bought and then turning them for a profit and short selling ones she would later talk down on the show?

          2. You will have to rip the berkshire hathaway quarter quarter share from Shrike’s cold dead hands.

      2. Pavlovian repetition has profound impact on those with dog-level reason capabilities.

    2. true, but just wait. And have you been grocery shopping lately? whew. Read something this week that says if we calculated inflation like we did in the 70’s (using the same CPI), we’d have ~15% inflation.

      1. Didn’t gas prices rise 15% in June alone?

        Now they are back down again. You can’t measure inflation based on one month and one product.

        1. Appeal to authority, straw man.

        2. Food prices are nearly double what they were 5 years ago, you moron. That’s called inflation.

          Gas prices have not moved since June, they are still hovering at just under $4 a gallon. This is the longest sustained increase in gas prices, ever, retard.

          Do you eat or drive, retard? You don’t think, that’s obvious.

          Go the fuck away already, and find the emails like you’ve been told, you useless moron.

          1. You’re nuts. Gas prices peaked in 2008 according to and others.

            Food prices are lower in some cases. Only with beef and pork are they at new highs.

            Staples like corn, wheat, and rice are below 2008 pre-QE prices.

            Go play with your Ron Paul handpuppet.

          2. Hyperion, do you debate flies that gather around dogshit?


            Why then are you trying to debate with a debased creature than lacks the mental ability to comprehend the conceptual meanings of words like “inflation” and “instep” and knows them as only equally meaningless strings of characters?

            It literally is stringing random sequences of words based on which string generates the most response.

            If everyone here only responded only to paragraphs containing “Rompy Stompy Pumper Poo”, pretty soon that would be the only thing it would be writing.

            It’s profoundly unfair of you to try to debate it. It fools it into thinking it’s successfully aping human consciousness. It’s cruelty on the level of naming a socially repressed girl to be queen of the prom so you can drop red paint all over her.

            1. Well, he’s totally full of shit, anyway, food prices are ALL up, produce included. I actually pay attention to this since I have to pay for my own stuff.

              1. You said “nearly double in five years”. Corn is 30% LOWER than in 2008. Many food commodities are lower in fact.

                1. You’re probably talking about cow corn that has been converted to Ethanol because of government subsidies, and the price being kept artificially low by same.

                  Corn that people eat is up the same amount or close to it as all food.

                  You’re a real tool.

      2. On the other hand, entropy, chocolate rations have been increased to 20 grammes per week.

        1. I, for one, welcome my Chinese overlords as long as chocolate is part of my ration.

      3. I track spending over time so that I can attempt to forecast. A while back I discovered that gas and groceries, backbone of the working class, have risen 1% per quarter over the last four years. I don’t know what all of you fancy-pants economists call it, but that looks like 4% per year inflation to me.

        The steady progression and the consistent value really look to me like this is something that is being planned.

        … Hobbit

  17. Dems want first amendment limits

    I thought this was the news? That’s not news.

  18. Shit, the Progressives are still on this SC bullshit? On Facebook the uproar has died down.

  19. Todd Akin is back, and he wants to share more of his thoughts about rape with America:…..08745.html

    1. And he is getting media attention why? Why is he more worthy of media attention than someone like the Democrat in California who is under indictment for gun running or the Democratic state legislature in Virginia who issued a call for naked selfies of the cheerleader who shot the lion?

      1. Maybe he gets a check from the DNC.

      2. Because he opposes Chocolate Jesus.

    2. And of course much of the media will say he’s representative of all of TEAM RED….

    3. His comments where stupid but what killed me was that one GOP candidate made this comment and the left along with the media made it as though the GOP platform condones rape.

  20. So, I went to a national park this past weekend, and my wife and in-laws purchased a shit-ton of stuff at the gift shop (of course). Since they bought so much, the gift shop threw in a free copy of Michelle Obama’s book about her White House garden. I’m now wondering if the National Parks Service is padding the Obamas’ bank account by bulk purchasing this book…

    1. You get a free copy with Every Shit-Ton.

    2. The copy of the book wasn’t “free”, that’s for sure.

    3. Geez, I probably would have been arrested for lighting that crap on fire right in front of them.

    4. Best thing you can do with it is put it through a shredder and add it to your compost.

  21. i am mortally disappointed there was no fierce, backhanded bitchslap for Anna Marie Cox today? What? She poops all over your millenial survey…. and *nothing*? Not so much as a peep?

    You know, the one thing Libertarians have going for us is that *we have nothing to lose putting up a fight*. Which is why its so sad when we dont. ‘

    Then again, maybe the poll results *were* so weak, no one really wants to go to the mat over…. the *next-greatest libertarian generation* EVAH?

    1. Maybe Reason thinks it is unseemly to pick on the retarded kid? I mean going after Cox is hardly picking a fight with someone your own size, provided you have an IQ above room temperature.

    2. Who’s Anna Marie Cox?

      1. Some chick who used to be a hooker on Capital Hill and blogged about it and got famous along with her blog, wonkette, as a result.

        1. To be fair, Ana Marie wasn’t the hooker herself, but did gain some level of notoriety for reporting on some low-level aide or something that was doing the hooking.

          1. Allegedly she wasn’t the hooker. I know she wasn’t. I just despise Cox so much it is fun to put out the meme that she was.

            I will give Cox this, she was at least when she started pretty damned cute, especially for a leftist nitwit. She was married to a guy on about the same level as Ezra Klein on the masculine scale. She finally divorced in 2011. But man I bet she is suffering from a lot of frustration.

            1. I guess prostitution is just a matter of degree in DC. I’m happy to not be living there.

            2. Meh. I’d rather be called a hooker than Ezra Klein.

      2. Think Ezra Klein, but manlier.

        1. +1 horrible vision that i can never erase

  22. Been arguing the Bergdahl thing on Facebook today. The level of derp is astounding.

    Apparently all the soldiers are lying, cause Faux News somehow, and also the evidence doesn’t count because it hasn’t been presented at a trial yet. So mentioning the soldiers who say he deserted is ‘denying him due process’.

    No word on whether this new, massively high standard of evidence before public accusation will apply to the people they don’t like.

    1. What does the UCMJ say about it?

      1. The UCMJ says anyone who leaves the Army with the intent to remain away indefinitely, even for a moment, is a deserter.

        1. So what is the difference between AWOL and desertion?

          Intent? AWOLs plan to come back?

          1. Absent WithOut Leave is more a peacetime thing – you go on a bender and don’t show for two days after your 3 days expired – AWOL.
            Wartime/Combat/Contingency Operation/Kinetic Military Operation – you leave your post/unit/etc = desertion.

            1. Not true. You can desert during peacetime. Desertion is going away with the intent to remain away. AWOL is going away without authorization but intending to come back.

    2. I am perfectly happy watching liberals trying to wrap themselves up in some kind of “SUPPORT THE TROOPSES!!” desperation while backing AWOL-Berghdal to the hilt.

      Its guaranteed to end badly. More power to them then. Encourage them! *defend the guy*… please.

      1. Send them my way – I would be more than happy to set them straight.

  23. So mentioning the soldiers who say he deserted is ‘denying him due process’.

    How many of said soldiers actually have any first hand knowledge of the matter, or did they just hear from a friend of a guy whose CO knew a guy that once bunked with Bergdahl at basic?

    1. I am pretty sure that they served with him. So a good number of them. Also, if there were any soldiers who knew him and disputed this contention, don’t you think the Obama friendly media would have found them and would be putting their stories out to counter this? Have there been any such? I haven’t seen any.

      1. Maybe he deserted and maybe he didn’t. But I know that pretty much no one actually knows the answer to that right now, and the people on both sides claiming they do are doing so for reasons that have nothing to do with whether or not he actually did.

        1. I don’t know the answer. And sure the claim could be wrong. But that doesn’t mean we should dismiss the claims of the people he served with out of hand. I see no reason why they would lie. The military culture is about getting prisoners back. It is an enormous thing to accuse someone of being a deserter. You don’t do that lightly. There is good reason to think what they are saying is true. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a trial. But it is hardly unreasonable to conclude based on what we know he was probably a deserter.

        2. I disagree, Stormy.

          The way he left his gear screams desertion. I dealt with a couple of desertions on my ship, and the ones that weren’t impulsive but the product of planning were very similar to suicides. Some deserters tried to get their stuff in order, and made it easy for their division to clean up their stuff after their departure.

        3. I’m pretty sure I’d take the word of the soldiers who watched him desert his post. Claiming “no one knows” takes a much larger leap of faith than believing the word of people who were stuck living next to him 24/7.

    2. In this case, the soldiers in question are the ones who served with him.

  24. How dare they kill cartoon mothers sometimes!!!!

    “One of the things I love about animated movies is that you can basically create any fantasy that you want,” she says. “And what’s striking to me is that over and over you get this world without mothers, and as a mother myself I sort of take offense.”

    In reality, most families have two parents, and there are far more single mothers heading up families than single dads. “So in a way it’s just pure fantasy. But I do think that there’s an underlying message,” Boxer says, “that we don’t really need mothers; in fact, life might be more fun without them … that it could be a life of pure adventure.”

    Boxer says that message is worth taking seriously.

    “I think these movies are very formative and sort of create the background plots that we relate our lives to,” she says. “And I don’t think I saw them that way before I had a kid, but I see it now, especially raising a son.”

    1. These people create grievances after grievances. If they killed men off, they wouldn’t care at all. This author just wanted to bitch about something.

      1. No shit. Imagine if they made a cartoon where the protagonist lost their father. Then these people would be bitching and moaning about how the cartoon devalued motherhood by making the protagonist not content with just a mother.

        1. I’m friends with a couple of feminists on Facebook and their victim complex is ridiculous. And the funniest but ironic part is that these girls come from middle to upper class families that never really faced any hardships. The whole Hobby lobby thing must have gave them a huge orgasm because they bitched for days and anyone who opposed them where mansplaining and is a sexist pig. If I have a daughter like that, I’m sending her ass to a third world country where women are actually treated like shit and cattle.

          1. George Will nailed them. There is cache in being a victim. They want to be victims because being a victim in their eyes means never having to explain yourself or have any of your assertions challenged.

            1. Absolutely. That’s why they create these words such as mansplaining or white privilege because it allows them to not have their assertions challenged and gives them a false sense of moral superiority.

            2. This is the allure of Global Warming?. Even white upper class men can be victims of corporate oppression.

        2. In fairness, since a very obvious example of such a movie exists in The Lion King, do you have knowledge of any such bitching and moaning about it?

          1. That is a good example. And no I don’t. But it is also a 20 year old movie. Things were a lot more sane back then. If it were made today, what do you want to bet Boxer and her ilk would be bitching about it being male centric and exclusionary of girls?

        3. *cough*Lion King*cough*

          1. See above. That was 20 years ago. Think about how male centric that movie is. No way would they let that pass now.

        4. Rats of NIMH, and American Pop just off the top of my head.

    2. So mentioning the soldiers who say he deserted is ‘denying him due process’.

      Most families don’t have heroes though. Heroes tend to be orphans because it allowes the writer to avoid wasting time on relationships that are only tangental to the actual story arc.

      1. crap, the quote there is supposed to be “In reality, most families have two parents”

        1. Just be glad that your inaccurately quoted text from previous copied text wasn’t something worse.

        2. Isnt that not true anymore?

          Didnt we just pass the 50% threshhold for new mothers being unmarried?

    3. Aren’t those stories pointing to the value of having a mom and by extension women?

      1. Yeah!

        Take Finding Nemo, for example; the death of Nemo’s mom doesn’t make life fun… rather, Nemo and his dad’s reactions to her absence sets up the events leading to Nemo’s capture.

        1. Note that actual clownfish live in a group of a female and several males, and if the female dies, the largest remaining male transforms into a female.

          1. I DID NOT KNOW THAT!!!!!

            Now *that* would have made a cool movie!

            1. I didn’t know until recently either. It came up in a list with a title along the lines of “Children’s Movies that Would be Way Different if Animated Animals Were Like Real Ones”

              1. Well, for one thing, the dialogue would be really, really boring! 😉

              2. I think it was on Cracked a few days ago.

            2. If it were being made today, that would be the only politically correct way to make the movie. Because Tranny Rights!

            3. director’s cut.

          2. That must have been in the Unrated version…

      2. Yup. The narrative is that losing your mother is one of the hardest things to survive, therefore this character that has survived it is special.

        Boxer is so stupid I feel sorry for anyone that has to spend time around her.

        1. It amazes me how people that are that stupid seem to always get hired by places like the Atlantic. I can’t see the comments, but I can only hope she is being savaged in them.

          1. As soon as this comes up in an article–any article whatsoever–just stop reading, because the rest is just going to be derp.

            The cartoonist Alison Bechdel once issued a challenge to the film industry with her now-famous test: show me a movie with at least two women in it who talk to each other about something besides a man.

            What a dreary way to live.

            1. People like that make incredibly depressed because how can one live their life in such a way and not want to off yourself. There are for sure real problems in the world but what these people do is create problems and issues out of thin air so they can gain victim status. The worst part is that they inflict this bullshit on us too.

            2. No kidding. Think of all of the great art they can’t appreciate because it doesn’t sufficiently beat them over the head with the approved message. Dreary is a good way to describe it.

    4. Well, fuck, they killed Bambie. And after that, the Republicans can get away with anything, because the Supreme court will let them. And Kochtopus!

    5. Haven’t their been articles on Disney’s tendency to kill off parents for decades? Maybe it’s because killing a parent is a good way of removing the safety net from a young character and setting him or her off on an adventure…

    6. I have watched some Japanese anime…

      Aside for a few almost all the teen based anime (which is like 90% of all anime) the parents have either been violently killed or are non-existent.

  25. House Democrats plan a constitutional amendment to overrule two Supreme Court decisions that protected political free speech.

    Congress can’t “overturn” the SCOTUS. The best they can do is write a law that will try, which will then be struck down by the court again.

    This is nothing but political posturing in the run up to the election to keep low information voters interested. Because if they had to rely on people who even partially understood how our COnstitution works, they’d be fucked.

    1. Reading fail.

      I didn’t see Constitutional Amendment which Congress can do.

      Though there’s no fucking way in hell it’ll happen.

    1. I’ll take the goat. Is that a goat? Whatever it is, it’s sexier than whatever that is riding it.

    2. Is this guy even from NJ/Long Island/Staten Island…. or has he simply perfected the Bro’ccent?

    3. Please post this at Jezebel. I want to read the comments.

      1. We can flood jezebel with these videos and start a troll war. You know, like 4chan. Good times.

    4. “Does it look like I can see the top of your vagina in your abs?”

  26. So has anyone polled the millenials on the Hobby Lobby decision? The “social liberals” don’t see very tolerant of that one.

  27. Tha fuck?

    Feynman stories that get passed around physics departments aren’t usually about science, though. They’re about his safecracking, his antics, his refusal to wear neckties, his bongos, his rejection of authority, his sexual predation on vulnerable women.

    The predation in question here included actively targeting female students as sex partners, a behavior that rather conveys that you don’t view them primarily in terms of their potential to contribute to science.

    I’ve heard this story. He posed as a student to get dates without his high status affecting their responses. He actively undermined the power imbalance that the feminists are always moaning about. Shouldn’t the SJWs be giving him props? Or at least leave him the fuck alone about it?

    1. One of my professors had been a student of Feynman’s.

      She dropped broad hints that she had slept with him.

      She didn’t seem upset or wounded by it but that he was the best notch on her bedpost.

    2. Right, physicists aren’t impressed with the scientific contributions of one of the better physicists of the last century. They just talk about him banging drums and students.

    3. “Hello, there, young lady. Yo, it certainly is challenging being a sophomore at this university. Hey, I just had a swell idea – why don’t you and I go over to that wicked awesome party at Sigma Nu and get wrecked?”

      1. “You will observe that I am wearing my baseball cap backwards, so that the brim won’t get in my way as I gaze at your beautiful eyes.”

    4. Actively targeting the women around you as sex partners is predation. Another way that all men are predators.

  28. Holy shit. My wife recorded a movie last night and the recording ran over and included some kind of concert footage.

    A Beyonce concert. I have never actually seen the woman perform before. That was the most vapid, talentless, tasteless, ridiculous horse shit I have ever seen. At first I thought it was some kind of parody. The audience was even worse. The 14 y/o girls I understand, but the swarms of metrosexual idiot guys was truly horrifying.

    Is that what we have become? Is that what popular culture is now? People tell me I need to get out more and now I see why. I also see why I don’t get out much anymore.

    1. I forgot to mention. The ‘song’ only had one line of about four words repeated over and over and over.

      1. “Smack my b____ up?”

        1. “You’re making me rich?”

          1. “It sucks? So what?”

      2. As opposed to lyrical masterpieces like “Blue Suede Shoes”? Songs consiting entirely of a repetetive phrase being sung over and over isn’t exactly a new phenomenon.

    2. Did you see the 2013 Super Bowl? Worst halftime, ever.

  29. Two anniversary commemorations that taste great together – Bastille Day *and* WWI!…..centenary/

    1. Gawd, I love that song. I love that album, period. I

      1. I guess I sort of grew up, after I was almost already grown up … in those days, they didn’t call 26 year olds adult children, loving Rush.

        The first time I heard them, the song ‘Find My Way’, I was totally mesmerized with these guys, and then Fly By Night. They were truly ahead of their time.

      2. +1 Necromancer

        1. Bytor and the Snow Dog! Oh wait, that was Fly By Night. Anyway, I was stoned the first time I heard that.

          Seems that around that same time, if I recall, I was listening to ZZ Top Fandango and Aerosmith Rocks.

  30. That dude jsut looks corrupt as the day is long.

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