NJ Cable News Anchor Blames 'Anti-Cop Mentality' in Inner Cities on 'Young Black Men Being Raised Without Fathers'


The back story is this cop killing in Jersey City, New Jersey over the weekend by a suspect who allegedly said the killing was going to make him famous and this kind of response from the community.

Here is a clip of New Jersey News 12 anchor Sean Bergin reporting on the story, an interview with the alleged cop killer's wife, the criticism the station received for running that interview and his response, that the root cause of the "anti-cop mentality" in inner cities is "young black men growing up without fathers."


Bergin can find other reasons for the mentality here.

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  1. the root cause of the “anti-cop mentality” in inner cities is “young black men growing up without fathers.”

    See, I would have thought the root causes would include their interactions with and observations of cops in the inner city.

    1. Look, the bravado of “young fatherless black men” in the inner cities certainly doesn’t aid their interactions with police.

      I’m as skeptical of police as any of them, and more broadly antagonistic to authority in general. But I also have the awareness to know my surroundings and approach my interactions with police accordingly. Sometimes it makes more sense to act like the deferential serf than rock the boat. These are the kinds of things that one does learn through having a father.

      1. No doubt, but I think you’re describing how they could/should moderate their interactions with the jackboots who periodically roll through their neighborhoods like an occupying garrison.

        Would it be prudent to do a better job of hiding their hatred, fear, and contempt? Sure. But I don’t think bad manners are really the root of the problem here.

    2. Isn’t it “gun violence”?

    3. Wrong, but thank you for playing. This is the primary reason for dysfunction in young males today. From Oppositional Defiant Disorder seen in youth whose mothers bring in revolving serial males into the home to the disgust of their son to stone cold killers like this bozo.

      1. Oppositional Defiant Disorder

        in other words, not being a fucking slave. Because it’s perfectly normal for people to naturally be completely subservient in every way to anybody respresenting authority in any context.

        The American Colonists had the worst case of Oppositional Defiant Disorder

      2. Yep, totally not the faults of the actions that our fearless boys in blue take.

        Is there a cops boot you wouldn’t lick Tulpa?

  2. I have a great father, yet I tend to think cops are dirtbag pieces of shit as is required for a job as the enforcer of the arbitrary whims of legislators. Sean Bergin’s theory is so invalid that anecdotal evidence obliterated it.

  3. That local snooz reporter is the only one with the courage to blame inner-city residents’ mistrust of the cops on the residents themselves. So courageous.

  4. This is a sad turn of events all around, still I can’t help but ask…

    Did you order the code red on Officer Santiago?

  5. Yes, because the police are such caring and loving surrogates.

  6. Cops can be authoritarian scumbags, no doubt. And the manner in which some urban areas are policed (including the WoD) leads to an overall unhealthy relationship between cops and community, but thugs gonna be thugs. The reporter identified one ingredient in a toxic mix – fatherlessness. The way some kids are raised does lead to anti-social behavior and criminality.

    So, while some of you are heaping contempt on cops, spare a bit for the thugs raping, robbing, and murdering their fellow citizens in Jersey City.

    1. The reporter identified one ingredient in a toxic mix – fatherlessness.

      I’m not sure I agree. The student of history knows that the nuclear family is just one of the many permutations possible; for example, the Spartans took children from their parents and raised them in common cohorts. If “fatherlessness” has any role to play in the miasma that is ghetto culture, it is that the welfare state has made fathers, and masculinity as a whole, irrelevant. Whereas, in the past, for those in poverty, a strong male in the inner city or rural sharecropping lands would win bread through his physical prowess at a farming or factory job; nowadays, the best way to earn money is to be a woman who has a mattress attached to her back as she pumps out kid after kid to earn welfare check after welfare check. Since the male has no ability to do this, and is actually penalized if he chooses to enter into a marriage relationship with these baby machines, there is no incentive to live a “square” life. In response to this emasculation, many men seek to assert a hyper-masculinity through extreme risk-taking and aggression. Similarly, it is viewed that the only path to “success” that can supersede the baby = free money is hustling.

      1. I agree with you. The welfare state undermines and emasculates men (whether traditional fathers or status males) in certain communities – it does the same to men in poor white and Latino communities as well.

        So, we can term it “fatherlessness” or “the devaluation of male role models”, but it’s a bit of a hair split, if you ask me.

    2. No doubt, Lady B, there are plenty of scum out of uniform who need a kicking.

      But we’ve got entire squadrons of paramilitaries to do that for us, so I don’t feel the need to pile on.

    3. Being anti-cop has nothing to do with being pro-criminal. If the police didn’t send the majority of time just out and out fucking with people simply because they can, maybe they have time to catch rapist, robbers and murderers. As is, a whiff of pot smoke will draw far more police attention than gunfire.

      1. No. But being anti-cop in all circumstances is an over generalized prejudice. While the whole criminal justice system and police state we live in sucks, there is some legitimacy and value to police work.

        1. When the “good” cops start arresting the bad ones rather than toeing the thin blue line, I’ll give them some credit. Until then they are best a semi-necessary evil.

          1. I’d just go ahead and drop the ‘necessary’ part altogether:
            Police Strikes and Conventional Crime
            Volume 21, Issue 4, pages 489?504, November 1983

            The full article costs money but the abstract sums it up nicely; money quote-

            “Overall, analysis yields very limited support for the police presence argument, suggesting that strikes have neither a significant nor a systematic impact on rates of reported crime.”

        2. But being anti-cop in all circumstances is an over generalized prejudice.

          I see it as a perfectly valid starting/default position, subject to rebuttal in individual circumstances.

          When we’re talking in general terms, I think referencing the toxic police tribalism as a source of anti-police sentiment is perfectly valid.

  7. Does that also explain the anti-cop mentality arising around the entire country, among whites as well? I mean, it doesn’t have anything to do with them shooting dogs, unarmed citizens, and in general acting like thugs playing army guy?

    1. It’s a well known fact that white culture takes all of its cues from black culture. White people are only getting mad at the police because black people are constantly mad at the cops.

      1. I’m Rick James Bitch!

      2. Ah, I see. When are we white folk all going to start liking crappy rap music and chicken?

        Never mind, I love chicken!

        1. When are we white folk all going to start liking crappy rap music

          uhh… the fanbase of 50 Cent, Kayne, and Jay-Z is overwhelmingly White (and then there’s Kmele).

          Jus’ sayin’

          1. So are the fanbases of Last Emperor, Typical Cats, and Def Jux.

            See, white people aren’t all bad.

            1. Not to mention that Cut Chemist is pale of complexion himself.

              1. How do albino African-Americans fit into this? I.e. Krondon and Brother Ali

                1. I used to see this black woman in Balmer sometimes when I was walking to lunch. I’m not sure she was Albino, but she had very white skin and nearly colorless faint blue eyes. But I am sure she was black, and damn she was fucking hot, I mean smoking hot.

        2. Oh, and I like da wiminz with some booty, so I guess it’s really true. Chicken and booty, can’t deny now that I’m influenced by the black culture I suppose.

  8. Apparently the news treats them like shit too.

  9. I live in the ghetto. Violence is pervasive. About a year ago, a guy walked into a large group of youths who were fighting. They beat him senseless. The guy will never fully recover. So what was the impetus of the big fight? It was due to the crowd having gathered. And why did they gather? They gathered to watch two girls fight.

    The thing that pisses me off about an article like this one is it ignores just how violent ghetto women are. They brag about beating each other up all the time. They are just as fucked-up and violent as the boys are.

    I would also point out that yes, there are women knocking out kids left and right who are not marrying the fathers, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an adult male living in the household.

    1. We believe you. Well at least I do. I don’t live in the ghetto, but I live in Baltimore. Here, you hear reports here every other day about women beating each other senseless and whoever else gets in the way, at McDonalds, or wherever, it’s constant. Even though I’ve never witnessed one of these scenes personally, I’ts always obvious in certain areas that something like this could happen at any moment because of the loud mouth uncivilized behavior of some of the resident women folk.

    2. I grew up in a neighborhood that was featured in an article in Life magazine as one of the 10 worst neighborhoods in North America. Girls were really violent there, and the more violent you were the more girls liked you. The tough guys never had to go without girls.

      I figured it out years later. Many women feel frightened all the time. They want a tough guy. Tough can mean economically tough, socially tough, or whatever. In a lower income neighborhood it usually means physically tough. The women provoke the violence often as not. They want to pick the guy that is tougher than they are, and they are therefore better protected.

      Fatherless families are a big issue, but violent women are a bigger issue.

  10. that doesn’t mean there isn’t an adult male living in the household.

    But how often is that adult male living in the household rotating out for a different adult male living in the household? Short of marriage, men are a flight risk, especially in an environment like the inner cities. Also, that adult male is often not only not the breadwinner, but doesn’t contribute fuckall to the household (which is funded entirely through nanny state provisions). Simply having a pair of testes and being in your 20s doesn’t make you a male figure to look up to.

    1. And at the same time, we have a government in power that is teaching men that they are unimportant and not a role model for anyone, that they deserve no respect and that they should only be viewed as an ATM machine for any woman who can victimize them as being nothing more than one more monthly pay check.

      What could possibly go wrong?

      If I were a young single man in this county today, there is no way I would ever marry anyone, have children by anyone, or even let a woman live in my house, for even a day.

      1. As a youngish divorced man, I have essentially determined the same thing (after having been exposed to the profound stupidity of divorce law in contemporary America).

        The only one that I may slightly consider is living with a woman at some point. Living alone is fucking expensive.

        1. Be careful, that’s all I can say. Because if the progs keep gaining ground, you will soon see laws where an ex-girlfriend will call you into court and they’ll ask you questions like ‘Did she ever stay overnight in your home? Did she ever leave things at your home? Like tampons? Or hair dryers? Well guess what, you’re married! And now you need to support her for life, because your breakup emotionally raped her for life!’

          I’m serious, things are getting too fucked up, no way I would consider living with a woman today, if I were young and single. No.fucking.way.

          1. ‘Did she ever stay overnight in your home? Did she ever leave things at your home? Like tampons? Or hair dryers? Well guess what, you’re married! And now you need to support her for life, because your breakup emotionally raped her for life!’

            Lee Marvin almost got hosed that way.

            I’m not a fan of MRAs, who tend to take a petulant, childish view of male-female relationships, but the core of their complaints has legitimacy–an anxiety rooted in experiences that essentially leave them destitute, in a culture that demands they fulfill traditional gender roles while undermining the values and norms that enabled them to fulfill those roles in the first place. In the hyper-feminized environment of 21st-century America, where “mountain out of molehill” hysteria and wearing your afflictions and shortcomings on your sleeve like a badge of honor is treated with deference, it’s no wonder that many young males, black or white, have an interest in filling their nominal responsibilities.

            1. That should read, “have no interest in filling their nominal responsbilities.”

  11. Roll with the punches dude..


  12. This cop didn’t deserve to be murdered by a kid for just being a cop. As a libertarian, I am disgusted by the responses on this board. Grow the fuck up.

    1. I don’t think anybody’s saying this cop deserved to be murdered, just that resentment and distrust of police is justified.

      1. What is your evidence other than perception?

        1. I’m sure sloopy can bombard you with plenty of links of cop abuse but here’s one:


          But yeah, it’s totally just perception.

  13. Time to interject a bit of reality into this screed of nonsense.

    First, cops are the only authority in these neighborhoods. Decent people living there need them. The biggest draw at career day at an inner city high school is the local police booth. You will see students there outnumbering all other booths by 15 to 1.

    Why? a police officer is a working person’s job, and traditionally this is where they come from. So these youth can see themselves in this career.

    They bring order and stability into chaotic situations. They stop domestic disputes, at least for a night. They take children out of dangerous circumstances.

    Cops usually by personality and training control volatile situations. This is to ensure the safety of everyone.

    The anti-authority attitudes usually come from a dysfunctional and corrupt upper American society who submitted themselves to the theories of one man, Freud, and delude themselves into thinking they’re free when in reality they’re slaves to their passions.

    1. Hey there Tulpa. Always love to see you come in at the end of a thread to continue your bootlicking ways. It’s why I always go back and check these threads a day later.

  14. Things to consider:

    Cops work in areas close to where they live.

    Does this area have more police misconduct than other areas?

    If so, why is that? Is that because of the employees themselves, or the culture of the police department?

    If this area doesn’t have more police misconduct, why are the residents more seemingly anti-cop? How is that part of the culture?

    To simply dismiss this as a product of police misconduct ignores the fact that people do not go around nation-wide killing cops simply due to abuse of power.

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